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    Neo-Afunhumaninterism is the ideology of Afunhumaninter. It is an economically far-right, culturally right, and mostly cultural nationalist ideology that is the result of Afunhumaninter being "radicalized". It supports the Austrian school of economics, and supports a libertarian-esque classical liberal agenda.


    So I've decided to make a section of my page for people/ideologies who have influenced me.

    These ideologies have not influenced Afunhumaninter in what he believes, but only in how he talks (e.g. terms used).

    Orthlen.png Leninism
    Cyanismicon.png Cyanism
    These ideologies are false accusations users have made against me. I do not endorse these theories in any way, they are here as a showcase.

    Autism.png Autism
    Childism.png Child Liberation
    Coomerismicon.png Coomerism


    Neo-Afunhumaninterism believes that the government should be confined to its constitutional limits. He believes that a higher level of federalism should be established in order to combat centralization and corruption at the federal level. He believes that government should be limited to the military, police, courts, and the preservation of select cultural values, making it primarily in the range of Paleolib.png Paleolibertarianism and Libcon.png Libertarian Conservatism.

    The vast majority of the below stances are designed for both Christian-based and secular justifications.

    What are the social norms here? (Culture)

    Neo-Afunhumaninterism is technically a Cultural Nationalism.png cultural nationalist, but he still has some influence from Civnat.png civic nationalism.

    Technically, he is significantly more monoculturalist than multicultural. Despite not wanting a fully monolithic culture, he supports preserving the identity of American culture while allowing/encouraging minor variations. Thus, he is a broad monoculturalist.

    He believes that Latin and Cyrillic are alphabets that should be encouraged for use with English (with the intent of eliminating the latter in the late-stage). In culture, he supports broad monolingualism within English (e.g. dialects).

    Sec.png Government Regulatory bodies?! End the fed! (Bureaucracy)

    He believes that bureaucracy should be privatized. Exceptions are the police, the courts, the law, the military, and the NSA. He believes that privatizing bureaucratic organizations is necessary for destroying special interests and reducing corruption. This includes the CDC, the FDA, and the FBI. According to him, these three organizations are saturated with special interests and corruption. He is not technically a minarchist. He opposes excessive bureaucracy because government-run bureaucracy is not accountable to the people.

    Bhl.png Am I allowed to drink 100kg mystery juice? (Bodily Autonomy)

    He supports hormone therapy, reassignment surgery (for adults), and plastic surgery legalization, even though he discourages reassignment surgery and hormone therapy. He is not a radical bodily autonomy person like he used to be. He supports euthanasia, while supporting the legalization of some to most drugs. And marijuana.

    All humans will have at least some bodily autonomy, with children and the mentally ill having less than everyone else.

    Sexocracy.png Secks (Sex and Pornography)

    Age of consent is 18. Extreme prudism and extreme sex-positivity are looked down upon. Individuals are encouraged to practice celibacy before marriage, but individuals are free to have sex outside of marriage. Pornography of consenting adults is legal, although highly discouraged. The age of consent and any close-in-age exceptions are uniform across all sex positions and sexual orientation. LGBT, pornography, masturbation, and free love are all considered unlikable and un-ideal. Public sex/nudity is illegal, but homosex in public is charged equally with heterosex in public.

    Ironically, he is slightly sex-positive for a Christian and a conservative. He considers un-ideal non-LGBT sexual encounters/practices (e.g. premarital sex) done between consenting adults in private to be of less evil than extreme prudism/antisexualism. Despite this, he believes all sexual activity should be consensual, and he thinks that prostitution exploits women against their will. Thus, prostitution should be illegal.

    Displaying large-enough displays of sexually charged/pornographic imagery in public is illegal. Pornography is very similar to a drug, and thus, no one should be forced to watch it.

    Abort.png If you don't ban it, we'll have a 9.0 quake! (Abortion and Reproductive Rights)

    Every human would be given the right whether to have children or not. Every individual would be allowed to legally use contraceptives (condoms, the pill, etc.) regardless of classifications (color, number, etc).

