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    Neo-Feudalism (Self-Insert)

    File:NeoFeudIcon.png Neo-Feudalism is a Reactionary and Communist ideology that resides in the center right of the authoritarian left quadrant. It is related to Agrarian Socialism, Juche Socialism, and Distributism in policy, and may be seen as a more extremist version of Reactionary Socialism.

    The Life in Neo-Feudalism


    In Neo-Feudalism, when a citizens reaches age 18 they stop living on their parents' plot of land and get assigned one hectare of land on their own with a house and one partner-for-life of the opposite gender. The plots will be mostly used to grow crops, breed animals and raise a family. To protect this lifestyle, a totalitarian, isolationist government is created.

    Local administration centers will include police stations, the postal service, administratice services and libraries with books about medicide, health, farming, toolmaking, weather, upbringing of children, law and much more to help citizen manage their lifes. The citizens need these books because there is no healthcare (when you can't produce food and your neighbours aren't willing to donate to you, you will starve), and because there is no education system or internet (knowlede is aquired only from other people and from books). There are specifically no books about: alternative societal systems, any alternative to the state-religion, history, any far away places or any information about those places, crime in any non-informational way, sexual minorities, polygamy, high end technology. Local administration centers are connected with each other and with cities through underground trains whose two main purposes it is so people can visit their family (because the plot of your son might not be close to your plot for example) and to transport the goods that the rural population sells to the state in the administration centers to the cities for further industrial processing and rarely eventual export.

    When you live on your plot with your partner you can choose to start working in the state services (maybe "again", if you're a firstborn), but your partner has to officially allow you to go. A couple may also choose to move to the city together and work there. They will lose the claim to their plot by doing so.

    Old people who can't work anymore either go into state retirement homes or live on a relative's plot.


    Most of the land will be covered by these plots, but there are also giant cities with some buildings and industrial chimneys reaching into the sky. Compared to the medieval rural lifestyle of the countryside, these economic centers are highly futuristic. People can sell what they produce on their plot, or work in the cities in exchange for a currency. With that currency they can buy advanced items (which the state collects again as soon as the buyer dies) from the state or an aristocracy-status.

    Aristocrats get 1. Access to high level jobs 2. Access to the national archives (which is the only place with knowledge of the outside world or history) and 3. The right to vote and to run for the council, which runs the state. Non-aristocrats will participate in political polls which show the aristocrats the opinion of the people. There is an inviolable constitution which carves the general system in stone. This constitution also serves as the holy book of the nations fundamentalist and more or less state-enforced religion. The council members can also vote for an emperor for life, who has no political power, but acts as a diplomatic and representative figure.

    Due to the lack of industialization on the plots and the need for high-end technology (for surveillance, police, a defense force, etc.) there are labor camps underneath each city (there are no prisons) which power the nations economy and produce the aforementioned advanced items. These labor camps are divided into "work camps" with humane to good conditions (which are for prisoners which will be released into society again) and "end camps" with terrible conditions where the prisoners basically work themselves to death (which is for people that commited crimes against the constitution, who have been sentenced to death).

    State Services

    If you happen to be the first child of your parents, 2 compulsory years of state service in a job of your choice await you before you become entitled to your plot and your wife/husband. State service may be classified into 4 categories. 1.Military service: mostly just training and maintenance as the government is isolationist, but it could include actual deployment. 2.City service: as the life in the city is rather normal you also need normal jobs like garbage man or bartender, but also policeman or firefighter in cities. Of cause everything in the cities, including cafes or bars is also state run. 3.Rural administrative service: Librarians, Firefighters, Policemen and Civil servants in the local administration centers. 4.National service: if you are a bureaucrat, a scientist, or help conducting popular polls. The state always needs people to keep the system running. Although most interesting national service jobs are only for aristocrats.

    While state service categories 1 and 3 are jobs where you will be supplied with all human necessities, in categories 2 and 4 you get a monthly "wage" that you can spend yourself in the cities. After the two years of cumpolsory state servive for every first child they can decide between working for another year or claiming their plot and their partner and keeping on working in their current field. This choice will be presented every year again.

    When you live on your plot with your partner you can choose to start working in the state services (maybe "again", if you're a firstborn), but your partner has to officially allow you to go. A couple may also choose to move to the city together and work there. They will lose the claim to their plot by doing so, but can re-buy a claim to a plot (for an amount around one third of the amount needed for an aristocrat title).


    Most normal laws apply (no murder, no rape, no theft, no lying to the government).

    The currency is digital and connected with you passport ID.

    It is banned to have sex with any person you're not married to. (exceptions are consentual 14-17 year olds among one another and old people whose partners have died of old age among one another)

    It is banned to gift people anything that isnt just meant as a donation for survival (like food in times of need).

    It is banned to trade among citizens.

    You are not allowed to breed a certain type of animal if the government never gave you a male and female version of that animal.

    All crops (including drugs) are legal.

    It is banned to heavily harm anyone that isn't breaking any laws.

    It is banned to let your children starve.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a light green ball (#287832 ).
    2. Color the top half in a darker shade of green (#003c00).
    3. Add light grey eyes (#7f7f7f).
    4. Add a yellow sicle on the bottom part (#fff200).

    You're done!

    Color Name RGB HEX
    Light Green 40, 120, 50 #287832
    Dark Green 0, 60, 0 #003c00
    Light Grey 127, 127, 127 #7f7f7f
    Yellow 255, 242, 0 #fff200




    • Fourth Theory - We hate the same people, but his concept of "Dasein" is pretty esoteric (in a bad way).
    • Guild Socialism - Multiple men owning the same plot of land? Sounds like homosexuality to me.
    • Christian Theocracy -Even if he believes in the wrong god we sometimes pray together.
    • Democracy - I like the people, but how can they understand politics when they have to manage their own lifes all day?
    • National Socialism - I think poles are people too.
    • National Bolshevism - Cool it with the nationalism.
    • Strasserism - Like NazBol but a bit better.
    • Bonapartism - Started meh and became alright.
    • Marxism - You are right! Wage labor is slavery! You shall therefore work for nothing, in the work camp.
    • Enlightenment - Gave the people power but made them gay in the process.
    • Fabian Socialism - We don't need eugenics to become a classless society, we have a state.
    • Reactionary Liberalism - You would be based if only you knew that capitalism is bad for our society.


    • Imperialism - I'm pretty anti-social so he is not my best match.
    • Neoconservatism - Imperialism without the cool aesthetics.
    • Crusadism - Cringe christianity and cringe imperialism.
    • Hoppeanism - Stop raiding my minecraft base!
    • Welfare Chauvinism - First you support certain nationalities more than others and then you make your favourite people become lazy? Bruh.
    • Dengism - Capitalism, Imperialism and State Atheism? Cringe department...
    • Maoism - Cringe industrialization. Should have stayed pure farmers.
    • Anarchism - Off to the end camp.
    • Progressivism - Go work for the community and stop criticizing the system.
    • Pink Capitalism - Work for your family and not for your bourgoeisie CEO, even if it's a black trans CEO.
    • Capitalism - Work for your family and not for your bourgoeisie CEO.
    • Neoliberalism - Trade seems rather sinful to me.
    • Anarcho-Capitalism - The enemy.


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