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    Nekoqingist Bolshevism

    Nekoqingist Bolshevism is an economically far-left, culturally center, civically Authoritarian ideology. In short it is a Marxist Leninist, Culturally Variable and Nationalist Ideology that favours a Marxist-Leninist model of economy.



    In terms of economy, I views that Right Wing Liberal Capitalist economics can never work, and some form of degree of planning and Socialist-styled bureaucracy is required for the economy to function, hence, in terms of economy, I support some degree of State Socialism and Bureaucracy, all of which managed by the most well-educated workers and economists, for that shortages and such could be avoided at all costs. A planned economy can only work out when the best of the best suited workers are in charge. With that said, since I support a large worker's state, owned by the Proletariat, Workers under the banner of the Party, I still support some production of consumer goods, with the workers owning all enterprises, and the workers owning all of the means of production, hence, I am very much for mass nationalization.

    The government also takes corporate crimes and exploitation very seriously and all companies and corporations found doing that will have all their assets in the country nationalized and their operations suspended, and possibly an execution of the heads of those corporations. Public goods like water, electricity, healthcare, education, housing, land, etc. is viewed as a fundamental human right, and not a tool for businessmen to use greed and to earn profit off.

    I also oppose the profit motive, as it just guides the economy forward with an evil motive that is profits and greed. An economy should be built to serve the people and benefit the people, not for businessmen to earn and profit off from. An example of the evils of the profit motive is Leopold II, who committed horrendous crimes in the Congo just because he profitted off it. I support a more worker co-op based economy as they truly work for the people, like the Vietnamese Socialist-Oriented Market Economy model.

    State Socialism:

    Despite the fact that I believe State Socialism can be filled with inefficiency, which is a severe problem in many planned economies, like Maoist China, but I think that State Socialism is an excellent way to develop and industrialize a country. The USSR under Lenin and Stalin's State Socialist directions had turned it from a hellhole falling 200 years back into an industrialized power, same for the DPRK, which developed better than South Korea during the 50's and 60's. My main problem is that in many StateSoc economies, it could evolve into inefficiency with the less competent people in charge (examples are Maoist China), but, with the right people and under true worker's democracy in charge of the economy (like Kim Il Sung's DPRK, Georgiu Dej's Romania, Stalinist Russia etc, has oversaw great successes in each of the countries implemented). I am also against the forces of the market, believing that they are a force of evil. To avoid inefficiency, the only way to run an efficient planned economy is have experts run the country, for example, the failures of Maoist China wouldn't have happened if Zhou Enlai (more of a political and economic expert compared to that of Mao) were in power instead of Mao.

    The Planned Economy:

    Continuing what I said above, the failures of many state socialist countries of the 20th Century could also be attributed to the lack of the nation's technocrats effectively planning the nation's economy (like Maoist China), even if I find that the presence of a revisionist clique (like Khruschev in the USSR, Le Duan in Vietnam, etc.) and Western and Globalist interference (in the case of the DPRK, Cuba, and Much of Eastern Europe), to effectively run a planned economy and avoid the inefficiencies in many State Socialist economies, I would put the nation's technocrats into good use, using Mathematicians, Scientists, Engineers, Economists, etc. to plan the economy while being fully loyal to the Party lines. However, all the Technocrats will do is plan the economy effectively, they will have zero influence over the Vanguard Party and Politics, after all, one example of Technocrats abusing their power and position is China under Jiang Zemin, who made China one of the most kleptocratic countries under his Authcap reign, and I want to avoid that completely.


    I support trust busting laws and I want to impose extremely heavy regulations on corporations if they want to operate in the country. Corporate Usury will be severely punished, and all their property nationalized by the state, since Corporations that disregard human lives and do exploitation do not deserve a place on earth. In my society, only worker-owned enterprises and corporations will be allowed in the country.

    The Welfare State:

    I generally support a welfare state that provides for everyone their basic needs. However, there are conditions that I'd like to put out that Welfare and Pension programs only apply to those that need help, or are unable to work. Those that are able to work but chose not to do not deserve to benefit from the welfare programs (for a matter of fact, I will implement a Social Parasite Tax, see below). I will also help students with poor backgrounds to give them the right to education, for example.


    I support a progressive tax, depending on the individual's income and so one. As such, only the working population will be taxed by the government based off their income level. For people with very low income, they are excused from taxation. Tax Fraud can be punished relatively heavily with even heavier taxes, or even imprisonment. The tax money gained by the government shall be allocated to improving infrastructure, education, and invest in the country. I also support a "Social Parasite Tax" as shown in Belarus and Stalinist USSR, taxing those who laze off government welfare and being useless eaters.


    I oppose free trade and complete autarky. Trade is a good way for our country to create stable and beneficial relationships with the rest of the world and also a good way to export our products out and to improve our economy. With that said, I also oppose the idea of "Free Trade" since Free Trade almost practically forces the country's economy to be dependant on another country. An example of this is the EU, where many countries become economic slaves of Germany and France as a result of the free trade. Free Trade is another codename for economic Imperialism. The kind of trade I support is beneficial trade with some forms of tariffs on foreign goods to protect the interests of local producers, since our people comes first, after all.

    Progressive Income Tax Social Parasite Tax Carbon Emissions Tax Sales Tax Excise Duties Custom Duties Inheritance Tax Windfall Tax


    The common person should have a place to stay, and the people should have a piece of land for themselves. It is a fundamental human right in the state. Rent can be comparable to theft, and I will be as harsh on landlords like how Maoist China was against them. Being a landlord isn't a real job. Housing should be subsidised and provided by the state, but as for living conditions, it is fully up to the worker-owned and nationalized businesses to improve the housing conditions there.


    He views that wealth disparity is a severe problem in all societies and must be combatted in all ways, and therefore, rich people and powerful companies, regardless of how much they did, shall pay their fair share of tax and they would be specifically taxed more so in return, the poor could enjoy the money that the rich has. Tax evasion will be fined with even more tax and the Rich who got their money through illegitimate forms will have every last inch of their wealth be confiscated by the state, and I believe in extensive wealth redistribution for that I can reduce the wealth gap.

    However, I think that millionaires should exist, provided if they earnt their money through hard work, pay their fair share of taxes, and work for the benefit of society and the country as a whole. Billionaires however, shouldn't exist as most if not all of them are exploitative, and even so, wealth accumulation is bad. Imo, a wealth cap of around 700M Chinese Yuan (approximately 104M USD) will do, and billionaires will have their money redistributed to the poor, or used to provide for public and merit goods.

    Worker's Democracy:

    One of the pillars of my economic ideology is the adherence to Worker's Democracy, otherwise known as workplace democracy for short. Under this system, the true Worker's Democracy shall be realized (Workers owning the means of production, and a complete destruction of markets and everything that represents the capitalist mode of production). Under this system. There will be a manager to drive production and efficiency, but they'd have to listen to the demands of the workers, and be highly qualified to make wise decisions to boost production, efficiency, while giving workers the means of production. There will also be no independent trade unions, for that they can corrupt society into becoming at worst Social Democratic or Welfare Capitalist, and all unions have to be owned by the Worker's Party and State.

    Take note that "workers having more say" is not worker's democracy. There is no democracy for the workers if they don't own the means of production, unlike what social democrats and welfarists that cuck to the system tell you. To add on, without the complete abolition of any sign of capitalism (yes this includes 'market socialism'), real worker's democracy cannot be realized.


    Subsidies is something that I take into concern, for that I'd like to make a balance between spending, while also making sure that the economy does not go into deficit. Thus, I'd only subsidize some of the most important sectors of the economy, for example, healthcare, education, housing, etc, and the main industry of the country. Otherwise, I will only subsidize some other nationalized, worker-owned industries if they really do social benefits to the society as a whole, and that they desperately need some kind of financial help.

    Value of Work, Wages, and Working Hours:

    I believe in the Marxian Labor Theory of Value, and I'm very much against the system of wage labour, since the ultimate way for compensating is the value and effort of work that one puts in. Wage Labour is exploitative, and it is not fair to the working class as it just judges by hours worked. Some fatso can just sit in their office shaking their legs yet earn more than someone working their asses off. However, I support a minimum wage and it will be adjusted to how much one works, and I support a 100 Yuan (15 USD approx.) Minimum wage, varying on different jobs, and the ones that work harder, earn better.

    Agarianism vs Industrialism:

    For this, I'd like to compare the Socialist movements in two countries, one being the Soviet Union, and India. Before the Leninism Bolshevik Revolution, majority of Russia are peasants, starving, living under slave-like conditions and most of them die before the age of 40. But once Lenin (and later Stalin) took over, the country oversaw massive industrialization and improvement of it's conditions, and the lives of the peasants drastically improved as a result of such. No more famines since the Soviet famine in the 1930's, as the country had already developed into an industrial powerhouse, and peasants, being the backbone of the entire country, liberated. As compared to India's socialist movement, rejecting industrialism has failed to elevate the lives of the peasants, and many still live in poverty and desperate conditions until today in India. This is also why many Indian Communists criticize the modern Indian state as a whole. The point I'm trying to make here is that Agarianism cannot be used for a long term goal for a socialist country, and that industrialism and industrialization is necessary, while elevating the lives of the peasants in the countryside, since one cannot focus more on either side, both peasants and the industrial workers are worthy parts of the people's proletariat. Both has to be liberated, and play a part in building the People's State.

    Political System:

    Post Revolutionary Siege Era:

    After a socialist revolution comes a tumultuous time. As authoritarian as I already am, during the first years of the revolution will see me leaning even Totalitarian stances, for that chaos is the last thing anyone wants to build a Socialist society. This time will be characterised with having total government and party control, mass people's militarization, and harsh controls over the civic axis. My ideology will go through this stage especially in politically unstable countries just recovering from chaos or civil war, or when under threat of war by imperialist or foreign powers. However, despite so, I will still continue with some kind of centralized federalism and people's democracy, for that we don't evolve into some kind of hive-mind collectivist country.

    Centralized Federalism:

    To summarize it all, 'Centralized Federalism' is basically how I'd implement my government structure, for as I believe the central government should still be the central deciding body for the country, while allowing certain areas to have some degree of autonomy, while they have to be completely loyal to the central government, with absolutely no tolerance to any attempt of separatism. However, my 'Centralized Federalism' varies country by country. In some countries (mainly in East Asia, for example, Japan, I'd go unitary, for that federalism cannot work well in countries like those), but even then, I'd still have a tiny degree of federalization to local authorities to pursue socialism that fits the interest of said state best, while following the direction of the party and the central government, and not deviating from it too much.

    Regarding Democracy:

    The Ideology firmly believes that the Western concepts of Liberal Democracy is utter nonsense and easily corruptible, and although supports it, views Western Democracy as either weak, corruptible, incompatible with Asian values or (mostly) seen as an imperialist, Western parasite used to corrupt Asia and should be wiped out by the people, instead, the ideology's democracy comes from the Leninist principle of Democratic Centralism and People's Democracy, while at the same time accepts the Maoist Ideal of New Democracy to be 'ideal', purging Western Democracy, instead implementing a Democratic System based on the conditions of the country that is implemented.

    Even so, the Democratic system should be set on Asian Values as well as principles of Socialism. The principle in Chinese culture that "Social Security is Greater than Personal Freedoms" as well as the frowning on greed and the concept of 'freedom', both of which are seen as degenerate and corrupt ideals that had brought upon nothing but suffering to the world. A true Democratic system shouldn't be of representative democracy and liberal democracy with parties who only share liberal values bickering and shitting on one another getting nothing done while the average person is losing hope (and those that truly want to change don't get a chance to stand in elections) a true democratic system should be something similar to a United Front of parties following a central ideology guiding the country forward to work for the common good of the people, as seen in the PRC, DPRK, and DDR.

    Guided Authoritarian Direct Democracy:

    This is more or less the system I follow. In socialist countries, there is a true system of Direct Democracy, except the people would only be allowed to vote for the members in the Vanguard Party. The people will have influence over the Politburo. That's how the democratic system in the USSR under Stalin worked out, same for many other socialist states, like the DPRK under Kim Il Sung, Cuba under Castro, and Vietnam under Ho Chi Minh are also similar examples. The authoritarian part comes in relation to my desire for a strong government to implement effective policies and changes in a country, and that not just that, the Party, led by a board of well-educated, suitable members of the proletariat, will serve as a kind of guide for this kind of democracy. As long as it doesn't threaten the Socialist structure (which, obviously, capitalists, liberals, fashoids, rightoids, etc are out of the question), it will be allowed, and all of them have to prove themselves to be strong, disciplined figures and politicians.

    Democratic Centralism and Vanguardism:

    Many libertarian viewpoints of Vanguardism about how the left isn't one party is true, despite the fact that I think that the Communist Party should lead the country with a firm hand, I believe that there shouldn't be just a single Vanguard Party alone, but rather a coalition led by the Vanguard Party, with all it's parties binded together to follow one central principle. This is known as Democratic Centralism, and this is the system I support. All parties registered in the state should be a part of this united coalition as seen in many Marxist-Leninist states, like the United Front in China, the National Front in the German Democratic Republic and the Democratic Front for the Reunification of the Fatherland in the DPRK. with all the Leftist Parties that participated in the revolution binded together, this way they have a strong party to lead it (the Vanguard Party, which is the Communist Party), while having all of the socialists swearing allegiance to the central ideology.

    To elaborate more on my stance on Vanguardism, I see it as necessary since Socialist countries and movements have constantly been targeted by Borgeoise Imperialists and Fascists alike, and without a strong party to protect the United Left and the Popular Front, it won't last long, and can be easily crushed by the Imperialist forces. Indeed, the Left shouldn't consist of just one single party, which is why I take my model from the GDR's Popular Front, which even Democratic Socialists are included. Provided that they serve the country and the people and do not engage in liberal pluralism, they can serve inside the Popular Front. To conclude, Vanguardism is something to be used to defend the country and the entire movement as a whole from Imperialism.

    Party Discipline:

    One of the greatest dangers to a Vanguard party is factionalism, and as seen in what happened in the CPC during the late 70's to the early 80's saw a lot of infighting and factionalism. That is not how a people's party should look like. What a party should have is mantain firm party discipline. Factionalism can be tolerated but keep it to a minimum degree to not divide the Vanguard party. Party members who cannot mantain party discipline by following the party line, upholding the party's ideology and programs and keeping it's objectives (like serving the people and whatnot) at the first priority are proven to be unfit to be in the People's Party that leads the people, thus have to be expelled, practising Democratic Centralism.

    Self-Criticism and Dissent:

    In Marxism-Leninism, I believe in the principle of Self-Criticism. Under a mass worker's party leading the worker's state, unlike what you'll see in liberal democracies that embrace the so called "liberal pluralism", where the elites, billionaires and the borgeoise of the nation are the de facto leaders of the country. Plus, under liberal democracies, all sorts of different parties will only work for their individual agenda rather than for the greater good of the nation. I do not support all that. In theis case, the Vanguard party is not the simple political party in liberal pluralism, but rather, the party is the people, the state is lead by the vanguard party consisting of all workers and people. To improve on party policies, workers will submit criticsims and suggestionsto the worker's party, consisting full of workers themselves. However, despite having this kind of system, we cannot afford to allow the Borgeoise and Capitalist systems to still remain in the nation, therefore liberalism, capitalism, interventionism, trotskyism and such, will be repressed.

    The Revisionist Question:

    What revisionism means in the Marxist sense is deviation from the initial principles, or deviation from the basic principles of Marxism Leninism. Examples of these are Nikita Khrushchev, who abandoned the DOTP concept of Marxism-Leninism and made the USSR social imperialist and couping Malenkov, this caused a chain effect along with Brezhnev's stagnation, corruption, and imperialism and it all ended with Gorbachev finally nailing the final straw. Revisionism should be fought against at all costs. But, I think it's fine to create your own variant of Marxism-Leninism and apply it according to the material conditions of the country while being inside the Marxist-Leninist framework, like Honecker in East Germany for example adapted Marxism Leninism to his country's conditions, that's fine, that isn't revisionism but rather Scientific Socialism. I'm fine with Marxism Leninism being developed by other individuals, but stay firm to the core principals of it. Revisionists are like humans who still call themselves human beings by betraying morals and ethics that humans have that other species don't.

    Marxist End Goal:

    There are a lot of misconceptions about the end goal of Marxism being a "Stateless, Classless, and Moneyless" society, when in reality it isn't just that one sentence. Marxism is a lot more complicated than just "Stateless, Classless and Moneyless" Society, which is anarchism and that is very clearly a failed ideology. What Marxism advocates for the the destruction of the neoliberal capitalist status quo, as his entire work is actually a critique of the era he's in. What us Socialists want isn't a utopian society, but rather a removal of the current status quo.

    Revolution or Reform?

    Revolution in general is the way. Socialism is revolutionary, and in Capitalist countries, reform simply will not work as it merely gives short-term benefits to the people and workers only to get overthrown by another borgeoise under the sham 'liberal democracy', plus, reforming a capitalist society doesn't work, the existence of social democracy being corrupted by liberals and the capitalist class is an example to prevent people from making true change. Examples are like how people like Bernie, Corbyn and the JCP cannot take power.

    Case against Electorialism:

    Similar to the above, and as I said, a Capitalist society is irredeemable. No matter how much sugarcoating is put onto a capitalist society, and no matter how much welfare is put in and how strong trade unions are, the national borgeoise can simply reverse them easily, and even then, in some Welfare Capitalist societies like in the Nordic Countries, the benefits it's people enjoy cannot be successful if it weren't from them leeching from the resources of Third Way Imperialism. Plus, even if electorialism succeeds, true socialism cannot be achieved through working with the capitalist system. For as long as the borgeoise class and the capitalist system still exists, Socialism could be overturned. To secure the idea of Socialism, every capitalist system has to be razed down, and a Socialist system has to be built new. Examples of these are Allende, Palme, Katayama, and such, who tried to work with the system but in the end had everything they had done completely reversed. Hence, a true Socialist party cannot resolve to working with the Electorial Systems in capitalist liberal "democracies", as the liberal democratic system will destroy any attempt to establish true people's control.

    Trade Unions:

    I personally don't think that Trade Unions can be the very base of a Socialist revolution, as, for the first point, they don't advocate enough. They merely advocate for better conditions, while not fighting against the dirty conditions that their employers tend to use, and they rarely form co-operatives. Another problem I have with Unions is that they also tend to focus on the individual workplace instead of the common industry of the country, so even if they manage to free themselves from capitalist exploitation, many others working in the same industry might be exploited too, and rarely build socialism. Worse, Trade unions may be used as a tool for Welfare Capitalists and Social Democrats to delay and stop the socialist revolution and prevent the proletariat from taking power in order to preserve the system. They may be a force of good compared to other capitalists, but right now I don't think they can be the backbone of a socialist revolution, and with social democrats, welfare capitalists, and such, they can be very easily corrupted.

    Who shall be the ones leading the revolution?

    In the process of a revolution, or a pre-socialist society, I believe that there should be a revolutionary vanguard of class-conscious, well-educated workers leading the united left, and the people, under the guidance of the mass party, consisting of the proletariat and the masses, install revolutionary values into the masses, making them class conscious, for that they can realise the evil of Capitalism and the current status quo. Plus, I'm not in favour of decentral planning of a revolution, as we all know how poorly-planned revolutions (or mass spontaneous unplanned actions in a revolution went), therefore, there needs to be the group of class-conscious, well-educated workers to plan and guide the masses towards a successful people's revolution to overthrow the national borgeoise.

    Who shall be the ones leading the Worker's State?

    I believe in a strong, powerful control of the revolutionary party of the Left, with the masses, the proletariat, the farmer, and the common person all being a part of the Worker's Party, for that all people in the country can be represented in the Worker's State. However, the top decisions have to be democratically decided by the well-educated, most able, and the most class-conscious workers in the Worker's Party, and whatever action they make, through firm party discipline and zero tolerance to factionalism, has to be collectively carried out by the People of the nation. That is known as Democratic Centralism. So, in a sense, with liberal pluralism eliminated, and the worker's state now embraces true democracy, rather than the borgeoise democracy full of nonsensical party politics and ideological bickering, this kind of democracy helps with meaningful progress to help the country develop. For improvements of policy, in Marxism-Leninism, I will adopt self-criticism for any policies (that have some failures) to minimize it's flaws and maximize it's positive effects.


    Realizing the dangers of Mediacracy, and the access to information is now controlled by the Mainstream Media, who serves the Overton Window, controlled by the private sector and the Neoliberals, brainwashing the common masses and preserving the current status quo, and later brainwashing people to embrace their hellish neoliberal dystopia, which is dangerous. Those who control the media, control the information sent to the people. Hence, we cannot afford to let media and the control of Information in the hands of the Private Sector. Hence, since I advocate for a mass worker's and people's state, Media should be nationalized, controlled by the people, and the state.