    On the other hand, abortion would be eliminated (preferably as soon as possible); abortion is murder and an act against a human life. Roe v. Wade and all other pro-abortionist laws should be overturned

    Capitalism.png Buying and selling, anyone? (Economics) Austrobert.png

    He supports laissez-faire capitalism. He supports the privatization of most bureaucracies to avoid corruption. He strongly supports the complete dissolving of the welfare state and believes that private charities are a far better way to help the poor. Economically, he is an ultra-capitalist and also supports the gold standard. He also believes that the Fed and the central banking are harmful to the economy and would be better abolished. He also supports American autarky and self-sufficience as he believes inter-dependence erodes away at America's ability to become and stay a world power. This does not mean he is in favor of tariffs, because he believes free trade is better than having tariffs on goods.

    In terms of Social Darwinism, Neo-Afunhumaninterism supports extreme competition in the economy. Even though he doesn't self-identify as Social Darwinist, he does support it somewhat.

    Besides this, he believes in the total legal monetary liberation of the masses. So no government laws barring minors, antimask/vaxxers, etc. from investment, monetary transaction, or trade.

    Gambling of any/all kinds falls under the category of monetary transaction.

    Welfare creates irresponsible and incompetent people, discrimination and oppression of the rich, and extreme debt. It erodes the work ethic.

    All forms of business transaction are allowed between any humans/individuals. The right to own property, financial liberty, buy/sell goods, offer services, exchange currencies, and to start/own a business (even if it is contract-bound) will be given to all individuals regardless of differentiating factors (race, sex, gender, age, etc.); those under guardians/conservators will be able to exercise these rights independent of notice/interference/permission from the guardian/conservator. Theft or destruction of private property by guardians/conservators will be counted as if they were not even guardian or conservator, as all individuals regardless of classifications have the right to independently own property. Property rights of all individuals spreads even to entire celestial bodies (Kuiper belt objects, etc.), which will be discussed in further detail further down. The freedom to offer services has its exceptions, which are peppered around the political stances section of this page (e.g. prostitution).

    Gay.png Les.png Men kissing men, women kissing women (LGBT) Bix.png Trans.png

    He supports traditional marriage and believes that all physical sports sponsored by the state should always recognize your biological sex at birth. He believes that any same-sex unions that exist will be not recognized. He opposes same-sex adoption and trans adoption. Besides these, LGBT people are free. Oh, but he also believes that a business should have the absolute right to deny a wedding or a wedding cake to a homosexual couple.

    He does not support the full force LGBT agenda, nor does he support full-force homo/transphobia. Neither extreme "HoMo SuPrEmAcY" or "HaNg AlL f*gS" is readily accepted. But on the other hand, he believes that the country's relatively uniform culture should favor biologically advantageous sexual orientations (heteronormativity). This is considered a biological advantage. So besides heteronormativity, cisnormativity and allonormativity are also present. Neither extreme "AaA sTaNdArD sUpReMaCy" nor "GiGaHoRnY" are readily accepted. Intermediate-allonormativity is encouraged, especially in the late-stage.

    He vehemently opposes radical homosupremacy and especially AAA supremacy (that is simply abolish all gender/sex identity/feelings). Between hyper-LGBT and extreme sex positivity, he assumes hyper-LGBT is the greater evil.

    GRights.png PEW PEW (Gun Rights) RGRights.png

    He believes that the people's right to own weapons should not be infringed. Few to no restrictions should exist on guns.

    Gun/ammo dealers will be allowed to place their own sale restrictions, and people are allowed to keep guns off of their property (obviously, because Austrobert.png).

    Cball-USA.png We the people... (American Constitutionalism)

    He supports that the country must strictly follow the Constitution, including the 1st, 2nd and 13th amendments. He also supports adding term limits for senators and representatives in government.

    Anticom.png Down with Marx, up with Mises! (Anti-Communism)

    He is a synthesis capitalist and believes that economic right and free-market capitalist ideologies should unite to overthrow communism and leftism. He believes that economic right unity should be achieved.

    Even though he hates left-wing economic thought in general, he states that true communism has never been tried.

    True communism is a movement that aims to abolish the Cap.png present state of things and establish a Ancom.png stateless, Equality.png classless, and Econdeflate.png moneyless society. He supports the Orthlen.png Leninist definition of socialism; it is a lower stage of communism.

