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    Polcompball Anarchy Wiki

    is a new self-insert of DualPlay.

    My ideas

    For old ideas, check out here


    The idea supports corporations, but only for a limited time (trial corporatocracy). After the time has elapsed, the state takes over the company, and when the owner does nothing, the state can dissolve the company. You can also ask for an extension of this by request (will not always agree to it).

    The economy in terms of currency will be dissolved (no money). The reason is his problems. The first problem is their misuse, such as taxes. The second problem is that money limits technology that is, when it is more expensive, they have nothing to develop and invest. Most of the economy will be nationalized due to its misuse. You can also prohibit the trade as it can often be theft.

    Simulation philosophy

    The philosophy is that life probably differs in simulation. However, this is extended to include religion. Each religion is controlled by "players", so dead religions are former "players". Atheists in such a situation want to be independent from being controlled by "players". Returning to the topic of religion, each scripture, book, or rules were established by the "players". Each universe is a new record, and each multiverse is a game.


    Very based (91+)

    • Mikolayism
      (91) - Most of the views are baseline, however I'm not religious.

    Based (80-90)

    Some based (66-79)

    • Beryism (68) - Friend, but i don't like capitalism.

    Neutral (45-65)

    • TBA

    Cringe (-44)

    • TBA



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