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    Neo-Lukkoism is the personal ideology of Lukko, being a mix of ideas, philosophies, and ideologies which she believes is the best way for the world to be run. Economically it falls under a communist understanding, but otherwise anti-economy. Culturally she is ultra progressive.

    The easiest categorization for Neo-Lukkoism is it being an ultra progressive, anarchist, communist, and anti-nationalist ideology. She also believes in certain ideas like anti-work, and post-civilisationism.


    File:NeoLukko.png Neo-Lukkoism File:PostLeftLukk.png is the current ideology of Lukko which she has changed to since around the end of 2022, roughly around Christmas to the New Year, moving from an odd ideology shopping commonwealth "synthesis" of ideologies that clashed and outright despised each other to a more coherant synthesis of anarchist ideologies and some left unity ideologies. Lukkoism as an ideology has more or less existed since June of 2022, with the page being made some time around September. Before writing down her ideas they were fairly fluid although some things never changed in between each time she explained her beliefs.

    Political Journey

    1. 2020-2021: [3]
    2. 2021-2022: (File:HighDefLukk.png) [4]
    3. 2022- (File:NeoLukko.png/File:PostLeftLukk.png)[5]

    Overview of Beliefs

    THIS IS A TL;DR! Please read the entire page so you can understand easily.

    File:NeoLukko.png Neo-Lukkoism promotes a system of anarchist, communist, and radical anti human seperationist File:AntiEthNat.png ideology, beliving we are all the same. It recognises that the idea of communes are stupid however, and rejects the idea, favoring for total and complete abolition of every entity.


    Economically, Lukkoism despises the concept of an economy. She believes that an economy and furthermore currency are terrible, believing that it makes humans seperate themselves. Things related to the economy, like payment, or jobs, are given up to mutual aid. She also believes that all property should be owned by everyone, giving

    Culture and Society

    Neo-Lukkoism advocates for a revolutionarilly progressive society, as she despises conservatism and all its opinions. Queer people will take their rights in order to be free. Furthermore, she believes that all people deserve the same rights as the dominant people, so women get the same rights as men, ethnic and racial minorities the same as the dominant, ect, and she rejects all forms of nationalism. A society in her mind should also be open about concepts such as sex and the general human body, embracing naturism.

    International Policy

    If one wishes to move, they may. There is nothing stopping you except yourself. There is no foreign land, there is only earth.


    Economics is a flawed science which means absolutely nothing in the long run, economic systems are always tainted in some way by markets and similar farces. Neo-Lukkoism rejects the idea of an economy, although the closest thing would be Mutual Aid, or a Gift Economy.

    Ownership of the Means of Production

    The workers should own the means of production, yet they should not be forced nor required to produce. Factories and similar should more or less be abandoned to being reused and repurposed as potential homing, ect. Some production is of course needed and required, unfortunately, and labor is impossible to fully abolish. Technology can be more or less automated, however the automatons needs to be over sighted by people, this will of course be rare. The way of dispersing the technology will be via mutual aid between people.

    The Abolition of Work

    "'Arbeit Macht Frei.' Freiheit erfordert Arbeitslosigkeit."

    "'Work makes you free.' Freedom requires worklessness."

    ━ LukkoLaStranga

    Work Abolition is desirable, replacing this chore with a more calm ludic lifestyle is desirerable, given that all work in the modern era is tainted with centuries, millennia even of capitalism, feudalism, and all of those disgusting opressive systems, and by proxy work should be abolished to the fullest extent possible. People should not slave away for pay, people should not pay to live, no one should work. People may continue what we would see as work for fun, like building something or similar, but work is not required of any human alive.

    Private and Public Ownership

    The private sector is to be abandoned. Industry and et cetera. The public sector as well, the ashes of capitalist society will be reworked into a new world, layed brick by brick by the hands of the freed individual. The remnants of the private sector will be demolished and their resources repurposed by local communities as needed, food will be distributed from restaurants and etc. To continue, ownership of land or buildings should also be abolished, including public ownership. Propertarianism is to be totally and utterly eradicated.

    The Markets

    In the modern world, all markets where currency is used are terrible, and in fact all forms of markets are terrible. They should all be abolished, transferred out from an invisible hand -something as impossible to rely on as praying for god to cure your cancer- to mutual aid.

    Societal Issues

    “I love men too — not merely individuals, but every one. But I love them with the consciousness of egoism; I love them because love makes me happy, I love because loving is natural to me, because it pleases me."

    ━ Max Stirner

    Neo-Lukkoist society would be the most radically progressive part of her ideas. She believes in simple that everyone, everywhere should be allowed to do whatever they wish with themselves, a consenting ━ able to consent ━ partner, and ect. Very pro LGBT and File:AntiEthNat.png Anti-Racist.

    Queer Issues

    File:PCB-Bix.png Sexualities

    All sexualities should be given all the same rights as straight people. Like the right to marry, the right to show affection in public, and other abilities not inherent to them because of straight oppression. Lukkoism also generally believes that all sexualities are valid with obvious exceptions.

    Gender and Co

    Neo-Lukkoism is of the opinion that everything relating to trans people medically should be given out for free when asked for, including hormone blockers, surgery, and HRT. She also believes that all non-binary genders, and genderless people are valid, as well as Xenogenders. She is also of the opinion that you do not need to transition at all, seek surgeries, or ect to be transgender, as gender non-conforming people are also valid. She is of the opinion that being trans isn't something you can gatekeep or define away, but should instead be celebrated and opened to people who think they're trans as well.

