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    Neo-Afunhumaninterism is the ideology of Afunhumaninter; it is economically heavily capitalist (especially in the persuasion of the Chicagoan and Austrian schools), culturally syncretic (pretty much a balance of progressive and conservative facets), civically and culturally nationalist, and libertarian in nature.


    Neo-Afunhumaninterism believes that the government should be confined to its constitutional limits. He believes that a higher level of federalism should be established in order to combat centralization and corruption at the federal level. He believes that government should be limited to the military, police, courts, greater civil and human equality, and the preservation of select cultural values, making it primarily in the range of Progressive Conservatism. He strongly supports bright green environmentalism as he believes in climate change and that new technologies, especially nuclear fusion, can lower human impact on the environment.

    The vast majority of the below stances are designed for both Christian-based and secular justifications.


    Neo-Afunhumaninterism is technically a cultural nationalist, but he has much influence from civic nationalism.

    In all honesty, culture is still somewhat important, albeit not as important as it used to be. He supports civic-cultural nationalism as he believes American culture is special, with this specialty dating back to the early seventeenth century.


    He believes that bureaucracy should be privatized. Exceptions are the police, the courts, the law, the military, and the NSA. He believes that privatizing bureaucratic organizations is necessary for destroying special interests and reducing corruption. This includes the CDC, the FDA, and the FBI. He is not technically a minarchist. He opposes excessive bureaucracy because government-run bureaucracy is not accountable to the people.

    Bodily Autonomy

    He supports hormone therapy, reassignment surgery (for adults), and plastic surgery legalization, even though he discourages reassignment surgery and hormone therapy. He is not a radical bodily autonomy person like he used to be. He supports euthanasia, while supporting the legalization of some to most drugs. And marijuana.

    All humans will have at least some bodily autonomy, with children and the mentally ill having less than everyone else.

    Sex and Pornography

    Age of consent is 18. Extreme prudism and extreme sex-positivity are looked down upon. Premarital sex is just that, and it's a natural occurrence in humans. Pornography of consenting adults is legal. The age of consent and any close-in-age exceptions are uniform across all sex positions and sexual orientation. Public sex/nudity is illegal, and homosexual sex in public is charged equally with heterosexual sex in public.

    Displaying large-enough displays of sexually charged/pornographic imagery in public is illegal. Pornography is very similar to a drug, and thus, no one should be forced to watch it.

    Abortion and Reproductive Rights

    Every human would be given the right whether to have children or not. Every individual would be allowed to legally use contraceptives (condoms, the pill, etc.).

    On the other hand, abortion would be eliminated (preferably as soon as possible); abortion is murder and an act against a human life. Roe v. Wade and all other pro-abortion laws should be overturned.


    He supports laissez-faire capitalism. He supports the privatization of most bureaucracies to avoid corruption. He supports dissolving the welfare state and believes that private charities are a better way to help the poor. Economically, he is a free market to laissez-faire capitalist and also supports the gold standard. He also believes that the Fed and the central banking are harmful to the economy and would be better abolished. He also supports autarky to the point that our necessities are not mostly taken from other countries, especially those America is not on best terms with. He believes economics to be a science as opposed to a branch of philosophy.

    Besides this, he believes no one should be barred from participating in the economy at large (this includes eliminating legal restrictions on bank account or property ownership), including minors and political dissidents. Everyone has the right to own property, including property in outer space.


    "Marriage" is strictly a union between a man and a woman (ideally), but he believes civil unions should be open to everyone over the age of 21. He opposes same-sex adoption and trans adoption except if a competent heterosexual couple is not available. He also believes that a business should have the right to deny a wedding or a wedding cake (or products) to a homosexual (or even heterosexual) couple.

    He does not support LGBT to the same extent many progressives do, nor does he support full-force homo/transphobia. Homosexuality, bisexuality, and asexuality are just anomalies that have existed in sexually-reproducing animals for hundreds of millions of years. Thus, LGBTs should be allowed to exist in harmony, away from laws targeting them.

    Gun Rights

    He believes that the people's right to own weapons should not be infringed. Few to no restrictions should exist on guns.

    Gun/ammo dealers will be allowed to place their own sale restrictions, and people are allowed to keep guns off of their property (obviously, because ).

    We the people... (American Constitutionalism)

    He supports that the country must strictly follow the Constitution, including the 1st, 2nd and 13th amendments. He also supports adding term limits for senators and representatives in government.


    He believes that uniting with countries with comparable economics is a higher priority than culture or religion.

    Even though he generally opposes left-wing economic thought in general, he states that true communism has never been tried.

    True communism is a movement that aims to abolish the present state of things and establish a stateless, classless, and moneyless society. He supports the Leninist definition of socialism; it is a lower stage of communism (read here).