    To elaborate more, I do not believe in all those "press freedom" which liberals talk about. Since the right to distribute information shouldn't be in the hands of the borgeoise capitalist mega-corporations publishing news of their agenda (which is the case for many news sites now), but rather, the press and media should be owned by the workers and the worker's state, distributing media mantaining to the party line, and that is important. I will also some degree of autonomy to smaller, local newspapers to publish those that are more positive towards their local areas while staying firm in the Party's ideological line.

    The Question of "Freedom of Speech":

    Freedom of speech is an abstract concept. There is no line drawn in so called "Freedom of Speech", and particularly, that concept does not exist in any capitalist society. The line of tolerance of the "Freedom of Speech" isn't properly drawn. Plus, nowadays, Private entities dominate "freedom of speech" and the line of tolerance do not apply to them since the common person has their lives deeply connected with corporations, and with that, corporations manipulate the concept to fit their agenda. Hence why, as Hoxha said, "a society where a man is afraid to criticize another is not a socialist society", I'd tolerate criticisms and concerns as long as it's within the party line. However, those actively threatening the construction of socialism (like reactionaries, liberals, capitalists, and such), will be purged completely.


    It's basic knowledge that every ideology requires authority, structure, and bureaucracy for it to be properly carried out. Including Anarchism. Makhnovia, for example was pretty much a military dictatorship cult state not any different from the Revisionist DPRK we have today. Anarchists just do not want to admit that the force they use to implement their ideology is authoritarian. Same goes to all liberals. Anti-Auths and Lolberts merely do not understand that force is what gets things done effectively, rather than the borgeoise definition of "democracy" which they hold onto like a literal deity. The problem comes when we're talking about who holds the power to authority. If it's a singular man, then probability is he might abuse his power, like Pinochet, for example. However, what I advocate for is the power to be in the hands of the Mass People's Party, the Worker's and the People's state, just like genuine, true democracies like Kim Il Sung's DPRK where there are legitimate worker's control.

    Environmental Policy:

    Preserving the environment is indeed important, but I view that having better living standards and having the country to be industrialized to be more important than the environment, so in countries that are still poor or in need of development, Industrialism will take priority, even so, companies that do harm to the environment will be penalized for doing so. In developed countries, as they are already industrialized, they should work to transfer to greener sources of energy and reduce carbon emissions. It will take time, but it still has to be done.


    Mainly, in terms of Energy, it's deeply connected to my economic views, since I view that energy, like literally everything else in the economy, should not be remained in private hands, and all parts of the energy sector should be in control of the Worker's state. Even so, in terms of energy, it depends on the stage of development and the economic situation a country is in, hence, in most poorer countries (mainly in Africa), the usage of fossil fuels is a necessary evil. Once they have reached a certain level of development, I'd have them fully transition to a reliable, renewable source of energy. Hydroelectric and Nuclear sources of energy are some of my top choices.

    In the case of nuclear energy, while I understand the concerns of the dangers of using nuclear energy, such as the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster in Japan and the disaster in Chernobyl in the USSR, with this, I'd have measures to address this as well. Like most industries, I'd have a manager, a well-trained, educated, and verified manager to manage the field of energy, especially when it comes to nuclear energy, to boost the harnessing of nuclear energy to benefit the common people (as nuclear energy can bring enormous benefits), while getting everything built properly and prepared in case of a natural disaster (to prevent what happened in Fukushima happen again)

    Social Axis:

    The social axis is mainly based on Hu Jintao's Eight Honors and Eight Shames to serve as a kind of "Socialist Guiding Model" for a moral society. However so, the social policy I follow depends on region and material conditions. Politics are more than just a 1 dimensional line, it is a science that has to be adapted to the conditions of the certain country.

    以热爱祖国为荣 以危害祖国为耻
    以服务人民为荣 以背离人民为耻
    以崇尚科学为荣 以愚昧无知为耻
    以辛勤劳动为荣 以好逸恶劳为耻
    以团结互助为荣 以损人利己为耻
    以诚实守信为荣 以见利忘义为耻
    以遵纪守法为荣 以违法乱纪为耻
    以艰苦奋斗为荣 以骄奢淫逸为耻

    Honor to those who love the motherland, and shame on those who harm the motherland.
    Honor to those who serve the people, and shame on those who betray the people.
    Honor to those who quest for science, and shame on those who refuse to be educated.
    Honor to those who are hardworking, and shame on those who indulge in comfort and hate work.
    Honor to those who help each other, and shame on those who seek gains at the expense of others.
    Honor to those who are trustworthy, and shame on those who trade integrity for profits.
    Honor to those who abide by law and discipline, and shame on those who break laws and discipline.
    Honor to those who uphold plain living and hard struggle, and shame on those who wallow in extravagance and pleasures.

    Identity Politics:

    Identity Politics is something that I personally oppose, regardless on which extreme end it is. One side we have Baizuo Woketards obsessed with Black Trans Women and care more about intersectional bullshit rather than anything else, while on the other hand we have White Supremacists, Nazis, Ethno nationalists, and so on. A symbol of this is how America is now and the Baizuo left parties like the DSA do not serve the people at all. Both sides are the same shit, and they should be rooted out from the system as a whole.

    The Progressive-Conservative Axis:

    As stated before, Progressivism and Conservatism isn't just one line and one axis. It's way more complicated than that. In a way, I'm progressive and in other ways I'm conservative. I'd apply my progressive-conservative axis based on the conditions of each country, and even then, I'd progress on parts that truly require progress (in the case of Third World Countries, I'd have the material conditions of the country progress into improvement, like how Gaddafi, Sankara, etc. did), while being restrictive on parts like LGBT marriage, pride, and such, which I am particularly harsh against. So, you could say I'm progressive-conservative, like Teddy, Sun Yat Sen, and MLK.


    In terms of religion, it varies upon region, if it is a society where religion has little to almost no influence like in East Asia, religion will be completely separated from the government, and all officials of the government have to be either agnostic or atheist to take office. despite that, freedom of religion is guaranteed, and for new religions, they have to go through strict monitoring from the government, in case of insane cults like Falun Gong coming up. As for Insane cults or Doomsday Cults, they will be brutally and violently suppressed for terrorism. Regardless of religion, they have to swear loyalty to the government, be obliged to surveillance and national security laws and many more.

    Even in countries where religion is prominent, it has to be separated from the government in fear of becoming a Saudi Arabia-like Theocracy. And all religions have to be tolerated, as long as it is legal and follows the regulations of the country.

    Gender Identities/LGBTQ:

    I'm generally fine with them provided if they keep it private and that they aren't flamboyant about such. I'll allow them to live their lives without being attacked by the state provided if they don't do the pride shit and force everyone to support their agenda, I however, am against gay marriage since I see that marriage is between a man and a woman and that children need to grow up with a father and a mother figure, then only they can be true people to society. As for transgenders, they should only be allowed to remain at their legal gender, and they will receive therapy to cure all these "gender dysphoria".

    I however do not recognize this "non-binary" bullshit, as they are just something made by attention-seeking progtards who want to take advantage of the woke mob to build their own agenda, and it's existence is just plain nonsense. Regarding xenogenders and other kinds of bullshit, I strongly oppose them.

    In conclusion, I support the de-criminalization of LGBT, but that's it. I will not implement laws to specifically protect them since I view them as no different than the common person and therefore shouldn't be specifically protected by the state, and I don't have a problem with them if they keep it private and not flamboyant. If they go further than that, I will not entertain them.

    Sex, Porn, and such topics:

    Sex work is not work, and porn should be restricted as much as possible. Since I view porn as an unnecessary evil that corrodes society and turns people who watch them into sex-addicted fucks and it objectifies women as tools for sex. If you support porn and sex work, you do not at all view women as human beings. As a supporter of women's rights and I view that equality between men and women to be a main part in the socialist revolution, I very much oppose porn and sex 'work'. It is in no way empowering and it just objectifies people. As I see it as a poison, I will put extensive censorship and monitoring on the net to take down every single porn site.

    As for people who were forced into doing it because of human traffiking and poverty, I'd have an approach that attacks pimps, brothel owners, and those that engage in the prostitution business, while helping those victims of human traffiking just to be sex slaves escape. Again, to do this, I support a strong police force that shows zero mercy to criminals and extensive surveillance to fight crime in general, not just prostitution.

    Gun Ownership:

    This may come off as a surprise but I support Gun Ownership with certain exceptions. For one thing that with the ownership of guns, people are able to defend themselves from criminals, or imperialist invaders, and it will be easy to fight off imperialists trying to invade the homeland.

    Despite supporting gun ownership, I have a few requirements and checks for the person if they want to own a gun, namely they have to be above the age of 21, absolutely no criminal record (even the slightest criminal record will not allow you to own a gun), no mental disorders, and all have to receive a background check. Even so, all guns require a tracker, and a code for each of them, in case shootings or crimes occur.

    Individualism and Hedonism as a Threat:

    Individualism is something that disconnects a person from wider society, and from other people, and in general is a philosophy of selfishness. Individualism is Egoism-lite. The principle is frequently used as justification for bugs that want to destroy society in the name of "freedom of speech", or degenerates who think jerking off to children is "fun", these principles are poisonous and should be seen as a threat. I'm not for hive-mind collectivism, but Individualism should be countered. Hedonism is even worse, since it's more or less a justification for people to be an asshole and do absolutely unacceptable things in the name of "doing what they want" and "fun". People of these kinds are absolutely deplorable, selfish fucks. These principles should be seen as threats that destroy society and the nation.

    Racial Discrimination:

    Racial discrimination is publicly frowned upon, and propaganda will be spread to condemn the usage of racial discrimination. Doing racial discrimination will result in the loss of access to benefits like welfare and a good education. Racially-aggravated crimes will also be taken seriously, and the perpetrator will resort to public torture and beating by the police.

    Regarding Police brutality because of race, the policeman (or any authority figure for that matter) will be completely removed from their position, not to be able to apply for jobs, and lose all benefits from the government.


    I'm quite indifferent when it comes to Immigration, as I believe in a balanced solution. We should open our borders for people with legitimate reasons to enter, like students, or people looking for work to enter here, but we shouldn't let literally everyone in. For one thing, if they were to immigrate, or enter, for a matter of fact, require background checks of some sort. People with a criminal record are not allowed to enter.

    As for refugees fleeing percecution or war, there's one thing that's for sure, I sympathise with their condition, but not everybody should be allowed in. Those that are allowed in should only be people with valuable skills, like doctors, scholars, and such, and even then, their backgrounds are very important, and not all will be allowed entry, since it may result in hatred as immigrants might take away jobs from the native population, causing racial hatred, xenophobia and such.

    Jail System:

    The principle of the jail system is based on the principle "a tooth for a tooth". Sentences depends on the harm and damage caused to the victim. If it ruins a life, it will be resort to life imprisonment and sometimes torture. If it is extremely heinous like child sexual assault, mass rape, massacre, serial killing, etc. These will be punishable by public execution, public shaming, and be made as an example of, to ensure that no one in the country ever does it again.

    The usage of torture is also legalized in the police force, but not during interrogation. But it is legalized in prisons, as the government views criminals as "people that deserve every single loathing, and punishment from the world, and that's if you can call them 'people'."


    I believe that in a country with diverse cultures, I strive to protect all the cultures, and protecting their identity, and I oppose both assimilation, and I also am against multiculturalism, as multiculturalism emphasises on more division, and it is a liberal and globalist ploy to pull each other apart, hence, I am against the modern concept of multiculturalism, instead, what I strive for is interculturalism, building a common identity for all people, similar to Indonesia's Sukarno, on how he advocated "Brotherhood and Unity", yet protecting other cultures. Other such examples are the regimes of the USSR and the PRC, whose Interculturalism are all I take inspiration from.


    Abortion is seen as a moral evil and very frowned upon in my ideal society. Many cases of aborting the baby is mainly due to irresponsible people who desire sex, and if you want to have sex and don't want the baby, take every bit of necessary measure possible and even then you're fully responsible for what happens in sex. However, in the case of mother's health and incest, the case is pardoned.

    As for rape, although rape is a tragedy and a horrible thing to happen to anyone, an innocent soul should not be harmed for the sins of the rapist. A way to cure victims of rape is to raise the baby properly, viewed by the government.

    Irresponsible abortion however, is seen as a crime more heinous than murder as it is done out of pure irresponsibility of the couple. With that, I support the repealing of Roe v. Wade, despite the fact that I think it is repealed at the worst time since social conditions in America for women aren't good.

    Despite that, socioeconomic conditions are something that is needed to take into account when it comes to abortion. To reduce the amount of abortion, I'd take a few measures, like granting welfare and support to pregnant women and families with economic hardship, and help rape victims and those who were pregnant through it by giving them therapy. Moreover, to reduce the amount of abortion, I support more social programs so that people won't have to do it illegally, and as for rape, I'd make pepper spray for women widely available to protect themselves from rapists.


    Propaganda is characterized mainly to enhance the morale of the people in the country, as a means to help the people in the country have confidence in the government and work hard in programs. One main front of propaganda is propaganda that promotes national unity, economic output, and combating problems like poverty and pollution. While regarding foreign propaganda, the country should be marshalled up against the Western powers and propaganda will be frequently aiming for the absolute destruction of American Imperialism, Atlanticism and SJW degeneracy.

    Sometimes, popular media (i.e Anime) will be used as a means to enhance national unity and enhance morale of the people in the country, and views mainly Eastern popular media as a weapon that could be used to destroy the Imperialist, Atlanticist Western World Order responsible for humanity's suffering and the spread of wokeism, which must be combatted.

    Foreign Policy:

    West or East?

    To put it simply, despite being a patriot to China and a staunch supporter of the CPC, I'm not standing with the East nor the West, since the East (despite being trillions of times better than NATO and the West), has it's fair share of shitty people and regimes and acts, namely the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and Czechoslovakia, the Sino-Vietnamese War and such, plus, some Pro-East regimes like Russia, Iran and Zimbabwe are horrible and do not deserve my support. So, I take a similar take to Fidel Castro, who hated Bloc Politics and trying to enhance the Third World and empower the NAM, like how Sukarno and Nkrumah did. I love my country and the Party, but what I'd prefer the CPC to do is take the path of Zhou Enlai to support the third world instead of promoting social imperialism during our revisionist years of Deng and Jiang.

    However, if I had to pick in between the two, even if you kill me, I will still pick the East. Sure, the Warsaw Pact has done it's fair share of shitty things, but, one thing is for sure. They haven't vaporized entire countries for no reason unlike the Atlanticists. There is not a single reason to support NATO, which is objectively the modern day Axis Powers, not even sympathise or see them as a lesser evil. Even if your country hasn't been fucked by Atlanticoids and the West, some other country nearby probably has. Russia and China haven't caused the deaths of three million Iraqis because of a lie, have they, or the Vietnam War, one which the Americans had done one of the most horrifying crimes in humanity by slaughtering entire villages and murdered children, causing deaths and long term effects and lasted until today. 18-20 Million Indochinese people died because of the Neocucks. These are just two examples. Look at the 20% of Koreans killed by the Americans in the Korean War, the countless crimes they backed in Latin America, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, etc.

    "but muh authoridarianism and my liberal universal values that everyone has to follow or get your entire country genocided!!!!!!" What other countries do is NONE of the Superpower's business. America is the single most genocidal country still around today, and the death toll that Neocucks have caused can easily exceed the ones caused by Nazi Germany. There is a clear greater evil here even if both sides are not good.


    Although I oppose the idea of Economic Globalism, World Federation, Anationalism and such, I still believe that the world should work together and co-operate with each other. I take the model of Alt-Globalization as my ideal model regarding Globalism. Globalist organizations have been doing shady things like converting independent nations into neoliberal slaves and causing them to suffer, and Globetards are Imperialists with a human face, aiming to destroy any country independent from their agenda, as how they are currently starving the DPRK and stopping them from any possible development. The Nation comes before others.

    Doctrine of Scientific Socialism:

    As I said before in the previous section in the Revisionist Question one, Socialism is a science, not to blindly follow what Marx had said. Blindly following Marx's book will not get you anywhere. That's the different between all the "Ultra-Marxist" ideologies like Left Communism, compared to Marxism-Leninism, who treats the ideology of Marx like a science. Material Conditions completely define how a country should be ruled, and thus, Socialism should be applied to said country according to their specific conditions. That's how many regional ideologies came to place. Kim Il Sung, Castro, Sankara, Bac Ho, etc. are examples of people who adopted Socialism to their country's specific conditions, and they have seen some of history's biggest successes.

    Socialist Patriotism:

    The Nation is a force that gives a sense of uniformity in society. A cause that binds the workers of the nation together, and therefore, loving the country and doing everything to protect it and everything it stands for should be a duty of the Party and the people. No matter how bad said country is (excluding illegitimate states like Israel and Taiwan), it is a duty for Socialists and the People of the Nation to protect it, while destroying their borgeoise government.

    Rejection of Liberal "Human Rights" and embracing True "Human Rights":

    "Human Rights" as proposed by the Liberal Globalists are an absolute farce. They are always chanting about all these individualistic bullshit that have nothing to do with improving the lives of people and country like "freedom of speech" and all those bullshit. Like, why does "free elections" matter when your entire family is starving? why does "freedom of speech" matter when you can't even have access to food and healthcare? All of those individualistic bullshit shouldn't be considered human rights, and even so, "freedom of speech" is a stepping stone to chaos.

    Instead, I pursue a true "human rights" doctorine that should be upheld instead of the liberal, individualistic ones. It'll be what I call 'Rights of Humanity', similar to one proposed by Castro. Instead, I'll focus on the rights of humanity, like the accessibility to food, jobs, healthcare, housing and so on. That is what human rights should be. It's ridiculous that you have "free speech" while you are suffering from a terminal illness not having any medicine and starving because you have no food. Don't get me started on how genocidal, neocuck imperialists use "human rights" as an excuse to commit genocide and raze down entire countries.

    Opposition to Interventionism:

    I believe Interventionism in general is very unnecessary and it's another tool for imperialism. No cases of Intervention has been justified apart from the Liberation of Tibet. What other countries do and their policies are NONE of the superpower's business. "But muh authoritarianism!!!!!!" some countries are just simply not fit for the corrupted, individualistic model of liberal democracy. Just see how the Arab Spring turned out, and how most of Asia's "democracies" are either failed, filled with nonsensical party politics and bickering politicians (like Malaysia and 'Taiwan'), or turned to a dominant party state instead (like Japan and the Philippines), and those with a strong hand actually get more shit done.

    The only cases where I support interventionism is when being against counter-imperialism, or against a genocidal enemy, slave state, or to unite the country. Otherwise, I oppose all other kinds of intervention, unless when said country is provoked, like the Pearl Harbor Attacks and the Khmer Rouge forces massacring Vietnamese villages. Interventionism has done more chaos and suffering than good, and what third-world countries do, do not at all require a superpower to write the rules for them. What gives them the right to do so, anyway?

    Proletarian Internationalism and Socialism in One Country:

    "Socialism in One Country means Capitalism in All countries" is outright false. Socialism in One Country is to put the nation at first, not isolate and lock it all down to the rest of the world. Socialism in One Country is to build up Socialism in their own country first, to create ourselves as a model socialist state, and care for the conditions and improving our own country first, providing a model. That's how the DPRK under Kim Il Sung did, so did Stalinist Russia and Maoist China. Building a model for the world to follow.

    After building a strong socialist model inside the country and finishing with the projects necessary to build our country up, I pursue Proletarian Internationalism. Note, that this doesn't mean Globalism or World Communism, nothing of that sort, I do not believe in forcing ideologies upon other countries unlike Trotskyites and Western Liberal Hawks, the entire concept of Proletarian Internationalism is solidarity with the peoples oppressed by imperialism, colonialism, and capitalism, as well as to support other fellow socialists in building their nationalist, socialist republic by the people, while not trampling on national sovereignty, which is a fatal mistake by the USSR. I pursue a policy similar to what Cuba did in terms of proletarian internationalism.

    I'll stress again I do NOT advocate for globalism, since I strongly oppose an international world government and anti-nationalism. Proletarian Internationalism is similar to Alter-Globalization, as it truly respects national sovereignty and calls for the world to support each other's national liberation, and building socialism together as well as supporting each other in the fight against imperialism and capitalism.