    He states that the USSR and traditionally communist regimes were either left-leaning state capitalist, left-leaning corporatist, or revised socialist. These are cautionary tales about what may happen if true communism were to be implemented.

    Bidenism.png Politifact said he won fairly! (Regarding 2020) Trumpism.png

    He believes that Biden won the election unfairly. He also believes that Covid-19 may have been synthesized in a laboratory by the Chinese as well. He does not believe that the COVID-19 or its corresponding vaccines are used as world depopulation.

    Covidism-icon.png *Cough cough* (COVID-19)

    He believes that mask mandates and social distancing are a disgrace to the country as a whole and that they are a suicide mission for America's economy if implemented in full. He believes that a lack of mask mandates will forward innovation in the private sector. He also thinks that social distancing and masks do not help in the battle against COVID-19. He believes that individual freedom is very important, even in cases of crisis. He believes that wearing a mask or distancing from another should be the choice of the individual.

    He also holds an individualist/proprietarian stance on shot mandates; he believes that it is a personal choice.

    Imp.png British Empire Remodeled '22 Version 2.0 (American Expansionism)

    Neo-Afunhumaninterism believes that private companies should be allowed and able to expand American territory. He believes that the United States, together with the private sector, can go to war against another country if Congress says so. He believes that the private sector should be able to expand America by making artificial islands. He believes that a private company should be able to take to space if the company wants. He believes that the government should not fund a company to imperialize except if the government really thinks that we need to expand. He also believes that the British Empire would be a good model and that Rudyard Kipling was based.

    All territories would be put on a gold-backed United States Dollar (USD).

    He also believes that "American Empire" contracts between private businesses and the government should require both parties to not use imperial units.

    Thou shalt turn 18 first! (Elections and Voting)

    Standard voting in the United States gives little to no chance for third parties to ever get candidates into office. Even if it may consume more paper, (I'm prepared for the environmentalist cope) Neo-Afunhumaninterism supports instant runoff, although it is not absolutely necessary. Federal voting age is 18 (or to be more precise, anybody who'll be 18+ on election day can vote). All running parties will appear on the ballot.

    Caucuses are private and will stay that way. On the other hand, primary elections will work as follows:

    The winners of each party's caucus would run for president in the primary election. They will all be subject to an instant runoff. It is subject to the Electoral College.

    Each candidate would have a count of what his rankings were in the instant runoff elections. For example, if a candidate has a million people put him in 3rd place, he will get a million "third place counts". Whoever has a the most first-place counts will be ranked as 1st-place in the electoral instant runoff by all of the electors. If there is a tie between two candidates on the number of people they had assign them to a given place, the state's government will break the tie. Soon enough, all of the states' electors will have voted their instant runoffs and they will all be added up. From there, there is one final election between the two people who got the most votes on the instant runoff. This election will function in the standard way (with the Electoral College) and whoever reaches 270 electoral votes will win the presidency.

    Electors in a state are bound to not take into account votes from other states (in order to suppress NPV and maintain the value of the Electoral College) or countries (to fight globalism).

    All voters must have a voter ID and citizenship for any amount of time.

    Splish splash! (Seasteading)

    Neo-Afunhumaninterism believes that sea steading should be legal if a private company wants to do so. He believes that people should have a choice if they want to seastead or not. He supports seasteading, even if it may infringe on fishing zones or wildlife habitats. He also believes that the government wants to fish at a seastead, the government must pay the seastead.

    Metricf.png Electricians and chemists use it, so should you! (Metrication) Right-SIAcc.png

    Neo-Afunhumaninterism believes that metrication should be encouraged, but not mandated. He believes that the metric system as a whole will improve America, especially in the field of trade and immigration. He states that the government should use metric in trade, but he believes that the private sector should be free of regulations regarding metric and imperial units.

    Since Neo-Afunhumaninterism is a believer in strong federalism, states can enforce voluntary or mandatory metrication. (Mandatory metrication under a state or city in Neo-Afunhumaninterism just means mandatory inclusion of metric units.) Since the Constitution gives Congress to "fix the standard of weights and measurement", Congress will fix the standards of weights and measurements to SI, but not enforce it. States will not be able to enforce mandatory anti-metrication.

