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    Neo-Blartism is the current ideology of Blartyboy, It is slightly more authoritarian, (yet still anti-statist) and much more syndicalist than Blartism.


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    English rebel songs 1384- 1984

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    Her majesty

    The land of do what you're told.

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    Bury me deep


    Socialism- What it is and what it isn't

    Socialism can be understood in two ways: the socialist movement, and a socialist economic system, and a third way, what it is NOT.

    Socialism- the movement

    In my view, in order for something to be part of the "socialist movement" it must:

    1. Be influenced by, and/or significantly influence other socialist ideologies

    2. Advocate The abolishment of private ownership of production

    3. Be heavily skeptical of the existence of economic classes in society.

    Socialism-the economic system

    Socialism is based upon worker control and ownership of the means of production, something is not socialist if it has worker ownership but not control, nor worker control but not ownership.

    In the view of socialism as two overlapping yet seperate components is important, as something can be one and not the other, So-called "marxism-Leninism" and stalinism are part of the socialist tendency yet have not the socialist economic system. Proto-socialist ideas, such as the diggers or whatever else have you, are socialist economically yet not part of the socialist tendency.

    Socialism- What it is NOT

    There are many misconceptions about socialism, perhaps because of the self-proclaimed "socialist" states of the twentieth century and beyond, or the social democratic parties which gave up on socialism as a goal. Perhaps it was the "classical liberal" economists such as mises and hayek. Because of these reasons, There are many misconceptions, so socialism is NOT:

    1. A planned economy in general

    2. When the government does stuff

    3. Nor when the government owns and controls everything (This is state capitalism)

    4. Capitalism with a strong social safety net (this is capitalist forms of welfarism)

    5. When the government regulates the economy

    6. When the government regulates the economy with a social safety net, and strong unionisation (this is social democracy)


    "Communism" is the socialist society advocated by Karl Marx, which has worker ownership of production as described earlier, but also:

    1. No Markets

    2. No money

    3. No resemblance of a Class System

    4. No commodity production

    There are two phases, higher and lower phase communism, (I call lower phase communism "collectivism" as its similar to the system advoacted by anarcho-collectivists) and higher phase communism, (or just communism). The difference is that in the earlier phase, there is labour vouchers, and in the latter phase, there are none, and they are replaced with the principle "to each according to their ability, to each according to their needs"

    Neo-Blartism advoactes communism.


    Syndicalism is the overthrowall of the capitalist system by A mass strike, by a workforce engaged in several revolutionary unions.

    This has a few advantages, the lack of a need for a party, which has Doomed so many revolutions, The ability to change the system of capitalism in the short term, and the class consciousness created by the constant fighting against the capitalist class.

    The problem with unions is less the idea of a union, but how they're organised, and the nature of the populous, some fail to recognise this. Wilcat strikes are a good thing too.

    Neo-Blartism advocates syndicalism more than anything else.

    Reform or Revolution?

    Revolution REVOLUTION REVOLTION!!!!!

    (more specifically a mass strike)

    Marxism or Anarchism?

    Anarchism has worse theory, but in practice its often better. Marxism is better in theory, but I really hate Leninists. I advocate "libertarian Marxism", for lack of a better term, although I am more revisionist than most Marxists, and take HEAVY influence from anarchism, and am more sympathetic yo their idea of authority, and its abolishment.

    I do agree with marxists, however, that the establishment of a DotP is neccessary. (not dictatorship in that sense though), that being, a system in which the workers are in power (the WORKERS, not a party) and are expropriating the capitalist class.

    Om terminology, I think that Marxism has a problem with defining the word "socialism" too narrowly, and usage of words like "dictatorship" in the 21st century, in reference to something that bears no resemblance to the modern sense of the term only creates confusion and makes Marxism look bad.

    Anarchists are cool, and I support them over MLs and state socialists.

    Civic Views

    There should be a general government, at least in the short term, but its powers will be SEVERELY limited, and will remain as small as possible, all desisions will be decided through Liquid or direct democracy, , as opposed to representative democracy. It is similar to minarcho-socialism, and Believes in Federalism

    Most of the power, however, will be handed over to the syndicates, operating on a form of Direct democracy.

    Cultural Views

    Neo-Blartism is culturally far-left, supporting anti-Racism, anti-nationalism, gender accelerationism (Storm, not Land), And various other stuff. He describes it as "ultraprogressivism" not because he agrees with everything to do with Revolutionary progressivism, but because he believes that modern progressive movements don't go far enough.

    He supports the abolishment of the nation state as a concept altogether, and kinda unironically believes the maxim that "tradition is oppresion!"

    He does, however, see the need for Civic nationalism in times when states and cultures are under the attack of foreign imperialism, or various other circumstances.

    He also deeply despises the death penalty and everything related to it


    Best Friends


    • Scouse Syndicalism - Almost an ideological Match. I just advocate Communism and more limited government.
    • Blartism - I was still based I just like Syndicalism more.
    • Waspism - Ricardian Socialism except more based, lose the Market please!
    • Potashism - You're cool even if you call things "Soy" too much


    • Pan-Leftism - We should never ally with stalinists. They're shitty.
    • Neo-Immorxism - Based economics, but vanguardism and The culture right stuff is bad.
    • Technocracy - Cool when it comes to socialism, but experts should be considered, but when a descision is being made, all the people must decide, not just experts, to make sure the people are always being considered. Pure Technocracy would just end up as aristocracy.
    • Craupatkinism - More Like craupatKING OF BAD TAKES! heh. He's funny.


    • Stalinism - "itS fOr ThE WoRkINg ClAsS iF wE slAP 'PrOlEtARIaN' oN iT!"
    • Italian Left Communism - How the fuck do trade unions distract from TrUE SoCiAlIsM? get off that fucking armchair and do some actual organisation you loser.
    • Yellow Socialism - This is what anti-syndicalist socialists think syndicalism is
    • AnCrap- Not even philosophically an anarchist

    Family Tree


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