    He states that the USSR and traditionally communist regimes were either left-leaning state capitalist, left-leaning corporatist, or revised socialist. These are cautionary tales about what may happen if true communism were to be implemented.

    Socialism, as stated earlier, is a lower stage of communism. It is one of the stages of establishing communism and doing away with the capitalist system. "Socialism" as an early stage of communism would abolish capitalist law to the extent that private property would not exist on a legal level, but inequalities characteristic of capitalism (like more work equaling greater rewards) would still exist. The state and class systems would not be fully abolished in socialism as the state would not be fully withered away.

    Even though socialism is an intermediary stage between capitalism and communism, other intermediaries may exist.

    Economic Expansionism

    Neo-Afunhumaninterism believes that private companies should be allowed to make settlements in other countries or in outer space. Although he strongly disavows military intervention, corporate presence will be uninhibited in other countries, as long as they don't spread our diseases and kill thousands of people on accident.

    Elections and Voting

    Standard voting in the United States gives little to no chance for third parties to ever get candidates into office. Even if it may consume more paper, (I'm prepared for the environmentalist cope) Neo-Afunhumaninterism supports instant runoff, although it is not absolutely necessary. Federal voting age is 18 (or to be more precise, anybody who'll be 18+ on election day can vote). All running parties will appear on the ballot.

    Caucuses are private and will stay that way. On the other hand, primary elections will work as follows:

    The winners of each party's caucus would run for president in the primary election. They will all be subject to an instant runoff. It is subject to the Electoral College.

    Each candidate would have a count of what his rankings were in the instant runoff elections. For example, if a candidate has a million people put him in 3rd place, he will get a million "third place counts". Whoever has a the most first-place counts will be ranked as 1st-place in the electoral instant runoff by all of the electors. If there is a tie between two candidates on the number of people they had assign them to a given place, the state's government will break the tie. Soon enough, all of the states' electors will have voted their instant runoffs and they will all be added up. From there, there is one final election between the two people who got the most votes on the instant runoff. This election will function in the standard way (with the Electoral College) and whoever reaches 270 electoral votes will win the presidency.

    Electors in a state are bound to not take into account votes from other states (in order to suppress NPV and maintain the value of the Electoral College) or countries (to fight globalism).

    All voters must have a voter ID and citizenship for any amount of time.


    Neo-Afunhumaninterism believes that sea steading should be legal if a private company wants to do so. He believes that people should have a choice if they want to seastead or not. He supports seasteading, even if it may infringe on fishing zones or wildlife habitats. He also believes that the government wants to fish at a seastead, the government must pay the seastead.

    Metric Advocacy

    Neo-Afunhumaninterism believes that metrication should be encouraged, but not mandated. He believes that the metric system as a whole will improve America, especially in the field of trade and immigration. He states that the government should use metric in trade, but he believes that the private sector should be free of regulations regarding metric and imperial units.

    Since Neo-Afunhumaninterism is a believer in strong federalism, states can enforce voluntary or mandatory metrication. (Mandatory metrication under a state or city in Neo-Afunhumaninterism just means mandatory inclusion of metric units.) Since the Constitution gives Congress to "fix the standard of weights and measurement", Congress will fix the standards of weights and measurements to SI, but not enforce it. States will not be able to enforce mandatory anti-metrication.

    He believes that the government should encourage metrication and that businesses should start promoting metric. As the benefits of metric are seen nationwide (and worldwide!), companies would begin going metric. After enough time, metric companies will outcompete imperial companies and the population will be in favor of metric. (Ideal implementation)

    User Test

    As a human, you start with 0 points, Whichever of the following you agree with out of each list, add the defined number of points to your score. Still a WIP.


    • Communist (0)
    • Socialist (50)
    • Social Democrat (75)
    • Mixed (100)
    • Capitalist Communism (100)
    • Third Position (100)
    • Mixed/Moderate Capitalism (150)
    • Capitalism (200)
    • Economic Darwinism (175)
    • Anti-Economics (25)

    Economic Freedom

    • Dirigisme (0)
    • Directed (25)
    • Regulatory/Keynesian (50)
    • Economic Liberalism (75)
    • Free Market (75) (extra 25 if Chicago-School)
    • Laissez-Faire (100)
    • Absolute Laissez-Faire (75)


    • Ultraprogressivism (0)
    • Progressivism (50)
    • Moderate Progressivism (75)
    • Progressive Conservatism/Social Moderatism (100)
    • Moderate Conservatism (75)
    • Conservatism (50)
    • Hardline Non-Reactionary Conservatism/Alt-Lite (25)
    • Reactionary/Alt-Right (0)
    • Social Racism (pick the next best option, and then subtract 25 unless you picked Ultraprogressivism)