    He believes that the government should encourage metrication and that businesses should start promoting metric. As the benefits of metric are seen nationwide (and worldwide!), companies would begin going metric. After enough time, metric companies will outcompete imperial companies and the population will be in favor of metric. (Ideal implementation)

    Oligarchy.png Only those with our interests... (Tighter Government Eligibility)

    In contrast to America today, Neo-Afunhumaninterism believes that all people who apply for federal government positions must be American-born. For presidency position, he believes that the person must be American-born, and at least one of his parents must be American-born as well. Qualifications for state or local government positions are to be determined by the state or local municipality.

    Ancapf.png Guys, asteroid mining outposts for $80B! (Extent of Commodification)

    Under Neo-Afunhumaninterism, commodification of space objects is allowed to a certain extent. A settlement on another planet/moon/asteroid made by a private or public entity claims all unclaimed land up to 15 kilometers away from the settlement (Of course, the entity can claim less land if it wants). If the settlement is underground, then elevations above the settlement are not claimed. All of the volume beneath a surface settlement is claimed except if some of it has been settled by another settlement. Volume, in this case, is defined as the cone-like space between an object's center of mass and the area on the surface.

    What if I'm not a 'murican? (Compatibility with Other Countries besides the United States)

    Neo-Afunhumaninterism could easily work in other countries. Some things in the framework explicitly design for usage in the United States would have to be redone in order to be exclusive to the country in question.

    All things are to be done in equilibrium... (Checks and Balances)

    After reading all of this, this should be very obvious to you. Neo-Afunhumaninterism is a strong believer in checks and balances, for example:

    • Between the branches of the government,
    • Between the populace and the government,
    • Between legal guardians and those under him/her,
    • Between workers and their bosses,
    • Between political parties in elections,

    and so forth. This is done and emphasized to reduce extreme imbalance or power tripping, one that could lead to tyranny of the majority, a two-party system, corporatocracy, communism, tyranny of the guardian, government corruption, totalitarianism, or autocracy.

    Mainjing.png Snopes said vaccines help people! (Regarding Extremism of the Establishment Narrative)

    Neo-Afunhumaninterism strongly disavows overzealous provax, sphere-earthism, evolution, biden-won-fairly-ism, etc. The government should never hold a stance on these views or implement policies that oppress creationists/antivaxxers/unconventional-earth-shapers/biden-cheated-ists. He might disagree with some of these groups but does not want government-run censorship of the groups. For the most part, he opposes censorship against these groups in the metapolitical sphere (except against holocaust deniers, LARPers, and imperial units supporters).

    There should be no government oppression against people who hold unconventional views, nor will they be prohibited from running in an election on the basis of unconventional views.

    Sperg supremacy!!! (Legal Quasi-Neuroequalism)

    He supports legal equality between different neurotypes, for example, high-functioning autism, ADHD, or dyslexia. He does not support the legal privilege of typically-developing individuals.

    He strongly opposes and hates cyanism, autisto-Chinese supremacist ideology, high-IQ-ocracy, Aspergers' supremacy, autism supremacy, emotion/identity abolition, or any resemblance of those ideologies.

    Playing Neo-Afunhumaninterism, First Edition for 2 years (Earliest Stages)

    In the earliest stages of the ideology (perhaps before Roe v Wade is overturned), all abortion laws would be made as strict as possible as soon as possible. The major parties would be shifted slightly in favor of the ideology. Even though the ideology does not support state metricism, minor metric enforcement may be used in the earliest stages. Voting age may or may not be temporarily reduced to anywhere between 13 and 17. The legislative/executive seats would be infiltrated first before the court seats, especially regarding POTUS and SCOTUS.

    The means do not have to always have to comply with the ends. For example, moderate state metricism or a lower voting age may be okay for a period of time.

