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    The Transition

    The government should be replaced by corporations, transforming them into the de jure governing body over the people. This new de jure governing body will abolish the old state and establish a state similar to Moldbug's idea of neocameralism.

    Once neocameralism is established, a class divide will inevitably emerge. To address the potential issues arising from a struggling lower class, corporations will sell goods at low prices, provide jobs, etc. This system is partly inspired by the Roman Empire's concept of "bread and circuses".


    Ownership should be defined by control rather than property rights atleast in the charlottist era.

    Social Constructs

    I don't advocate for the abolition of all social constructs. Instead, I believe harmful social constructs such as patriarchy and gender should be abolished. I think it's important for everyone to recognize that all social constructs are just that - social constructs, and not grounded in reality. When people fail to recognize this, it can lead to terrible consequences.

    This raises the question of traditionalism. I consider myself a traditional progressivist because I'm okay with the existence of traditions as long as harmful ones are removed, and people understand that they are social constructs, not natural. Once that's acknowledged, I'm perfectly fine with preserving traditions in any way that satisfies the participants' egos. After the harmful elements of a culture are removed, it's beneficial to preserve the rest of the culture to prevent the resurgence of harmful traditions.


    Some may wonder what is the economic opinion of charlottist, well the answer is that capitalism is a inherently superior economic system than any other proposed form of economics due to its ability to accelerate technocapital which will eventually lead to a technological singlularity which grants us the ability to form a post-humanist world.

    Once the transition away from the Neocameralist state begin's and charlottism is established, people can choose whatever economic model they wish as it will always fall and capitalism will return after the failure of the system.



    Placeholder: Charlottism is an anarchist system that will be established after the Neocameralist state slowely collapses. basically just Voluntaryism, Panarchism (Kinda), Post-Humanism, Anarcho-Egoism, nihilism, anarchism, capitalism, post-genderism.

    Relations (Real Ideologies)



    • Neoreactionaryism - In my opinion your too culturally right and you need to take a shower and touch grass but otherwise you're fine I guess.


    Relations (Self-Inserts)




    •  Neo-Scorpism - A state socialist who wants a revolution, I think it is obvious why I oppose this ideology considering I'm a Landian Accelerationist.


    Adding list (when I'm back)


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