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    Neo-Hoppeanism is an economically far-right, culturally right, anarchist and para-militaristic ideology that synthesises Hoppean Anarcho-Capitalism with Fascism .

    Much like Hoppe's economic philosophy positively agrees with leftist thought that libertarian capitalism inevitably leads to demographic stratification, Neo-Hoppeanism positively agrees with the Leninist notion that "Imperialism [is] the highest stage of capitalism."


    Many parts of a Neo-Hoppean society broadly resemble a standard Anarcho-Capitalist covenant community. The primary difference is the focus on the use of privately-owned paramilitaries, which imperially invade non-allied communities, strip them of their resources (often including people) and return to the original covenant community to deposit their loot, of which the relevant business leader(s) are given the lion's share.

    The two main classes of people in a Neo-Hoppean society are the 'spreadable' and the 'sticky' (not to be confused with Lockean 'sticky property' norms). The former, the equivalents of blue and pink collar workers, are reserves who can be deployed (or 'spread') for paramilitary work at any time and for any purpose. The latter, equivalents of executives, white collar and grey collar workers, are exempt from this duty and can remain static ('sticky') at their convenience (besides normal business travel requirements).

    Deviations from Fascism

    The most obvious difference between Neo-Hoppeanism and most forms of Fascism is its rejection of the state entirely. Neo-Hoppeanism is unconvinced by the Fascist claim that a state, let alone a totalitarian one, is necessary to organise a society toward military optimisation. Neo-Hoppeanism instead proposes that multiple para-militaries owned and operated by private businesses are more reliable and dynamic instruments of imperialism than a state military.

    The second most obvious is its rejection of corporatism in favour of Austrian-style capitalism, which Neo-Hoppeanism claims is completely compatible with fascistic eternal war. Generally, Neo-Hoppeanism has little regard for traditional revitalisation, and instead uses war to enrich the capitalist class (see section below).

    Fascism is also known for attempting to gain consent from the populace by promising a national enrichment through the glory and hardship of war. Neo-Hoppeanism makes no such promises, instead gaining the consent of soldiers and other workers through employment contracts.

    The deviation most likely to dissuade fascists from collaborating with Neo-Hoppeans are their cultural views. These include their ambivalence toward business allowing women to work or fight in para-militaries, their disinterest in the nation, and their lack of advocacy for racial supremacy.

    Deviations from Hoppeanism (and Anarcho-Capitalism more generally)

    Neo-Hoppeanism holds that the broadly isolationist covenant communities envisioned by Rothbard and Hoppe are not suited to the constant expansion and competition required by Capitalism. It thus proposes that libertarian market economies be paired with a war economy to not only diversify revenue streams, but also incentivise aggressive and direct competition between business communities. Needless to say, it rejects the Non-Aggression Principle when it comes to external conflict, but preserves it for conflict inside covenant communities.

    Neo-Hoppeanism also expands Hoppe's concept of 'physical removal' to include leftists outside the jurisdiction of Anarcho-Capitalist covenant communities, seeing leftism anywhere as a thread to capitalism everywhere. The forms of this 'removal' bear more resemblance to the techniques used by Augusto Pinochet than those suggested by Hoppe originally, with most of them being fatal. This idea of physical removal being active, as well as reactive, is called 'Absolute Physical Removal.' It is the sole exception to Neo-Hoppean imperialism being directly tied to the profit motive.



    • Hoppeanism - We are the logical conclusion of your rejection of the Cathedral's morality, and are grateful for your groundwork.
    • Anarcho-Capitalism - Both of these things are optimal, but isolation is stagnation.
    • Anarcho Frontierism - Expansion and markets go hand in hand, but stop being such a tourist.
    • Anti-Communism - Absolutely.


    • Anarcho-Fascism - I respect your appreciation of anarchy and warfare, but you are too preoccupied with minorities, and have the nerve to call me degenerate when you want to recreate primitive warrior societies.
    • Neoconservatism - Despite you being moderate, we seem to agree on a lot of things. But you are a democrat, and thus should be physically removed (though more peacefully than if you were a leftist).



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