    Gender Non-Conforming

    Neo-Lukkoism as stated in the last paragraph believes that all people can look however they want. She believes that you do not need to conform to any given gender roles, whether you be male, female, or anything else. Gender roles to her are inherently oppressive and disgusting, and that anyone should be able to pick their gender roles ━ or none at all ━ and be happy with themselves.

    Polyamory and Polygamy

    Neo-Lukkoism believes that polyamory and other types of open relationships should be enjoyed and even prioritized over closed relationships. She also believes that polygamy should be legal, believing that as long as everyone is okay with it, and it isn't being used in an abusive fashion, one can have as many partners as they wish. The wish to keep relationships private or closed is okay, but the stigmatization around open relationships is horrible and should be destroyed. Polygyny, Polyandry, and Plural Marriage, all forms of polygamy, should be allowed. [6]

    The Abolition of Gender

    Gender to Neo-Lukkoism is a stupid concept, and sex as well. The existence of Intersex people and any syndrome or chromosomal anomaly that results in a difference from the traditional "XX Female XY male" system disprove both the existence of biological sex and genders' existences as important on society, sex merely defines who can and can't procreate with who and gender is based on societal norms, several cultures throughout the ages have had three, four, or more genders, they were just wiped out by colonizers and similar for being different, like the Hawaiian māhū.

    The Issue with Biological Sex

    Neo-Lukkoism believes that biological sex is stupid. This is because the of the existence of intersex people, and various changes that occur with chromosomes, like Trisonomy or XXYY syndrome, and these render the dependence on biological sex obsolete. And furthermore, she believes that any difference between the "biological sexes" should be changed with gene editing, making the X and Y chromosomes have the same issues and same benefits.

    Ethno-Racial Issues


    Lukkoism believes that all ethnicities should be able to live wherever they please and have the same rights as the dominant ethnicity, however, she does not believe in the idea of settling in a place to exploit it, or to "make space" for a group of people to live. For example, American deportation and genocide of the Native Americans, Israeli settlement in the Mandate of Palestine, or Nazi Lebensraum. Furthermore she believes that the idea that an ethnicity matters at all is stupid, because there are little to no major changes between anyone, whether jewish, navajo, or russian. There are few cases where major changes occur, and that is because of the extreme areas they live or extreme actions preformed in their culture ━like the Tibetans who keep air in their blood better, good for the tibetan plateau, or the Sama-Bajau people who grew bigger spleens which allows them to dive for longer to catch more food in their Austronesian homelands━ which means that there is no need to care about ethnicity.


    Lukkoism also believes that all races should be able to live wherever they please. She believes that any difference in race is negligible, and there is no major change between race besides physical appearance. Race as a concept was made up by European colonizers to make themselves look better, to justify their actions and to justify why they stole land, killed natives, and enslaved africans. Race doesn't exist.

    Language File:LinguaDePlaneta.png

    The issues with language are numerous. Neo-Lukkoism believes in the changing of gendered languages to be more neutral, which means no more need to distinct between certain genders for objects and people, as you can have a neutral suffix. She also believes in the proliferation of the changes of language to include neopronouns, as the change of language happens, and we should embrace the change to add new pronouns. Besides language change, Lukkoism believes that these languages should teach in their own regions, which would allow near extinct languages like Istro-Romanian to thrive, and would cause languages like Kashubian and Romansh to bounce back. Finally, she believes that there should be a lingua franca that is an auxiliary constructed language. Attempts like Esperanto and Lingua de Planeta are certaintly good tries, but they are to eurocentric. Lingua De Planeta did better by including Arabic and Mandarin influence, although it is still too European focused.


    Lukkoism believes all religion should be seperated from government and state, believing in laicism and Anti-Clericalism. She believes that religion should be a personal matter exclusively, and that people should willingly convert on their own rather than be reached to by missionaries or similar like in Mormonism or the Jehovah's Witnesses, although not banning public prayer or displays of religion on ones person (like religious clothing or religious necklaces). It is also believed that with that by the practice of missionary conversion being forced to end, cults like JW's will end naturally. She does not hate any religion or believe any religion is superior (except for cults like JW and Scientology), she only wishes for the distancing of religion from government and society, believing that laws influenced by religion or forcing religion on people has an overall negative on society and the human race.

    Bodily Autonomy


    Abortion should be allowed for everyone capable of having children up until birth. The already living have more priority than the unborn. This is not an incentive to continually get pregnant to terminate pregnancy, but rather an option at all times. Abortion is an important healthcare option, and must be protected as well.

    Sex Work

    Sex Work as a profession (porn, prostitution, ect) should be destigmatized, any two consenting adults can do whatever they please. Anyone above the age of 18 can engage in sex work should they so wish too, for whatever reason they want.


    Neo-Lukkoism believes that death is a natural occurrence that can be destroyed and ended. Human death must be entirely and totally eradicated wherever we can. On the contrary however, she also believes that it should be allowed for individuals suffering from extreme and terminal illnesses to be humanely killed to end their suffering. Outside of this, aging and disease must be entirely destroyed via any means necessary. Smallpox was the first disease eradicated and we'll make sure it isn't the last. Every disease will meet its match.

