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    Neo-Addycakesball Thought

    (90% of content from Second Addycakesball Thought transferred to this article)

    NOTE: This ideology will evolve into Third Addycakesball Thought tomorrow (24 hours)!

    Neo-Addycakesball Thought is the sequel ideology to Second Addycakesball Thought after a major life change on 8/8/2022 (this ideology was created on [1]). The former, however, just changed Addycakesball's user page today!


    Coming in 5 calendar days as an archive...

    BARK BARK GRRRR (Personality)

    Neo-Addycakesball Thought is a dog, like Stratocracy and (sometimes) Primal Primitivism. She sometimes wishes she lived in the past (specifically the early 1900s to late 1600s) due to her classical conservatism (she's still a partial classical progressive nonetheless), but she also believes that by making more and more genders, the logic of gender and homophobia will collapse. Otherwise, she also has the same personality and English/German-speaking capabilities as Second Addycakesball Thought despite barking and growling often due to being a dog. (yet to change tomorrow)

    GRRRR BARK BARK (How to Draw)

    GRRRR BARK BARK! (Aesthetics)

    Being one of the most important parts of any ideology, Neo-Addycakesball Thought is bound to have her preferred aesthetics like almost every ideology in existence and Polcompball.

    • 1400s architecture and paintings
    • 1500s architecture and paintings
    • 1600s architecture and paintings
    • 1700s aesthetics
    • 1800s aesthetics
    • American Revolution aesthetics
    • Celtic
    • Colonial American
    • German ( Prussian aesthetics also count as German for Addycakesball Thought)
    • Polish
    • Romanesque
    • Taiga and boreal forests
    • More coming soon...

    HGHHH SNARL GHHHHGHG (Relationships)

    Purrrr... (Friends)

    BARK! (Good)

    • Classical Conservatism - Purrr... *sees him insulting gays* GRRRRRR! *notices it's a joke* HGHHHH... *sniffs at treats in hand* Purrr...
    • Progressivism - Respektiere alle Geschlechter und Kulturen! DIVERSITÄT!! (Respect all genders and cultures! DIVERSITY!!) But why don't you like traditions?
    • Reactionarism - Purrr... *sees * GRRRRR! BARK BARK GRRRRRR... (Homophobia is cringe!) I'm more into the 1900s-late 1600s than any other time period, unlike you.
    • Reactionary Aaronism - Based for a reactionary.

    HGHHHH... GHHHHGH? (Neutral/Frenemies)

    • Coming soon...


    • Coming soon...

    GRRRRRRR! (Enemies)

    Purrrr... (Friends)

  • Aaronism - Drawing Polcompballs and advancing technology are based, but can you please stop cumming every day whatever that means? It's so embarrassing for me since I'm only 13 years old!
  • Pantheonism - Mega uber based.
  • Owfism - Same as the above guy.
  • Ronwelltarianism - Based for a libertarian.
  • Sílas Carrasco Thought - All sounds good to me and Sofia the First is good if you're a little girl.
  • XarTario Thought - All non-medical drugs are bad, but you're mega uber based!
  • BARK! (Good)

    HGHHHH... GHHHHGH? (Neutral/Frenemies)


    GRRRRRRR! (Enemies)

    Bark bark grrr hghhhh snarl snarl? (What will happen if this page becomes outdated?)

    When Neo-Addycakesball Thought becomes partially outdated, she will be replaced by Third Addycakesball Thought, a new flag and icon will be made, but the former won't be deleted for the sake of commemorative/museum/historical purposes.

    Additionally, if the latter becomes outdated she will be replaced by Meso-Addycakesball Thought with her flag and icon, which is followed by Fourth Addycakesball Thought with her flag and icon, which is followed by Paleo-Addycakesball Thought with her flag and icon, and so on.



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