    Chine.png Traditional Chinese, PanAsian.png Traditional East Asian, and a mixture of Stalin.png Stalinist Architecture


    Anime.png Anime and Manga, mixed with a bit of ML.png Russian Futurism and ML.png Socialist Realism


    Nation.png Nationalist, Anime.png Anime and Popular Culture Music, and ML.png Communist


    Long story short, I'm a Collectivist, Communitarian and Paternalist who strongly opposes the ideas of Individualism and especially Hedonism. Although I don't support Hive-Mind Collectivism, I hate Individualism and I will fight against it.


    Humans are by nature collectivist, and humans are meant to work together as groups, and as a community. Selfishness is not human nature, and Individualism is not a human's true state. If it weren't for collectivism, humans would be either extinct, or be as a failed species. All the major, prosperous civilizations are not build from one single individual, but rather thousands and millions of people.


    The Community is inherently very important, as it focuses on mutual support between peoples, working forward towards a common goal. It is a win-win situation, where the community is able to help and fulfill what's best for each individual.

    Paternalism and Legalism:

    I believe not everything should be up to the individual to decide. As humans, we are not perfect either, and humans tend to make mistakes that make them regret for their entire life, or walk down a bad road. Hence, I support the state guiding the people towards a positive path, this applies in Politics too. Paternalism gets countries and nations thriving with the state trying to guide the people.

    Virtue Ethics:

    I believe that virtue is a trait that all humans must share, to be the best they can be, and that forms good collectives and communities. However, I oppose what is known as "universal values".


    Morality is important for society to thrive. Some acts, like murder, rape, exploitation, corruption, etc are inherently immoral, while others, like filial piety, selflessnesss, etc are moral acts, and I believe the moral should be upheld while the immoral should be shunned and those who commit those acts punished.


    • 3princ.png Sun Yat Sen (1866-1925)
    • ZhouEnlai.png Zhou Enlai (1898-1976)
    • Hujintao.png Hu Jintao (1942-)
    • Juche.png Kim Il Sung (1912-1994)
    • JapCom.png Inejiro Asanuma (1898-1960)
    • JapCom.png Kyuichi Tokuda (1894-1953)
    • Stalin.png Khorloogjin Choibalsan (1895-1952)
    • HoChiMinh.png Ho Chi Minh (1890-1969)
    • Sukarno.png Sukarno (1901-1970)
    • Stalin.png Shibdas Ghosh (1923-1976)
    • File:SocKemal.png Sevket Sureyya Aydemir (1897-1976)
    • Sankara.png Thomas Sankara (1949-1987)
    • File:Nkrumah.png Kwame Nkrumah (1909-1972)
    • Cball-PRBulgaria.png Georgy Dimitrov (1882-1949)
    • Cball-PRBulgaria.png Valko Chervenkov (1900-1980)
    • Hoxha.png Enver Hoxha (1908-1985)
    • ML.png Andrija Hebrang (1899-1949)
    • Cball-SRRomania.png Gheorghe Georgiu Dej (1901-1965)
    • File:Cball-PRHungary.png Matyas Rakosi (1892-1971)
    • File:Gottwald2.png Klement Gottwald (1896-1953)
    • File:Bierut.png Boleslaw Bierut(1892-1956)
    • Orthlen.png Vladimir Lenin (1870-1924)
    • Mirsaid Sultan-Galiev.png Mirsaid Sultan Galiev (1892-1940)
    • ML.png Mikhail Borodin(1884-1951)
    • Stalin.png Joseph Stalin(1878-1953)
    • Orthlen.png Yegor Ligachev (1920-2021)
    • Ormarxf.png Karl Marx(1818-1883)
    • Ormarxf.png Frederick Engels(1820-1895)
    • ML.png Ernst Thalmann(1886-1944)
    • Cball-EastGermany.png Wilhelm Pieck (1876-1960)
    • Cball-EastGermany.png Walter Ulbricht (1893-1973)
    • ICA.png James Connolly (1868-1916)
    • Castro.png Fidel Castro (1926-2016)

    Views on Disputed Areas:

    Cball-Afghanistan.png Afghanistan:

    Afghanistan should have a strong, secular and authoritarian government as majority of the problems in Afghanistan are caused by religious conflict and religious conservatism holds back Afghanistan from modernization and industrialization. If not, a model of strong Islamic Socialism like Najibullah's ideas should be implemented. The Taliban, tribal conflict and other such groups should be crushed to unite Afghanistan from the Imperialists like Biden, who is an enemy of all Afghan people that the people of Afghanistan should unite and crush.

    Cball-Belarus.png Belarus:

    Whilst I don't really like him, Lukashenko is the main reason why Belarus did not fall into the sorry state of Ukraine and Russia after the collapse of the USSR due to Lukashenko's economic policies. The rioters are national traitors that want Belarus to become an EU slave (which will never happen). However, despite that, I'm not fond of Lukashenko's over dependence on Putin (even if he literally had no choice but to do so) and his support to the Imperialist war in Ukraine. However, despite that I myself have problems with Lukashenko and the Belarusian Government, like their corruption, oligarchy, and their reliance on Putin, I'd pick them over the Antiauth globalist simping Tsikhanouskaya. Lukashenko is easily the least bad of all the Post-Soviet leaders, but he is not a good man.

    Cball-Bolivia.png Bolivia:

    I will rather jump off a 7-storey building than recognize the illegal government of Jeanine Anez. Evo Morales improved Bolivia more than any Bolivian leader has ever did before, and his anti-imperialist stance is right as the Americans supported narco-traffiking neoliberal dictators like Hugo Banzer in Bolivia. Like the Carribean, Africa and Latin America, Latin Americans by blood should be opposed to Imperialism and those that support the Americans are traitors to their own people. The US will pay for installing that neoliberal bitch Jeanine Anez (who will rot eternally in jail), whilst he is indeed a progressive figure, I do have criticisms of Evo and the Bolivian regime, he is way too moderate, and should take the ML pill asap, for that capitalism and other borgeoise ideals can be quickly killed off.

    Cball-China.png China:

    Even if I don't like the revisionist Communist Party of China and I have a lot of criticisms for them, the Mainland Chinese government is the real China and the real representative of the Chinese people. Taiwan is a pathetic state that cucks themselves off to Japan and the Westerners, both of whom stern enemies of the Chinese people and are imperialists. The Taiwanese government is a race traitor for doing so and should be ashamed of themselves on that. the CPC brought China up from humiliation by the Imperialists and had a lot of positive and progressive policies such as industrialization, women's rights, and the removal of feudal culture, even if nowadays China is revisionist and is exporting social imperialism.

    Tibet and Xinjiang are inseperable parts of China and the Chinese have treated them with full autonomy. They did good killing seperatists and feudalists trying to destroy the Chinese nation. Westoids can cry and cope over China's rightful ownership of both Tibet and Xinjiang. "FreeTibet" "FreeXinjiang", go outside and get some friends, both are already freed. Plus, in Xinjiang I admit there is tightening of security, but the media does not report why China is tightening grip over Xinjiang, that being Uyghur militants fleeing China to fight for terrorists in Syria. There have also been deadly terrorist attacks by the ETIM and other Uyghur Extremist groups. So I think tightening security is pretty justifiable. That said, it is not a genocide. People aren't being killed for being Muslim unlike what you're seeing in Israel. Uyghur culture is still very much still present there. But with that said, there are mass incarcerations, but they are in absolutely no way genocide. Plus, I find it hypocritical how the West condemns China for tightening it's security from terrorists when they have slaughtered millions of Iraqis and Afghans in the "War on Terror". I believe that through tightening security is clearly a better way compared to randomly bombing other countries. Even so, the media is full of lies when it comes to Xinjiang. Condemning us for not opening up when we have sent invitations to various NGOs and even the EU (UN's Human Rights Commisionner Bachelet just visited China and she never said it's a genocide, inb4 "ebil CPC must have forced her to lie!!!!!") being a massive cope. Tibet however, no Tibetan has asked for independence and they haven't been living more free. Those that ask for independence are the Dalai Lama and his band of slave dogs and benefitted from slavery of the Tibetan people. Just check this. If you support Lincoln in the American Civil War, you should support China destroying a Slave State. I've been to both Tibet and Xinjiang when I'm living in China and they are great places and have been doing well under Beijing's control. Even if I back them in the cases of Tibet, Taiwan and Xinjiang, I do have quite the number of points that I oppose China in (mainly in the South China Sea, their domestic (economic policies mainly) policies, and their debt trapping of third world nations and social imperialism)

    Regarding foreign affairs, I do agree that China has some steps to take back, like South China Sea and some political influencing the Belt and Road project (even if a lot of African countries choose China thanks to the French and the Americans destroying whatever they got), and I would clearly pick China over the West any time of the day, but we should not be interfering in other affairs, and we should go back to our anti-imperialist and third-worldist roots like how Zhou wanted, supporting the Third World. Social Imperialism is never acceptable, even if it's done by the Party which I am loyal to. However, that said, I'd clearly prefer China than the West any time of the day and I'd rather owe debt to them than the Westerners, but Chinese Social Imperialism (via the belt and road project) is shady, and not good. They are an imperialist power, even if they are the least bad among all superpowers.

    Castro.png Cuba:

    The Cuban rioters are your typical Gusanos brainwashed by liberal media and influence trying to sell Cuba to the United States. The United States is the true enemy of the Cuban people, the embargo proves so, and Cuba would be as successful in terms of economy like how Japan or Netherlands is if it weren't for the American embargo. The mere fact about how they are successful compared to many other Latin American countries prove so. Cubans by blood are born to hate the United States who had done nothing but destroy the freedom of the Cuban people. The United States is genocidal and is always seeking to undermine Cuban Sovereignty and topple the legitimate Castroist government which had done tremendous progress for Cuba, and any attempt to undermine Castroist rule in Cuba is another word for subjugation against the Cuban people. Even so, I want the Cuban Communist Party to get rid of it's revisionist-leaning policies (like opening up to markets), so Cuba isn't exactly perfect either.

    File:Cball-Eswatini.png Eswatini:

    I back the Eswatini protests against the corrupt, British-Taiwanese Imperialist puppet of Eswatini. Fuck Mswati III and his regime.

    4thReichEU.png European Union (aka the 4th Reich):

    I fullheartedly support the destruction of the European Union. Everything from debt slavery, economic globalization and imperialism, funding terrorism, meddling in the affairs of countries like Poland, Hungary, and Belarus to force them to adopt their globalist ideology and if not they starve them via sanctions, opposing nationalism and pride to the nation, enslaving all of Eastern Europe to have them serve as punching bags and plague those countries with corrupt, pro-EU slaves.

    • Eastern Germany: Many miss the times of East Germany where the people truly had equality
    • Poland: There is a reason why Poles want to forge an independent path, despite bad experiences under communism
    • Czechia and Slovakia: Idk a whole much about them although they're selling their sovereignty to the EU which is gay
    • Hungary: People miss Kadar for a reason, and there is a reason why the vast majority of people supports an euroskeptic like Orban despite his faults
    • Former Yugoslavia: Constant chaos
    • Albania: raped by crime and civil war after the fall of communism, now only recovering even if there are huge problems
    • Romania: raped with corruption
    • Bulgaria: Communist Nostalgia is high since the Bulgarian government rn is an EU slave that practically hasn't done anything for Bulgaria since the Communists have done it all
    • Greece: Raped economically by the Germans and constantly threatened by the Turkish (an Atlanticist Ally btw)

    The EU's control over Eastern Europe can easily be compared to the Japanese Imperialist's idea of "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere", bunch of puppets to serve the imperialist agenda.

    Cball-HongKong.png Hong Kong:

    There is no reason for Hong Kong to be independent, nor for it to be treated seperately from the rest of China. First off, fuck the Brits for illegally stealing our city and oppressing our fellow countrymen there, second off, I wish the 1967 Anti-Colonial rebellion succeeded because the British Imperialists are not human after what crimes they did in the Opium Wars. Third off, the people in Hong Kong that wave the British flag and destroy the city are not true citizens of Hong Kong. They are terrorists. Joshua Wong is basically the Hong Kong version of Osama Bin Laden. His group consist of degenerates, pedophiles, coomers, rapists, racists, Neo-Nazis, Neo-Colonialists and all sorts of disgusting people there is. Whoever that backs them, you really do need to reconsider being born. Those spineless cowards beat up the elderly for simply being against vandalism and wanting to continue with normal life, harass Mainland Chinese tourists and go even far as to hating people for speaking Mandarin and Chinese culture, supporting Imperial Japan, War and Genocide. After the fight against Imperialism by the Chinese people, these cucks should receive something worse than the Tiananmen treatment. Hong Kong should be absorbed back to China this moment and the slaughter of every bit of those terrorists are necessary.

    Note: They plant bombs in train stations, brainwash children into their agenda, harass journalists for not liking them (or just simply being Chinese), force restaurants to stop serving Mandarin speakers, get angry for not being able to molest children and jack off to CP, beat up people for wanting to feed their family, how can anyone even support such a disgusting group? Not even ISIS is as bad as them.

    Cball-India.png India:

    I can't stand the Western hypocrisy of treating China as "le ebil hellhole" while India is in all ways worse. India used to be based Pro-Soviet in the Cold War but now they are ruined and ruled by a corrupt Hindu extremist, Narendra Modi, who is arguably borderline feudalist and actively enables the suffering of the Indian peasants and Non-Hindu males. India is known as the rape capital of the world thanks to him, extreme poverty (one of the worst in the world) and people in the countryside are fanatically conservative to a point of beyond retardation, as well as the Caste system holding India back, I view this as a legacy of British Imperialism and how fuckers like Modi and the BJP ruin the country.

    If it had a strong, centralized, socialist authoritarian leadership, India would be as strong as Russia and China against the imperialists. A purge against these reactionary elements left behind by Imperialism, full unification of the Indian subcontinent, industrialization will do great. Even many Indians say that this isn't the India that they fought for. I admire Gandhi and all, but the bad thing about him is that his system is too agarian and do not advocate for large industrialization, which is necessesary for a large country like India.

    Pahlavi.pngCball-Iran.png Iran:

    Both Pahlavist and Khomeinist Iran are cringe. I won't support Khomeinist Iran as it is a classic near-reactionary Islamic Theocracy, even if it opposes the West. They are better than how they were before but that's still a very low bar. Khomeini had destroyed whatever hope for change is left for Iran, and I despise the Khomeinist Reactionary government with every fibre of my being, but yet I don't want Iran to be a Western puppet. Iran should build a Socialist republic modified to it's material conditions, and I think the Tudeh Party will be the best candidate for that.

    Cball-Iraq.png Iraq:

    Regardless of how Saddam was, what Iraq ended up being like shouldn't happen to anyone. One good thing Saddam did was develop his country and had some achievements (although he's awful) until the Neocucks razed Iraq down to the ground, implemented a corrupt puppet government that can't do jackshit, and ask why do the Iraqis hate him and wonder why ISIS and other Jihadists are gaining more influence. I support a popular revolution by the Iraqi people to chase the Jihadists and the Americans (alongside their puppets out), to rebuild a strong, prosperous Iraq under the Socialistic,Ba'athist banner , and later, should evolve into socialism.

    Cball-Ireland.png Ireland:

    The IRA would be based if they were not terrorist. The British have slaughtered the Irish people like insects and with extremely inhumane methods. The mere fact that Ireland and Britain are somewhat friendly now is pure mental retardation. Does the Irish government not know that the British are the one who slaughtered their people and countrymen like barbarous imperialist savages? Ireland should launch a war to reclaim Northern Ireland from the British Imperialists, and possibly help fellow Scots, Welsh and Celts in France to break free from the Imperialists and form a Pan-Celtic Union to fight against the Imperialist bastards. Britain do not deserve to have existence nor do they deserve any praise after the genocide and madness which they unleashed to the world, just like the Nazis.

    Cball-Japan.png Japan:

    I like their culture, food, people, entertainment and games, but their government and politics are one of the worst things still existing on earth. They are the biggest threat to peace in the Far East and a puppet of the Western Imperialists threatening peace and stability in the Eastern Asian region. They want to re-establish an imperialist empire with support from the west to unleash slaughter on Asia.

    In the case of Japan, I believe the Left should take more drastic actions on taking and dismantling the Japanese monarchy, establish a republican government, purge against the Japanese Right, establish a socialist republic with the model of Market Socialism, purge against degenerate pornographic media, rejoin it's asian allies by rejecting any ambition of Imperialism and Militarism, chase out all prescence of American Degenerate influence, and become an economic bastillion against the Atlanticist Agenda.

    Cball-North Korea.pngCball-South Korea.png Korea

    Although viewing the DPRK as the lesser evils of the two, I still firmly believe that Korea should unite independently from their respective powers (although South Korea is more of a puppet than the DPRK) and America should get the fuck out of Korea (and asia as a whole) and South Korea should pave their own path and treat their social problems more seriously while the DPRK should end with their state capitalist, revisionist, champagne "Socialism". Juche as a concept is based though.

    However, If I had to pick, I'd Pick the DPRK, since at the very least they are a strong government and built according to the wishes of the Korean Workers and peasants, and truly upholds worker's rights and human rights (not liberal "human rights", but true human rights) and at the very least also upholds traditional Korean culture unlike the South who willingly destroyed their own culture to please the West. Even so, the failures of the DPRK are mainly caused by corruption under Kim Jong Il, deviation from Marxism-Leninism, and the neocons constantly threatening and sanctioning it, literally starving and genociding an entire country. The North Korean famine was also indirectly caused by the West. Even so, I want North Korea to return back to the true Nationalist, Socialist ideal of Juche under Kim Il Sung, for Kim Il Sung have practically turned the DPRK into a "model state" in the Eastern Bloc

    Cball-Libya.png Libya:

    Gaddafi has his faults alright, but it doesn't justify what the murderous Neocon terrorist organization did to Libya. Even then, Gaddafi brought more good to Libya than any western-backed leader in Africa ever can do. Gaddafi is a true patriot and a champion of anti-imperialism in the Third World. I will support Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi to bring Libya back to it's former glory and re-establish his father's regime.

    Cball-Malaysia.png Malaysia:

    There isn't any big issues regarding where I currently live on an international scale, but one thing is for sure. I absolutely despise our current clown government that do not serve the people and our clown politicians. Firstly, the current government is founded off with British Imperialist values that neglect the popular demands of Malayan Peasants and the Malayan People's Liberation Army. Off to a bad start, isn't it? That's not all. Currently, even after the economic growth and the social progress that strongman leader Mahathir did, Malaysia is still plagued with stupid politicians that use racial politics and nonsensical liberal political pluralism that hold our country back while countries ruled by strongmen like in Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia have been moving forward while we're staying in the very same spot. Many people I know are already tired of all those baboons who do nothing in Putrajaya, with some even encouraging child marriage, deportation of Chinese and Indians, and establishing an Islamist state in Malaysia similar to Iran. Honestly, Malaysia is a clear cut example of the failure of liberal political pluralism. Better off than most since there is no fierce chaos, but, that's a very low bar.

    For my approach to Malaysia, I'd pursue these policies:

    - A massive destruction and purge of all Malaysian politicians right now and a purge of corrupt politicians similar to the one conducted by Xi, establishment of a Socialist republic, with the Malay, Chinese, Indian, and Orang Asli under the banner of one party, one nation, pursuing a Socialist Program of "Satu Malaysia", promoting unity between all races. The democratic structure has to be based on Democratic Centralism, since Decentralism will not work out when it comes to big projects.
    - Build railways and infrastructure across all states instead of it being centered around the Klang Valley Area, while also negotiating with a complete construction of a railway that connects Malaysia to Singapore.
    - Redistribute wealth from the extremely rich people (particularly the Bangsar Bubble) to the poor and elevate their standards of living, as well as improving the living conditions of Chinese people still living in New Villages and Rural Malays in the countryside.
    - Ensure a system of Market Socialism as similar to the ones tried in Stalinist Russia, Cold-War DPRK and most of Stalinist Eastern Europe. A lot of big corporations will be broken down and corporations that form oligopolies must be prevented from forming, as well as the nationalization of many essential services.
    - Withdraw from the British Commonwealth and take a strong hand and emphasising on the importance of the Third World to stand together against bloc politics, negotiate to an end to the dispute of Sabah with the Philippines, and force China to back off from Malaysian waters in the South China Sea, but respect the islands that are actually rightfully belonging to China, while at the same time also rejecting American, British and Australian Prescence in the Area. I will also try to work for more constructive and friendly relations with Third World countries, namely Cuba and many Middle Eastern countries, like Syria for example, and re-establish friendly relationships with North Korea and Mongolia after the diplomatic rows we had with both countries, while breaking ties with Atlanticist powers, especially the US, Canada, Australia and Britain.