    Drug Use

    All drugs should be totally and absolutely fully legalized, and usage should be properly taught so that way addiction is stopped. Yes, all drugs. If drugs are destigmatized and legalized then people will naturally go for less extreme drugs. The more a drug is punished, the more likely people will be willing to pay top dollar for the drug.


    Lukkoism believes in the usage of technology to edit the human race. This includes abolishing the human criteria of aging and death ━thus making people no longer human in the sense of the fact we are now unable to die━, and editing certain parts of human genetics to change your own body, such as getting rid of eye conditions, increasing muscle mass, etc. Neo-Lukkoism is against any form of eugenics for any reason.

    Interculturalism and Multiculturalism

    Neo-Lukkoism prefers interculturalism to multiculturalism, believing that multiculturalism is a progressive form of segregation, citing countries like the United States. The US is a multicultural country, however, these cultures self segregate. The various (country)towns are proof of this, like Chinatown, Little India, etc, and even larger blocs, like voter districts where a sizable portion of people live, like - 4th Congressional District which looks like a pair of headphones, only connected by a slim road. She believes that all human cultures are important and should be shared, given, changed and enjoyed by everyone in a community, also believing that all immigration is good.

    The Issues with Internet Leftism

    Internet Leftism is now horribly disfigured by numerous causes and needs to be left or discarded as fast as possible. The issues with internet leftism is simple, a mixture of breadtube brainrot, country worship, and idolatry are what bring modern internet leftism to its knees. The current leftist space is totally and utterly evicerated by the fights of anarchists and libertarians against authoritarians like Leninists and Maoists. Authoritarians seek nothing but to support a status quo that is explicitly and only anti-western, there is no substance behind their rhetoric. Even if it means supporting literal theocracies against dreaded westism/atlanticism. This is not realpolitik, this does not make me an ultra, it is merely the leftwing version of liberals supporting fascism to keep their class and capital interests safe. They will support governments who wish to slaughter them en masse to keep the prospect of being anti-west alive. They fetishize this idea of an anti-western alliance to the point of absolute insanity, drawing the BRICS as an anti-american alliance even when the largest member states (and indeed the two largest populations of any people on the entire planet) are fighting with literal sticks and stones over mountain passes in the Himalayas. This is leftism. Fetishization of a dream that will never come. Privileged culturally left wing westerners who do not see the leviathan of misery awaiting for supporting far right economic and cultural forces against American and western forces. They seek to remedy this horrible dread, this leviathan by acting like the people who wish real freedom, real change from the status quo are the real racists, lying and painting them as fascists, liars, crooks, genocidal maniacs. They engage in the things they despise, supporting ethnonationalism and racialism in order to justify their support of these terrible regimes. The idolatry of Marx, Engels and the "further heads" of communism is exactly why people don't like leftism. Lenin was not god. Neither was Stalin. Khrushchev did not push the capitalism button which destroyed the Soviet Union after Stalin died. Marx was not the arbiter of truth and "eternal science". Authoritarian Communism is so split between the culturally left Neo-MLs of the modern west and the culturally right wing classical MLs of the old days and the east that it can not be fixed. The best option is to completely and utterly drop leftism from the internet, do not debate leftism, do not talk about it. There is no fruits to your labors. There is no glory at the end of the leviathan. There is no hope, no future. Leftism has degenerated into a husk of its former self on the internet.

    TL;DR: You are not leftier than thou for supporting theocracies, culturally right 'socialist' governments, and fake socialism. You are a privileged western teenager who believes in a farce so you can comfort yourself about the inevitability of collapse.

    The Issues with Internet Anarchism

    Similar to leftism, the issue with Anarchism is that it being promoted in online spaces has had it susceptible to fetishists and idiots. The fetishization of anarchism is not the same as the Lifestylism as so proclaimed by Bookchinites, but rather either young children or unread adults. The inflex of self-proclaimed Egoists in the modern PolCompBall space is proof of this, with only very few being actually egoists (see HelloThere314ism). The majority of these new egoists are merely only young children who haven't even read a lick of Stirner. The worst is when they act as if they are true egoists- calling everything spooks whilst performing idolatry with Stirner, possibly the last person you should be considering his positions. The fetishism of anarchism is not it being partaken of by young ones, but the fact that they do not read. If one self proclaims themself an Egoist without reading, then you are simply a fetishist. Same thing with a marxist. Anarchism as a whole is not as able to be fetishized, it does happen but its very easy to just ignore these people. The adoption of Anarchism via internet has made it easier to access and learn about, but few actually put the time into it to learn. This holds similar issues with other ideologies and philosophies surrounding Egoism, like Schizoanalysis. A further issue with internet anarchists is that the ones whom do read typically also have an essence of worship to them, at least in my experiences. I've seen arguments of only being for the self, but I've never seen any of them actually support this when it comes to others. If it is in my self interest to protect and liberate animals, that is of myself. This is a minor inconvenience however, and I do not have many major issues with them over this. Besides other egoist puritanism (like anti-theism which takes influences from the past issue I have) there is of course the rest of anarchism. First off, Anarcho-Capitalism, Fascism, and other right wing variants of anarchism aren't anarchist. Full stop. Now onto leftwing anarchism. A massive issue I have is that it is to open. Anarcho-Communists are a dime a dozen and very unread, very stupid. Veganarchists are militant and rude, not good. Mutualists... are goofy. As are Collectivists. Egoists of course are usually not that interested in collaboration in the first place. Anarcho-Nihilists just do their own thing. Syndicalists are foolish. Even so, I do think that we must unite against our collective enemies, Nazis, Marxist-Leninists, and Capitalists. However, sectarianism between us all seperates this possibility. Especially via internet.

