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    Neo-Glencoeism is the New Ideology of Glencoe13. Now read the Page.

    EDIT: Massive rework incoming


    Neo-Glencoeism is an ideology that sits on the authoritarian center of the compass. The main basis of the ideology is based around the concept of what I call "The Great Crusade."

    "The Great Crusade," as I call it, is a global struggle headed by America to spread the principles of Liberty, Individualism, and Inclusion.

    To make this possible, I support the transformation of America into a Stratocratic Republic where the only people who can vote are those who have completed Federal Service, which will be often military-based in nature, though they are expectations.

    In addition to this, I support a meritocratic military-based economy.



    Positive Leaning


    Negative Leaning




    Positive Leaning

    Mustafa Kemal Atatürk - Overall very based man who helped modernize turkey but what you did to the Armenians was cringe. Still a shame that the roach is destroying you legacy.


    Negative Leaning



    Andrew Tate- I fucking hate you with a burning passion. You have ruined a generation of Young males and corrupted my classmates turning them into annoying assholes and in addition to this You are a Migyonist Sex Trafficker.I hope the Romanian Mafia assassinates you.Fuck You.


    Positive Leaning


    Negative Leaning




    Positive Leaning


    Negative Leaning



    Brazilian Liberalism(84/100) -Pretty Similar to the Democratic Party but slightly more to the left, so based, but, as I say to most standard Liberals, GROW A SPINE.

    Aceffism(82/100) -Not bad, but again, as I said before, GROW A SPINE world federalism is also meh

    Tiberius Thought(92/100)-Fellow State Liberal and very based individual, my biggest issue with you is obviously PWA and, more specifically, your idea that the Equality of Opportunity is a fantasy. You state, "Some people are not destined for greatness due to cosmic judgment." This pisses me off as I have always been the screw-fate type and think cosmic judgment is bullshit.

    (91/100) -We are pretty similar, and you have based economics, though be a little kinder to unions and give for-profit SOEs a chance. For civics, again based, I am skeptical of giving corporations representation in government, though, of course, their interests should be considered. Also, I am somewhat sympathetic to Antifa and prefer a join-or-die approach for militias, and again, I am more of a reform person. Nice diplomatic ideas, though I don't like the term "Supermists." Something like Civic Patriot would be better. Finally, of course, I am far more progressive than you. General Plan Süd will be implemented

    TLDR: Me, but with different Rhetoric

    Positive Leaning(60-79)

    neo-humanism(72/100)-Not bad, a bit too economically right and way too libertarian however.


    Adamtheuseless(58/100)-Okay, but way too libertarian and too moderate on culture.

    National Fracturism(41/100) -Well can describe myself as the biggest fan of separatism, but considering it is abroad, I guess it is okay provided it is still Liberal. Outside that, it's okay a tad too an environmentalist and a based political system.

    Karmaxylism(40/100) - Evidence-Based Policy and Democracy contradict each other due to the people not always listing to the evidence. Outside that, decent Economics and social policy, and we are both American Nationalists, but alas, you have extremely cringe Foreign Policy takes.

    Serbian Socialism(40/100)-Pretty vague but based for a socialist

    Erissky(49/100)-Not bad but the difference between slaves and tools is that slaves are sentient beings and tools are objects.

    Mordecaism(50/100) -Columbian yangism is a pretty accurate description of this ideology. Bad but not the worst I have seen obviously has some political maturing to do, but it's okay. Also, you call me a "Fake Liberal" but what determines Liberalism? It has been used so much in so many ways that's basically useless as a descriptor at this point.

    Negative Leaning(20-39)

    Yoda8soup Thought(29/100)-Man, have we drifted apart pretty sad anyway, too left and too libertarian.

    Pantheonism(31/100) -Ideology Shopper incarnate, but outside that, it's okay though monarchy is cringe.

     Levathon(20/100) -Based on economics, civics, and foreign policy, alas your social is a dumpster fire, and you are too moderate on technology. Still seems like a cool guy to talk to and not the worst fascist I have seen.