    - Build a strong and powerful army to protect Malaysia from foreign threats. (Especially considering my anti-atlanticist stance, the Atlanticoids will likely threaten like how they did with Cuba)

    Cball-Myanmar.png Myanmar:

    As much as I dislike the Tatmadaw regime, I will neither support Aung San Soo Kyi and the Burmese Democratic movement. (despite the Tatmadaw being the more evil imo) The NLD is incompetent in solving the issues that the Ne Win regime has left behind after fucking over Myanmar, and they should've at least tried to resolve the issues that Myanmar faced, they didn't do that. However, the Tatmadaw's distrust towards China is used by the Neocucks to take control of Myanmar in order to cut off our economic supply. As much as I wish we would take down the Tatmadaw regime like how we did in Korea 1950's, it's always better to let the people take out the Tatmadaw from the inside, however, I support a people's dictator, a strongman that'll actually solve Myanmar's issues and lead Myanmar to a path of prosperity and anti-imperialism.

    Neocuckservative.pngNorth Atlantic Terrorist Organization:

    No reason for it to exist. NATO is Nazi Germany reincarnated. NATO's very foundation is founded off preserving the interests of the Western borgeoise, imperialism, genociding the third world and destroying true people's democracies in Russia, Eastern Europe, and Asia. They foreign policy is identical and just as genocidal as how the Nazis done. Millions, maybe even billions died as a result of their bombings, interventions, and their support to the war while not caring about the common person. If you support NATO, you're a Nazi. As simple as that. NATO is the main terrorist force in the modern world and I will support almost anything to see the destruction of the modern Nazi Germany. Say that to the millions of Vietnamese, Yugoslavs, Somalis, Iraqis, Libyans, Latinos, Koreans, Africans, Afghans, Laotians, Cambodians, Timorese, etc. that died because of the West that this is good. It's like Hailing Hitler in front of a Jew. I support almost anything to destroy their influence, and I will not show any mercy to those sympathising (or see NATO) as a lesser evil. NATO is objectively the biggest evil of the modern day. Fuck everything about them, fuck their universal values, and fuck every single soldier serving under them.

    Cball-Pakistan.png Pakistan:

    Just because I hate India does not mean I like Pakistan automatically. The only good part about Pakistan is them being away from Westerners, that's it, other than that, fuck them for ruining Afghanistan and Bangladesh. Hell, Pakistan's existence is based off sectarian and religious conflict, a legacy left behind by the British Imperialists. For Pakistan, I support them to join India back, put aside their differences, and work together for a better future for a Great India. Similar to how I view most of Southern Asia, they should reunify to become a singular country, a singular India under a Socialist Strongman to develop the country, solve it's problems, and serve as a bastillion against Imperialists.

    Cball-Palestine.png Palestine:

    I'm pretty much in every way opposed to Israeli Settler Colonialism and doing what the Nazis had done to them against the native Palestinians. Just because the Jews been through something horrific doesn't mean they can do the same to Palestinians. The idea of a Jewish nation state isn't bad, but how Modern Israel carries it out makes me oppose them to the core. What is ideal is a united, secular state in Palestine uniting Arabs and Jews together under a strong, Anti-Imperialist, Civic Nationalist government, while Hamas and the current government of Israel should be crushed.

    Cball-Poland.png Poland:

    Whilst I'd pick the current Polish government over the neoliberal and globalist EU, I still strongly oppose the Atlanticist government of Poland and their obsession with Right Wing Idpol. Duda and the PiS is better than much of Europe, but it's a very low bar. I advocate for a return of the People's Democracy in Poland under the Leadership of Boleslaw Bierut, which will be achieved through destroying Poland's current political structure thoroughly and building a new structure, emphasising on class consciousness and socialist ideology

    Cball-Russia.png Russia:

    I despise NATO but I don't see Russia in a good light either. Russia is in no way Communist nor is it Socialist whatsoever, Russia merely is a corrupt, autocratic, right wing capitalist oligarchy ruled by Putin. I hate Putin and I think that it would be better if he was taken down, but not from any liberal, hence why I dislike Navalny, as one of the few only good things about Putin (that being serving as an anti-atlanticist fort) will be gone and they'd be another western puppet, which is bad. Russia should fight against the current right wing oligarchy, and get rid of all liberal "democratic" elements in the country, instead, the people should build up true, Soviet-era Marxism Leninism, along with the opposition to Social Imperialism and Revisionism.

    With that said, I strongly oppose the Russian Invasion of Ukraine, since as bad as Ukraine is, Russia shouldn't have trampled on the sovereignty of another nation. It's just like the Neocucks in the West justifying using some shitty or made-up excuses to ravage third-world countries. Putin has to go, and that Russia needs a change in leadership and politics. The CPRF would do the best job in that, imo.

    Cball-Saudi.png Saudi Arabia:

    Saudi Arabia is an Imperialist, Genocidal, Wahhabist Slave State and a Western puppet that has been one of the greatest contributors to misery and suffering in the Middle East, and there is absolutely zero reason to support what they are doing in Yemen and Syria. They are also the primary backers of terrorists and assisting the Americans in destroying the middle east.

    Domestically they are shitty too, It's funny how they oppress their own people by implementing near-reactionary sharia laws and treated foreign workers (and their own) workers like literal slaves, yet I've heard that Saudi Arabia has a high consumption of hentai and the Saudi Royal Family has participated in gay clubs and such. The Saudi Royal Family and Saudi Arabia as a whole is a joke of a nation. Proof that Reactionaries like the Saudis and degenerate liberal hedonists are the same degenerates.

    Cball-Syria.png Syria:

    Assad has his faults but the FSA and the Western backed rebels are the clear greater evil as the FSA is a terrorist organization that allied with Islamists to take down Assad's government. The Chemical attacks allegations are quite iffy considering that Assad have been critical of using overly heavy weapons against his own people, and I believe it's either used by the Islamists and Westoids and blamed it on Assad's shoulder. The actions by the West in Syria is proof that Western Atlanticists have no morality whatsover, and Assad's criticism of them is absolutely correct. Syria should rebuild by the will of the people under the banner of Ba'athism. The Yankee, Zionist and Wahhabi pigs should get out of Syria. To conclude it all, even if I support Syria's government in the civil war, Syria still requires a change, as Assad is still a corrupt pro-russian authcap leader.

    Thailand.png Thailand:

    I stand with neither side in Thailand here. Despite the fact that I hate that incompetent, corrupt ass King, I do not want to stand with Western-backed Sinophobic liberals that sympathize with that terrorist Joshua Wong and extremist Uyghur Organizations, and the Tibetan Slave Owners. However, one thing I want to acknowledge is that Thailand needs a major change in it's politics. I support a third side to emerge in Thailand, against both the King and the Western Backed Liberals to build Thailand.

    Ottoman.png Turkey:

    Honestly, it's a shame to see that Erdogan (an Atlanticist puppet) is converting Turkey into it's Reactionary, Ottomanist roots. Plus I am in absolutely zero way surprised that the West still backs him. Erdogan is one of the worst people still alive today. Committing genocide against the Kurds, Invading Syria and destroying people's livelihood there, wanting to invade Armenia, causing tensions with Greece, backing the Taliban, and being a NATO puppet. Overall, what can I say? For peace to truly prevail in the Middle East, Erdogan's evil government has to be dismantled, and a return of Kemalism is necessary.

    Cball-UK.png UK:

    Words simply cannot describe my hatred to the British. They show zero remorse over the crimes and genocide (which are on par if not worse than the Nazis) they have committed over the world, and right now they are extending their filthy neocuck hands into our Hong Kong , Xinjiang, and they want to interfere with Asia as a whole by increasing tensions and advocating for war. These bastards think they are all high and mighty because they used to have an Empire that presided over the suffering, genocide, and murder of millions, maybe even billions of innocents, and yet genocidal maniacs from here (Victoria, Churchill, etc.) to name a few are still praised like heroes by libtards (keep in mind Churchill had sympathies to fascism and he even killed people in Greece for praising the allies that liberated them from Nazism)

    The British by far is the country whose genocidal effects still scar the world today, ranging from the famines and ethnic divisions and fights in India and Palestine, Brainwashing a part of our people to be "Hong Kongers", Genociding Irish people, causing severe problems in various parts of Africa, Myanmar, Malaysia, and such. There is a reason why Washington revolted from the Brits, and yet people still praise Britain for being "free" apparently, what's next? Nazi Germany being the bastillion of freedom and democracy? The Congo Free State being a utopia? The Khmer Rouge being heaven?

    In my ideal society, those that simp for the British Empire get the bullet, and phrases like "Rule Britannia", "God save the Queen/King" will be prohibited, and waving the British flag will be banned. They are as vicious as the Nazis and countries should take a radical and harsh stance on them. Neo-Colonialists in general deserve to die. If the British butchered millions and billions of random people on earth and caused a 100 year century of humiliation to my people and paint themselves as the hero, I think it's fair that we kill their sympathizers.

    Cball-Ukraine.png Ukraine:

    I oppose the Russian invasion of Ukraine and I strongly condemn Russia and anyone that supports this kind of blatant invasion of another sovereign state, but it doesn't mean I support Zelensky at all. Zelensky is trying to defend his country, but at the same time I dislike how he's aligning himself too much into NATO and the EU (even if he more or less doesn't have a choice to) and that he's another puppet of the American Military-Industrial Complex, plus, how he decided to repress Pro-Russian people in Donbass, Repressing Pro-Left Parties (yes including the Ukrainian nationalist ones), and sympathizing with the Azov Battalion (Ukrainian Nazis) etc and how he provoked Putin by breaching the promise of neutrality by advocating to join NATO, so, he kind of also had some faults (even If the invasion is bad). What I support is a Left-Nationalist Ukraine against the EU, NATO, Zelensky, and Putin.

    Imo, I believe that Crimea is Russian as the people there had opted to join Russia, and Donbass, Luhansk, etc should remain independent as the Ukrainians clearly haven't been treating them very well considering how Zelensky had repressed them, but everything else is Ukrainian.

    Cball-US.png USA:

    I see the United States as a genocidal, capitalist, neoliberal and imperialist power and the greatest obstacle to world peace and the main hub of degenerate cultural capitalism, liberalism, and the evil system of liberal "democracy". I oppose literally every single part of American foreign policy and I want them out of everywhere they have bases or influence in. They do not deserve the right to write the rules of the world. Hell, the crimes that Neocons had done is comparable to the Nazis, considering how many Iraqis, Libyans, etc all died because of America's selfish, imperialistic desires, and also the crimes they did by still holding onto Guatanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib camp, which are comparable to Auschwitz and Dachau, and also killing reporters who document their crimes out (or are on their tail). Plus, they do not at all care for domestic problems. American Taxpayer's money are dumped into meaningless wars and into starting a new cold war while homelessness, social inequality, political polarization and extremism and all sorts of different problems still plague American society, with millions of blacks incarcerated for the smallest of reasons and used eugenics as a tool to root out the black population (see how abortion clinics are in black neighbourhoods while American Capitalist government fucks over their living standards), while all the billionaires and corpcucks like Bezos influence the country while enslaving their own workers. America is a fucked up country, and desperately needs a complete destruction of the current system. This is not the America that Washington had wanted. Instead, Liberal Hawks had turned it into the very antithesis of Washington's anti-imperialist ideals. I support a complete destruction of America's current system, the termination of all kinds of relationships and diplomatic partnerships with the United States, until America's current, pure evil system is demolished.

    Chavismo.png Venezuela:

    I am against both the kleptocratic false "socialist" government of Nicolas Maduro and I also oppose Western puppet Juan Guaido's attempts to undermine Venezuela's sovereignty to the West. Maduro is incompetent and destroyed socialism in Venezuela (his economy is more private than that of the Nordic countries btw), and printed money for no reason, like Mugabe, giving Socialism a bad reputation. I do not consider him a good man, and should be ousted, but not by a Western puppet who would be at best just as bad since at least Maduro didn't actively sell his country to neoliberal forces.

    Similar to how I view Thailand, I support a Third Side led by the Communist Party of Venezuela, whom are true Communists, establishing true Socialism in Venezuela by going against both Guaido and Maduro. Plus, I also support ending the US imperialist blockade on Venezuela.


    Very Based:=

    • Leftnat.pngLeft-Wing Nationalism- Has to be one of the best ideologies ever created in the history of mankind. National-self determination, combined with Left-Wing Politics, very based, alongside anti-globalism.
    • ML.pngMarxism–Leninism- The most progressive force that humanity should follow in their fight against neoliberal capitalism and other borgeoise forces. Oversaw huge improvements in countries where Marxism Leninism is improved, and oversaw the liberation of billions throughout it's history. Soon, the winds of history will come, and Marxism-Leninism should be seen as the liberator of mankind.
    • Natcom.pngNational Communism- Even better than Marxism-Leninism. Nationalism is integral to building a communist society, and true communists should bear a feeling of love for their motherlands. That is the way for all communist leaders and heroes who freed their countries, like Ho, Castro, Kim Il Sung, etc.
    • Ormarxf.pngMarxism- Karl Marx is the greatest economist and philosopher of our time. It's your works that inspired billions of people and helped them to the path of liberation.
    • Soc.pngSocialism- Socialism will never die in the hearts of all human beings.
    • Erga.pngErgatocracy- Dictatorship of the Proletariat and Democratic Centralism are among the best systems created for mankind. Gigachad.png
    • DemML.pngPeople's Democracy- The only true Democracy for the people is a People's Democracy. Borgeoise Democracy and Liberal "Democracy" is democracy for the slave owners and borgeoise only, while only in a Marxist-Leninist system, the People's system of Democracy reigns supreme.
    • Sec.pngAuthoritarianism- The most based civic ideology there is. This is the one which I follow.
    • Auto.pngAutocracy- The power of the state should be in the hand of one people's leader that led the people's revolution.
    • Secular.png Secularism- Religion and Politics should remain as completely seperated. Theocracies and religion ending up to interfere with politics almost never ends up well.


    • Hoxha.pngHoxhaism- Comrade Hoxha's achievements are immortal. The benevolent ruler of Albania, the Leader of the Albanian people, and an international symbol of heroism and loyalty to your own people. Enver Hoxha Tungjatjeta!
    • Stalin.pngStalinism- Joseph Stalin has to be one of one of history's greatest men, ever. The achievements he made for the USSR, building the most progressive force on earth, doing what took other countries 200 years to do in just one single decade, and had very good approaches to the country, your political system, your social system, etc, all of which had extremely good contributions. A true giant and symbol of progress. Neocucks, Neolibs, and Fashoids can slander you all they want, but my respect and favour to Joseph Stalin will never die.
    • Ecosoc.pngEco-Socialism- After an industrialized society, the environment has to be protected. It is for the sake of preventing climate change and rescuing our big, blue, earth.
    • Statesoc.pngState Socialism- Yes. The worker should own all of the means of production, and the workers should establish a proletariat people's democratic dictatorship. No other system is better than this system, ensuring the complete abolishing of Capitalism and liberal economics, while led by the most capable, and most educated of the proletariat. What else can I say but Gigachad.png? "but nooooo the government is doing stuff!!!!!" yes the more shit the people's government does, the better it is. Problem?
    • Authdem.pngAuthoritarian Democracy- All systems require authoritarianism and strength for it to work out, and a People's Democracy, which I advocate for, is no different. What is the use of electing useless liberal politicians who sit around and do nothing all in the name of "muh liberal pluralism and freedum", while you can elect the most able and strong person in the mass worker's and people's party, with no degenerate elements, like the borgeoise inside?
    • Envi.pngEnvironmentalism
    • Intercult.pngInterculturalism
    • Newdem.pngNew Democracy
    • Marxfem.pngMarxist Feminism
    • PostColFem.pngPostcolonial Feminism
    • Modnat.pngPatriotism
    • Laicism.pngLaicism




    • Councom.pngCouncil Communism
    • Demsocstar.pngDemocratic Socialism
    • Corptism.pngCorporatism
    • Statecap.pngState Capitalism
    • Mao.pngMaoism- You were a based revolutionary in your early days, what happened? You had a series of very good ideas, like your revolutionary plans, New Democracy and all that stuff seem promising, alongside your early programs and progressive acts, like getting rid of foot binding and doing massive improvements to China's material conditions, but later on is where all the shitshow begins. You had no theoretical understanding on how to build a proper State Socialist economy (you didn't even read Das Kapital), and your incompetencies led to huge failures (combined with natural disasters), whilst you did try to solve, it was all too late. The damage has been done, but my main problem is your Maoism-Third Worldism theory, the Cultural Revolution's unnecessary violence against the elderly, the teachers, and destroying of historical artifacts, alongside supporting some of the world's worst people, like Pol Pot, Mobutu, etc., and shaking hands with Kissinger. It's a shame really, how an excellent revolutionary like you can end up being such a massive laughingstock. To conclude you up, I give you a quote by Hoxha.

    "The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution was neither a revolution, nor great, nor cultural, and, in particular, not in the least Proletarian."


    Please just die already:

    Burn in hell for eternity, retards:


    Very Based:=

    • Long.pngLongism- One of the best figures in American History. Huey Long Dong is the top choice for all Americans who love their country.
    • Orthlen.pngLeninism- Chadimir Lenin has never done anything wrong. You are objectively one of the best things to have happened in Russian History. A brave revolutionary and the most progressive force of mankind of his era. Without your bravery and resolute struggle for your country, the world will be a dystopian hellhole. I will forever respect you, revolutionary gigachad. Gigachad.png
    • HoChiMinh.pngHo Chi Minh Thought- The trees speak Vietnamese, and Bac Ho has came to his ancestral homeland, Vietnam, paving a path for the liberation of Vietnam, and the liberation from imperialist colonizers and traitors. One of the greatest heroes and bravest men ever existed. A son of Southeast Asia's anti-imperialist struggle to liberation, a shame Vietnam after you became revisionist. Hồ Chí Minh muôn năm!
    • Hujintao.pngScientific Outlook on Development- The most tolerable Revisionist and the best Paramount leader of China. Turned the revisionist CPC into a socialist party, had strong 10-year economic boom, handled Tibet and attempted Color revolutions well, living standards increased, massive reduction of poverty, extremely based social policies, took a strong hand against DPP neoliberals and kleptocrats (although it's a shame how Jiang blocked your more leftist policies), had good handling of the 2008 olympics and the Shanghai expo, got rid of that pest Liu Xiaobo, drawing away from kleptocrat Putin, supporting a revival of Socialism and Tridemism, among all other based policies, what else can I say but Gigachad.png? My only problem with you is not being radical enough in economics and the influence of Jiang and his cronies are still at large (even if that toad forced you down and blocked a lot of your more radical policies)
    • Afrsoc.pngAfrican Socialism- The people of Africa is finally free from their genocidal imperialist colonizers. The people of Africa shall be victorious in their heroic fight. Salute to the people!
    • Castro.pngCastroism- The People's Hero of Cuba. Fought bravely against Atlanticism, supported Revolutionary and anti-colonial third worldist movements worldwide, had extremely based domestic policies when it comes to supporting Cuba, same for your social policies, I will forever support your continued struggle against the American and Western imperialists. Those that deny Castro is an imperialist. Castro never did anything wrong. Gusanos (prostitutes for imperialists) can cope and seethe
    • SocKem.pngSocialist Kemalism- The original ideals of Ataturk, combined with Marxism-Leninism. Extremely based. This is the future for Turkey which I want.
    • 3princ.pngTridemism- You were one of the most based people of your time. Embracing Socialism and it's leftist ideas and tried to apply to China, Nationalistic, Anti-Imperialist, Anti-Capitalist, and later on in your life embracing Leninist Communism too is also very good. You were the hero of my motherland. Dr. Sun's legacy will never die. If you lived longer, the butcher, Chiang Kai Shek will be gone, and China would've been an actual genuine socialist country.
    • LeftKMT.pngLeft Tridemism- The future which Dr. Sun wants. Keep coping, rightoids. The real Kuomintang is the Left-Wing of the Kuomintang. Your RevLeftKMT.png modern variant is too friendly to Dengoids though, but otherwise, there is no problem. Gigachad.png






    Please just die already:

    Burn in hell forever, retards:

    Very Based:=

    • Anticap.pngAnti-Capitalism- Capitalism is a system based of exploitation, greed, murder, and genocide. Want examples? Compare the planned economy of Belarus and the capitalist economy of Russia during the early 1990s.
    • AntiNeoLib.pngAnti-Neoliberalism- Neoliberalism is a poisonous, genocidal ideology that on all costs should be destroyed.
    • AntiLibIcon.pngAnti-Liberalism- Everything I stand for. Liberals belong in the same pit that Fascists do.
    • Antiimp.pngAnti-Imperialism- Imperialism is the ultimate face of all evil.
    • Anti-Colonial.pngAnti-Colonialism- Long live the anti-colonial heroes that stood up against Imperialism
    • AntiAtlantic.pngAnti-Atlanticism- Atlanticoids are genocidal. Enough said.
    • Euroscept.pngEuroskepticism- Death to the EU 4th Reich
    • Antiwest.pngAnti-West- Yes. The West is the objective biggest evil on earth right now. They are everything that is wrong with humanity.
    • Anti-Elitism.pngAnti-Elitism- The Capitalist Elite deserves to die.
    • AntiAnarchy.pngAnti-Anarchism- Without the state and the nation, you are nothing. Cope.
    • Trustbust.pngTrust Busting- Filthy corpcucks, billionaires, etc do not deserve the right to exist.
    • Anti Cultext.pngAnti-Cultural Extremism-Both extremes of the Cultural Spectrum are the exact same shit.
    • AntiLibert.pngAnti-Libertarianism- The only good thing about Lolberts is that they are anti-imperialist, nothing else.
    • Anti-Corrupt.pngAnti-Corruption- Long live the Anti-Corruption campaign by Chairman Xi!
    • Trustbust.pngAnti-Corporatocracy- Death to the exploitative corpcucks!
    • AntiAusterity.png Anti-Austerity- The only thing that fiscons conserve is the greed and the wealth of the rich.
    • Antianticom.pngAnti-Anti-Communism- Anti-Communism is one of the most evil anti-ideologies ever created, and it just proves that you hate the workers, you hate the common people if you are an anti-communist, and a counter-revolutionary ideology. Anticoms and Fashoids belong in the same pit.
    • LeftAntiSocdem.pngLeft Anti-Social Democracy- You hate Social Democracy because it's "socialist", but I hate it because it is Capitalist. No matter how much sugarcoating you can put on capitalism and the system, it doesn't change the fact that Succdems are counterrevolutionary, borgeoise simping puppets.


