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    Neo-Pentalism is a culturally-left, economically-centre and moderately-socialist ideology in Insulindia created by Insulindian Prime Minister, former race car driver and businessman Daniel de Bekker. It is based on the ideals of freedom of action and expression, choice between acceptance, rejection or balance of traditionalism, and cultural and religious unity and pluralism.

    It is always depicted as a race car driver because of Bekker's past as one.




    Neo-Pentalism believes that all people have the right to freedom of self-expression, action and beliefs, and deserve to choose whether to reject, embrace or downplay traditional values, and switch beliefs at their own will.

    Neo-Pentalism also gives younger generations freedom of expression and actions, but at a partly higher level than the rest of the population, as well as the freedom to be anyone they want.

    How to draw

    1. Draw a ball
    2. Color it red.
    3. Draw the Insulindian coat of arms in white in the middle.
    4. Give it Daniel de Bekker's hairstyle and some eyes. Playa!

    Optional: You can draw on a racing helmet.


    Fellow Racers

    • NasCarism - I grew up in his family. Let's get in our race gear and make sure our cars are prepped-up!
    • Democratic Socialism - Same thing I said to Nascarism.
    • Gamerism - Let's play Roblox and Mario Kart together while chowing down on some Gamer Grub! Majority of you live in
    • Marhaenism - I am you, but also in the interest of my youth.
    • Pink Capitalism - All Trannies, Lesbians, Gays, Aces and LGBT spectrum members totally welcome.
    • Laicism - Who needs Christian and Islamic values when you can choose to embrace or reject them all you want without having to pull others into it? Well we both do!
    • Funkinism - Insulindians love FNF.

    Pit Crew

    • Pentalism - I am you, but in the interest of my youth, and less nationalistic.
    • Pan-Nationalism - All Austronesians, unite! But first take the other ethnic groups in your clays with you.
    • Neoliberalism - Meh.
    • World Federalism - You're an awesome man, but please please please keep Insulindia's culture intact for me, will you?
    • Sexual Fetishism - You are okay...but I only like masking, fursuiting and nothing else.
    • Lipostocracy - Uhhh...you are kinda tolerable, since many of my teens are going down your path, but then again it doesn't always have to be this way.
    • Theocratism - The older people stick to you, while many of my youth just throw you away and start gaming all day. And I'm perfectly fine with that. After all, even when the dust settles there will be at least still some degree of conservatism, right? Right?

    People who need to be run over

    • Kallaism - Arch-enemy who hates everything I stand for!
    • Authoritarian Traditionalism - Basically Vyond Good Characters in a nutshell. And speaking of them, they are friends with Kalla.
    • Ultranationalism - You are way, way too nationalist! Even the way you behave creeps me and bad ending freak out!

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