    AMERIKKKA!!!! (Opposition to the American Status Quo)

    • Americans have to pay progressive taxes that penalize people's hard work in the form of steep taxation.
    • Abortion is a widespread issue in the States. As much as all of the population equivalent of France was killed in terms of abortions between 1973 and 2022 in the USA alone!
    • The federal governments allows lobbying, which allows it to make ties with megacorporations in order to get their ideas put forth.
    • Age restrictions are overly plentiful. Just give them some liberty, okay?
    • The Imperial units are prevalent in the States-a barrier to scientific progress and global power. Western engineering is looked down upon due to this fact that American mechanical parts fair a lot more badly than parts made abroad.
    • USA has some very numerous and crippling business regulations.
    • Schools and colleges run by the government teach the Keynesian/Neoclassical schools of economics.
    • America has large amounts of bureaucracy, which draws money from hard-working middle-class and wealthy Americans to serve corrupt interests behind closed doors.

    And there is more...

    Opinions on Statements/Takes

    Abortion is murder!

    True. Abolish abortion.

    Abolish the voting age.

    Too idealistic to actually work. It's simply not feasible in the long run.

    I am a centrist. -Plenderplar

    Obviously not. you're a far-right schizo, cope.



    Friends (ish)


    Barely Enemies


    Template - Ideology - User Page

    Letter signs and descriptions are used for the categories, together with Russian academic grades.

    Netheritef.png S (The TRUE based and redpilled) 5 Netheritef.png

    Diamondf.png A (Based) 4 Diamondf.png

    • METBOL.png Metbolism - A bit extreme on the cultural/civics but not that bad really.
    • Vesselism icon.png Vesselism - This might be my most unpopular opinion so far, but I think you were actually good.
    • SomeCrusade.png SomeCrusaderism - Quite good for the Christian right, just drop the YEC and it'll be better.
    • Jd2824.png Jd2842ism - OK, just a bit moderate/monarchist for my takes. One stand against the woke, brother.
    • Icecream6969.png Davilandism - Me but more extreme and also Spanish. Thus, ultra-Sr Deyvid Thought.
    • Gabduff-icon.png Gabrialduffeyism - It was all good while it lasted.
    • BEism 2ism.png BEism 2ism - Maybe you could be a bit more accepting to change but nonetheless an ally in the struggle against the left.
    • Milky.png Dylanism - Ice cream go nom nom

    Goldf.png B (Somewhat Based) 3+ Goldf.png

    • Libcon.png Citizenism - Ah, a libertarian conservative who was overall quirky and liked Imptard.png imperial "units".
    • Beryism.gif Beryism - Liberal-in-disguise, capitalist, progressive, and moderate. better than not, just shift right and you'll be fine.
    • Chimp.png Silly Chimpism - I'm neither a Fascist nor a Finnish chauvinist, but IG this can have a pass.
    • ONL.png One Nation Libertarianism - Reactionary environmentalist who supports minarcho-capitalism. Fun.
    • Sbolt.png Sbolt-ism - Come back to me after your shower.
    • Afun.png 2020 Afunhumaninterism - Child gender surgeries, business regulations, sex work legalization, hard drug legalization. At least this is the past. Besides that, not too different. Also, you were as annoying as hell over some conspiracy theories.
    • Lpyapersonicon.png Lpyapersonism - I remember the days of SIRU, pro-life unity, and the such. But besides that, just annoying and weird young-Earth creationism if you ask me. Obviously not good. Your art also kinda sucked, and I wish you stayed so we could troll the hell out of your geological beliefs
    • Lex.png Anarcho-Crypto-Capitalism - You like crypto and capitalism, but you'd rather side with anarchists, progressives, and legit communists?!
    • EthicDarwin.png Ethical Darwinism - A bit extreme and weird but also kinda cool.
    • Chcknwngsbll.png Chcknwngs Thought - A bit moderate and a 3rd-Way-er but OK.
    • NeoArctoismIcon.png Neo-Arctoism - Also a moderate with admirable views on culture and the LGBT issue.
    • Greenminpcb.png Green Minarchism - Even though you're an environmentalist progressive, I still find you civic and economic views alluring.
    • TDRH.png TDRHism - A bit moderate and liberal for my tastes, albeit a welfarist and anti-LGBT.
    • Xirlan-alt.png - Besides all of that reactionary Fr*nch stuffings, you might be okay.