    • World Federalism (0)
    • Globalism (25)
    • Cosmopolitanism (25)
    • Internationalism (50)
    • Moderate (75)
    • Patriotism (100)
    • Nationalism (75)
    • Chauvinism/Ultranationalism (50)

    World Alignment

    • Eastern (0)
    • Non-Aligned (50)
    • Western (100)


    • Post-Humanism (25)
    • Transhumanism (75)
    • Post-Industrialism (100)
    • Technological Moderatism or Archeofuturism (75)
    • Technological Deceleration (50)
    • Neoluddism (0)
    • Primitivism (0)

    System of Rule

    • Anarchism (25)
    • Dictatorship of the Proletariat (0)
    • Monarchism (0, pick the next best option from this category if Ceremonial)
    • Dictatorship (0)
    • Corporatocracy or Neocameralism (50)
    • Bicameralism and/or Republicanism (100)
    • Technocracy or Noocracy (25)
    • Aristocracy or Oligarchy (25)
    • Cyberocracy or Algocracy (25)



    Friends (ish)


    • Hoppeanism - You're somewhat decent but you're just wayyyyy too far.
    • Regulationist Capitalism - I'd say this is better than communism but worse than free-market or laissez-faire capitalism.
    • Adventist Theocracy - You tend to be a bit weird over things normally considered mundane (like Saturdays), but at least you aren't a cultist or something.
    • Right-Wing Populism - There's really something off about you, albeit not totally irredeemable.
    • Conservatism and Progressivism - Not too fond of you two anymore, you just whine about the most useless shit ever, like who the FUCK cares about if somebody is gay or not?
    • LGBTism - I have to say I don't like pride and have little skepticism about some of you, but you're not the devil's children either.

    Barely Enemies

    • Pragerism - Not totally irredeemable, you're just conservative snake oil at this point.
    • Trumpism - You used to be decent, and then everything went...uhm....downhill.
    • Alt-Lite - Not the biggest supporter of Trump and his spawn nowadays/


    • Alt-Right - Dawg, do you actually find racism and open misogyny funny? Honestly you're just a racist and sexist coomer who does absolutely nothing for society.
    • Marxism-Leninism - YOU. FUCKING. LOST.
    • Marxism - I'm sure you'd just fail.
    • Socialism - You're simply the intermediary to the above, and that's never a good thing.
    • Abortionism - You don't just kill a growing fetus.
    • Niiloism - Quite a lot of takes that are over really petty issues, but as a whole, this ideology, being ethnonationalist and communist, is something I'd steer clear of.
    Template - Ideology - User Page
    This is going back to the seven-point scale for self-inserts.

    The Elite and Chosen

    • File:JoeyFloppa boo.png JoeyFloppaism - Has nearly the same ideas as I do, you've been there since the beginning. Rest in peace Joey, you will be missed.
    • 2x2Masterism - Nearly identical to me, except we do have some tiny differences in execution and all that.

    Based and Redpilled

    • Sr Deyvid Thought - You're easily very similar to me; you're a Christian (albeit a Catholic), capitalist, and a conservative. I can congratulate how based this is. And being honest here, your version of monarchism is actually pretty good.
    • SomeCrusaderism - Pretty good for your average evangelical Christian.
    • Constantine Thought - Pretty based as fuck views, just can't get behind a few of your policies. Still an improvement over most people.
    • MacDeko's Thought - You're just slightly off on the econ, but otherwise I can't complain. (honestly man you're page is a little bit hard to understand but in what I do get it's not bad)
    • TIIKKETMASTER thought - You're slightly more extreme than I am myself, which is really based, but you're a bit to far on the progressive side of your ideology.


    • Refined Citizenism - I honestly wouldn't go as far as to become an ethnonationalist, eugenicist, or an agrarian, but the majority of your other beliefs make up for it.
    • Paleo-16384ism - You were decent but support overregulating businesses to fit your views. Overall a decent ideology. And no, I'm not a fan of Third-Position economics, despite them being less bad than communist economics.
    • Beryism - Absolutely an amazing person, not going to lie, but your politics aren't nearly as good as your personality. And yes, you're probably getting closer to social democracy by the day.
    • Volumino Thought - Very much like the above with a stronger emphasis on progressivism. Hello 16384 but again
    • Pirate Tails Ideology - You're similar to the above.
    • BERNHEism - We have many similar ideas (like economics for small businesses, bright-green environmentalism, economic imperialism, and the such) yet you support non-racial eugenics and some progressive ideals I don't necessarily back. So really, you'd be a tier higher if it weren't for you overdoing the technological acceleration and the not totally bad eugenics.
    • Brazilian Liberalism - You're redeemable I could say, but you put too much emphasis on welfare and regulation for comfort. Also, not really the best civics.


