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    Neo-Lawrencarchy is an ideology of the Lawrence Clan in modern-day Mondstadt usually advocating for a reintegrating aspects of Lawrencarchy into modern-day Mondstadt. This ideology has many camps of beliefs but most members are Reactionaries that feel nostalgic of aristocratic rule in Mondstadt. This ideology is mostly within the modern-day Lawrence Clan


    Neo-Lawrencarchy believes that Favoniusism is mostly a mistake and that Vennessa's Rebellion is mostly a disaster to Mondstadt bringing degeneracy. Neo-Lawrencarchy believes that the Aristocracy age was the true golden age of Mondstadt and such wants to rehabiliate it in someway in varying degrees into modern day. Whether it is to instill the Lawrence Clan descendants with virtues from the aristocratic age or literally trying to bring back the aristocracy to Mondstadt. Unlike his predecessor, he doesn't really care much about freedom only restoring the aristocracy and traditions of that era.



    Main Article: Eulaism

    Eulaism believes that the Aristocracy of the Lawrence Clan was unjustified and such believes that the Lawrence Clan shall own up to it and let go of their past. Eulaism also believes that Lawrence Clan members shall be reintegrated back into society and should not be excluded based on ancestral history especially those of the Lawrence Clan. Eulaism wants to keep the Lawrence Clan's references of despotism and tyranny out of the modern Mondstadt's mind so Lawrence Clan descendants can live peacefully with the common Mondstadtians. Eulaism even wants to allow reformed Lawrence Clan members who knew the wrongdoing of the past to even be accepted to the Knights of Favonius if they want to. Ultimately Eulaism wants to end all prejudice of the Lawrence Clan descendants from modern Mondstadt.


    Main Article: Schubertism

    Schubertism wants to overthrow the Knights of Favonius in order to bring back the Aristocracy age of Mondstadt. Schubertism believes that the Aristocracy age of Mondstadt was the greatest and that Mondstadt now has lost all its glory and etiquette. Schubertism wants to reinstall Lawrencarchy values back into Mondstadt even for the common folk of Mondstadt. Schubertism also wants to return the glory of the Lawrence Clan by overthrowing the Knights and making the Lawrence Clan in charge of Mondstadt. Schubertism methods of doing so have been very extreme even using the Fatui to try to overthrow the Knights in order to bring back the Aristocracy. Basically Schubertism is literally everyone's worst fear and conspiracy theory of the Lawrence Clan.


    Except for Eulaism, Neo-Lawrencrachy is mostly a nostalgic boomer always complaining about the modern days of Mondstadt. Neo-Lawrencarchy even then tries to preserve the Lawrence Clan traditions and even looks down upon other Mondstadt ideologies causing Neo-Lawrencarchy to not have many friends as most ideologies of modern Mondstadt tends to shun him. Favoniusism often has to deal with disputes with him and commoners and is very annoying to deal with as Neo-Lawrencarchy likes to brag about his greatness and talk trash about everyone else calling them lowly peasants. Neo-Lawrencarchy despite being nostalgic about the Aristocratic age, he doesn't really do much about it and only complains even though many worry that he will return the aristocracy to Mondstadt.



    • Lawrencarchy - Mondstadt under you was truly the greatest era ever, I always feel nostalgia when I think about you. I'm not really into that freedom stuff though.
    • Aristocracy - The best way to govern society and to stop degeneracy.
    • Traditionalism - Traditions must be instilled!
    • Authoritarian Conservatism - Traditions shall be conserved by force onto our descendants to never forget the glory of the Lawrence Clan.
    • Counter-Enlightenment - The Knights of Favonius was a mistake.
    • Reactionaryism - We need to return to the time of the glory days! Though I don't like doing anything to get there.
    • Caste System - It's honestly sad that the commoners don't know their place now. We deserve to be on the top while the commoners shall bow to us!
    • Anti-Discrimination - I hate how I'm discriminated against in society based on my heritage. I'm the one who should discriminate them instead.


    • Paleoconservatism - You also hate degeneracy and are nostalgic of the old times. But the talk of national pride and a republic is cringe! We also both only complain and don't really do anything.
    • Decarabian Theocracy - Honestly as long as you bring back the Aristocracy, you are better than anything Barbatos could've done.
    • Authoritarian Libertarianism - Yes some of you promote the aristocracy but I don't care about freedom anymore and capitalism is cringe. Everyone should know there place by noble blood or commoner blood!
    • Schubertism - My more crazier son who actually is more determined to bring back the Aristocracy. But why did you side with those thieves and scoundrels!


    • Favoniusism - You were a mistake!
    • Combatocracy - Slave that ended the golden days and started degeneracy in Mondstadt!
    • Progressivism - You brought degeneracy into Mondstadt! Now the commoners don't know any etiquette and manners!
    • Enlightenment Thought - The start of degeneracy in Mondstadt!
    • Agrarian Socialism - AN ACTUAL PEASANT!!!
    • Stratocracy - Aren't you just Knights of Favonius again?
    • Tsaritsa Theocracy - You are all filthy thieves and scoundrels!
    • Eulaism - Even if you are my daughter you are a traitor to the Lawrence Clan for joining the Knights of Favonius!

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