    Ironf.png C (Meh) 3 Ironf.png

    • Andalusian-sprite.png Neoclassical Geoliberalism - A georgist moderate who is also a globalist. At least he makes an effort to abide by classical liberal thought.
    • Chirotesla.png Chiroteslaism - Eh, a socialist who opposes the Big Woke. Fun.
    • Novochirotesla.png Chirotesla Thought - Same as above but slightly less ass.
    • Vermaatism smol.png Vermaatism - Quarkism but with an actually based economic system.
    • Dof.png Dofism - Капиталист, христианин, прогрессив и трансгендер. Интересно.
    • Scarlet Icon.png Scarletism and SSTicon.png Novoscarletism - Socialist with surprisingly based cultural views and prolife.
    • Heinrich.png Heinrich-Cheungism - Good friend from 2021 before he went ful lschizo.
    • Pseudoscientocracy.png Truthism Conserv.png - No wonder I literally accused you of QAnon flarther chauvinism back in the day.
    • Jedpill.png Jed-Pilled Thought - Could be better, isn't the same caliber of cringe as Sam though.
    • Lwnatcon.png Left-Wing National Conservatism - National conservatism be based. But the problem is, socialism. #CapitalistNationalLibertarianConservatism
    • TDRH.png Neo-TDRHism - Supporter of public property and the welfare state, at least you support some capitalism and good values.
    • Admiralism Icon.png Admiralism - Good for conservative values and bashing state liberals, just not in the economic aspect.

    Stonecubef.png D (Somewhat Cringe) 2+ Stonecubef.png

    • Cambrian.png Whiztale Soc.png - Mainstream Idea Jingoist Conventionalist radical who opposes my chad economics and old-earther creationist truth. But maybe, we could make the flarthers mald a bit more?
    • - Good to talk to but how in the living earth can fascist atheism and conventionalism be good?!
    • Inky-sprite.png Inkyism - Political opponent that I get along with very well.
    • AaronSH.png Aaronism - Socialist globalist whose ideology is heavily influenced by his hedonism, but we get along well, so whatever.
    • MATTball.png Mattism - You're definitely not as bad as the anarcho-communists, but still not a good chap.
    • YellingLiber.png Neo Social Libertarianism - Progressive welfarist who thankfully isn't a communist/fascist, you just like the imperial system.
    • MinnDistIcon.png Minnesotan Distributism - The big distie from the good ol' days.
    • Hman.png H Manism - MLM but Christian? I'm confused.
    • Neooverbf.png Neo-Overbism - Not good at all if you don't count is funny traditionalist takes (like one of the old A-risu incidents.).
    • DN Adm.png Darknight Yuusha Model - Has some decent takes on abortion and nationalism but also claims to be somewhat progressive and a socialists.
    • Technototball.png Techno-Ultranationalism - I wonder how many fashes are on the wiki, but I'm sure there are far more Ormarxf.png communists than Nazis. In terms of person-to-person relations, we do get along well, so whatever.
    • ChristConservF.png Marcus Carassius - I don't know much about you except that you have an uncanny obsession over soyjaks.
    • Hamburger.png Rejuvenative Hamburg thought - Albeit not as bad as the below, you have some okay takes regarding German nationalism.
    • AutisticSeparatist.png Autistic Separatism - You may have some good libertarian and nationalist takes, but yep, another socialist with a streak of autism supremacy.