    • Tiberius Thought - You have made many bad neoliberal talking points worse, but at least you have some capitalism and have some okay takes.
    • Neo-Glencoeism You're somewhat similar to the above, but you aren't really as bad as he is on the cultural level. We have some things in common, but a welfare state isn't one of them.


    • New 16384ism and Personne Thought - [ From 16384 Himself: Please rewrite, as: 1. You clearly just believe "fascism" is just authoritarian conservatism or whatever the mainstream media defines as fascism instead of actually asking the Norwegian-Ohioan or anyone who is an orthodox fascist or researching what fascism is from non-liberal sources. 2. "Clerical fascism" is a strawman that is made up, as fascism is secular. 3. If you actually read my ideology, it is clear that I am not a fascist.] your extreme conservatism and corporatism are sentiments I cannot back up. And yes. I'm woke. Deal with it. Con Inc. is based.


    • Nastyism - I'm obviously not going to be a fan of this as I disavow syndicalism, fascism, agrarianism, and aryanism. Worse exists, but at least you have some good takes, few and far in-between.
    • Neo-Murba - Incredibly based user, but I sadly can't get behind all of this communism and socialism you got going here. But as an individualist who isn't too rough on the LGBT community...ummm...at least I can give you that.
    • Jefbol Thought - You're decent as a person but really you're ideology is pretty far from what I'd prefer.
    • Meadowsin Thought - Communist, anti-nationalist, hyper-progressive. I can't say there is anything of value here.


    • Transjuche - Irredeemably hellish ideology, as expected from somebody this shitty. Like for starters, you'd make the culture war 10 times worse with your extreme progressivism, and then next, there's the fact that you support Juche, which as we can all see, has devolved into an impoverished hellhole. And let me add this, I'm not even allowed to explain one of the worst parts about this here.
    • Bee Movie Scriptism - Awful user, awful scam, not to mention the obsession with Johnny Appleseed and GOATSE here.
    Template - Ideology - User Page
    The ten point scale is used for user/personal relations. Only personal relations will be taken into consideration. Some people cannot be mentioned for...reasons, so they will have italicized phrases that apply to them. If you know what they mean, you know.

    Human Perfection (190+)

    Outstanding (175-190)

    Great (155-175)

    Good (135-155)

    Decent (115-135)

    50/50 (85-115)

    Undesirable (50-85)

    Awful (30-50)

    Loathsome (10-30)

    Abysmal (<10)

    Test Results

    (Old tests, take all social/cultural axes with a grain of salt)

    How to Draw

    Original Design

    Flag of Neo-Afunhumaninterism
    1. Draw a circle.
    2. Fill it in dark grey. (#241312)
    3. Draw a dark red circle. (#450e0e)
    4. Draw the symbol of the Austrian school of economics, also known as the Hayek coat of arms.
    5. Draw the eyes.

    Alternative Design (by Jao)

    1. Draw a circle.
    2. Split the ball's design into two rows.
    3. Split each of these rows into 3 individual parts, making a total of 6 rectangles.
    4. Color the top-left, bottom-middle, and top-right rectangles dark red. (#880015)
    5. Color the other rectangles yellow. (#e6ad28)
    6. Draw a lavender-colored circle in the centre of the ball. (#3f48cc)
    7. Fill this circle in yellow.
    8. Draw a flag and rifle inside of the circle (in lavender).
    9. Draw the eyes.

    What will happen to this page if it becomes outdated?

    If this page is outdated all of a sudden, a new icon will be created, and this page will be moved to Meso-Afunhumaninterism. Neo-Afunhumaninterism will keep its icon and the new icon will be used for Meso-Afunhumaninterism. Neo-Afunhumaninterism will be written, and the self-insert template will be moved to the new Neo-Afunhumaninterism.



    Make sure to give your self-insert. Killer Kitty alts are given lowest priority.

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    Ronwelltarianism - Why is my art considered as unsatisfactory? I found out on my page. Can you please explain why?

    • Afunhumaninter So I see your art uses typed fonts and an exactly circular ball. In this community, using typed fonts (like in "CHILD RIGHTS") or the circle tool are hightly frowned upon.
      • Ronwelltarianism - Oh, I didn't know that. I was new in this community. I may have registered in 2021 but I was inactive in that year. So what should I do to make my art better?

    New Model Of Cheesenism - pls added me

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    Neo-Kiraism - add my new ideology

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    Braun Spencer Thought - I'm really the first one here to propose a maximum wage?

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