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    Neo-Bingoism is an economically left and statist ideology that believes we should be nationalist toward our country. And also, we should live under a monarch. The system's working is that once a monarch dies, there'll be a child or sibling who then takes over. However, when the monarch doesn't have offspring, a new royal family will arise, and the system starts all over again.


    Her economic policies are a mixture of state socialism and national syndicalism. While the workers should own the means of production, the state should cooperate with them also.

    Cultural stances

    Neo-Bingoism is socially conservative.

    Civic organization

    She supports a very centralized government, so she likes unitarianism. As stated above, Neo-Bingoism wants the monarch to have substantial power over the country. The people in the military have served the country, so she advocates for the military to ensure stability.

    Parliamentarianism is her favorite form of government, and Neo-Bingoism likes a vanguard party there to construct socialism. Despite the advocacy for a parliament, she is critical of democracy in general, as the system promotes division and bad populist leaders.







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