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    Neo-Rebelism is the original ideology of Rebelism, under a slightly different set of stances. It is paleoconservative and identifies with the Constitutionalist and Republican Parties. It is more moderate than Rebelism. Neo-Rebelism is always referred to as a more "Reaganite" version of Rebelism.


    Neorebelism is very fond of riding his bicycle out in nature (and dictating where his stationary bike should be plugged in). He is not as bold as Rebelism, instead cringing when he hates something, like narco progressivism or radical systemism. He always intrudes into conversation with a song that everyone else at the table considers slow. Another thing he really likes is making maps of Ascension Island. Some would think that Neorebelism would like to go there in his lifetime. He is always afraid of airplanes. He is called a fascist by some, a hero by others. He is at times, a bit strict, but he is kinda protective. Afunhumaninterism sympathizes with him at times. He is often wary of positive statements regarding the state of the human race, and is usually difficult to persuade against it. He hates lifestyle diversity and gaming diversity, and when talking about games, he often talks with a critical tone.

    He also has a sharp disgust for radiometric dating and anyone who unironically uses the word "millions" before "years".



    Neorebelism's ideas are strongly rooted in Seventh-day Adventism and classical conservatism.


    Neorebelism attempts to create a balance between fossil and renewable energy sources, but believes that all nuclear/fossil fuels should be used as a backup in case wind and solar fail.

    Substance Use

    Neorebelism believes that substance use is a disgrace to society and must be countered.

    1999 Columbine massacre

    Neorebelism does not believe that mass murder is bad, yet still supports the idea that File:AdultChem.png Eric Harris had good ideas, especially involving minors and professional wrestling. He believes DOOM was a factor to the massacre but not the sole cause.

    Sex and Pornography

    Neorebelism supports the elimination of pornography and thinks that it contributes to the rise of rape and the objectification of women in society. Autopornography stays legal, but the exchange of pornography is considered illegal. Prostitution is considered illegal.


    Under Neorebelism, the courts should take a position bent in favor of the prosecutor. He also supports giving heinous criminals a choice to either be given lethal injection, life w/o parole, or even public hanging. Prisons would not violate human rights, and may even feature rehabilitation services.


    Neorebelism supports many forms of adultism, including File:AdultChem.png chemical adultism, institutionalized adultism, and cultural adultism, seeing it as more of a protective mechanism than a form of discrimination. COPPA and ESRB are strongly supported.


    Neorebelism is relatively close to the center when compared with other ideologies in his quadrant. He identifies as a member of the authoritarian right quadrant of the political compass. He identifies as a "conservative".


    He believes in a rigid family patriarchy where the males pass down the name and are recognized as the head of the house.

    His economics are similar to Systemism, but slightly more regulationist.



    • Rebelism - Finally someone who agrees with me.
    • Conservatism - The most moral form of political thought. Better than libertarianism.
    • Authoritarian Traditionalism - You are a pretty good ideology that can help me get to my goals. I love the rebellion
    • Trumpism - You're the best president I could find in the election. Sorry that you have to fight to win.
    • Environmentalism - We need more of you before it is too late! But I do believe that a variety of energy sources should be used. Based nevertheless.
    • Anti-Abortionism - Brutal acceleration to save lives.
    • Adventist Theocracy - Just remove the theocracy and you know, this is the denomination that is closest to the true teachings of the Bible.


    • Systemism - You always think you're right. But economic and abortion stance is OK.
    • Pragerism - Loves the war in the Middle East, but he is correct on so many things.
    • Right-Wing SJW - I love the idea of patriarchy, pro-life, the idea that DOOM caused Columbine (somewhat), and the idea that victims are to receive special treatment in a crime case. But stop heiling Hitler and spitting out the N word.
    • Swag Dogism - I love conservatism, but quit the rap! Rap is the bane of our existence! I'm sure the System would like this. The thing is, you're a social democrat.
    • Gamerism - Games in general aren't bad but it's when you teach kids to shoot people and have free sex is when they are a disaster.
    • Homophobia - I love LGBT people as individuals but the way they live? THAT'S ABHORRENT!
    • File:ModerColum.png Moderate Columbinism - I think you have some pretty amazing ideas, save DOOM, KMFDM, and atheism.
    • A Capital - I don't agree with your insane laissez-faireism and anarchism but I would look forward to a revolution.
    • GSS Tercuptas - Let me tear this planet's politics apart by bribing your agreeable powers to war over abortion.


    • Radical Systemism - *epic cringe* I will need to school you
    • Fortniteism - *epic cringe* Who even cares you were popular or not? Just immature children.
    • National Socialism - *epic cringe* I can't believe you killed six million Jews.
    • Danteism - Hell isn't real yet. The dead know not anything.
    • SajZeal Model - I didn't know that you were so screwed up with all of the evolution until today!
    • SJW - You're the force leading the youth into darkness.
    • Narco-Progressivism - Free love, right? Such degenerates.
    • Sexocracy - Such godless and immoral. *epic cringe* Degenerate.
    • Liberalism - Bad enough. I don't like liberalism at all. Conservatism is morally the right path.
    • Dragonguardism and SajGuardism - You think that we need a Technic organization. I've always despised the idea of technocracy because so-called "wise" people are literally fools under a mask. And stop being prochoice; I know you are.
    • Grand Theft Autoism - Seriously, any console with the majority of its games looking like this is very disgusting.
    • Bidenism - Comment removed by moderator
    • Eyzko/Fxreez - Proceeds to tell why Adultism is good for society
    • Cambrianism - Return to Biblical literalism; this is the product of fallacious rock dating methods!

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a circle.
    2. Fill it in dark red. (#7e0b0c)
    3. Draw a red line at the top going from left to right. (#d31214)
    4. Draw a green circle in dark green. (#005221)
    5. In the middle, place a triangle with wide edges. The triangle should be colored dark golden. (#dcb000)
    6. Fill in the triangle with the color gold. (#e5b601)
    7. Place a bicycle silhouette in dark brown inside. (#290b06)
    8. Draw eyes.


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