    TL:DR: You are not an Egoist if you do not read. You are not better than other anarchists. You are not cool because you read, you are not cool because you do not. Just because you recognize collapse and do nothing to help others doesn't make you useful.


    Have Read

    • - All Things are Nothing to Me (Jacob Blumenfeld)
    • - Take What You Need And Compost The Rest: an introduction to post-civilized theory (By Margaret Killjoy)
    • - The Abolition of Work (Bob Black)
    • - Our Abuser's Humanity (Lee Shevek)
    • - Blessed is the Flame (Serafinski)

    Plan to Read

    • - Post Left Anarchy: Leaving the Left Behind (Jason Mcquinn)
    • - Willful Disobedience (Wolfi Landstreicher)
    • - Let's Destroy Work, Let's Destroy The Economy (Alfred M. Bonanno)
    • - Anti-Oedipus (Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari)
    • - Armed Joy (Alfred M. Bonanno)
    • - Nihilism, Anarchy and the 21st Century (Aragorn!)
    • - It's Crazy How Many Things Don't Exist (Jean-Pierre Voyer)
    • - A Quick and Dirty Introduction to Accelerationism (Nick Land)
    • - Xenofeminism: A Politics for Alienation (Laboria Cuboniks)
    • - Hello From the Wired, Cyber-Nihilism Recap, Cyber-Nihilism Redux pt 0 (Nyx Land)
    • - Flying saucers, the process of matter and energy, science, the revolutionary and working-class struggle and the socialist future of mankind (J. Posadas)
    • - Trotsky's Theory of Permanent Revolution: A Real Alternative to Socialism in One Country (Eva Dragosits)
    • - The Green Book (Maummar Gaddafi)
    • - The Proletarian's Pocketbook (To many people)
    • - Against a Liberal Abolitionism (Lee Shevek)
    • - Butch Anarchy (Lee Shevek)
    • - Monogamy and Vulnerability (Lee Shevek)
    • - Torwards the Abolition of The Family! (Lee Shevek)
    • - Islam and Queer Muslims (Mohamed Abdou, Mohamed Jean Veneuse)

    User Recommendations

    Feel free to add literature suggestions!

    HelloThere314 -

    • - The Unique And Its Property
    • - Stirner's Critics
    • - Strangers In An Alien World
    • - Towards The Creative Nothing
    • - The Right To Be Greedy
    • - Reproduction Of Daily Life

    SwordComradism -

    • - The National Anarchist Manifesto

    File:-flash.gif -ism -

    • Leviathan (Thomas Hobbes)
    • The Prince (Niccolo Machiavelli)
    • Modern Principles of Economics (any edition, Tyler Cowen)
    • Stinky Steve - A Minecraft Mishap (P.T Evans)

    O'Langism -

    • - An Anarchist Response to "An Anarchist Response to Crime"
    • - A People's History of the United States
    • - The Communist Manifesto

    Neo-Murba -

    • - KKKapital
    • - Origins of the Family, State, and Private Property
    • - Workers' Councils (1947)
    • - Party and Working Class
    • - State and Revolution

    The United Front

    Neo-Lukkoism belives in a united front or synthesis between various ideologies, including a plurality of anarchist ones and a few eft unity ones as well. She believes these groups' common enemy is the authoritarians, and capitalists, claiming that there is no difference between a fascist and an anarcho capitalist - or a fascist and a stalinist - other than their positions on the state and economy. To conclude this thought, she proposes a united front.

    The Anarchist Front

    To start, the Anarchist Front is a union between anarchist ideologies against a common enemy, statism. These ideologies include the likes of Anarcho-Nihilism, Anarcho-Communism, and Agorism. This however does not include Anarcho-Capitalists because of the fact they are capitalists, to which she lovingly declares as the "piss stained banner". She also notably doesn't include Anarcho-Pacifists in her united front, believing them cowards. However, she compromises and says that they can be medics. To conclude this, she has made banners to show the united front, comprising of the ideological symbol on top of the Lukkoist banner.

    The Leftist Front

    This is less expansive considering there are a lot less left wing ideologies Lukkoism is willing to work with. it namely however, says that rightism is the common enemy of Leftists, and that includes Stalinism, Maoism, similar. It states that moderate or civically variable people (like say, communalism if you want a silly example) should unite against authoritarian "leftists" and rightists. We don't talk about the Postie-MLM gay relationships.

    Hiding all the banners I created to keep the sanctity of my page and my sanity together lmao.

    Mini-Larp lmao

    Spartacus Division

    Not to be confused with the Spartakusbund which was also named after the leader of the Roman slave revolt.

