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    Note: This ideology is part of a project by Altem101. The project can be found here.

    Neo-Caesarism is a Totalitarian, Economically Center, Culturally Far-Right (When it comes to culture) and Left (When it comes to social issues), Nationalist and Autocratic ideology which wishes to reinstate the rule of Caesar.

    It is reactionary as it wants to completely rebirth the old culture of ancient Rome. Although, it does not want to remove the socially progressive elements of today's society, rather it wants to expand tolerance towards non-conforming people and civil rights. It sees Caesar as a symbol for social progressivism as he was part of, what could today be considered, the LGBT-community.

    The ideology is a nationalist ideology and sees the culture of Rome as the superior culture. The Roman Empire is something that it wands to reinstate and create anew. It then wishes to expand this new Roman Empire down in Africa and towards the Middle East.

    Autocracy and Totalitarianism are two things the ideology loves and it will find someone who can be "the new Caesar". This new Caesar would become the new symbol of Rome, roman culture and the progressive agenda it wishes to spread. He would also have a lot of power to make everyone follow his every will.




    • Reactionarism - Yes, todays culture is totally degenerate and we need to go back! But what's this about rolling back civil rights?
    • Progressivism - Fellow lover of freedom from those pesky norms. Although, you need to realize that the culture of ancient Rome was extremely based.
    • Homonationalism - Fellow reactionary and nationalist homosexual. Could you please be less racist?


    • Maoism - Wait, you destroyed your own culture and hated gays?
    • Ochlocracy - Can't you see that I am the leader here?


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