    • Anti-Racism.pngAnti-Racism- All races and people of all origins are equal
    • Antiporn.png Anti-Porn- Porn is a disgusting cancer that corrodes society into degeneracy.
    • AntiIndiv.pngAnti-Individualism- Individualism should be fought against at all costs.
    • Anti-Globalism.pngAnti-Globalism- Death to the Antichrist! I believe in Internationalism, but fuck Globalism. Death to all Globetards.
    • Antizion.pngAnti-Zionism- Death to Israel. Note, Being against the Zionist state doesn't equate to hating Jews.
    • Anti-Revisionism.pngAnti-Revisionism- Khrushchev is gay and so is most other revisionists, and fuck them for deviating from Marxism Leninism and causing the fall of the Communist bloc, but very few (like Honecker) are good.


    • Antisjw.pngAnti-Wokeism- Wokes aren't true progressives. They are actively causing the demise of Western Society. Although a lot of you tend to be supportive of Rightoid Idpol.
    • File:Prolife.pngAnti-Abortion- Abortion is murder. Although with that said, I would try to prevent abortions, rather than do nothing about the reason that causes abortions, like helping poor mothers with their socioeconomic conditions. It's better to cut the root of the problem.
    • Antifash2.pngAnti-Fascism- I despise Antifa but in World War 2, killing fashoids are based as always. Although, thanks to liberals and the neoliberals controlling the overton window, the term "fascist", "extremist" have been used as a strawman term to describe anything liberals don't like.


    • AntiAm.pngAnti-Americanism- The evil American empire shall be dismantled and rebuilt again. I hate sounding like a Khomeinite but he's right about America being the "Great Satan" However, I don't literally support anything anti-USA and neither do I hate their people, but yeah, the US government is pure evil.
    • AntiPutinism.pngAnti-Putinism- You are a shame to the international anti-atlanticist movement. You are another corrupt, right wing capitalist oligarch that bring shame to your country and people. But, what is shameful is how many of you tend to be Atlanticoids, but yeah, fuck Putin.
    • Antimon.pngAnti-Monarchism- I hate monarchism but if some countries want to keep it due to tradition it's understandable.
    • Homophobia.pngTransphobia.pngAnti-LGBTQ- I have nothing against them as people but their community is absolutely abhorrent, and I despise woke culture. Note, I'm against their flamboyance, against pride, and such, but I have nothing against them as people.
    • Sinophobia.pngAnti-Dengism- While I get that China is a revisionist country especially under Deng and Jiang and China under them is anything but Socialist, China has been recently veering back on the right path under Hu and Xi abeit there still being room of improvement. Plus, I believe the CPC should still remain in power to serve as an Anti-Atlanticist stronghold. Plus, it's horrible how many of you are anti-auths, imperialists, westoid atlanticist simps, neoliberals, and so on.
    • File:Anti-Isolationism.pngAnti-Isolationism- I'm heavily against Globalism, and I won't get involved unless necessary, but I'm not for full on Isolationism either.
    • Antieast.png Anti-East- Of course social imperialism is terrible, but the fact that most of you tend to be Atlanticoids is disgusting.



    • Anti-antirevision.pngAnti-Anti-Revisionism- I agree not all revisionists (like Castro, Honecker, and Ho for example) are not bad, but this is just outright terrible. Simping for Social Imperialists (like Tito), and you'd rather them over some of the most progressive figures in history (like Hoxha and Stalin) is just outright proving how you Pro-Revisionists are pathetic.


    • AntiRussia.pngAnti-Russia- I love Russia and Russian People but I'm against Putin, plus, I hate Russophobes and I see Russians as my brothers. I don't even like the Russian Government, but how many of you tend to be brainwashed by neoliberal media to hate any Russian regardless is just terrible.
    • Sinophobia.pngSinophobia- Cope and Seethe we're just automatically better than you. Sinophobes are jealous of our glorious 5000 year culture and the achievements we brought to the human race. Us, the Chinese are infinitely better than you Anti-China fucks.
    • Anticom.pngAnti-Communism- Infantile Disorder with it's roots from fascism and imperialism. Anti-Communists are nothing apart from clowns, and fascist imperialists in denial. All Anti-Communists deserve to die as much as their fascist and imperialist daddies.
    • LeftAntiCom.png Left Anti-Communism- A true leftist cannot be an Anti-Communist. Plus, you're just about the same shit as the above. Anti-Communism is a disorder. "um akshually socialists can be anti-communists too 🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓" shut the fuck up you're either a Socialist or someone with an infantile disorder (anti-communists)
    • Antisoc.pngAnti-Socialism- Same as Anti-Communism except even worse. Those that are anti-communist and anti-socialist hate the people. Enough is said.
    • Thar.pngAnti-Authoritarianism- You are worth nothing. You serve zero purpose. Get out of my face, Kill yourself. These Liberal fucks are everything I'm against. Authoritarianism is necessary for like, every single ideology to function??? Plus, let's not forget how many of you suck off Western Imperialists and the incoming Neoliberal dystopia.
    • AnEn.png Anti-Environmentalism- The Environment has to be preserved.
    • AntiNation.pngAnti-Nationalism- Pathetic fucks. If you hate your country, your identity so much, why don't you commit suicide and hope to be born somewhere else then?
    • Anti-Stalin.pngAnti-Stalinism- Those that deny Stalin's achievenments and Stalin's role in the liberation of millions and billions of people are either revisionist, capitalist, or an imperialist. Stalin worked for genuine worker's liberation, and that the USSR under him was a genuine People's Democracy. Stalin is a loyal pupli of Marx and Lenin. "um but akshually he's audoridarian and he isn't a liberal so he isn't a socialist"🤓🤓🤓
    • AntiNazbol.pngAnti-Nazbol- I don't even like Nazbols (as they are larp) but this is just outright liberal seething. Keep coping Liberals.

    You get your own tier:

    • File:Anti-SecondWorldism.png Anti-Third Worldism- I will fucking find you, kill you, burn your house down, and eat whatever is left of you up, Imperialist fuck. Those that use the logic "muh the third world is backwards hence why the West has the right to imperialize them and genocide them", congratulations. You just proved that you are an evil, genocidal imperialist who do not see the people of the third world as human beings. Kill yourself.

    Very Based:=

    • InexistentIcon.pngInexistent Ideology (99/100)- Very based. I struggle to find flaws within this ideology. Fellow Socialist. Gigachad.png


    • TorchSoc.pngTorch Socialism (83/100)- A bit of an odd mix of Marxism Leninism, Dengism, and Maoism together, quite interesting. Alt-Globalism is based too, however, I'm not fond of Mao, Deng, and Jiang. Hu and Xi are fine, though. Overall very good, although there is room for improvement.
    • MLL.pngLibra Thought (83/100)- Overall a very based and chad ideology, just drop the Revprog then it'll be perfect, not a fan of Maoism too but otherwise we agree on everything else.
    • Brazilian Socialism (84/100)- Very based. Just drop the Traditionalism.
    • Neostalin.pngKretkian Ideolgy (83/100)- Same as Libra. Except the revprog we pretty much agree on everything else.


    • AntiFairy.pngAnti-Fairyism (66/100)- You seem to be supporting each of the most progressive forces of each era, from Classical Liberalism in the era of Washington, and later Socialism, that's interesting, but why do you support Capitalism and Liberalism though?
    • Atronism-icon.pngAtronism (70/100)- Too Internationalist, and also Revprog is very cringe, but otherwise you seem decent, as Socialism, Communism, etc is obviously cool.
    • LeftSyntridem.png Left-Wing Syncretic Tridemism (63/100)- Could be better, but still way too liberal, plus, sympathizing with Gorby and Tito are cringe.
    • Neokira2.pngNeo-Kiraism (71/100)- Revprog is cringe and way too moderate, but otherwise quite good


    • Syntridem.pngSyncretic Tridemism (55/100)- Certainly better than most Right KMT fans and certainly better than before, but still has a long way to go before being actually based. Getting better slowly, but still a very long way to go.
    • Novoscarlet.pngNovoscarletism (47/100)- Socialism (despite being way too moderate) and your Social Views are decent, same for our support to nationalism and revolutionary socialism and being against NATO, the Imperialists and Social Imperialists are good, but your political axis and the economy is where our main disagreements come. I'm generally not fond of all these "liberal/democratic" ways to implement socialism at all, and I do not like Guild Socialism either, for that the people's state needs a strong leader and a strong party to guide it forward, and to defend their country from foreign forces.
    • DN Adm.pngDarknight Yuusha Model (48/100)- Similar to above, but slightly better as you tend to be a bit more radical, which is good. Still has a lot of room for improvement, though, that's for sure.
    • Technototball.pngTechno-Ultranationalism (44/100)- Whilst I agree with (some) of your economic and civil stances, and a centralized government is what I agree on, but posthumanism, ultranationalism, and your socially far-right stance is generally what I don't like. I support Technology, Nationalism, and I oppose cultural liberalism, but you take it too far in those aspects.


    • Noelism-icon.pngNoelism (38/100)- Don't like Liberal Democracy, nor do I like Economic Liberalism, but at least we have some anti-neoliberal and anti-globalist leanings.
    • Glencoe.pngGlencoeism (35/100)- Ideology is a bit iffy, and Liberal "Socialism" is cringe, and so is being overall too liberal, although at least we have some Socialist leanings.
    • Cflski.pngCelfloskyism (30/100)- Cringe nordic model and cringe Social Democracy, and you tend to be way too liberal in terms of civil axis and your economics are not socialist enough despite being less bad compared to capitalism (still don't like Market Socialism, though). However, your social policies are also relatively good, and we also support Tridemism, but, why do you support interventionism and sympathize with the West? I don't like Dengism either and I see the CPC regime as revisionist (despite improving a little), but the West shouldn't be sympathised with.


    • OwfBall.pngOwfism (24/100)- You had some good left leaning economic policies, but still not enough, plus, that's about the only good from your ideology otherwise everything else is cringe.
    • Yoda8soup.pngYoda8soup Thought (27/100)- Similar to above, Socialism is cool, but economy wise you're too moderate, and anti-imperialism is based too, but otherwise, your civic policies are cringe and antiauth is cringe as well, same for your leaning to libertarianism.
    • Pixil-frame-0(27).pngNew Model Of Cheesenism (21/100)- At least we have some form of agreement in terms of Economy and Civil Axis, but that's more or less about it. Way too culturally right, fascist, sinophobia, etc. All of which are things that I oppose.
    • Neo-XarTario.pngNeo-XarTario Thought (21/100)- Incredibly cringe social views (especially regarding sex work), and economics you don't go far enough, and civically, I don't think mantaining a democratic system (I'm assuming it is liberal democracy, as People's Democracy is the only true form of Democracy) is good either, but based non-interventionism and support for robots.
    • XT.pngXarTario Thought (19/100)- Similar to above, but economicswise I don't agree with all the Market Anarchist nonsense.
    • SouthIntegral.pngSouthern Integralism (22/100)- Not too fond of your ideology, and your theocracy and your sympathy to Integralism, socially you're ok-ish, especially your opposition to Individualism and support for Nationalism.
    • UserWiki:FinalFantasy24 (25/100)- Don't take this at all personally, since this entire page is only based off ideology, but I really don't like the mix of Dengism, support for Jiang, Soccap, and sympathies with Neoliberalism and Neoconservatism, same for the support to Globalism is cringe too. Plus, Deng is a revisionist and I see him as the man who demolished socialism in China, but at least we support tridemism and hate the Taiwanese seperatists.
    • Panth.pngPantheonism (17/100)- Very cringe apart from the Socialism (which is revisionist), and Nationalism.


    • Right-Wing Syncretic Tridemism (4/100)- Sympathizing with neocons, supporting Aukus, backing that kleptocratic, incompetent tyrant Chiang, anti-communist, etc. Now that I see this ideology, the PRC really did not purge enough of these.
    • MATTball.png Mattism (8/100)- Average Liberal representing the status quo, everythign ranging from socdem economics, pro-west leanings, cultural liberalism, hedonism, antiauth, economics, and civic axis was cringe. But some redeemable points are there, mainly the Left-Wing Nationalism and support to the environment and welfare.
    • Implianium (0/100)- .....wtf

    Very Based:=


    • Anime Tridemism- Anime+Tridemism? Very based. Gigachad.png
    • Akasha.pngAkasha System- Seems kind of like something I'd implement wipe out anything criticising meTroll.png
    • Keqing.pngKeqingism- Why throw away all your based potential, and embrace Leninism, please. I beg of you.
    • Sumeru.pngSumeru Akademiyarchy- Seems good. Technocracy is based.


    • Thirty.pngThirtyism- The only good Eremites out there.
    • Eula.pngEulaism- The only based member of the lawrence clan.


    • Decarabian.pngDecarabian Theocracy-ngl Mondstadt under dictatorship seems based
    • Diluc.pngDilucism- Vigilantism is based, but why are you a landlord? but still screw you for making me lose pity 3 times
    • Diona.pngDionaism- Had good ambitions to fight wine,but via sabotage it isn't going to work, plus, Capitalism is GAY
    • EiEternal.pngEi's Eternity- Become Genshin's Juche and you'd be 100% based.
    • Adepti.pngGuili Adepticracy- I don't like the adepti taking over, but Ganyu herself is very based.
    • Kokomi.pngSangonomiya Kokomi Thought- Had good ideas, but antiauth is bad.



    Please just die already:

    Very Based:=

    • Community.pngCommunitarianism- Without community and society, humans would've been a failed species. Likewise, Socialists care more about community, as it is the backbone of human society.
    • Utility.pngUtilitarianism- Supporting well being is based.
    • Equality.pngEgalitarianism- Equality is based, as people should have the same opportunities, and all these "upper-class", "lower-class" nonsense should be abolished. Cope and seethe, Capitaloids.
    • Paternalism.pngPaternalism- A role model to guide the people to walk the positive path is needed, and that is a fact.
    • Legalism.pngLegalism- One of the best Chinese philosophies ever created, Like Paternalism but stricter, and I don't at all see a problem with that.
    • Virtue ethics icon.pngVirtue Ethics- To be a good person, one has to have virtue.
    • Col.pngCollectivism- Collectivism is good, I don't support Hive Mind Collectivism, but humans are a collective species.


    • Humanismpix.pngHumanism- Upholding Humanity is good, but sometimes you tend to be too liberal.
    • Moralism-icon.pngMoralism- Morals are definitely good, that's for sure, but at times, we have to pragmatically approach things.


    • Mach.pngMachiavellianism- I understand we need to be pragmatic at times when we approach things, but Opportunism isn't, plus, some of your adherents, like Kissinger, literally disregard basic morality. Still overall good though.




    • Indiv.pngIndividualism-"Everything should be left to the Individual"!!!!!!!!!! You fucks are the main reason why there are so many arrogant, selfish assholes still roaming on earth. Individualism leads to chaos. Period. Borgeoise Philosophy, I don't get why anyone will follow this.

    Absolute fucking worst:

    • Nihil.pngNihilism- This has to be the most laughable philosophy out there. Those that follow this are edgy teens who want to show how depressed they are. Seek fucking help, dammit.
    • Ego.pngEgoism- "oH?! bAsIc MoRaLiTy??? ThAt'S a SpOoK!!!!! lEt Me Be An AbSoLuTe AsS bEcAuSe It PlEaSeS mY eGo!!!!!!!!" Kill yourself. Honestly.
    • Hedonism-cloud.pngHedonism- There is no problem with seeking pleasure, but this is just outright disgusting. Permissive society is cringe, plus, none of you Hedonists have any morals, you fucks are the kind that will rape people, do crime, and exploit others because of your so called "Pleasure" outright disgusting.

    SSS Tier(100-infinite):=

    • 3princ.pngSun Yat Sen Cball-Taiwan.png (infinite/100)- Father of Modern China freeing China from the chains of Feudalism and aiming to liberate the Chinese people from being bullied by the Western powers. If it weren't for him China would be a feudal backwards hellhole. He is a hero aiming to unify the Chinese nation, and his ideas of Democracy, Nationalism and Social Welfare are Uberbased. 孙中山革命江山永不倒!You were a hero of your time, Dr. Sun. I will forever respect you.
    • ZhouEnlai.pngZhou EnlaiCball-China.png (infinite/100)-Premier Zhou is the one that did the most contributions to make China a respected country. If he were to take power instead of Mao, China would be rising much faster and China would be doing billions of times better than the modern day revisionist CPC.
    • HoChiMinh.png Ho Chi MinhHochi.png (infinite/100)- Hero and an inspiration of global anti-imperialism. Fought a bloody war to free his people from the Japs, the French, the Americans as well as the National Traitors and had a positive view on economy, he was just unable to put it in place. He is Vietnam's Sun Yat Sen. Bac Ho forever deserves my respect. No leader has more balls than you. My eternal respects go to Uncle Ho. You never did anything wrong.
    • Hochi.png Vo Nguyen GiapHochi.png (100/100)- Long live your victory in the battle in Dien Bien, and that is a symbol of humanity and the people's victory against evil.
    • File:SocKemal.png Sevket Sureyya Aydemir Ottoman.png (100/100)- If only you won power in Turkey, combining with Turkish Nationalism and Marxism Leninism. I don't see any flaws in you. Incredibly based.
    • Sankara.png Thomas SankaraFile:Cball-Burkina Faso.png (infinite/100)- You can't tell me this man isn't based. You just can't. Kicked out the French imperialists, Made neoliberal westerners cope and seethe, built his country from scratch, vaccinated millions of children, lifted a lot of people out of poverty, purged corrupt officials, improved healthcare and education, and outlawed genital mutilation, polygamy, and child marriage. You also lived a simple life instead of living luxuriously. This man is the greatest person that Africa has produced, and one of the best people humanity has made. He is flawless.
    • Stalin.png Georgi DimitrovCball-Bulgaria.png (100/100)- The very face of Prolettariat Internationalism (the based kind, not Globalism), also, kudos to how you resisted Tito's attempts to imperialize Bulgaria. Your legacies are very much appreciated in Bulgaria today, and much of Modern Bulgaria's infrastructures and things they enjoy cannot be without you. Incredibly based.
    • Stalin.png Valko ChervenkovCball-Bulgaria.png (100/100)- Your rapid industrialization, anti-fascist fight, collectivization and such policies did a lot of good for Bulgaria. One of the best of Communist Eastern Europe. Infinite respect goes to you.
    • Orthlen.png Vladimir LeninBolshevism ball.png (100/100)- great job overthrowing the Tsarist regime, ending Russia from being an imperialist power that genocides people and starved peasants, great job bringing the necessary social changes to Russia that empowered the poor, peasants and women, and your New Economic Policy and almost everything you did for Russia is positive. You paved way for a great Russia. My strongest respects go to you.
    • ML.png Mikhail BorodinBolshevism ball.png (100/100)- An international friend of ours, supported the Kuomintang revolution and the Kemalist revolution, helped them set path towards anti-imperialism, socialism, and such, and also helped to fight against warlords and imperialists. What else can I say but Gigachad.png? Stalin was wrong to purge you.
    • Mirsaid Sultan-Galiev.png Mirsaid Sultan-GalievBolshevism ball.png (100/100)- Anti-Imperialism, Anti-Colonialism, National Communism, etc. All are extremely based, and called for the unity of the third world for the fight of self-determination. Very based. Stalin was wrong to purge you.
    • Ormarxf.png Karl MarxCball-Germany.png (infinite/100)- Your ideals are great and inspired socialism and the fight against the genocidal, murderous capitalist status quo. Your ideologies and theories inspired billions of people to fight colonialism, monarchism, imperialism and exploitative capitalism. based.
    • Ormarxf.png Frederick EngelsCball-Germany.png (infinite/100)- Same as above
    • ICA.pngJames ConnollyCball-Ireland.png (100/100)- Your vision of a Free Irish Republic will be realized, a true hero.