    Market Syndicalism(29/100) -A bit vague but the same as Yoda8soup thought.

     Great British New Left (22/100)-A bit too far to the left Economically, and wonderful section on gender equality, I feel for you when it comes to the loathsome worm known as Andrew Tate, as my school is infested with his followers.


    Cheese Communism(7/100)- Communism is not based at least your progressive

    Neo-Murba(4/100)- I am just confused but your commie so cringe

    Aryan Monarchism(10/100) -Outside some of your economic policies and being supportive of LGBT rights, your ideology is repulsive.

    Ganzism(0/100)-Everything I hate rolled up in one ideology, so yeah fuck you too.

    Hydra'ism(0/100) - The west is worship is reduced to atoms and those atoms no clipped into the backrooms. Also you use the Indian caste system very western indeed.

    Jefbol Thought(11/100)-Yeah, not a fan of Marxism, and yes, the Middle Class will be the downfall of socialism go cope about it.

    Altemism(2/100) -Yeah, as a modernist myself, I am not a fan, also, your area of religious fundamentalist which is the thing I hate most.

    Io(3/100) -Yeah, I don't understand this, but here is my only critique of egoists, and that is no one is truly free because we are all, in the end, slaves to our instincts, and our instincts will always create "Gods" for us for you your god is yourself. Also, the "Queerness" section runs on flawed zero-sum game logic, refusing to consider reconciliation, cooperation, and tolerance as possible.

    Socialism with Kentuckian Characteristics(8/100)- An ML with some pretty weird and trash takes

    Floofel's Thought(4/100)-Nihilist mucho cringe. That being said I do have one critique, and that is everyone has their ideal world, including you, no one can ever truly let go(well, expect sociopaths), and, yeah my Ideal world will never be achieved, and that's okay I am still going to try to make the world a better place regardless because if we don't try what's the fucking point of living?. Anyway besides that you are right that God does not love us anymore.

    Citizenism(8/100 -A Conservative Libertarian Yeah, as a State Liberal, I am not a fan, but yeah, we both want the electoral college to be gone.

    Meowxism(7/100)-Communist Cringe thought through good ideas on Criminal Justice.

    File:Nastyism Icon.png Nastyism(2/100)-Influenced by the Turner diaries 💀 okay Economic policies, though.

    Michael Messard Thought(0/100) -Not much but judging by your influences yeah not very good.

    (10/100)-Pretty based philosophically, but a garbage can ideologically

    Amism (Now In Unlabeled!)(0/100)-Everything is garbage, and Tribes are just proto-states.

    File:Ziółkowskiizm.png Ziółkowskiizm(6/100) -So cringe you and Johan make me want to glass Eurasia sometimes nice philosophy you got there, I'll take it.

    Im not Dead nor Drunk(19/100)-Yeah not very based though, hey nationalist gang "A man should be allowed to chop off his dick"-My dad

    Yves-Nicholas Thought(8/100) -Nasty but not racist, and Brazilian

    NeoUnoGamerism(11/100) -Too vague but not based

    PhilosophicHedgehog(1/100) - Plain Cringe

    Who do I remind you of?

    Best&Worst part of my ideology?

    User Test

    Economic Axis

    • Communist (-20)
    • Planned Socialist (-15)
    • Market Socialism(+2)
    • Social Democracy (+10)
    • Mixed (+20)
    • Social Capitalism(+15)
    • Economic Liberalism (+5)
    • Free Market (-10)
    • Third Position (+5)
    • Anti-Economy (-20)

    Economic Basis

    • Community (-15)
    • Collective (-20)
    • Class Equality (-15)
    • Social Justice (+5)
    • Individual (+20)
    • Maximizing Capital (+10)
    • Nation (-5)
    • The State (-8)

    Civil Axis

    • Egoist (-15)
    • Anarchist (-15)
    • Minarchist (-10)
    • Libertarian (-5)
    • Moderate (+5)
    • Statist (+15)
    • Authoritarian (+20)
    • Totalitarian (-5)
    • Orwellian (-20)

    Type of Rule Axis

    • I am a Anarchist(0)
    • Direct Democracy (-20)
    • Semi-Direct Democracy (-15)
    • Representative Democracy (-10)
    • Constitutional Monarchism(-10)
    • Authoritarian Democracy (+5)
    • Technocracy (+20)
    • Totalitarian Democracy (0)
    • Aristocracy(-20)
    • Absolute Monarchism(-18)

    Social Axis

    • Revolutionary (+20)
    • Progressive (+20)
    • Reformist (+5)
    • Moderate (-5)
    • Conservative (-10)
    • Traditionalist (-18)
    • Reactionary (-20)

    Cultural Axis

    • Multicultural (+15)
    • Melting Pot (+15)
    • Traditional (-20)
    • Liberal (+20)
    • Progressive (+20)
    • Anti-Culture (-5)

    Diplomatic Axis

    • World Federalist (-5)
    • Globalist (+15)
    • Alter-Globalist (+8)
    • Cosmopolitan (0)
    • Internationalist (+20)
    • Moderate (+10)
    • Patriotic (+10)
    • Nationalist (+2)
    • Ethnonationalist (-20)
    • Racial Nationalist (-20)
    • Ultranationalist (-15)
    • Separatist (-20 for America -10 anywhere else)
    • Tinist (-15)

    Geopolitical Axis

    • West (+20)
    • Western Adjacent (+10)
    • Other/Non-Aligned (-5)
    • Eastern Adjacent (-18)
    • East (-20)

    Environmental Axis

    • Human Extinction (-20)
    • Radical Environmentalism (-10)
    • Eco-Fascism (-15)
    • Environmentalist (+20)
    • Moderate (+20)
    • Industrialist (-15)
    • Anthropocentric (-5)
    • Pollution (-20)
    • Planetary Destruction (-20)

    Technological Axis

    • Primal (-20)
    • Primitivist (-20)
    • Pre-Industrial (-18)
    • Deceleration (-10)
    • Moderate (-5)
    • Acceleration (+10)
    • Automated (+15)
    • Transhumanist (+20)
    • Posthumanist (+15)


    Art n Shit

    AU I made for Bittersweet Candy Bowl


    “I am a democrat [proponent of democracy] because I believe in the Fall of Man.

    I think most people are democrats for the opposite reason. A great deal of democratic enthusiasm descends from the ideas of people like Rousseau, who believed in democracy because they thought mankind so wise and good that every one deserved a share in the government.

    The danger of defending democracy on those grounds is that they’re not true. . . . I find that they’re not true without looking further than myself. I don’t deserve a share in governing a hen-roost. Much less a nation. . . .

    The real reason for democracy is just the reverse. Mankind is so fallen that no man can be trusted with unchecked power over his fellows. Aristotle said that some people were only fit to be slaves. I do not contradict him. But I reject slavery because I see no men fit to be masters.” - C.S Lewis

    Books and Stuff

    Note: Most of it isn’t proper theory just stuff that has influenced my thought process. Also doesn't mean I agree with everything stated

    Actually Influenced Me

    The Curse of the High IQ by Aaron Clarey

    The Electric State by Simon Stålenhag


    Neo-Glencoeism- ask questions about my ideology here

    • Market Syndicalism - A few questions
      • What caused you to drift away from market socialism?
      • What is your opinion on self-insert fusions (ideologies that are a combination of two self-inserts)
      • What are your plans to do on this wiki? (including this page)
        • Neo-Glencoeism- Continue to do my alt history stuff and work on this page when I feel motivated again


    1. glory to the managerial class
    2. Examples so far are: Paw Patrol, Phineas and Ferb, and Bittersweet candy bowl(Though BSC isn’t that lighthearted either but my personal AU is way darker)
    3. expect for my friends and a few other people who are okay
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