    The File:SpartacusLukk.png Spartacus Division is a proposed anarchist militia by Lukko. Their duty would be the fight for the liberation of all human kind, everywhere, in the toughest battles of the insurrection. This would be a division full of people who, inspired by the slave revolt led by a man of the same name, would liberate the working class and peasent slaves of the capitalist system. Their doctrine would be that similar to that practiced at the historic battle of Saragarhi between 21 Sikh soldiers under the British Empire and 10-15,000 Afghans. It is estimated that the men slaughtered 500 men of the Afghan forces before being eventually overrun, however this was only due to the fact that every man was killed in action. The division believes in unconditional and pure negation and violence against the state, capitalism, and its mechanisms. It borrows a lot of influence from the Bushido Samauri Code, especially the idea of never surrendering. It takes the ideas of a revolutionary struggle, a class war to end all wars and makes it its very own goal. Inspiration is taken from various ideas, battles, and operations from the Second World War specifically. The idea of a battle being won despite all odds and the idea of total and complete obliteration of an enemy is a very good example. For instance, the Battle of Zwolle, which was a battle in the city of Zwolle between a single Canadian and roughly 1500 Wehrmacht, Waffen-SS, and Gestapo members.

    Spartacus Divisions Flag

    The flag of the Spartacus Division is similar to the flag of Neo-Lukkoism in general, the difference is that on it there is a massive capital Lambda, as seen below. How to draw can be seen in How to Draw the Ball and Other Things.

    World Peace Division

    The File:WorldPeaceLukk.png World Peace Division is a proposed anarchist militia by Lukko. Their duty would be to keep the peace and prevent chaos in the liberated areas during and after the great insurrection. Most of their duties would be humanitarian including aid in establishing self sustainability in cities and similar areas for the transition to Neo-Lukkoist ideas.

    World Peace Division Flag


    (Note! These are self inserts only. I may add actual ideologies later, but until then, self inserts only.



    • O'Langism (///)- Pretty good! We both agree on certain leftist ideals, he just needs to take the post-left pill.
    • Floofel's Thought (//)- You and I are very alike, and I can get along with you easily. You and I both view nature as important, although you're far more indivudalistic than I ever would be. Keep of the great work!
    • Rayonianism (///)- You're basically me but less extreme on every axis by a moderate amount.
    • Ego-Progressivism (///)- You absolutely hit the mark on basically everything. Sorry for the misunderstanding in that comment to Libra, I understand that now you meant that the term "Proletariat" was a singular term devaluing the actual meaning of the working class to a singular idea.
    • Conorism (///)- Le epic rgoist!!!
    • HelloThere314ism (////)- Long. Extremely long. Typical ego stuff.

    Mostly Alright

    • Yoda8soup Thought (///)- You're doing pretty alright mate! You're swathes better than most people here. It's almost like I'm looking at a younger me. In fact, thats what I'm gonna call you, Baby Lukkoism!


    • Glencoeism (//)- Radlib, your best defining factors are being influenced by Liberal Socialism and you even fumble the bag with that.
    • SwordComradism (//)- National Anarcho-Communism, a fairly interesting mix. Normally you'd be put in alright for being an ancom, but egregious for being a nationalist. So here we are. Other than that, you're pretty cool.
    • Pantheonism (///)- ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    • Smarter Greeceball Thought ()- You appear to be just.. a more friendly version of myself to Tankies. I can't make to many assumptions though, your page is still very much in its fledgling stages.
    • Mikolayism (?)- From what I remember, we're very alike but for different reasons. We solve our problems differently, I embrace anarchism and anti-nationalism and you embrace the state and nationalism. We in the end, are both left wing in some way or another (even if I wouldn't necessarily call myself leftist out of "Postie Purity" or something like that) and we view the same issues as needing to be fixed. Tolerable, mostly.
    • Mikolayism (Modern) (///)- Sigh. I don't think this will be good, but theres so little written I can not give an honest review. We shall wait and see.
    • Atronism (///)- Er... 🎵Leftist Unity~🎵, anyway, you just seem like a moderate tankie, not horrid, but still not ideal. I admire you being at least tolerant of anarchists, even egoists like Io, but I doubt any actual anarchists would want to work with you. Sorry.
    • Nayism ()- Ahh? Furry is based but I genuinely dont know what to say. Congrats on being prog tho?

    Mostly Bad

    • File:Hamburger.png Rejuvenative Hamburg thought (///)- I've read your page and know I don't like you, I'll check out your File:NNGM.png new creation soon.
    • Calculustism (//)- Capitalism, chasing progress, blah blah. However, gay :3
    • Neo-Kiraism (///)- Upon a closer inspection and you becoming slightly less fucking insane on your stalinism take I've decided that you're only really mostly bad. For all I care you're just an Orthodox Leninist who simps for other auth commies.
    • Omega (/)- Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiib. Besides being a lib, you're also a capitalist, nationalist, etc.... No.
    • Beryism (///)- Whilst I like you personally, I must say that your ideology is very... idealistic when it comes to markets. Especially the idea that free market healthcare will just fix everything because like... no. Free market healthcare is how you reach American levels of fucked where you pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for being ill or dying. Its how you pay 13 dollars for a cough drop, or 50 to hold your own fucking baby after its born. Besides this, your unfinished cultural takes have me mildly worried (although I don't expect you to go full neo-nazi obviously, I'm still cautious.) Federalism in of itself appears to work, but even so federal systems don't entirely keep the country together. The united states still has seperatist movements, even if some are less serious than others (looking at you, Texas.) New England for example has a sizable (mostly progressive leftish liberal) separatist movement for example. Cascadia is also famous for this. Whilst I don't think the German states would totally rebel against you obviously, due to the minor changes and mostly sticking to the status quo, but still minor movements may take hold, similar to Cascadia or New England. You are still - and please forgive me for my terminology but - spooked by the phantasms of capital, market, and state. Glory to the \o HYPERBOREAN BERYREICH! o/
    • Iberian Communism (///)- From what I've read, you seem to be the typical ML although with a minor pan-iberian flair. Most of your page is still very under developed so I will put you here for the time being.
    • Erissianism (//)- Too tired after ripping File:-ism.png that thing a new asshole. Environment good, what the fuck is Nick Land on about, etc. (Oh, and markets are phantasms too.)