    SS Tier(90-99):

    • JapCom.png Inejiro Asanuma Cball-Japan.png (99/100)- You do not deserve to be killed. If you were still here, East Asia will be Red and the West will have no place here. Plus, you're one of the few genuine revolutionary Socialists in the JCP, very based.
    • JapCom.png Kyuichi Tokuda Cball-Japan.png (96/100)- Spoke out against Hideki's vicious rule, fought against the US-backed Japanese puppet government and contributed to the fall of Nobusuke Kishi Indirectly. Based. You also one of the only genuine revolutionaries in the JCP, dedicating to serve your people and freeing your country, one day, the winds of history will come, and you will be the leader and hero for the people of Japan.
    • Juche.pngKim Il SungCball-North Korea.png (95/100)- I hope you won the Korean war and killed that US puppet Syngman Rhee. The Juche concept is based, and how you wanted the Socialist bloc to unite and supported many anti-imperialists like Nyerere and Nasser is great. You took a strong hand to build North Korea perfectly to it's material conditions, and truly understands how to rule a country. Sadly, North Korea went to shit after you. Plus, North Korea under you had genuine worker's control. My only problems with you is creating an inheritance system and being over reliant on the USSR (although you kind of had to otherwise grave concequences for the DPRK will be there)
    • Juche.pngChoe Yong GonCball-North Korea.png (97/100)- North Korean Peng Dehuai/Zhu De. True gigachad.
    • LeftKMT.png Liao ZhongkaiCball-Taiwan.png (92/100)- A tad bit too moderate, but your State Socialism and your support to Stalinist Ussr is based, shame rightoids killed you.
    • LeftKMT.pngSoong Ching LingCball-China.png (95/100)- A true great woman. Fought the revolution with Sun Yat Sen, see how the KMT degraded into scum under Chiang, and proceed to join the new liberators of China, that being the CPC. Plus, you oppsed the Cultural Revolution later in your life, very based.
    • ML.pngPeng DehuaiCball-China.png (99/100)- The head general of the Chinese people fighting against the Japs, the KMT, and the Imperialists in Korea. He is dedicated to make China an internationally respected Proletariat State freeing the people of the world from the chains of Imperialism.
    • ML.png Zhu DeCball-China.png (99/100)- Same as above.
    • ML.png Wang DongxingCball-China.png (98/100)- Purged the Gang of Four, helped to end the Cultural Revolution, yet critical of the economic reforms and revisionism, yet also criticising the Capitalist mindset. What else can I say except Gigachad.png. Too loyal to Mao even if you opposed the Red Guards personally but your good makes up for all.
    • Hujintao.png Hu JintaoCball-China.png (91/100)- His rule is known as the booming 10 years of the Chinese economy, cracked down on corruption, helped improve technology until we overtook Japan, Introduced some form of reforms but not too much, Helped extend our alliances and influences, and took a firm hand against seperatism and is a true nationalist. What a fucking gigachad. The only issue I have with you is not being radical enough on economics, and way too soft in terms of economy too, and not seizing an opportunity to make a sharp, far-left turn.
    • Hochi.png Hoàng Văn HoanHochi.png (90/100)- Similar to the above, and helped Bac Ho initially at first, and later protected the ethnic Chinese in Vietnam from the hands of revisionist scum Le Duan. Eternal respect to you, comrade.
    • Hochi.pngNatcom.png Pen SovanCball-Cambodia.png (97/100)- You're one of the best people in history. You founded an organization that created the People's Republic of Kampuchea (the best government in Cambodian History), freed your country from Pol Pot, while pushing towards a policy of National Communism for Cambodian. That alone makes you gigachad.
    • Mao.png Phayom ChulanontThailand.png (90/100)- Thai Chin Peng, a hero in the Communist struggle against the Fascistic US-backed Thai dictatorship.
    • Mao.png Chin PengCball-Malaysia.png (90/100)- Based Malayan people's war against the British Imperialists, and you should have killed all British colonialists enslaving Malaysia. Maoism is gay but understandable in your cause.
    • ML.png Bong Kee ChokCball-Malaysia.png (90/100)- Same as above.
    • Mao.png Abdullah CDCball-Malaysia.png (90/100)- The winds of history will come, and you will be recognised as a hero against colonialism and imperialism.
    • ML.png SA GanapathyCball-Malaysia.pngCball-India.png (90/100)- Indian comrade that sacrificed himself for my people's struggle against the British colonialists. Rest in peace, comrade.
    • Sukarno.png SukarnoCball-Indonesia.png (91/100)- There are very few people in History that can be such successes like how Sukarno is. Got inspired by Nationalism and Socialism, pushed for Indonesian national unity like how Tito did in Yugoslavia, if only he lived longer. He is one of the greatest people to have ever existed. Economywise you're not that smart, but that's more or less the only problem I have with you (alongside collaborating with the Japs but similar to Bose, I kind of understand why).
    • Sukarno.png Mohammed HattaCball-Indonesia.png (92/100)- Indonesia's Zhou Enlai, very based.
    • Republicanismpix.png Jose RizalCball-Philippines.png (98/100)- Gigabased man who wanted to free the Philippines and build the Philippines a great republic similar to how Sun Yat Sen and Sukarno did. You're a martyr and a hero in the cause against Imperialism.
    • Stalin.png Shibdas GhoshCball-India.png (96/100)- One of the most heroic people of all time. Extermely based ideology and anti-imperialism, same with your Marxism-Leninism. Long live Comrade Ghosh!
    • Monsoc.png Amanullah KhanCball-Afghanistan.png (92/100)- Afghan Sun Yat Sen. Fought against Imperialists, friendly to the Leninist Bolshevik government, and had great positive domestic policies for Afghanistan, and purged reactionary elements. Everything you did for Afghanistan was positive. Monarchism is a problem but that's the only bad thing there, alongside not being far enough, otherwise very based.
    • Baath.png Fuad Al RikabiCball-Iraq.png (91/100)- Iraqi version of Nasser, sadly purged by Saddam.
    • Baath.png Michel AflaqCball-Syria.png (91/100)-Great contributor and founder of Ba'athism, gigabased.
    • Baath.png Zaki Al ArsuziCball-Syria.png (94/100)- Same as above.
    • File:Habash.png George HabashCball-Palestine.png (92/100)- May be better than Arafat as his ideals match mine more, and less radical and violent than most Palestinian groups. Long live the Palestinian Resistance!
    • Kemal.png Mustafa Kemal AtaturkOttoman.png (92/100)- The only fault about him is going too far on secularization and being a bit too moderate, but otherwise you're great. Freed Turkey from the Ottoman Empire, modernized Turkey, and just had overall great ideals building the modern state of Turkey, alongside inspiring anti-imperialist leaders like Sukarno. Sadly, Erdogan is destroying everything you did to Turkey.
    • Antiimp.png Emir AbdelkaderCball-Algeria.png (98/100)- Algerian Sun Yat Sen, need I say more? Promoted unity among Christians, united the Country, and bravely fought the French. What else apart from Gigachad.png
    • Afrsoc.png Amilcar CabralFile:Cball-Guinea Bissau.png (93/100)- Freed Guinea Bissau from the Portuguese and inspired anti-colonial movements globally. Based.
    • File:Nkrumah.png Kwame NkrumahCball-Ghana.png (96/100)- Led Ghana into the path of Socialism, Nationalism, and anti-imperialism, led the global fight against colonialism and you are just overall, a hero for the liberation of Africa from the claws of the Imperialists. But you're too moderate for my liking.
    • ML.png Samora MachelCball-Mozambique.png (90/100)- Freed Mozambique from the Portuguese, had good social policies and nationalization of private property is based. Plus your zero-tolerance stance on crime, prostitution is mega based. Also, nice job contributing to the fall of Ian Smith's government.
    • Afrsoc.png Joshua NkomoCball-Zimbabwe.png (92/100)- Your adherence to Georgism is based and a Zimbabwe under you would be extremely ideal for a country. you would be better than Mugabe and you are the best choice for the people of Zimbabwe.
    • ML.png Steve BikoCball-South Africa.png (93/100)- You are the bravest Anti-Apartheid revolutionary there ever is, advocated for the oppressed Blacks to rise up in resistance against Western backed Apartheid, and a symbol of Black power. A hero for the African people in their fight.
    • ML.png Andrija HebrangTito.png (98/100)- Followed firm to the communist line, played a major role in industrializing Yugoslvia, promoted racial unity and ethnic brotherhood (until revisionist motherfucker Tito stole all your credit), and helped to chase out the fashoid scum. What else can I say but based? One of the genuinely true socialists from the SFRY.
    • Stalin.png Gheorghe Georgiu DejCball-SRRomania.png (97/100)- Although a Stalinist hardliner, you helped free Romania from the Nazis, Industrialized Romania and had positive policies like how Chervenkov did for Bulgaria, and pushed for a independent path for Romania and almost the main person for National Communism. What else can I say apart from Gigachad.png? My only problem with you is the Sov-Rom companies affair though, otherwise you're flawless. One of the best of all the early Communist leaders of Eastern Europe.
    • File:Gottwald2.png Klement GottwaldCball-Czechia.png (90/100)- You did good by fighting Nazism in Czechoslovakia, Nationalizing key industries, and did good solving socioeconomic issues between Czechs and Slovaks. The best leader of Communist Czechoslovakia, that is absolutely for sure.
    • File:Bierut.png Boleslaw BierutCball-Poland.png (96/100)- You rapidly industrialized Poland and built it up after the Nazis razed it down, a lot of domestic, social, industrial, and economic improvements. Recently however, I really liked your Left-Nationalism and your ideals. Very based. Plus, good job hunting down counterrevolutionaries, comrade Bierut.
    • Stalin.png Joseph StalinBolshevism ball.png (90/100)- Recently I've been wondering where to put you, since on one hand, you charted down one of the greatest ideologies that saw the liberation of billions from Imperialism, Fascism and Colonialism. You single-handedly had projects that turned industrialization that took the rest of Europe 200 years to do and achieved it in like two decades, helped industrialize Eastern Europe, getting rid of Nazi Germany, and your social and cultural policies were very based, but I dislike the Turkish Straits crisis, what you did in the Baltics (even if wanting to protect them from Hitler is understandable), but that's about it for your case. But thank you for being an inspiration for Marxism Leninism and being an idol for many socialist movements. You are one of the people which are overly demonized wrongly. But, I believe, the winds of history will change, and soon, you will be seen as a hero.
    • ML.png Vasily BlyukherBolshevism ball.png (100/100)- Backing Chiang is cringe (even if you supported him since he was an actual left tridemist back then, shame he became one of the worst figures in Chinese history) but you did it to support us to Unite the North and get rid of the warlords. Helped us in establishing Tridemism in China too. Incredibly based, and an ML too making it even better. Like Borodin, Stalin shouldn't have god rid of you.
    • ML.png Vladimir MayakovskyBolshevism ball.png (97/100)- Alongside Maxim Gorky, you are one of the greatest artists ever, plus, Russian Futurism is incredibly based, as well as supporting Lenin in the Russian revolution. Gigachad.png
    • ML.png Georgy ZhukovBolshevism ball.png (96/100)- He is one of the toughest and bravest generals in History. His bravery against the Nazis and his non-hesitiation to crush Western backed terrorist insurrections in Europe is commendable.
    • Neomarx.png Antonio GramsciCball-Italy.png (97/100)- Your theory of capitalist cultural hegemony is true and I find it something that is worth noticing, plus, your viewpoints are based and if you took over Italy, it's state will be much better.
    • Lincolnism.png William ShermanCball-US.png (97/100)- Brave fighter that fought for yoru country's reunification from the cuckfederates. Westoids can cope and seethe about your so called "war crimes' which are falsified.
    • Mao.png Huey P. NewtonCball-US.png (90/100)- Helped combat racism and the terrible condition of American society during that time, helped provide for the poor and helped fight for the rights of the people against McCarthyist Neocon Imperialism. You are the true definition of Socialism. Not whatever Woketards and Antifa are doing now. You are a martyr for the American people.
    • Mao.pngFred HamptonCball-US.png (90/100)- Same as above. Rest in power, King. Those Atlanticist Pigs will burn in hell for killing a man of the people like you.
    • Soc.png Malcolm XCball-US.png (92/100)- As based as Martin Luther King.
    • Antiimp.png Jose MartiCastro.png (98/100)- Martyr fighting for your country's liberation from the Spanish Imperialists. Based. You're Cuba's Jose Rizal.
    • Castro.png Fidel CastroCastro.png (94/100)- Champion of Anti-Imperialism and a key figure of the Latin American people in their fight against American Imperialism and their cronies. You continued the legacies of brave anti-imperialist fighters like Jose Marti. Also, your policies on religion are just about as identical as mine. Gigachad.png Even if you're still very moderate for my liking.
    • ML.png Frantz FanonFile:Cball-Martinique.png (98/100)- Yes, this is what I call true Postcolonalism. Nothing can describe you better apart from based, really.
    • ML.png Maurice BishopCball-Grenada.png (99/100)- "Among Bishop's core principles were workers' rights, women's rights, and the struggle against racism and apartheid.[4] Under Bishop's leadership, the National Women's Organization was formed which participated in policy decisions along with other social groups. Women were given equal pay and paid maternity leave, and sex discrimination was made illegal. Organisations for education (Centre for Popular Education), health care, and youth affairs (National Youth Organization) were also established." You simply cannot tell me that this man isn't based. You just can't. Cope Neocucks.
    • ML.png Farabundo MartiCball-ElSalvador.png (96/100)- Wanted to help the poor of your country, and fought brave wars against imperialist powers, and later against the fascist regime of Maximilliano. Maximilliano should be killed instead of you.
    • Christsoc.png Augusto Cesar SandinoCball-Nicaragua.png (97/100)- Wanting to liberate your country and apply your values to it is a fucking based idea. Long live the idea of Sandinismo! Sadly, Ortega is doing more stupid things in his country.
    • Christsoc.png Carlos FonescaCball-Nicaragua.png (94/100)- Built schools and helped liberate the people of Nicaragua from the genocidal Somoza regime, and did a lot of good to the people of Nicaragua. A shame you had to be killed so early.
    • Bolivarism.png Simon BolivarBolivarism.png (91/100)- Your project of Gran Colombia shall be realised and you're a heroic son of South America which fought against the filthy Spaniards. However, invading Peru is gay.
    • Mariateguism.png Jose Carlos Mariategui Cball-Peru.png (90/100)- No Peruvian has influenced me more than you, one of the most prominent Anti Imperialist Marxists of the American continent. Based.
    • Antiimp.png Lautaro Cball-Chile.png (91/100)- Hero of the Chilean Native's fight against the genocidal Spanish Imperialists.
    • Antiimp.png Jose De San MartinArgentina.png (97/100)- Hero of Chile, Peru, and Argentina, a great, heroic anti-imperialist that fought against the barbaric Spanish Imperialists for his country's independence. He is a hero, like the Jose Marti of Argentina.

    S Tier:(80-89)

