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    Note: This ideology is part of a project by Altem101. The project can be found here.

    Neo-Maoism is a Totalitarian, Economically and Culturally Far-Left, Ultranationalist and Communist ideology which wants to create a new Maoist state in China.

    It wants to reinstate the rule of Mao.png Maoism in Chinese society and wants to do so with much more brutality and determination than normal Maoism.

    The concept of an Nolv.png Eternal Cultural Revolution will be introduces to make sure that all "bourgeoisie cultural decadence" and "dengist revisionism" gets rooted out from society and to keep the revolutionary spirit afloat. This new cultural revolution will therefore never stop and Chinese society will be changing forever and constantly revolutionized.

    It is Ultranat.png Ultranationalistic since it believes that China is the only true communist nation on Earth. Every outside source must therefore be prevented from entering into China and destroying the revolution. All citizens must also have an extreme devotion to the nation and place it above all else since it is the manifestation of the Mao.png Maoist revolution.

    The state will be controlled by a Parti.png Vanguard Party with a Totalitarian.png Totalitarian power over the people. It will make sure that everyone is dedicated to the revolution, the Nation.png nation, the Sec.png state and the ideals of Mao.png Mao Zedong.




    • Polpot.png Pol Potism - I like that you're an ultranationalistic communist, but why are you a reactionary?
    • Prog-u.png Progressivism - Progress is good. Although, you still fight to establish a new cultural status quo. The revolution never stops!
    • Orthlen.png Leninism - Why are you a globalist?
    • LeftNazbol.png Left NazBol - Drop the cultural rightism and you're based.


    • Dengf.png Dengism - The worst of the worst. Ruined China and turned it into a haven for c*pitalist degeneracy.
    • Cap.png Capitalism - The force of evil throughout history.
    • World.png Globalism - Imperialist in disguise. Don't think that you can trick me into adopting American, capitalist culture.
    • Reactsoc.png Reactionary Socialism - Oxymoron.
    • React.png Reactionarism - Why would you want to stop the revolution which will liberate China from oppression?
    • Thar.png Anti-Authoritarianism - Counter-revolutionary!
    • Monarcho-Fascism.png Monarcho-Fascism - Could it get any worse?


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