    • Neo-Majapahitism (///)- Just... No.
    • Tiberius Thought (///)- Average chronically evil neolib/neocon. You and I agree on practically nothing but the things we do agree on are based as hell.
    • Marxism-Leninism-Maoism-Libra Thought (///)- MLM
    • File:DoesntExist.png Nonexistism (///)- ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Not much to say to be honest.
    • Neo-Afunhumaninterism (///)- Expected, not horrible socially, not that great either, dogshit economics etc.
    • Neo-Phibunsongkhram Thought (///)- Thai NRx Post-Libertarian larp. I'm conflicted on if you're egregious or unforgivable so I'll put you here until further notice.
    • Autistic Anti-Civilizationism (///)- Woke is when wanting to obliterate the phantasms of sex, gender, race, and ethnicity... yeah sure. My globalism is simple, the entire human race should work together (if they wish). I am also a believer of voluntary association. I am conflicted on my positions on technology, and how that fits in with nature, however transhumanism (or posthumanism) does not wish to ERADICATE nature, at least not in my view. The "bullshit Identity Politics" you obviously skipped over that I wrote about is as I said, literally me saying that these things, must be abolished as concepts by an iconoclasm of modern civilisational standards. How is wishing for the ending of human dead sadistic? I merely wish for human diseases to end, all of them. Smallpox was the first, and it will not be the last. I never said I was forcing them to be alive either. Also I thought I was insane for believing in some sort of secret government behind it all which was making human life worse, but god damn that endgoal conspiracy is fucking insane. At least you aren't as crazy as that wignat polak... Its unfortunate you yourself are still stuck by the ecclesiastical nature of anti-identity politics, being closer to an Altrite than a postie on these issues.
    • Neo-Calculustism (///)- How I be lookin after you became a post-lolbert
    • Ganzism (//)- Man, so good except for the ethnat and culturally right shit. Also my religion doesn't influence my ideology, at least not beyond anything relating to nature. Get better.
    • Neo-Glencoeism (///)- You really put your foot in your mouth, now you lay a bastard of Tiberius and -, a shell of your former ideology. Congratulations.
    • 2x2Masterism (//)- Something something phantasm. That's it. That's the review. Literally cooking shrimp on the barbyism