    • JapCom.png Sanzo Nosaka Cball-Japan.png (86/100)- True man that hoped Free Japan from the chains of being an Imperialist Puppet. I like your ideals and your sympathy to my people when facing Hideki. But, reformism is not cool, but you're better than the current JCP.
    • 3princ.pngSoong Mei LingCball-Taiwan.png (81/100)- Hate that you are Pro-Chiang but I respect you for gathering American aid for us against the Japs.
    • 3princ.pngSun FoCball-Taiwan.png (80/100)- KMT Rightoid, but the only one I respect, since you did get your priorities right, and is anti-Chiang, and you put National Unity against the Japanese invaders at first, and genuinely wanted to build a coalition government and supporting socialism, very based.
    • 3princ.pngFang ShengdongCball-Taiwan.png (80/100)- Heroic anti-reactionary and anti-Qing revolutionaries that strived for the betterment of China. Rest in peace, martyr.
    • 3princ.pngQiu JinCball-Taiwan.png (80/100)- Same as above.
    • ML.png Phuntsog WangyalCball-China.pngCball-Tibet.png (88/100)- The most Based Tibetan there ever is. Helped the CPC destroy the slave regime in Tibet, and had good reforms concerning Tibet Autonomous Zone. Mao shouldn't have purged you even if you're slightly sympathetic to the Dalai Lama which is cringe.
    • ML.png Li DazhaoCball-Taiwan.png (85/100)- The true martyr for the Chinese nation. Founded the Communist Party of China, wrote some good theories even if some were a little too moderate, and a nationalist, admired the Bolshevik revolution, alongside endorsing Sun too. Very based.
    • Mao.png Yeung KwongCball-HongKong.png (89/100)- Fighter and Hero of the People of Hong Kong to fight against the British colonialists. Great. Kill the British Colonialists. May Hong Kong rejoin the mainland. One of the least bad maoids.
    • ML.png Chen YiCball-China.png (81/100)- Against the CR, tried to ease tensions with the USSR, based.
    • Hujintao.png Hu ChunhuaCball-China.png (83/100)- Oversaw economic and social developments in both Tibet, Inner Mongolia, and later Guangdong, got rid of crony capitalism, purged corruption, abandoned neoliberalism and capitalism, very based, but you're way too moderate.
    • Stalin.png Khorloogjin ChoibalsanCball-Mongolia.png (85/100)- Modernizing Mongolia, freeing it from the reactionary Beiyang Clique and fighting against Japanese Imperialists are based, as well as your rapid industrialisation, improvement in literacy, and expanded recognition of Mongolia's independence is based, but you're too reliant on the Soviets. Purging theocrats is based, though
    • Hochi.png Pham Van DongHochi.png (83/100)- A more moderate version of Vietnam's Molotov, followed Bac Ho's legacies to the end, and tried to purge corruption (but you did nothing later against the revisionists), but still, you're very good.
    • Consocf.png Le Duc AnhHochi.png (84/100)- Fixed relations with my country and a true anti-revisionist socialist who opposed Kiet's revisionist Dengist wannabe policies, very based.
    • Buddhist Socialism.png SouphanouvongCball-Laos.png (85/100)- Abandoned royalty and fought the monarchy for a People's government. This is what a true man of the people should be like.
    • Soc.png Aung SanCball-Myanmar.png (88/100)- Myanmar's father of independence and a hero freeing Myanmar from Britain and Japan. Your ideals of Socialism are extremely based and if you didn't die, another great anti-imperialist regime will be established. However, you don't go radical enough.
    • Soc.png U NuCball-Myanmar.png (88/100)- Continued the legacies of Aung San's Socialism in the country, chase the British colonialists out, and Myanmar should belong to only the Burmese and the Burmese people alone. You don't go far enough, though.
    • Sukarno.png BJ HabibieCball-Indonesia.png (81/100)- True patriot to the Indonesian people. Great man. It is he who made Indonesia's economy strong, not Suharto, plus he ended the genocide and the terrible things that Suharto did in his reign of terror and murder. Too moderate, but still good.
    • Ghandi.png Mahatma GandhiCball-India.png (88/100)- Praise the hero of India fighting for Indian independence and building a free India. However, rejecting industrialization is cringe.
    • Leftnat.png Bhagat SinghCball-India.png (84/100)- National Hero for all Indians and a martyr for India's fight to independence.
    • Buddhist Socialism.png B. R. AmbedkarCball-India.png (88/100)- One of India's bravest sons in it's fight to freedom and independence.
    • Monsoc.png Mohammed Zahir ShahCball-Afghanistan.png (81/100)- Made a lot of positive progressive reforms for Afghanistan and did very good things domestically, one of the few good monarchs. Don't like your anti-commmunism and support for Uyghur seperatists, though.
    • File:Mossadegh.png Mohammad MossadeghCball-Iran.png (84/100)- A based leader that should never have been couped. He did a lot of good and I consider him one of the best from the Middle East. Fuck Eisenhower and the Brits for installing that batshit King Pahlavi. However, you're too soft and hasn't done too much to eradicate capitalism. Still very good, though.
    • Islamic Socialism.png Abdul Fattah IsmailCball-Yemen.png (88/100)- It's quite a shame how everything you did for Yemen went to dust after war and retarded western-backed puppets like Hadi and Ali Abdullah Saleh. You're one of the most successful leaders of the middle east. Top class women's rights, great social development, supporting Palestine's cause, etc. You're on par with Gaddafi and Nasser in terms of success.
    • File:SocKemal.png Yakup Kadri KaraosmanogluOttoman.png (82/100)- Too moderate,but a based Socialist who opposed the Atlanticist puppet Menderes. Plus, you had some good ideas too, just be more communist and radical.
    • Bourguiba.png Habib BorguibaCball-Tunisia.png (81/100)- Gave women rights, freed your country from France, modernized and made it a modern nation, had policies that cared for the common people and so on. You're one of my favourite African leaders, however state capitalism and social corporatism is gay though, embrace Socialism NOW.
    • Absoc.png Ahmed Ben BellaCball-Algeria.png (85/100)- This fucking gigachad made the French cope and seethe over his sheer basedness and will to liberate Algeria from the Imperialists and your domestic policies like caring for the common man is based, although a little too moderate, but you're still very based.
    • Absoc.png Houari BoumedieneCball-Algeria.png (85/100)- Fought a war against the French and freed your country from colonialism, urbanized the population, oversaw great population growth, industrialized the country and had a bunch of awesome reforms and multiplied the annual per capita income by 5 times, a true great man, despite being moderate.
    • Islamic Socialism.png Moktar Ould DaddahCball-Mauritania.png (88/100)- Based for freeing the country from the French and nice job promoting racial unity. You're too moderate but overall based.
    • Afrsoc.png Patrice LumumbaCball-DRCongo.png (86/100)- Long live Lumumba! A great patriot and hero that fought imperialism and is an ardent resistor of the West and their crony Mobutu. You should have lived longer. If you had lived longer, Your country might be booming and might even be richer than some parts of Europe. However, being as progressive as you were, you were still too moderate.
    • Afrsoc.png Julius NyerereCball-Tanzania.png (84/100)- Toppled Idi Amin's genocidal regime, a bastillion against imperialism and a hero for Africa's people and a great freedom fighter than inspired many Africans to rise up against colonialists. Market Socialism and Stagnation is retarded though, but otherwise very good.
    • ML.png Agostinho NetoCball-Angola.png (89/100)- Man of the Angolan people and freed Angola from the savagery that the Imperialists did in Angola, and later, a stern opponent of the Apartheid and other American cronies in Africa. Although a coalition government with the UNITA doesn't seem too bad either.
    • Afrsoc.png Kenneth KaundaFile:Cball-Zambia.png (84/100)- Solved the problems and suppressed Tribal violence, fought Imperialism and is the biggest chad and head of Anti-Imperialism in Southern Africa, freed Zambia, and helped organize anti-apartheid movements.
    • Afrsoc.png Sam NujomaCball-Namibia.png (85/100)- Leader of SWAPO and a warrior against the Apartheid regime. Your ideology is very based and how you ruled Namibia is a model worth following. However, later on you turned revisionist 🗿
    • ML.png Bram FischerCball-South Africa.png (86/100)- A hero in the anti-apartheid struggle. One of Mandela's dearest white comrades to the end.
    • ML.png Nikos ZachariadisCball-Greece.png (86/100)- Fighting for national liberation from the vicious Greek Junta, the Nazis, and the British Imperialists were based no matter what, plus, Left-Wing Nationalism is and will be incredibly based. Socialist Patriotism too. Fuck the Khrushchevite Revisionists for betraying you.
    • Hoxha.png Enver HoxhaCball-Albania.png (87/100)- In your first years your directions were correct. Your improvement on literacy, industrialization and your reforms to the lives of the Albanian people are based, but your stance on religion is unbased, plus your isolationism (even if you're forced to, thanks a lot, Westoids and T*toites) stagnated Albania's economy. Also, thanks for helping us kick out the ROC. I only wish you aren't as overparanoid and anti-religion though, should be less radical. Leaning decent. The only problems I have with you are your stance on religion and a bit on isolationism, but otherwise your achievements, like 100% electrification in just THREE years, building the country's very first railways, massive improvement in fields like education, healthcare and eradicating multiple diseases and epidemics, how can anyone not praise your achievements? However, later funding the Kosovo Liberation Army (even if you didn't know they became terrorist after you died) was very cringe.
    • Hoxha.png Nexhmije HoxhaCball-Albania.png (83/100)- Did her best to support her husband's career in building Albania into a grand socialist republic and you did help a lot. Only problem is that you supported Alia later in your life. Otherwise, you're Albanian Peng Liyuan.
    • Stalin.png Ana PaukerCball-SRRomania.png (82/100)- Purging liberals, fashoids and succdems are incredibly based, and you helped Georgiu Dej with a lot of programs. Not sure with some of your brutal actions (and being a little tolerant to Kulaks) but otherwise good.
    • Stalin.png Petru GrozaCball-SRRomania.png (84/100)- Another great man who sought hard to build Socialist Romania to it's glory. Very based.
    • ML.png Vlado DapcevicTito.png (84/100)- Proletarian internationalism, hoping to establish true communism instead of what Tito did in his later years, fought the fagscists in the second world war, and advocating for proletarian internationalism. What else can I say except based?
    • Stalin.png Matyas RakosiCball-Hungary.png (86/100)- Although it's good for you to get rid of Nazi puppet regime Szalasi, some of your policies, despite having relatively good intentions, ended up being huge failures (thanks anticoms and atlanticoids). Although not all of them are failures though, some of your industrial policies like lifting Hungary out of the legacies of fascism and poverty, were very based though. Hell, you are the founder of Socialism in Hungary, a shame the revisionists and atlanticoids have to slander your achievements. Could've had very great achievements, a pity anticoms halted all the progress you did for Hungary.
    • ML.pngAntonin ZapotockyCball-Czechia.png (84/100)- Adhering to collective leadership, Fighting the Nazis, and following the path that Gottwald paved despite being slightly more moderate, very based.
    • Malenkov.png Georgy MalenkovBolshevism ball.png (88/100)- Killed Beria, had extremely excellent policies, and is basically like me if I were to rule the USSR. Nothing apart from Gigachad.png, is my comment on you. However, some of your shortcomings also led to Khrushchev taking over, which is bad, and that you're too moderate, still.
    • Consocf.png Maxim GorkyBolshevism ball.png (80/100)- I enjoyed reading your works and you are one of the few philosophists that inspired good for humanity abeit being too culturally radical. Respect to Maxim Gorky.
    • Stalin.png Vyacheslav MolotovBolshevism ball.png (81/100)- Oversaw the collectivization in the USSR and contributed a lot to the very based and successful First Five Year Plan, and one of the key people in the USSR that still opposes Revisionism to the end. One of the most based politicians of the USSR.
    • Stalin.png Grigory RomanovBolshevism ball.png (80/100)- Things would've been so much better if you had won and purged Gorby and his band of traitours pigs... Even so, I'm honestly not sure whether you are a social imperialist or not...
    • ML.png Boris PugoBolshevism ball.png (80/100)- Another one of the true patriots of the USSR that tried to save th USSR from the hands of filthy traitor Gorbachev.
    • ML.png Yegor LigachevCball-Russia.png (83/100)- Like the above, but better, as you had very based viewpoints on how I see the USSR, and you begun to distance yourself from traitor Gorbachev. Although I'm sure whether you're not a social imperialist or not.
    • Luxem.png Clara ZetkinCball-Germany.png (85/100)- Heroine that strived for Socialism and the liberation of the German people, and women's rights. A true heroine of the German people, and the German Socialist revolution.
    • ML.png Ernst ThalmannCball-Germany.png (86/100)- Anti-Fascism, Anti-Ebert, and Wanted to create a People's state of Germany, gigabased. Purging Luxemburgists were a bad move though, but otherwise I have no problem with you.
    • Antifash2.pngHenning von TresckowCball-Germany.png (80/100)- My absolute respect goes to you, brave hero that tried to kill Hitler.
    • Antifash2.pngErwin von WitzlebenCball-Germany.png (80/100)- Same as above.
    • ML.png Wilhelm PieckCball-EastGermany.png (89/100)- Founder of the Socialist DDR and a hero against the Nazis and the Social Democrats. Incredibly based. You and Ulbricht built what should be the best, and most moral German government there ever is. Gigachad.png
    • ML.png Walter UlbrichtCball-EastGermany.png (89/100)- Had good intentions on Improving Germany and nice fighting Nazism, but ordering to build the Berlin Wall is an asshole move. The New Economic System and your other domestic policies was very based though, I give you that.
    • Leftnat.pngGiuseppe GaribaldiCball-Italy.png (83/100)- Too moderate, but you're Italian Sun Yat Sen. One of the first ever Socialists that deserve everyone's admiration, and fought to reunite Italy. Extremely based.
    • ML.png Palmiro TogliattiCball-Italy.png (80/100)- Italian Thalmann, but later you turned to Reformism, which is cringe.
    • Soc.png Dom MintoffCball-Malta.png (82/100)- Created a welfare state that cared about your people, freed your country from the Brits and had initial improvements to standards of living, however, despite economy stagnated under your rule later, you're still good in my book.
    • Stalin.png Maurice ThorezCball-France.png (86/100)- French Ernst Thalmann, a hero for the French people's fight to liberation. Very based.
    • ML.pngHarry PollittCball-UK.png (80/100)- Supporting the invasion of Hungary was cringe but that's about the only issue I have with you. a devouted, true anti-colonialist that stood up against capitalism, imperialism and fascism, and the Thalmann of Britain. A true hero, one of the English statesmen that I respect the most.
    • Hoxha.png Bill BlandCball-UK.png (83/100)- One of the most based Hoxhaists of the international stage. A committed Communist to improve Britain, a committed anti-revisionist against the social imperialists like Brezhnev and Khurshchev, and you're right about Mao being a revisionist as well.
    • ICA.png Patrick PearseCball-Ireland.png (87/100)- Another brave revolutionary that strived his life to free Ireland. Comrade, your dreams will be realised one day.
    • ICA.png Michael CollinsCball-Ireland.png (81/100)- Same as above, but why peace with the British genocidal colonialists?
    • ML.png Dolores IbarruriCball-Spain.png (81/100)- Like Togliatti, Pollitt, Foster, etc. You are a hero for Spain's liberation from Fascism and understands that Anarchoids and Trots cannot be trusted, very based, but later on, who reconciling with Tito?
    • Antiimp.png Louis RielCball-Canada.png (80/100)- Rest in peace, revolutionary hero of Canada against the British Imperialists. You are demonized by Canadian propaganda, but one day, I believe the winds of History will come.
    • Republicanismpix.png John BrownCball-US.png (84/100)- American Bhagat Singh. Your bravery of freeing slaves will be forever commended.
    • Lincolnism.png Abraham LincolnCball-US.png (83/100)- My favourite American president. Reunited the country, got rid of slavery in the South, and effectively made the Imperialists soyrage after getting rid of the Confederates. Plus, if you lived longer, America might still be a based Anti-Imperialist stronghold. However, you did have some bad points about you too, like supporting propertarianism, your affairs with natives, your overly moderate reformism and tolerating prostitution.
    • Republicanismpix.png Frederick DouglassCball-US.png (80/100)- Wanting to negotiate with slave owners is bad but otherwise you're also one of the heroes that strived for the cause against Slavery.
    • AntiRacism.png Harriet TubmanCball-US.png (84/100)- Brave woman that played a huge role in freeing slaves and the abolitionist movement. Very based.
    • Soc.png Helen KellerCball-US.png (83/100)- Pushed for anti-colonialism, anti-imperialism, opposed that genocidal maniac Woodrow Wilson, pushed for peace, women's suffrage, and labour rights, very based. One of the strongest women figures of all time.
    • ML.pngWilliam Z. FosterCball-US.png (86/100)- American Luxemburg, a hero for the American labourers, workers, and it's people in the struggle against the genocidal, Capitalistic American system. Your name will be forever remembered fondly as a hero of the American people, dear comrade.
    • Soc.png Robert M. La FolletteCball-US.png (85/100)- Like Teddy Roosevelt without the cringe. Gigachad.png
    • Soc.png Robert M. La Follette Jr.Cball-US.png (85/100)- just like the above.
    • CPUSA.pngGus HallCball-US.png (81/100)- Backing the invasion of Afghanistan was retarded, but, that's about the only problem I have with you. Bill of Rights Socialism seems good, and I definitely will back you if I were an American.
    • Hoxha.pngJack ShulmanCball-US.png (85/100)- One of the most based Americans to have ever lived. A revolutionary and an anti-fascist hero, and adhered to true marxism-leninism to the end. The new William Foster.
    • Soc.png W.E.B. Du BoisCball-US.pngCball-Ghana.png (82/100)- A bit too moderate, but you're a fighter for Socialism and the rights of African Americans against the filthy Capitalist regime of the US. One of the really based figures, on par with Rosa Parks, Angelou, Foster, Newton, Shulman and Hampton.
    • ML.png Grover FurrCball-US.png (83/100)- It's good to see that you debunked so many myths of communism and Stalin, one of the few truly educated, and smart Western academicians. People should know of you more, and read on you more.
    • Marxfem.png Angela DavisCball-US.png (83/100)- Pioneer of Women's rights in America, you are the kind of feminist I support, even if you are quite moderate.
    • AntiRacism.png Rosa ParksCball-US.png (85/100)- Mother of the civil rights movement of the US. A shame that modern day liberals ruined the so called "civil rights" you fought for.
    • AntiRacism.png Maya AngelouCball-US.png (85/100)- Same as above, a key person in the civil rights movement of the American people. Incredibly based.
    • Long.png Huey LongCball-US.png (86/100)- I can't start on where to describe this man's basedness. He's literally the best figure in American history, don't like your anticommunism, though.
    • File:MLK Jr.png Martin Luther KingCball-US.png (86/100)- Your Civil Rights movement will also be considered one of the greatest triumphs of the people in America, plus, your ideology is fucking based, even if I wish you're revolutionary, and you're way too moderate.
    • Antiimp.png Michael PrysnerCball-US.png (81/100)- You are the modern day Martin Luther King, former soldier that expressed his views bravely against the imperialists in the White house, speaking up against the capitalists in the wall street, and called for the complete destruction of America's imperialistic system. What else is there to say but Gigachad.png, I just don't like your Baizuo leanings and your sympathy to the Eastern Social Imperialists, even if I get where you're coming from.
    • Leftnat.png Juan BoschFile:Cball-Dominican Republic.png (83/100)- Your honesty is praisable and how you took care of your own people and saving your country from Trujillo makes you really deserve my respect, sadly the Americans took you down, and my only criticism of you is being too moderate, and not building a true marxist-leninist system.
    • Leftnat.png Lazaro CardenasCBall-Mexico.png (80/100)- You're fucking based. You're one of my favourite leaders in North America. Your policies are chad, gave indigenous and women rights, nationalized your industries from the Westoids and your reforms are gigabased as well. The britcucks can cope and seethe over Mexicans resisting against them. But why did you give asylum to Tr*tsky, and harboring counterrevolutionaries from the USSR, and not changing the system to socialism? Although I'd credit you for your releasing of communists and mantained good relations with them.
    • Soc.png Omar TorrijosCball-Panama.png (80/100)- Redistributed land to peasants, nationalized the Panama Canal, treated your people greatly and your economics are wise. You should rule Panama for eternity. However, you're too moderate.
    • File:Evo.png Evo MoralesCball-Bolivia.png (82/100)- Based. Your reforms denounced neoliberalism and did a lot to increase the quality of life for the Bolivian people, reduced dependance on the IMF and world bank, improved the economy, and had policies that did great for Bolivia. Based. Neoliberals and seethe over your sheer basedness. Like Castro, you're another champion of Anti-Imperialism. However, the system of Bolivia has to be completely changed into a Socialist one, and you're way too moderate for me to like completely.
    • Leftnat.png Joao GoulartCball-Brazil.png (82/100)- Had good social programs that lifted the poor out of poverty, expanded welfare, and improved healthcare and education systems that did good for all of Brazil, while also improving Brazil's economy. Based. Sadly, American backed fuckers have to overthrow you. However, you're a reformist that didn't change the system, which eventually led to your downfall, quite a shame.
    • File:RafaelFranco.png Rafael FrancoCball-Paraguay.png (82/100)- Improved Women's Rights and the Infrastructure of Paraguay, while also modernized the army of Paraguay, based, a shame you didn't live longer.
    • ML.png Raul PellegrinCball-Chile.png (80/100)- Leader of the Chilean resistance against that awful, neoliberal puppet, pedophile Nazi dictator Pinochet. You should have succeeded in killing him.
    • Stalin.png Eduardo ArtesCball-Chile.png (83/100)- Your social policies that resemble the ones of Allende are based, and your support to the DPRK and your criticism of liberal "human rights" and gusanos are hella based. I prefer you over any Chilean candidate. Very based. If only you won.
    • Guevara.png Che GuevaraArgentina.png (83/100)- Inspiration for the Latin American people's fight against the criminal dictatorships propped up by the American imperialists across Latin America. Based. You're an icon for international liberation, immense respect to you.

    A Tier:(70-79)

    B Tier:(60-69)

    C Tier:(50-59)

    D Tier:(40-49)

    E Tier: (30-39)

    F Tier:(20-29)

    G Tier:(10-19)

