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    (I don't believe in this anymore, but I won't even bother making another page)

    Neo-Papperism is a welfarist libertarian ideology.


    Neo-Papperism believes in a free market capitalist economy along with the NAP save for a singular land-value tax.


    Neo-Papperism believes in direct democracy along with a small state, and that its main goals should be to protect the citizens' rights to property, bring criminals to justice, to guard the country's territory against any invasions, and to ensure welfare for the poor.


    Again, Neo-Papperism is an atheist. She STILL believes that it doesn't matter what someone believes in as long as they don't cram it in your face.


    Neo-Papperism is a patriotic pacifist. She has pride for her nation (especially Boston) and believes in using a military to defend it, but only as a last resort.


    Neo-Papperism still holds the same philosophical beliefs as old Papperism, but with the addition of Discordianism.

    "Wasn't proto-papper also a discordian?" Yes, but in a different sense.


    Again, pro-choice. Neo-Papperism believes that unwelcome fetuses should be considered an unauthorized trespasser in its mother's body.

    Definition of bigotry

    Neo-Papperism believes that bigotry is defined in terms of intention. You're guilty of bigotry if you're trying to harm people because of their race, gender, or the like.




    • Neo-Bingoism - Ehh...
    • Typicalfan1ism - Based, but why not libertarianism?

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