    Woodcubef.png E (Cringe) 2 Woodcubef.png

    • 3Plend.png Third Plenderplarism - His ideas are outright awful, save the heteronormativity and Western supremacy. Hail the West!
    • Neoairisu.png Neo-Airisuism - The fact that the modern theory-reading bloc hates you tells me so much about Bookchin
    • Tomjaz.png Tomjazzism - Airisu but with HORRIBLE artwork.
    • Supadult.png Austro-Hungarian SFR Libsoc.png - I'm not that ageist, socialist larper.
    • Mao.png Nyteulo - Proof the server's active members are mostly communists.
    • Orthlen.png MCS MaoPinkbiNormal.png - Definitely has to get the title for the worst personality for a Leninist.
    • United Russia.png Люгер (Lyuger) - Radically anti-Western Putin worshipper.
    • Samikakoism ball.png Samikakoism - Ancom aaronism momento.
    • Adult.png MyLiefMyRulen - Nobody cared about what you thought.
    • Nourishismicon.png Caressism - MASSIVE pussy and Democratic Party simp. Also, :jigsaw:.
    • Airisu.png Airisuism - The embodiment of cringe from late 2020.
    • NguyenreichismIcon.png Bruhman Thought/Nguyenreich - Probably the PCBMH communist I get along with best, still cringe ideology.
    • TAM icon.png Third Aquarian Model - We might get along better than with the leftcom debaters, but whatever.
    • Transjuche Icon.png Transjuche - "Transjuche" is a friendly way to shorten North Korean Transgender Authoritarian Communist JavaScript Chauvinism.
    • TechEsoFash.png Techno-Esoteric Fascism - Not anymore capitalist, now just a Himmlerite with transhumanist characteristics.
    • Giannism.png Giannisf Thought - Agh, Anarcho-Greek NazH+.
    • Hornyaltruicon.png Horny Altruism - Mirror opposite of Cyanism with a worse case of hedonism than Aaron and Sophia combined.
    • Zellism.png Zhdanovism-Zellism - (Un)epic levels of communist autism detected.
    • NeoCherryIcon.png Neo-Cherryism - Now the druggie imperial retard distributist has turned into a Himmlerite.
    • Potashism.png Potashism - Dude got banned so many times off the old main wiki for just being weird around the pages. Yes, this dude legit thought China was highly capitalistic for me to realize it's actually true.
    • Kirakween.png Kira Kween Thought - I wonder what level of cringe needs to be obtained for this.
    • Oiboioiismicon.png (Old) Oiboioiism - Fundamentalist nazi transhumanist larper.
    • Oiboioiismicon.png (New) Oiboioi - Pretty much the above with 60% larp and no more racism.
    • Anbun.png Anarcho-Buniism - I genuinely wonder why PCB is so full of egoists.
    • Ferola.png Ferolaism - Eek, ANOTHER communist.
    • SituBlart.png Situation-Blartism - Annoying commie from the olden days.
    • Anarcho-Immortalism.png Anti-Deathism - Extreme leftism + off-compass idealism.
    • Councilguy2.png Post-Councilism - I've heard you're a pseud.
    • Oofitism.png Oofitism - The wiki even threatened to ban him for commenting on like EVERY page, and also, you have undesirable views.
    • Sajicon.png SajZeal Model - Chalk full of bad takes, like Bernie Sanders economics, Mainjing.png militancy over mainsteam media ideology, and progressivism.
    • Neosaj.png NeoSajism - Similar to the above.
    • IAmSIcon.png IAmSeamonkey - Obamatard, no wonder every other socialist and communist on the bloc hates you so much. The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend, obviously.
    • Pixil-frame-0(27).png New Model Of Cheesenism - I genuinely wonder how many fascists are on this site. Heck, you're also a welfarist/3rd-positionist fash!
    • Soc.png b0n3rforce - One of numerous left-wingers on PCB. You might have some OK memes, but please get tested for autism.
    • Mebrouk.png Mebroukism - Your ideology genuinely isn't as bad as most of those in this list; I can give you that for credit. But for one second, can you please stop talking about some cartoon no one here cares about?! You're already 16 years old; go spaz over something else.
    • Yoda8soup.png Yoda8soup Thought - Is this left-winger number 10000?!
    • Svokxzismicon.png Svokxzism - Fake socialism, radical progressive, and child liberationist. Tell me, how far did your mom drop you as a baby?!

    Dirtcubef.png F (Absolute Failure) 1 Dirtcubef.png

    • Neo-Plenderplarism-icon.png Neo-Plenderplarism - I think he had a different obsession back then. Yea, ass larper.
    • Based Autism Icon.png "Based" Autism - Jesse, nazi larpers do exist but what in the living hell is """"Based"""" Autism?! TBF this is the worst nazi larp ideology I've ever seen.
    • Cyanismicon.png Cyanism - Chinese racial supremacist, autism supremacist, cult follower, anti-aestheticist, anti-family, anti-choice, anti-sex, asexual supremacist, and fascist. Sounds like living hell.
    • Monteir.png Monteirism - Cyanism but worse.
    • Synthesisanarchy.png Pan-Left Anarchism - EXACTLY what happens when you take drugs and you lose your sanity.