    • Libtard.png Hara TakashiCball-Japan.png (15/100)- Liberal Imperialist that did nothing to improve your people's lives and an imperialist too. The only good thing you did is giving some autonomy to Koreans, but nontheless, fuck you for keeping the empire and supporting a genocide against the Free Russian people under the Bolsheviks.
    • Ultranat.png Ichiro HatoyamaCball-Japan.png (13/100)- Ultranationalist, tried to remilitarize Japan, and is a massive hawk, and would likely be another imperialist crazier than Yoshida. The only good thing in your entire career is re-establishing ties with the USSR.
    • Showa.png Yukio MishimaCball-Japan.png (15/100)- The key pioneer of the Japanese Far Right and is the reason why the Japanese Right likes Hideki Tojo and denies or even glorifies the crimes the Imperial regime did. "Muh they'll become self haters if they do!!!!!!" shut the fuck up. Your right to live is over once you support Imperial Japan.
    • Showa.png Shumei OkawaCball-Japan.png (15/100)- Fuck you and your farce Pan-Asianism, Showaist prick.
    • MLM.png Fusako ShigenobuCball-Japan.png (13/100)- I get wanting to free Japan from it's evil neoliberal government, but what your group did (terrorism, airplane hijackings, massacres, and robberies) just legitimizes the oppressor. Helping to free Palestine is the only semi-based point about you but even then you done it through terrorism.
    • LDP(Japan).png Eisaku SatoCball-Japan.png (14/100)- Having positive economic growth is good and good for negotiating a return of Okinawa is good but that's all for the good things you have done. You're a huge imperialist that supported the US efforts of Genocide in Vietnam that led to public outrage, and advocated to nuke my country like McArthur. Burn in hell, cunt.
    • Reactlib.png Taro AsoCball-Japan.png (13/100)- A fatass like you deserves nothing. Praised Hitler, praised criminals in committing war crimes, racist as fuck, and did absolutely nothing to improve your country.
    • Neocuckservative.png Junichiro KoizumiCball-Japan.png (10/100)- Yasukuni Shrine war criminal worshipper, Neoliberal, and increased tension with neighbors. If you're a neoliberal you automatically deserve my hatred. Plus, you're a genocidal maniac and you're basically Japanese Bush. Absolutely evil.
    • LDP(Japan).png Sanae TakaichiCball-Japan.png (16/100)- Female Taro Aso. Nothing else.
    • LDP(Japan).png Shinzo AbeCball-Japan.png (16/100)- Neoliberal, Ultranationalist and Imperial Japanese apologist, and also an imperialist scum. Only good is economic improvements that came from you, even then, neoliberalism is not at all the way to do it, and you're a rightoid filth that empowered the fascist and imperialist genocide apologetic far-right.
    • Cap.png Yoshihide SugaCball-Japan.png (13/100)- Same as above but this time you didn't even do shit but fuck up the country in the midst of the pandemic, and an atlanticoid too, to make matters worse.
    • File:JapanFirst.png Makoto SakuraiCball-Japan.png (14/100)- Japanese Alex Jones, except even worse since you support drugs and is an ally of the Yakuza. Am I surprised that you're like this? NOT AT ALL!
    • Authcap.png Chun Doo HwanCball-South Korea.png (16/100)- Neolibtard that didn't give a fuck about continuing Park's economics, and slaughtered people just for wanting basic living and rights in the name of "le Juche coup". Kim Jong Il should have successfully killed you in the Rangoon Bombing, and you had zero achievements in your rule. Rest in piss bozo, burn in hell.
    • Fiscon.png Yoon Sook YeolCball-South Korea.png (18/100)- Ilminist Apologist, Supports slavery against the South Korean working class, atlanticist, neocuck puppet etc. The only good from you is your anti-woke policies, nothing else.
    • Juche.png Kim Jong IlCball-North Korea.png (17/100)- Just because I hate South Korea doesn't mean I like you. You turned North Korea into a military dictatorship and incompetent in the North Korean famine. The sole reason why North Korea has such bad reputation is because of you. However, thanks for the nuclear weapons program and defended the DPRK's national sovereignty. Plus, you ruined your father's dreams and turned North Korea into the sorry state it is now, and a massive revisionist and state capitalist too that ruined the genuine workers state.
    • Necon.png Yeonmi ParkCball-North Korea.png (13/100)- 90% of the shit you say isn't true. I'm not too much of a fan of the DPRK but you should be assassinated. The only people I hate more than Nazis are those that betray their country to join forces with Imperialists. Whores like you. Bitches like you.
    • Natan.png Chen JiongmingCball-Taiwan.png (16/100)- Anarchist, wanted a unique cantonese identity and inspired the current day HK and Taiwanese seperatists, ultimate cringe. I'd credit you for helping the Xinhai Revolution though even if later you broke with Sun.
    • Strato.pngZhang ZuolinCball-Taiwan.png (14/100)- The least bad warlord since you did do one or two good things and oppose imperialism, but you're still terrible, honestly, screw you for killing Li Dazhao.
    • Strato.pngDuan QiruiCball-Taiwan.png (11/100)- Warlord that opposed Sun and the Republican revolution and allied with Yuan Shikai.
    • ChiangKaiShek.pngChen ChengCball-Taiwan.png (17/100)- Chiangoid and anti-communist filth, but I can't deny he's got style against the Japs and some land reform (which kind of failed)
    • China-blueshirt.png Dai LiCball-Taiwan.png (12/100)- Chinese Heinrich Himmler, need I explain any more? Sure anti-America and Anti-Japan is based, but you and your master Chian ran a ring of terrorism and repression against your own people. Glad you died in that plane crash. Plus, you are not a tridemist and you never will be, fashoid scum.
    • RightKMT.png H.H KungCball-Taiwan.png (14/100)- A friend of Hitler in the name of "anti-communism", which is an anti-ideology with it's roots from fascism and imperialism and one hell of a corrupt piece of shit. The only fucking good thing about you is being against the Japanese.
    • File:JiangQing.png Jiang QingCball-China.png (12/100)- The lead of the criminals of the Gang of Four, manipulating the media and making the Cultural Revolution as violent as possible. Unsure what Mao even saw in you, but he should've killed you in the Cultural Revolution, honestly, fuck you for completely trashing Mao's legacy, burn forever in hell, you whore.
    • DengXiaoping.png Deng XiaopingCball-China.png (19/100)- I can somewhat get that economic reform and opening up is necessary, but that's more or less it. your foreign policy and deregulation of the economy too much. Then again, corruption was caused by your mass privatization and revisionist policies. Clearly less bad than the West, but please. Your foreign policy is something that I absolutely do not find appealing. Plus, crushing genuine Marxists, Seriously? Plus, Crony Capitalism, Sweatshops, a drop in worker's rights and Billionaires are absolutely uncool, man. I have to credit you for lifting a lot of people out of poverty, though. But still, you are a traitor, you are not a socialist, you are a revisionist, opportunist bastard. Your opportunistic and revisionist reforms transformed my motherland into being social imperialist and capitalist. I hate you with all I have. When I put you worse than Khruschev should show how bad you are. The only good from you is economic growth (came with concequences), reduction of poverty, dealing with the antiauths and getting rid of the Gang of four.
    • File:Jiang Tze-min.png Jiang Zemin Cball-China.png (17/100)- Continued Economic growth and I love how he oversaw the return of Hong Kong and Macau, as well as a crackdown of an insane cult known as the Falun Gong, same for a massive reduction on poverty. However, your corruption and your early Japanese collaborationism really puts your level down. Plus, dismantling a lot of the socialist programs that Deng Xiaoping had already gotten of, and you furthered it by causing severe problems of corruption and cronyism is something I just cannot support, I'm sorry. Plus, you're also a massive revisionist and crony capitalist and had the your cronies control China. Plus, you and the Shanghai Clique is horrible, glad Xi purged them. You are the main reason why China has a false socialist and state capitalist reputation, plus, you are an ally of Yeltsin and Milosevic. Horrible. Xi should've got rid of this toad asap. YOU ARE THE MAIN REASON WHY SOCIALISM CANNOT BE REVIVED AS OF NOW IN CHINA.
    • Dengf.png Zhu RongjiCball-China.png (17/100)- Based for being the driving force behind China's economy during Jiang's era. Plus, your pragmatism is good, but why do you have so many problems left unsolved? Plus, you're not helping to solve the economically liberal legacies of Deng's revisionism. Plus, you're very capitalist and a member of the Shanghai Clique.
    • Ethnonat.png Li ShuoCball-China.png (13/100)- Despite being Chinese yourself, backing the Japanese puppet state of Manchukuo is unacceptable, backs a dissolution of your own country, etc. Opposing that clown Liu Zhongjing and (partially) backing the CPC doesn't at all make up for all your bullshit.
    • Klep.png Guo WenguiCball-China.png (12/100)- Corrupt as hell, exploitative, massive capitaloid, a rapist, an ally of Neocucks, and pushed anti-science conspiracy theories. Be glad you still had time out. If I were Xi I would've had you instantly killed.
    • DPP-Taiwan.pngLai Ching-TeCball-Taiwan.png (11/100)-Filthy independentist neoliberal, typical of a retarded Pan-Green scumbag like you. The only reason why you're better than Tsai is that you're more pragmatic than that bitch, but otherwise, fuck you.
    • Corp.png Terry GouCball-Taiwan.png (11/100)- Taiwanese George Bezos, responsible for the corporate concentration camps known as Foxconn warehouses, and caused the suicide of so many of your workers, depriving them of basic needs to living while you're sitting on your throne. Least evil Taiwanese politician.
    • Bud.png Dalai LamaCball-China.png (11/100)- I seriously don't get why you're praised that much. You're a feudalist, CIA puppet, Buddhist extremist, and kept 99% of the entire Tibetan population as serfs and below the poverty line. I'm glad you're taken down by force. Although later in your life you grew into Socialism, that's cool, but quit funding shady groups in Tibet to destabilize and undermine Chinese sovereignty, and you're still a CIA puppet.
    • 3princLib.png Xin HaonianCball-Taiwan.png (16/100)- I am in no way fond of the DPP, and neither am I fond of Dengoid revisionism, but there is absolutely no way I will accept an antiauth atlanticist westoid simp like you. Out of the question. Be glad I didn't put you on the tier of Joshua Wong, since at least you're proud to be Chinese and not a terrorist, but you're still horrible nontheless.
    • Authcap.png Nguyen Van ThieuCball-SouthVietnam.png (10/100)- You are the least insane out of all of South Vietnam's leaders but you're still terrible. You are still repressive and still caused misery for your people.
    • LêDuẩn.png Le DuanHochi.png (18/100)- Nice job crushing the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia and destroying the illegitimate government in Saigon, Le Duan, but that's about the only good from you. Apart from that, you're a revisionist who is stupid in managing the economy and even the conservative sects of the CPV didn't like you, plus, why are you a Sinophobic Brezhnev Puppet? You're more or less Vietnamese Brezhnev. You had some good contributions (like reunifying the country and defeating Pol Pot), that's it.
    • Đổi Mới.pngVo Van KietHochi.png (19/100)- Vietnamese Deng Xiaoping, you did try to fix the economic crisis caused by Le Duan and the USSR's collapse (even if the methods I don't approve of, and the reforms were necessary), and you did try to get Vietnam to co-operate with it's neighbors, but joining the WTO, and being too revisionist and liberal for my liking, but under you, Vietnam had factionalism, being too chummy with the West and some issues similar to what happened in Dengist China also happened, which is not cool. At the very least you could've followed Van Linh's path, but no, you choose to betray Socialism as a whole. Screw you, traitor.
    • NguyễnTấnDũng.png Nguyen Tan DungHochi.png (16/100)- Way too authoritarian even for my standards, destroyed the welfare system and prioritized economic growth (which there is nothing wrong with wanting economic growth, but you destroyed the welfare system which is absolutely cringe), corrupt as hell, made Vietnam very dangerous for journalists, friendly to the West, etc. The only good things about you is some form of economic growth (came with concequences) and reduction of poverty.
    • Monarch.png Sisavang VongCball-Laos.png (18/100)-Fatass king and supported a foreign genocidal power (France) to rule over Laos. Glad the Communists took you down.
    • Strato.png Lon NolCball-Cambodia.png (15/100)- Violent as hell and committed massacres and percecutions against Cambodians of Vietnamese and Chinese decent. Plus not to mention you're a Diem and Western puppet.
    • Strato.png Sarit ThanaratThailand.png (14/100)- Evil Military Dictator that didn't care about your promises to the Thai people, corrupt as hell and repressed your own people while you were living the life.
    • Chakri.png VajiralongkornThailand.png (16/100)- You're another shitty monarch to add to the list, pervert, wasted the people's money on your own luxuries, and now apparently, your dog is worth more than the common people?! This man is the classic monarch, a fatass that wastes the money of the people. You're the Thai version of Hassan II.
    • Strato.png Thanom KittikachornThailand.png (12/100)- This vicious, genocidal piece of shit massacred his people randomly and backed the genocidal war that the Americans led against the Indochinese people. Fuck you. Fuck this madman.
    • Strato.png Prayut Chan-o-chaThailand.png (18/100)- This corrupt piece of shit took down Yingluck's regime, and fucked over the people and economy of Thailand, what a huge cunt. Sure, teaching traditional Thai values to children is good but that's more or less the only good thing about you.
    • Showa.png 'Ba MawCball-Myanmar.png (17/100)- Showatard puppet and destroyed Myanmar, need I say anymore? Fuck you forever, traitor. Burn in hell.
    • Strato.png Min Aung HlaingCball-Myanmar.png (15/100)- No I'm not recognizing the US-puppet Anti-China puppet that is propped up just for the sake of destroying China. You are a Biden tool to destroy the Chinese Nation. Myanmar should be freed from Imperialists like how we did in Korea 1950 style. Plus, you are a repressive, and a genocidal corrupt tyrant that nobody supports,you should go down.
    • Libtard.png Tunku Abdul RahmanCball-Malaysia.png (13/100)- You gave independence to Malaysia, while being incompetent, corrupt as hell, and racist as fuck as well as being incompetent in solving racial issues which are a legacy left behind by British Imperialism. Plus, you are the reason why Malaysia lost Singapore, and I can clearly see why Lee Kwan Yew wanted to leave. Literally, the only good thing about you is giving Malaysia independence. NOTHING FUCKING ELSE.
    • Muslim 2.png Abdul Hadi AwangCball-Malaysia.png (17/100)- Wanted to create an Islamist republic in Malaysia, used racial politics to get what you want, etc. I can give you credit on your attacks against Joe Biden, though.
    • Klep.png Low Taek Jho (Jho Low)Cball-Malaysia.png (15/100)- Najib Crony and corrupt as hell, you will one day be prosecuted for your crimes.
    • NajibRazak.png Najib RazakCball-Malaysia.png (17/100)- Corrupt as hell and stole the people's money to buy tons of bags and shit. Forgot to mention that you are a retarded economic rightoid that skyrocketed living costs and suppressed those that tried to even talk about your corruption. The funniest thing is, you're still sitting at home like a king despite the shit you've done. I could give you credit on continuing the Malaysia-Singapore railway project though, alongside your support for Interculturalism is good. But otherwise, hope you rot in jail.
    • File:Mahiaddin.png Muhyddin YassinCball-Malaysia.png (14/100)- Initially alright in terms of combatting COVID and as well as vaccination programs, but then you turned out to be powerhungry and caused a surge in COVID cases in Malaysia. Plus, you didn't do jackshit when managing our country. Your entire rule as Prime Minister is a complete failure, nothing more.
    • Klep.pngAhmad Zahid HamidiCball-Malaysia.png (16/100)- Average Malaysian Politician and the average product of liberal "democracy",, you're corrupt as hell, and an ethnonationalist, need I add anything fucking more?
    • Neocuckservative.png John HowardCball-Australia.png (13/100)- Australian Bush, Genocidal Imperialist, and slashed welfare massively, need I say anymore?
    • Neocuckservative.png Scott MorrisonCball-Australia.png (14/100)- One of the cucks that love sucking off Biden's cock to destroy international peace and create an imperialist order over the world, not to mention how he's actively supportive of racism in Australia and didn't do shit about his official's rape scandals. One day Australia shall become an anti-imperialist republic against the true enemy to humanity, Imperialism. Also, you lost, and get out of Australian politics, do a favor for the world. You never did anything deserving of praise in your cabinet, neocuck kakistocrat.
    • File:Rogernomics.png Roger DouglasCball-Newz.png (10/100)- Improving the economy is the only good point from you, bastard, and even then, it came with extremely huge costs, and ruined New Zealand. You fucked over the poor, exploitative, and created huge wealth gaps in New Zealand, plus, FUCK YOU for ruining New Zealand's labour party.
    • Klep.png Harold KekeFile:Cball-Solomon Islands.png (13/100)- Genocidal warlord that destroyed your country and the Foday Sankoh of the Solomon Islands. Absolute prick.
    • File:Natdem.pngJose Maria SisonCball-Philippines.png (14/100)- I fucking despise Marcos but why didn't he kill you? Plus, why is a terrorist like you allowed to be run free after the atrocities you did like raping babies? Less Evil than Guzman but that doesn't say anything.
    • Marcos.png Ferdinand MarcosCball-Philippines.png (15/100)- Corrupt as hell, had sadistic torture methods, imperialistic, and repressed people and conducted a near-genocide of the Moro people (which indirectly led to the rise of the NPA). The only good point I can see from you is economic improvements, that's it, even then it came with severe wealth gaps and costs.
    • Klep.png Imelda MarcosCball-Philippines.png (15/100)- Fucking bitch, insane as hell, sucking the money off the already robbed Filipino people along with your husband. Fuck you, bitch. You should go have a reunion with your demonic husband in hell.
    • BJP.png Narendra ModiCball-India.png (10/100)- Corrupt as hell, borderline theocrat and feudalist, destroyed whatever progress socially that India has made, advocate for genocide and a bootlicker of Biden. He's the worst head of state currently and yet rightpops support this piece of shit for being Anti-CPC when Modi is millions of times way worse
    • Bud.png JR Jayewardene File:Cball-SriLanka.png (11/100)- The Dalai Lama or Modi of Sri Lanka, Buddhist extremist, ethnonationalist, and buttfucked the economy. No wonder the Tamils rose up against Sri Lanka.
    • Muslim 2.png Muhammad Zia Ul HaqCball-Pakistan.png (18/100)- This motherfucker is another classic Neoliberal dictator propped up by the West. Supported Terrorists and is an Islamic extremist, while exploiting the shit out of Pakistan using your naturally exploitative system.
    • ML.png Hafizullah AminCball-Afghanistan.png (14/100)- Your brutality is why I don't like you. Plus, powerhungry factionalism is very cringe. Killing Taraki too is unforgivable. Murdered religious people that caused the backlash of the Islamic population of Afghanistan and butchering your people without any restraint, ruined the reputation of communism in Afghanistan, peak stupid.
    • Jihad.png Hibatullah AkhundzadaTaliban ball.png (14/100)- May one day Afghanistan be cleansed completely of scum like you, Biden puppet.
    • Sec.png Islam KarimovCball-Uzbekistan.png (14/100)- Like above, good for killing Islamists in Central Asia and preventing Uzbekistan from becoming a den of terrorism and extremism, but I've heard that you did terrible shit like kidnapping random people, being corrupt, massacring random people, boiling people alive, and repressing Muslims, plus, you're another plutocratic tyrant caused by the collapse of the USSR. Actually fucking insane.
    • Niyazov.png Saparmurat NiyazovCball-Turkmenistan.png (12/100)- Batshit insane and arguably the worst person from Central Asia behind Mullah Omar. You know you're bad when even Ashraf Ghani and Karimov are better than you. Delusional as hell, Created his country fully based on his book, Totalitarian as fuck and recognized the Taliban. The only ever good you brought to Turkmenistan is oil wealth which led to prosperity.
    • Khom.png Ali KhameneiCball-Iran.png (19/100)- Khomeini but less insane, you caused a lot of problems for Iran, massive anti-semite, created an entire cult, etc. The only good thing about you is Anti-Atlanticism (since they're worse), as well as doing science and progress for Iran.
    • File:IRGC.png Qasem SoleimaniCball-Iran.png (14/100)- Do I really need to explain why I despise a Shia extremist Khomeinist Terrorist?
    • Zio.png Golda MeirZio.png (12/100)- Zionist extremist and couldn't do shit to run your country, so retarded that you have to rely on Western support. Plus, the horrifying shit you did to Palestinians and Arabs too are awful.
    • Zio.png Menachem BeginZio.png (11/100)- Jewish extremist and terrorist, and I do not need to explain about the horrifying shit you did to the Palestinian people, and yet you got the Nobel Peace Price, wow.
    • Bibi.png Benjamin NethanyahuZio.png (12/100)- Genocidal, Imperialist and just overall a terrible person that acts as the West's lapdog in the Middle East, plus, you also used your greatest ally, America to your interests, if anything, a true American should stand against Zionist fucks like you.
    • Zio.png Naftali BennettZio.png (12/100)- Equally as bad as Nethanyahu in dealing with Palestinians, that alone is enough to show how bad this man is.
    • HouseOfSaud.png King Abdullah of Saudi ArabiaCball-Saudi.png (18/100)- Similar as above, although less bad, but you still contributed to the spread of Wahhabism and caused the collapse of Iraq to Imperialists and Terrorists.
    • HouseOfSaud.png Salman Bin Abdul Aziz Al SaudCball-Saudi.png (14/100)- The most vile out of all of the Saudi Kings. You're basically a Neocon in disguise as an Islamic theocrat King, doing nothing to reduce your country's theocracy, actively backing terrorists and intervent in Yemen. The only good thing from you is your program of the Saudi Vision 2030.
    • HouseOfSaud.png Mohammed Bin SalmanCball-Saudi.png (15/100)- Batshit insane as hell. You torture, kill and jail people for something as simple as not dressing properly and had an assassin group to help you kill people, plus how you oppressed feminists and how you were behind many terrible events of the Middle East. The only good part from you is some minor social changes and that's it.
    • Fashkemal.png Recep PekerOttoman.png (17/100)- You had some ideas like Feminist liberation (which is a very rare W for a fashoid) and strong party, but in the end, you're still a fashoid and state atheism is extremely cringe. Ataturk was right to reject you.
    • Crapitalism.png Adnan MenderesOttoman.png (13/100)- Atlanticoid, US puppet and sold your country to the US and NATO (even if the Marshall Plan did help Turkey to some degree but it doesn't at all justify being an atlanticoid, plus, that's not all, this piece of shit organized the Istanbul Pogrom which had a lot of Greeks killed just because they are Greek, obstructing land reforms, shutting down rural institutions destroyed everything which Inonu had built up, Neocuck, allowed Islamist groups to rise, and corrupt as hell. Least genocidal Atlanticoid. You deserved to be hung, burn in hell forever, motherfucking cunt, motherfucking traitor.
    • Kaypakkaya.png Ibrahim KaypakkayaOttoman.png (18/100)- Terrorist and conducted killings against villages. Typical MLM. Not to mention that the Turkish Maoist groups that conducted violence against regular civilians are inspired by YOU.
    • File:Neolibtard.png Turgut OzalOttoman.png (15/100)- One of the least evil Neoliberals but to be fucking fair that doesn't at all mean anything. You supported the imperialistic genocide conducted by the US in Iraq, a NATO puppet, escalated conflict with the Turks, and had high levels of Inflation. The only good thing about you is being less aggressive to Greece and Armenia.
    • Libconserv3.png Süleyman DemirelOttoman.png (16/100)- Barely did anything in your rule, Supported Israel, NATO, and sympathized with the Grey Wolves terrorist organization, and so on. One hell of a living joke (and your failures also paved way to Kenan Evren).
    • