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    Councilguy this is more detailed,not that it matters anyway.



    Neo-Councilism believes in a system it call's "Voluntary Socialism". While being against capitalism it hates forced collectivization.


    Neo-Councilism thinks that a house should belong to it's occupier and sees landlords as parasites. It also supports the LVT over property tax.

    Maximum wage

    Neo-Councilism also supports the idea of a maximum wage, seeing it as something that will greatly help fight inequality. It also thinks that the maximum wage can be used to fund a lot of things like the ubi and other welfare programs.

    AV-Market.png Markets or planning? Planned.png

    Planning, because we will be able to greatly reduce waste by only producing what's needed and focus on better distribution to those that lack essential goods. In a planned economy, we also won't have things like the "reserve army of labor" and planned obsolescence.


    Some taxes Neo-Councilism advocates are:

    • carbon tax
    • Inheritance tax
    • land value tax
    • a progressive income tax
    • value tax
    • digital service tax

    These taxes would be used to fund the social safety net.


    Neo-Councilism supports welfare programs like universal healthcare, public education and ect.

    LeftCom.png Commodity Production LeftCom.png

    Neo-Councilism heavily and I mean heavily opposes Commodity Production seeing it as a vital part of capitalism that must be abolished in favour of a "socialist means of production".

    In the socialist mode of production, objects would be produced for their usefullness and not for exchange on a market. Without a market of commodities to exchange for the, exchange value of these products becomes meaningless. Since the objects no longer posses a use value and an exchange value they are no longer treated as commodities and the production of them as such stops as well.

    Reformer.pngReform or Revolution?Revolution.png

    revolution, Revolution, REVOLUTION!!!


    Neo-Councilism knows that the bourgeoisie will never give up their power peacefully and any attempt at reform will be squashed by them.

    Prog.pngSocial/Cultural Prog.png

    Neo-Councilism is a Culturally left wing ideology, believing everyone should be free to do whatever the fuck they want as long as they don't hurt someone else without their consent.

    Some specific positions it has are, gender accelerationism(storm), anti-theism and other bullshit.


    Neo-Councilism believes that Judeo-Christian values can fuck themselves.

    Neo-Councilism also supports gender accelerationism (storm, not land) seeing it as something that will finally free lgbtq+ people.


    Neo-councilism heavily opposes liberal "Feminism" seeing it as a disgrace to the feminist movement. It instead advocates for post-colonial Feminism in the third world and Marxist Feminism in the first world.

    Nihil.png Morality Nihil.png

    Neo-Councilism being a nihilist ideology, rejects the idea of morality and the fact that there is a meaning to "our" "lives".


    RELIGION? did you mean, delusion?

    Clif.pngUniting the strugglesClif.png

    Neo-Councilism supports Cliffisms idea of uniting all minorities and oppressed groups against capitalism.


    Neo-Councilism believes no one should be forced to live in this miserable, meaningless world and wants to legalize physician assisted suicide.


    Neo-Councilism wants to legalize all or most drugs but believes there must be varying degrees of restrictions depending on how dangerous the drug is.

    POSTHUMANISMICON.png Technology Prim.png

    As a Transh.png Transhumanist ideology It think's we should genetically modify the human race to Accel.pngaccelerate the process of evolution and we should try to automate as many jobs as we can.

    Mat.png Abortion Mat.png

    Neo-Councilism believes that women have the right to abort a baby, but it also hates people that idolize abortions and think that it's an amazing thing to do.

    Fed.pngCivic viewsFed.png

    Neo-Councilism supports the idea of having a general government, but it also believes this governments power should be really limited and all or most decisions should be made by local councils as opposed to representative democracy.

    GRights.pngGun rightsGRights.png

    Neo-Councilism believes that the working class must be armed and any attempt to disarm the workers must be fought against.

    Klep.pngJustice systemKlep.png

    It believes The goal of prisons should be rehabilitation and not punishment. But it also knows that some people can not be rehabilitated (rapists,war criminals and...) and instead, they should get the life sentence.

    Parti.pngParty politicsParti.png

    Like anarchists, Neo-Councilism completely rejects the idea of political parties and thinks worker councils should form the basis of a socialist society.