    • File:-ism.png -ism (///)- I have decided to rewrite my classification for you. Upon an actual (albeit mostly skim through) read of your page, you are certainly... better than what I first observed. I still keep you in this classification though for the simple fact that you and I are so far apart - so unrelated in anyway, even with the things we agree on - that you won't be given even the time of day. Your economic system is laughable and your minority ideas are mediocre for the wrong reasons. Being "Anti-Antifa" is just code that you're, even if not literally a fascist, you are at least sympathetic, Even if you claim to not be. Your welfare state is a nice farce to an actual issue, and your takes on "Useless Eaters" (another nail in the coffin of classifying you as fascist sympathetic) are just you trying to rationalize your fading morality out, trying to find a good reason to not decide to go full Hitler and remove them. You act honestly for an "authoritarian" (totalitarian in all but name), saying you realize that if the people get their hands on contrarian media or anything even remotely critical of your ideas and systems they'll realize the shithole they live in is a dystopia branded as utopian by an insane leader brainwashed by an economic and political system characterized as being unforgiving and self destroying. Your justifications are your last attempts at coping with the reality that you live in a failing state that slowly, ever so slowly starts to destroy even your life. You see the futility in the distance and yet you still cling to hope that your ideas will happen, that they are correct, ideal, necessary. Unfortunately you fail to realize and/or act on the fact that pretending that your state is the best and has actual meaning doesn't work, and instead fill it with an optimistic world view painted in a coat of jet black pessimism. Even he is weary of you at times for your unabashed totalitarianism. Whatever we agree on is superficial, and means nothing. Congratulations.
    • File:Nickfuentesfanhat.png Nickfuentesfan Thought (///)- Holy shit, unironic Ukrainazi. These are what they warned me about. You're quite the goofy one, eh? "Great Replacement" lmao. If white people are being replaced then good, it'll make sure people like you never come along again. I thought they banned people under the age of 15? Dear lords tell me you aren't older than 12. Third positionism has never nor ever will be actually third position, the only true third position there is is just being anti-economic systems all together (so I guess technically I'm third positionist myself...) because all systems to come after the first and second systems that aren't just a regress into previous feudal systems are going to be based on or influenced by one or the other. Fascists typically had capitalist forms of economy and state capitalist governments, Nazi Germany famously privatized dozens of businesses to enrichen the party and its members, and fourth theory just seems like some post-soviet russian fever dream pretending to be Pro-USSR. Speaking of Nazis, your idea that Ukraine will ever follow a nazi-esqe style of government again is rather idiotic considering Ukraine's noticeable lack of production outside of the (mostly Russian) Donbass Industrial Area. Germany has the Rhineland, you have an industrial area full of an ethno/linguistic minority you want to die as painfully as possible. Good luck with that. Congrats on being pro-environment! It means nothing because you still want to produce things industrially. Everything else regarding intragovernment and social views are as expected and I have no need to shit on them any further, if you read my page, or even hell just noticed the fact I shat on those positions in the first place, you'll know my positions. Your views of the nazis as liberators when they more or less abused the eastern Reichskommissariats as grain and manpower pools is funny, especially considering many nazis themselves said that they needed to CONTINUE exploiting the east (Ukraine and Ostland!) to continue their war effort. Killing Russians means little to nothing because they also killed you and every other slav too (though nazi ethnic charts are wack anyway, they probably favored Slovaks and Czechs over Poles and Ukrainians). The west would never and will never accept a neo-nazi Ukraine unless they themselves were nazi, which by the nature of nazism would be essentially impossible to function considering their insane aspirations to create their greatest forms (see Romania & Hungary fighting over Transylvania). TL;DR: Dumb idiot nazi, get fucked moron.
    • Techno-Esoteric Fascism (///)- Jesus christ after the last guy I feel like you're a breath of fresh yet familiar air. State paganism sucks and is literally the complete opposite of what Paganism is supposed to be in the modern day (Can confirm as a 'pagan' myself, and oh boy, breaking character just for this line!? Terrible, I know punishable by death.) Monarchism is stupid and the only monarchies to still exist are either first world rich constitutionals with no power or corrupt third world countries/oil states. Feudalism doesn't work and will never be returned to, the closest thing would be a confederal system or a total collapse of everything which reset us back to feudalism. Ethnopluralism and ethnostates are the least of my worries coming from you. Transhumanism is cool n all but fuck off with mandatory bullshit. Economy bad etc. You suck ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    • Hydra'ism (///)- See above. Poles are white?
    • Bourgeoisie destroyerism (////)- Blah blah. Primnaztard. Who cares.
    • File:-ism.png -ism (///)- Nothing but phantasms! Your reaction to the identities of queer individuals is proof enough you are a simple minded fool. Who says that they are worth less? How? "No races are worth less than the others, and neither are sexes" both of these concepts are made up. That's why. There is no difference, therefor it doesn't exist. You also claim to be pro-democracy, yet anti-"Da Medier!!!" because most people don't believe that cutting off rights to people for no reason is a good idea except for things promoted by that good old FOX News, whom I'm sure you've spent many a-hour on. Did you shit your diapey when Tucker got fired? Shucks. Claiming that Neo-MLs are anywhere close to modern liberals in any sense either is goofy as fuck, are they also closer to modern libs rather than reactard fascism because they're queer? There is no american nation to be proud of, religiously or culturally. And your god is fake, your prophet born to a raped tween or teenager, and his actual father a pedophile. Your prophet was delusional, and even though he said good teachings, people like you have molded his words with fake stories and fake quotes. Jesus was not your white savior who would curse all the gays to hell, he was a brown man, born in Nazareth in Judea, who spoke a Semitic language, and died as a martyr to a horrible empire which reigned one culture above all conquered ones and destroyed any resistance. Everything else is expected. You are a fool, driven in a fantasy land, hoping to reclaim a dream that never existed. Go back to sleep gramps, there is no glorious 50s left for you.
    • Aryan Monarchism (///) Now normally for people like you, I'd give you a long critique about how aryans aren't real, and how white nationalism is stupid because whites dont exist, or how capitalism is literally adolf hitler a la File:Nickfuentesfanhat.pngFile:-ism.pngFile:-ism.png but sadly I'm not in the mood, especially considering you are for all intensive purposes queer hitler-lite, but you also have a crown! I'll leave you off with a question, are whites mixed with "inferiors" with the "inferiors" or are they still white? Question for the ages, no whitenats ever able to answer ever.

    How to Draw the Ball and Other Things

    Ball Instructions

    An example of Neo-Lukkoism by MedicsChaotics
    1. Draw a ball in black
    2. Bisect the ball from the bottom left to top right
    3. The bottom right half should be colored in with scab red
    4. The top left half should be colored in with mardi gras
    5. Include an anarchist A in the center in white
    6. Add eyes, the right one black and the left one in tuscan red
    7. Color in the left eye with red,
    8. Add eyelashes


    1. Take Post-Left Anarchism
    2. Change glasses to eyes by removing the nose bridge and making the eyes white (and connect any red and grey strands that aren't now)
    3. Add Eyelashes
    4. The bottom right three pixels of the left eye (your perspective) should be colored with polished mahogany
    5. The two pixels on the bottom and far right parts of the eye should be colored with Tosca
    6. The two corners either side of the Tosca sections should be colored in with brown cerberus
    7. The top and far left pixels should be colored in with fades rose (including the eyelash, there should be 5 pixels of faded rose instead of 4)
    8. And finally, the top left corner should be colored with pastrami
    9. Make the left eye red
    10. Change top left red to mardi gras
    11. Change bottom left grey/black to scab red
    1. If she is high, color in the left eye with american green
    2. Color in the right eye with peachy pink


    1. Bisect a square or rectangle from bottom left to top right
    2. Color in the top left half with mardi gras, bottom right half with scab red
    3. Add an anarchist A in white in the center
    The Cockade of Lukkoism


    1. Make a squiggle line roughly bisecting the flag from bottom left to top right
    2. Color in the top half with mardi gras, bottom half with scab red



    1. Bisect a square between Scab Red on the bottom right and Mardi Gras on the top left
    2. Draw a massive capital Lambda in white

    World Peace:

    1. Bisect a square between Scab Red on the bottom right and Mardi Gras on the top left
    2. Draw a Globe emoji in the middle in white --> 🌐
    3. Draw UN style olive branches around the globe in white

    The Cockade

    The Cockade of Lukkoism is similar to the cockade of the Republic of France. The main differences between the two being that the red is the same Scab Red as her flag, and the blue center the Mardi Gras. There is no change of the ring in between the Red and Mardi Gras.

