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    Neo-Overbism is the current equivalent of Overbism after his ideology evolved. He supports Eco-Anarchism but with added Urbist and Traditionalist characteristics.





    • Green Syndicalism - Previous me, syndicalism doesn't work and is full of larpers.
    • Overbism - Me before that, markets are kinda cringe ngl.
    • Potashism - Obligatory "you have bad takes but your cool"
    • Neo-Afunhumaninterism - We agree on, well, not much but he's ok to hang out with.
    • Daveism - Based Socialism, Traditionalism and Nationalism, cringe Monarchism, Theocracy, & Authoritarianism.
    • Jed-Pilled Thought - I like Traditionalism and Anti-Capitalism but a theocracy isn't exactly my thing
    • Hoppeanism - Me if I was a cappie.


    • Corporatocracy - Literally everyone hates this lmao.
    • State Liberalism - Pure agony.
    • Neoliberalism - Impure agony.
    • Pink Capitalism - Huge Mega McCorporation says Trans Rights!
    • Progressivism - A monkey is a better voter than a Progressive. A monkey is choosing randomly, meaning that it is wrong 50% of the time. The progressive, meanwhile, is always wrong.
    • Conservatism - Modern conservatism is a fucking joke lmfao.
    • Vaushism - Vaush Bad.
    • Transhumanism - Ok, mine all of the metal on Earth, see what happens.
    • Airisuism - Vaushoid larper!
    • Egoism - Found the cringe.
    • Anti-Deathism - He's libertarian and socialist, which is good. But he's also culturally left, transhumanist, and off-compass, so he's very cringe.
    • Multiculturalism - Generally does not work.
    • Ethnocracy - I like Ethnic Nationalism, but not Ethnic Supremacism.
    • Green Nationalism - CRINGE! FUCKING GRIGGERS! KILL EVERY (((GREEN)))!!!!



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