    Sec.pngThe death penaltySec.png

    Neo-Councilism despises the death penalty, seeing as something that doesn't deliver any justice but actually let's war criminals escape proper punishment.

    Mediastocracy flair.pngNews and MediaMediastocracy flair.png

    As long as they don't lie, or spread bigotry and hatred, he doesn't see the appeal of censorship.

    Synthesisanarchy.png Confederation of voluntary governments Synthesisanarchy.png

    After overthrowing capitalism, Neo-Councilism wants to form a confederacy were every regional government (not state, the governments will be voluntarily, not forced) will have it's own unique ideology that is chosen by the people and anyone that does not like that ideology can form their own local government.


    It is an extremely globalist ideology that wants to abolish the idea of nation states but these next two points will further elaborate it's views:

    Trot.pngForeign PolicyStalin.png

    It's an Globnat.png Alter-Globalist ideology . It thinks there must be global cooperation between nations while opposing economic globalization.

    It would also consider itself a centrist when it comes to the militarist-pacifist scale, believing that there must be some sort of decentralized army, but we should only use it when attacked.

    As for trade, It believes that some level of protectionism and a rather small tariff are necessary to encourage local production, but It also believes the tariffs should not be too big because big tariffs tend to discourage trade.

    When it comes to intervention, It thinks 99.99% of times it's not justifiable but some time it is. (Aka when there is a genocide going on)


    Neo-Councilism wants to ease legal immigration between ideologically different nations.

    It also thinks that immigrants should only be forced to learn the native language and local laws.

    But it supports the idea of having open borders between like minded socialist nations.

    Ecosoc.pngEnvironmental policyEcosoc.png

    Neo-Councilism realizes that capitalism is destroying the planet and wishes to combat it. Some policies it advocates for are:

    • Implementing carbon tax
    • transitioning to renewable energy sources
    • promotion of eco-friendly products.
    • eventually banning plastic products
    • lowering tax rates for renewable energy sources
    • tree planting
    • creating Eco friendly jobs and promoting them
    • encouraging recycling.

    Deepe.pngAnimal rightsDeepe.png

    It thinks that if we want to free the humans, why shouldn't we do the same for animals?

    Indlibsoc.pngIndividualist SocialismIndlibsoc.png

    It believes that socialism Is the best way to achieve individualism, because If the community takes care of the individual, the individual can persue their dream and reach their full artistic potential.





    • Stalin.png Stalinism - totalitarian bureaucrat who killed Trotsky!
    • Khrusch.png Khrushchevism - filthy revisionist! Your "reforms" took the USSR even further from Marx's vision. But the "we will bury you" speech to the west was kinda based.
    • Cap.png Capitalism - Lazy pigs exploiting their workers!!
    • Fash.png Fascism - More like dumbfuckism!
    • Dengf.png Dengism - The audacity of this man to call himself socialist.
    • Khom.png Khomeinism - Reactionary pig!
    • Monarcho-Fascism.png Monarcho-Fascism - Fuck the shah and fuck the rastakhiz party!
    • MLM.png Marxism-Leninism-Maoism - I kinda like kaypakkaya but fuck the shining path and Guzman!
    • Bolsonarism - alt.png Bolsonarism - Absolutely disgusting! Lula's gonna kick your ass in 2022!(I'll ignore the fact he's a socdem for now)
    • Socdem.png Social Democracy - You killed Rosa!
    • 3way.png Third Way - Fucking blairites that sabotaged Corbyn!
    • Yeltsin.png Yeltsinism - You Destroyed Everything Gorbachev Tried To Create!!
    • Thatchericon.png Thatcherism - The bitch is fucking dead!
    • ReaganismF.png Reaganism - everything I hate!
    • Pinkcap.png Pink Capitalism - YOU DO LITERALLY NOTHING TO HELP QUEER PEOPLE!
    • NeoComBall.png Brezhnevism - Incompetent Idiot!

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    Closest match : Aneco.pngEco-Anarchism

    Closest match : INFP.pngINFP

    Closest match  : Libsoc.pngLibertarian Socialism

    Closest match : Ancom.pngAnarcho-Communism

    Closest match : Libertarian Communism.pngLibertarian Communism

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