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    Neo-Atronism is the self-insert ideology of Atronic, which stems from Atronism. There actually is no difference between Neo-Atronism and Atronism, with the point of Neo-Atronism being to both help Atronic rejoin the PolCompBall community and to do a really dumb and not well thought of parody of Neo Self-Insert Ideologies.

    Political Journey

    / Liberalism/American Democratism > Democratic Socialism > Socialism > Marxism-Leninism > Social Democracy > Trotskyism > Marxism > Atronism (//)


    While this part is being set up, refer to Atronism for more details.

    These beliefs describe how the transitional state between capitalism and communism would work. I'm still trying to polish up the final stage.



    Neo-Atronism believes in anti-revisionist socialist economics, eventually transforming into a true communist society without state, classes, and money.


    All goods produced by factories, if produced by factories at all, go into shops, which are equally owned and maintained by the employees of that shop. The same goes for factories. Farms will be owned by the government and heavily subsidized, and the produce it puts out will either be put into distribution centers to take freely or put into shops, depending on whether or not the item is considered "luxury". Things like bread, milk, vegetables, meat and such are not considered luxury, while things like sweets, alcohol, spices, exotic foods and such are.


    Neo-Atronism believes the dollar seems to be the most efficient money system than any other. Why make up some fake, random currency that has an exchange rate of ཞ96825 to €1.29 when you could use an already easy-to-use and developed one?


    The trade of products between different countries will occur to maintain an economy. While I would prefer having a united world where everyone is free and happy and there are rainbows and unicorns everywhere, it's not gonna happen in our lifetime, so we have to trade. The most common products traded are lumber, food, and any products that have been overproduced.


    Everyone is paid equally in each workplace by the hour, with the amount of money being paid raised and lowered depending on how useful the service is. Workers cannot work for less than two hours and more than eight, and there must be at least one break period per day, with at least 30 minutes time. A three days' rest per week is mandatory for each employee, and 10 months of paid parental leave and 2 months of paid vacation must be give to each employee per year.

    Social Rights





    Completed Books

    Reading List

    Recommended Books

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    How To Draw


    Extremely Positive




    Extremely Negative

    Based Alpha Gigachads

    Extremely Positive

    • Meowxism - Still as correct as ever. We do have 1 or 2 differences, but we're mostly similar with everything else.
    • Cheese Communism - Again, we agree on the majority of different issues. Absolute 10/10.
    • Serbian Socialism - Your ideas actually really connected with me, and we both seem to share a lot of ideas about the USSR and other former socialist countries. My only qualm with you is that you seem to be more focused on Balkan politics than the rest of the world.
    • Jefbol Thought - Your page is absolutely dense with theory, and I love it all. You are what I aspire to be.
    • Glorified Communism - I don't agree with some of your ideas (and I admit, I can't wrap my head around others), but the way you write it all out so violently and beautifully and dedicated makes me want to agree with it all. Again, I don't, but still. I do want to point out, though, that you seem to have way more philosophy than anything else in your page. Not of importance to note, just thought it was neat since I'm not too big in philosophy.




    • Brazilian Liberalism - Another liberal who thinks the world revolves around the rich. At least you're somewhat progressive.
    • Mordecaism - Typical liberalist economics. There are a couple things I like, you're progressive and don't support needless wars, but not much I can go off of.

    Extremely Negative

    Extremely Positive




    Extremely Negative


    * Mainstream Hard Left - Add me please?

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