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    Neo-Foggism is the Current Ideology of the User HypeFogg
    She is a Omnisexual Transfem




    Social Democracy - Main inspiration, Socialization while keeping the positives of Privatization is very cool.
    Georgism - Landlords only suck the economy at their benefit while also sucking the workers by giving them high living prices, plus an efficient tax like LVT would be beneficiary for a welfare state.
    Market Socialism - Workers Self Management and Ownership is based. Even just workplace democracy would fix or at least alleviate most of the worker exploitation and abuse in current economies.
    Economic_Democracy - Speaking of Workplace Democracy, Private Owners and shareholders have to much decision making power as most often they will do anything only to gain more profit when they already have as much as they could want.
    Regulationism - Laissez Faire Markets make it too easy for businesses to cheat their consumers and workers, also regulations is the difference between the industrial revolution and today in which the former had child labor. Though too much regulation can stifle the market and create a bad economy

    Middle of the Road

    Capitalism - I like your Economic Freedom and Markets, But not your Monopolization and Propertarianism.
    Socialism - I like your Workers self-determination and Socialization, But not your abolishment of Private Property and Planned Economies.


    Marxism-Leninism - I used to be one of you for a while, but now I see how auth brained I was and how almost cultish it was. The State owning all of the capital isn't socialism nor do you represent the workers like you think you do.
    Libertarianism - Your desire for freedom is honorable but giving more power to Monopolies and letting the poor rot is not the right way.


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