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    Neo-National Populism with Malaysian Characteristics

    Neo-National Populism with Malaysian Characteristics, a.k.a. Malaysian Noelism/Practical Noelism, is an economically center-right ti roght-wing, culturally center-right[1], civically statist version of Noelism implemented in Malaysia. Unlike the original ideology, Malaysian Noelism is a watered down product of said ideology due to its practical application.

    Differences Between This and Noelism

    As Malaysia is generally a culturally-right and civically statist (authoritarian leaning), Noelism can be considered as a liberal version of the Malaysian political model without the cultural leftism.

    Political Views


    ⮡   See also: Tridemism,Elective Monarchism,Democracy

    Government Structure

    NNPMC will adhere the concept of the Separation of the Five Powers (Legislative, Executive, Judiciary, Examination and Auditory), each powers were known as Majlis instead of the Three Powers, which is based on Sun Yat-sen's five branches of government.
    The Legislative Power (Majlis Legislatif) will be a bicameral Parliamentary board (Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat and Dewan Senat) on which the Head of the Legislative Majlis, also the Speaker of the Senate will be appointed directly by the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong (King), while the Speaker of the House of Representatives will be appointed by the King upon the advice of the Chancellor (Prime Minister).
    The Executive Power (Majlis Eksekutif), known as the Federal Cabinet will be the governing body, headed by the Federal Chancellor (Bendahara Persekutuan). The Chancellor will be appointed by the King based on the names proposed by the House of Representatives via a simple majority. The ministries will be as follows (Bold indicates senior ministers):

    1. Chancellor's Office (5 ministers)
    2. Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs
    3. Ministry of Defence
    4. Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports
    5. Ministry of Internal Affairs and Security
    6. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    7. Ministry of Transport and Tourism
    8. Ministry of Domestic Trade, Entrepreneurship Development, Cooperatives and Consumer Affairs
    9. Ministry of International Trade, Industries and Commodities
    10. Ministry of Agriculture, Rural and Regional Development
    11. Ministry of Health, Family and Community Development
    12. Ministry of Works and Human Resources
    13. Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy and Environment
    14. Ministry of Communications and Multimedia

    The Judical Power (Majlis Judisari) will be the Judicial body, headed by the Chief Justice (Ketua Hakim Persekutuan). The Chief Justice, along with Justices of the Federal Court, Appeal Courts and High Courts will be appointed by the King based on the names proposed by the Chancellor and verification from the Auditory Majlis.
    The Examination power (Majlis Peperiksaan) will be adapted and modified to modern concept of Selection for both political leaders as well as civil servants. This includes the Malaysian Examinations Board (Lembaga Peperiksaan), Elections Commission (Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya) and Public Services Commission (Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam). The Head of the Examination Majlis will be directly appointed by the King.
    The Auditory Power (Majlis Pengauditan) will be expanded to include various contemporary functional government institutions, such as Audit Department (Jabatan Audit Negara) and the Anti-Corruption Commission (Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia). The Head of the Auditory Majlis (Known as the Auditor-General) will be appointed by the King among the members of the Auditory Majlis elected.


    NNPMC supports a semi-direct democracy which involves recall of mandate and referendums, and he is strictly against party-hoppers (political frogs) who betrayed their represented factions for their self-interests which curbs political stability. Therefore, his ideal Malaysian governance is semi-constitutional elective monarchy with semi-direct democracy.

    Foriegn Policy

    Israel & Palestine

    Pro-Palestine, since he regarded the Jewish Question remained unsolved.


    The File:Tali.pngTaliban is based according to him and he doesn't care about Afghanistan since the problem has been solved.

    Middle East


    China & Taiwan

    I have a mixed opinion on China and Taiwan. Mao is dead, Chiang is dead, and China is technically NOT a communist country since Deng. And ngl, Chiang Ching-Kuo made a grave mistake that changed the political landscape at ROC and let these leftards took over! And to save Taiwan from being ZOG'gd even worse, China MUST took over Taiwan ASAP if Russia won the Ukraine question.

    Russo-Ukraine conflict

    Pro-Russia as I know that most globalists including WEF started supporting Ukraine, agreed on the "de-Nazification" theory as the Neo-Nazi organizations i.e. Azov Battalion, Banderites and other Siegetards were actually funded by Israel besides affiliated with Satanist Atomwaffen Divsion and Order of the Nine Angles, also Western media who keep on whining about "muh Nazis" will have a hard time spinning it, apart that believe that Ukraine has get f*cked by NATO due to the poor administration policy of Zelensky. However, he advocate for a peaceful solution in regards of Donbass issue and let the people of Luhansk and Donetsk to be heard.
    "BuT ZelEnSkY iS a JeW!1!" Azov Battalion and Bandera once threatened to overthrow Zelensky, and MSM Keeps on calling Ukraine "Corrupt, authoritarian" before the war broke. inb4 "source or it never happened", go and see this.


    ⮡   See also: Traditionalism,Interculturalism,Gun Rights Advocacy

    Civil Liberties

    He supported Free Speech, Gun rights, Private property, legal rights such as protection from unreasonable searches and seizures and privacy on the internet if it remains legal, apart from preferring a small government which doesn't have unnecessary departments/ministries that was similar to the "Alphabet Agencies" of the FDR. He was critical on the hypocritical New Left who claimed to "defend one's right to speak despite being unpleasant", but condemned anyone they said "bigoted" stuff and yelled "Free speech doesn't mean free from consequences" and seek to cancel those so-called "bigots". In terms of student's rights, he suggested that the Universities and College Universities Act (AUKU) to be amended to the original 1970 version (as the 1975 version amended by Mahathir curbed students' rights in response towards 1974 Baling protests), apart from reforming instead of abolishing the law to ensure synergy between students and the university administrations. His proposal for the amendment of the Constitution in terms of civil rights will be based on the Bill of Rights and the Meiji Constitution.