    Ideologically Aligned

    • Tercuptas GSS.png GSS Tercuptas - Pretty much the best planet in GSS. Just saying.
    • Antiabort.png March for Life - Yasss march and let the abortionites fall to the floor!!!
    • Antiabort.png And Then There Were None - One method of collapsing an industry fueled by murder and high taxes is by emptying its workforce.
    • Metricf.png US Metric Association - Now, team up with the above and smash the imperial "units" gibberish!
    • Captrans.png SpaceX/Tesla - Now, electric car man, get humans to Mars and beyond!
    • AfunFusionf.png Formal Leaders of the Secondary Wing Cball-Ukraine.png Electricity.png CBall-Mexico.png - Aw yea, these people have some based takes under their sleeves and splitting the Based Department halfway so that I become loyal to them.

    Ideologically Similar

    Ideologically Ambivalent

    • Idell GSS.png GSS Idell - Maybe you'd be higher up if some of you didn't hate the Jews so much, but whatever...
    • Mnustun GSS.png GSS Mnus Tun - Some centrists are okay, just saying. Some of them, on the other hand, start looking like succdems after a while.
    • Mesocon.png PragerU - You may sometimes have based takes but socialism is NOT when government.
    • Cambrian.png BioLogos - I might not agree with evolution but you're really OK.
    • Childism.png National Youth Rights Association - You have a few good takes, a lot of them suck though.

    Ideologically Opposed

    • Aelivyt GSS.png GSS Aelivyt - A few of you may have some good takes but otherwise it's an anarcho-communist cesspit.
    • Anticambrian.png Answers in Genesis - The earth is billions of years old, stop denying geological science!

    Ideologically Hostile

    • Earth-GSS.png GSS Earth - Thankfully America won the Cold War IRL, so none of this bullcrap.
    • Ghoribel GSS.png GSS Ghoribel - The planetary #larper-zoo.
    • Cball-USA.png American Status Quo - Demotards ruin everything they touch, such as the United States. And make America great again with the Metric system!
    • Demcr.png Democratic Party - These are the government officials overregulating people (especially minors and unvaxxed), destroying the rich and middle classes with exorbitant taxes, having thousands/millions of immigrants flood the country and take our jobs, and making America a universal shithole of a place.
    • Abort.png Planned Parenthood Plannedp.png - I might not hang you but abortion is murder. Haha no more SCOTUS protections for you!
    • Bidenism.png Biden Administration - Stop using your illegitimately-claimed government to push the Pfizer on citizens, idiots! Also the administration that got gas prices up to $2/L in some areas.




    Barely Enemies


    Test Results

    How to Draw

    Flag of Neo-Afunhumaninterism
    1. Draw a circle.
    2. Fill it in dark grey. (#241312)
    3. Draw a dark red circle. (#450e0e)
    4. Draw the symbol of the Austrian school of economics, also known as the Hayek coat of arms.
    5. Draw the eyes.

    What will happen to this page if it becomes outdated?

    If this page is outdated all of a sudden, a new icon will be created, and this page will be moved to Meso-Afunhumaninterism. Neo-Afunhumaninterism will keep its icon and the new icon will be used for Meso-Afunhumaninterism. Neo-Afunhumaninterism will be written, and the self-insert template will be moved to the new Neo-Afunhumaninterism.



    Neo-XarTario.png XarTario XT.png - Can you add my current self-insert and former self-insert? NOTE: They're both very similar

    Implianium - Add me

    Nuoh Okita.png DarknightYuusha - Add my self insert, DN Adm.png pls Xirlan-alt.png - I added you, now it's your turn to add me.

    Ronwelltarianism icon.png Ronwelltarianism - Why is my art considered as unsatisfactory? I found out on my page. Can you please explain why?

    • Neoafun.png Afunhumaninter So I see your art uses typed fonts and an exactly circular ball. In this community, using typed fonts (like in "CHILD RIGHTS") or the circle tool are hightly frowned upon.
      • Ronwelltarianism icon.png Ronwelltarianism - Oh, I didn't know that. I was new in this community. I may have registered in 2021 but I was inactive in that year. So what should I do to make my art better?

    Pixil-frame-0(27).png New Model Of Cheesenism - pls added me

    Yoda8soup.pngYoda8soup - Add me?

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