    Normal Ball Colors
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Accursed Black #090506 9, 5, 6
    Scab Red #8a0000 138, 0, 0
    Mardi Gras #890084 137, 0, 132
    White #ffffff 255, 255, 255
    Tuscan Red #80444f 128, 68, 79
    Red #fe0000 254, 0, 0

    High Colors
    Color Name HEX RGB
    American Green #22b14c 34, 177, 76
    Peachy Pink #ff755f 255, 117, 95

    Alt Ball Colors
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Accursed Black #090506 9, 5, 6
    Scab Red #8a0000 138, 0, 0
    Mardi Gras #890084 137, 0, 132
    Red #fe0000 254, 0, 0
    White #ffffff 255, 255, 255
    Polished Mahogany #442626 68, 38, 38
    Tosca #764141 118, 65, 65
    Brown Cerberus #9a5353 154, 83, 83
    Faded Rose #c06464 192, 100, 100
    Pastrami #e37373 227, 115, 115

    Flags and Cockade
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Scab Red #8a0000 138, 0, 0
    Mardi Gras #890084 137, 0, 132
    White #ffffff 255, 255, 255


    Personal Art


    Art of Me by Others

    Movements I Would have Supported

    User Tests

    • Civic Axis
      • Anarchist (+25)
      • Minarchist (+10)
      • Libertarian (+5)
      • Statist (-5)
      • Dictablanda (-10)
      • Authoritarian (-25)
      • Totalitarian (-100)
      • Orwellian (-500)
    • Type of Rule Axis
      • (Anarchist) Anti-Democracy (+25)
      • Direct Democracy (+10)
      • Representative Democracy (+5)
      • Authoritarian Democracy (-10)
      • Totalitarian Democracy (-25)
      • (Authoritarian) Anti-Democracy (-100)
    • Economic Axis
      • Communist (+10)
      • Socialist (+5)
      • Welfarist/Gift Economy (0)
      • Mixed (-5)
      • Liberal Economics (-10)
      • Capitalist (-25)
      • Darwinist (-100)
    • If none above apply...
      • Third Positionism (-25)
      • Anti-Economy (+25)
    • Economic Freedom
      • Anti-Economy (+25)
      • Dirigisme (-25)
      • Regulationism (-25)
      • Mixed (-25)
      • Liberal Economics (-25)
      • Free Market (-50)
      • Laissez-Faire (-100)
    • If none above apply...
      • Planned (-25)
    • Diplomatic Axis
      • Autarchy (+25)
      • (Alter-) Globalist (+10)
      • World Federalist (+5)
      • Cosmopolitan (+3)
      • Internationalist (+1)
      • Moderate (+0)
      • Patriotic (-1)
      • Nationalist (-10)
      • Chauvinist (-25)
      • Racial Nationalist (or similar broad category) (-50)
      • Ethno-Nationalist (or similar narrow category) (-100)
    • Geopolitics
      • Western (-25)
      • Western Adjacent (-10)
      • Non-Aligned (0)
      • East Adjacent (-10)
      • Eastern (-25)
    • If none above apply...
      • Anarchist (+25)
    • Cultural Axis
      • Revolutionary (+25)
      • Progressive (+10)
      • Reformist (+5)
      • Syncretic (0)
      • Conservative (-5)
      • Traditionalist (-10)
      • Reactionary (-25)
    • Technological Axis
      • Primal (-25)
      • Primitivist (+5)
      • Pre-Industrial (+10)
      • Deceleration (+5)
      • Moderate (0)
      • Acceleration (+5)
      • Automated (0)
      • Transhumanist (+10)
      • Posthumanist (+5)
    • If none of the above apply...
      • Post-Civ (+30) [and/or] Archeofuturism (+50)
    • Environmental Axis
      • Human Extinction (-100)
      • Radical Environmentalism (+25)
      • Eco-Fascism (-25)
      • Ecocentrism (+10)
      • Environmentalist (+5)
      • Moderate (+0)
      • Post-Industrialism (0)
      • Industrialist (-10)
      • Anthropocentric (-25)
      • Anti-Environmentalism (-100)
      • New Mass Extinction (-500)
    • Neurological Axis
      • Anti-Praxis (0)
      • Utopian (+5)
      • Dogmatic (-10)
      • Idealist (+10)
      • In Between (+10)
      • Realist (+10)
      • Pragmatic (+5)
      • Rational (0)
      • Dystopian (-25)
      • Anti-Theory (0)
    • War Axis
      • Pacifism (0)
      • Non-engagement (0)
      • De-escalation (0)
      • Intervention (-25)
      • Irredentism (-50)
      • Revachism (-100)
      • Jingoism (-500)
    • If none above apply...
      • Class Warfare (10)

    Post your results here:

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