    Race and Ethnicity

    He was neutral towards racial or ethnic supremacism, and advocates interculturalism as while different cultures should be able to co-exist, they should also engage in cross-cultural dialogue, interactions, and cultural fusion with one another. The government should promote common values and ideas between different cultures to hold them together and create a common but diverse identity.


    Tolerates religions as long as they play a key role in one's lives and not forcing their views on others. In terms of education, he advocate for secularization of the public education system in exchange of abolishment of public vernacular schools while promoting traditional values in schools.

    SOGI Ideologies (Alphabet squad)

    He believes in terms of "sex vs gender" argument, it's not an argument as the term "Gender" was supposed to be a linguistic term before being coined by a Jew named John Money as a "Social Construct", and suggested that only TWO sexes are recognized. In terms of "conversion therapy", he disagree on such advocacy as these were in fact inefficient, as even those who shilled for conversion therapy revealed that they're still gay. He instead suggested "rooftop therapy" (a.k.a. being thrown from roofs) instead . While unnatural sexual intercourse will remain criminalized and banned throughout the Internet, he believes that constitutional heterosexual marriage should be enacted if one's government doesn't want anal agenda like what they did in Hungary, Belarus and Russia.

    Drug use

    He was in favour of legalization of kratom and marijuana for medical purposes only, but in terms of hard drugs, penalties will be imposed, such as imprisonment or capital punishment.


    He believes that abortion should be illegal from conception for every situation except those which involve a clear and present danger to the life of the mother. He supported the Texas abortion ban law which caused an expected outcome, which increased abstinence (as protesters give up sex to protest that law).


    He was tolerant towards disability individuals and hoped that disabled people will be accepted to the society. He was against any forms of discrimination towards the disabled.

    Views on feminism

    After being radicalized in 2019, he was strongly critical of feminism as he believes that the current situation of the dating market had benefitted women and claimed that feminism has a totalitarian inclination. He also suggested that sex before marriage should be outlawed , apart from lowering the marriage age (similar to those in Brunei, the pretext of age of consent is that both parties MUST be married) to around 15 or 16 to increase fertility rates and outlawing adultery. Upon researching MGTOW, incel and several manosphere contents, he summed up a conclusion that: (1) Votes among women are influenced by the candidates popularity, like in the case of Syed Saddiq (Yea he's handsome tbh); (2) women are allowed to work BUT NOT ENCOURAGED, just in the case of financial constraints; (3) Capitalism breeds hypergamy and MUST BE SOLVED before implementing polygamy (as polygamy further speeds up hypergamy); and (4) Contrary to popular belief that he's a misogynist/sexist (another term coined by a (((Jew)))), he advocates that women's work such as feeding husband and children, educating children be considered as valuable as male jobs, base on the principles of "Good Wife, Wise Mother" (良妻賢母).


    Mega Based and Chad-pilled

    • Reactionary Liberalism - See? Liberalism can be not necessary culturally left-wing!
    • Chiang-Kai-Shek thought - Chad Kai-Shek, I like how you deal with Taiwan and 228 is not enough tho
    • Korwinism - Based old pal from Poland.
    • Islamic Democracy - This. Islam shall be the federal religion while other religions except atheism and Sh*as can be freely practiced! Tunku said so! Inshallah!
    • Maternalism and Tradwifeism - See? I value women's jobs such as managing household and educating children as how we value men's jobs!
    • Neo-Nationalism - Best form of nationalism.
    • TypicalFan1 Thought - My Mexican counterpart.
    • Meijism - Japan was based AF during his reign. Would you mind lending your constitution as my reference?

    Somewhat Based

    • Celfloskyism - Fellow Tridemist and man of culture, ROC irredentism and revival of Chinese heritage (such as 漢裝, also we both disagree on barbaric customs especially human sacrifices) are based AF but too moderate on social issues!
    • Putinism - Very based on revival of Russian traditions, making leftards sheete, and anti-lgbtoid, but oligarch stuffs are cringe. Also the Special Military Operation was a dick move tbh despite your support has risen and the sanctions backfired. Still better than neo-Nazi Western puppet Navalny tho.
    • Conservative Feminism - Tolerable forms of feminism, Soong Mei-Ling is kinda based. BTW still prefer them than you.



    • National Socialism - Your ideology failed, therefore you're not the one to learn from. Also your modern adherents are Satanist retards! Your views on Jews are based tbh
    • Feminism - More like Feminazi with totalitarian inclinations!
    • Radical Feminism - Same as her but even worse! BTW your views on troons and prostitution is based
    • Maoism - The only good is that you criminalize sodomites, the rest are cringe.
    • Neo
      - Judging on your ideology, it's very cringe, but since you might change your ideology then I'll place here temporary.

    Raykats (Sworn Enemies)



    - Add me

    Pantheonism - Add me?

    Novoscarletism - add me?

    All will be added, but on Noelism, which is my main ideology.

    1. As most Malaysians regarded any forms of liberalism as "left-wing", hence the center-right position in terms of culture if applied in Malaysia
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