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    Schubert.png Neo-Lawrencarchy Eula.png is an ideology that wants to bring back Lawrence Clan back into modern Mondstadt society from Genshin Impact. Neo-Lawrencarchy tries to take elements of Lawrenceism.png Lawrencarchy and bring it to present day society. Neo-Lawrencarchy is a broad ideology that can vary based on the school of thought from Eula.png Eulaism which just wanting Lawrenceism.png Lawrence Clan descendants to be reintegrated back into society and not be hated anymore for their past to Schubert.png Schubertism which literally wants to bring back the Arist.png Aristocracy age of Mondstadt by overthrowing the Favon.png Knights of Favonius.


    Neo-Lawrencarchy believes that Mondstadt should reintegrate some Lawrenceism.png Lawrencarchy elements in modern society, their many ideas for this though.

    Eula.png Eulaism

    Eulaism believes that the Aristocracy of the Lawrence Clan was unjustified and such believes that the Lawrence Clan shall own up to it and let go of their past. Eulaism also believes that Lawrence Clan members shall be reintegrated back into society and should not be excluded based on ancestral history especially those of the Lawrence Clan. Eulaism wants to keep the Lawrence Clan's references of despotism and tyranny out of the modern Mondstadt's mind so Lawrence Clan descendants can live peacefully with the common Mondstadtians. Eulaism even wants to allow reformed Lawrence Clan members who knew the wrongdoing of the past to even be accepted to the Knights of Favonius if they want to. Ultimately Eulaism wants to end all prejudice of the Lawrence Clan descendants from modern Mondstadt.

    Schubert.png Schubertism

    Schubertism wants to overthrow the Knights of Favonius in order to bring back the Arist.png Aristocracy age of Mondstadt. Schubertism believes that the Aristocracy age of Mondstadt was the greatest and that Mondstadt now has lost all its glory and etiquette. Schubertism wants to reinstall Lawrencarchy values back into Mondstadt even for the common folk of Mondstadt. Schubertism also wants to return the glory of the Lawrenceism.png Lawrence Clan by overthrowing the Knights and making the Lawrenceism.png Lawrence Clan in charge of Mondstadt. Schubertism methods of doing so have been very extreme even using the FatuiTheo.png Fatui to try to overthrow the Favon.png Knights in order to bring back the Aristocracy. Basically Schubertism is literally everyone's worst fear and conspiracy theory of the Lawrence Clan.



    • Lawrenceism.png Lawrencarchy - Dad you are great and I'm trying to bring you back, though sometimes you have done bad things and these days you guys are lazy.
    • Favon.png Favoniusism (Eulaism) - We are flawed but we can reshow our honor to freedom by joining the Knights of Favonius.
    • Arist.png Aristocracy (Schubertism) - You were the time of great honor when Mondstadt actually had its glory, too bad the Knights of Favonius removed you.
    • CountEn.png Counter-Enlightenment (Schubertism) - The Knights of Favonius was a disaster to Mondstadt, we shall bring back the age of the Aristocracy.
    • Trad.png Traditionalism - I love the traditions of the Lawrence Clan.
    • Conservative.png Conservatism - The traditions of the Lawrence Clan shall be preserved.
    • Auto.png Autocracy (Schubertism) - Mondstadt shall be under my rule!
    • Multicult.png Multiculturalism (Eulaism) - Lawrence Clan shall be reintegrated back into society and its culture shall be practiced freely without prejudice. I don't like some traditions of the Lawrence Clan but some traditions I do enjoy doing.


    • FatuiTheo.png Tsaritsa Theocracy (Schubertism) - They are bandits and thieves but at least they are useful.
    • BarbatosFree.png Barbatos Freedom (Eulaism) - I want to honor you but your people keep hating me and making weird conspiracy theories about me.
    • Totalitarian.png Totalitarianism (Schubertism) - You seem sort of appealing, a lot of people say I'm you.


    • Favon.png Favoniusism (Schubertism) - The dastardly Knights of Favonius ruined Mondstadt and even ruined my plan to bring back the Aristocracy of Mondstadt.
    • RacismIcon.png Racism (Eulaism) - End the prejudice of the descendants of the Lawrence Clan, Mark my words VENGEANCE WILL BE MINE!

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