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    Neo-Faustism or Neo-Faustianism much like its older sibling is an ideology build around the concept of the "Faustian Spirit", although Neo-Faustian interpretation of it is much different than that of Oswald Spengler. Neo-Faustian philosophy lies at the basis and is incorporated in Liberal Technocracy, while Ultra-Enlightenment uses it's own post-humanist reinterpretation of it, but it can also be seen and freely used as a separate ideology.


    The Faustian Spirit

    Neo-Faustian philosophy is based on the concept called the "Faustian Spirit". The name originates from the archetype of "Faust" which is the name of a titular character of a drama written by German author Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Faust is a sorcerer and scholar who despite all his knowledge remains dissatisfied with life. In the story he makes a pact with the devil and sells his soul in exchange for infinite knowledge and power. At the end of the drama Faust finds satisfaction in using his knowledge and power to help other people and because of that God saves his soul from hell.

    Faust is here a symbol of the universal human condition which remains in constant state of dissatisfaction. This dissatisfaction creates in humanity a powerful drive towards gaining not only complete understanding of the universe but also control over it. The Faustian Spirit makes us thirst to explore infinite spaces, gain infinite power and infinite knowledge. Neo-Faustism advocates embracing this state and drive as the ultimate engine of progress. Through this maddening ambition we gain power that like Faust we can then use to help our fellow being and find satisfaction in fraternal ascendance.

    Liberty, Security and Control

    Neo-Faustism denies the existence of Liberty-Security dichotomy and asserts that it is created by false perception of the nature of liberty. It is impossible to be truly secure without liberty, since in such case it means our security is completely dependant on an outside agent that steers our actions and can take our security at any moment without our ability to stop them. It is also impossible to be truly free without security as lack of safety would constantly force us to make choices that are most safe, as well as force us to always be vigilant of possible threats. Thus such state forces us into being completely reactive and leaves us no space for creative action. The seeming interdependence of liberty and security according to Neo-Faustism is in actuality caused by the two being two aspects of the same thing those being "Power" or "Control".

    Through controlling our environment we can assure our own safety from hostile nature and other people and increase in the number of choices we can take using technological innovations and resources. Through controlling our inner selfs by understanding our own nature and motivations we can more clearly see what choices to take unconstrained by fear and delusions. Thus it is through increase of control over our lives we have both on the individual and collective level, that we find liberation.

    Neo-Faustian Civilization

    The construct of civilization for Neo-Faustism is a manifestation of human Faustian Spirit and its rebellion against the entropic and restrictive natural order in the form of social, technological and cultural mega-structure. The purpose of this advanced structure is to organize human collectives around the pursuit of power and control over the universe, which connects to the Neo-Faustian concept of liberty.

    The Neo-Faustism's ideal civilization thus is characterised by a veneration of ambition and liberty as common social virtues, encouraging citizens to dedicate themselves to pursuit of sciences and arts and adding up to the legacy of human achievement. According to Neo-Faustism great scientists, innovators and artists should be seen as grand heroes that through their efforts push all of humanity towards a better future. It is a society in which people always try to outperform each other as well as break their own limits in pursuing greatness, fruits of which can then be shared with fellow people. Any redistribution or restriction on power of people in this society is done in the intention of opposing stagnation of said power. Because of that Neo-Faustism believes that any form of egalitarian action should in the end merely serve to give everyone a chance to pursue greatness and compete at their best.

    Neo-Faustian ideal civilization due to its embracement of the Faustian ambition to control the universe is characterised by a culture that is hostile to the very concept of the "wilderness". What is created by intelligent design of mankind and controlled by them is good while what is beyond control of people is meant to be conquered. From forests and mountains to the depths of the sea and spaces between the stars, it is the purpose of Neo-Faustian Civilization to bring it all under our dominion.

    The Neo-Faustian ideal civilization due to their focus on progress, pursuit of total liberty and control over the universe rejects the idea of cultural traditionalism and conversvatism. Instead allying itself with progressivism, Neo-Faustism believes the idea that we should sacrifice our reason, ambitions and desires for the sake of traditions and cultural norms of our ancestors instead is nonsensical. Reactionaries and conservatives are therefore types of subverters that would try to deny humanity its glory due to their own weakness of character. Neo-Faustism also opposes any kind of nationalist or racialist sentiments seeing those as obstacles on the path to creating a unified civilization that would have much more potential for greatness than any single nation.

    Homo Deus

    Neo-Faustism believes that technological ascendance is crucial for humankind to take its rightful place. Because of that Neo-Faustism believes that bodily modifications using genetic engineering, cybernetics and nanotechnology should be used to enter our next step in evolution, the "Homo Deus" which would be the peak human being. Resistant to disease, undying of old age, super-intelligent, unmatched in strength and endurance, the Homo Deus is an important milestone in Neo-Faustian rebellion against the natural order.

    Other Major Differences between Old and Neo-Faustism

    Ethnocentric Particularism vs Pan-Human Universalism

    While original Faustism believed that different ethnicities and people's should be ruled in different ways in accordance with different traits Spengler believed to be inherent in them, Neo-Faustism believes the opposite. Universal solutions can and should be applied as long as particular societies are first conditioned to become integrated into greater civilizational construct.

    Europe and the West

    In original Faustianism, the Faustian Spirit is believed to be uniquely European or at least inherently "Western". Neo-Faustism on the other hand sees the Faustian Spirit as a universal human drive, not limited to westerners. While Neo-Faustism would agree that historically European culture was the one most closely committed to it, examples of civilizations exercising the Faustian Spirit can be found all around the world.


    Neo-Faustism is very energetic ball and sometimes might even become over-enthusiastic on the subjects such as new scientific achievements, art or history of past great civilizations. He doesn't hesitate to voice his negative opinions on what he considers subverters of the Faustian Spirit, and often likes to go into monologues about the glorious future he envisions. This might cause him to be annoying to many who don't share his ideas but seem charismatic to those who would be willing to associate with him.

    Flag of Neo-Faustism

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a black (#121212) ball
    2. Draw a Yellow (#fff200) arrow-like diamond symbol pointing upwards
    3. Divide the symbol into 5 parts with crossing lines in the lower part
    4. Add an electric blue (#33f0ff) diamond-shaped visor
    5. Done




    • Futurism - You have ambition and vitality of Faustian and yet you collaborated with such subverters.
    • Imperialism - Empire-building is glorious, but empires should serve a greater purpose than just resource-hoarding.
    • Faustianism - You're a subverter! But hey, Faust gang.


    • Primitivists - Why? Why you want us to live in mud when glorious future awaits!
    • Luddites - Technology is our gate to greatness! You shall not hold us back!
    • Classical Conservatives - Natural order, ha! Why should I subject myself to such thing?


    File:Faustians - short comic.png

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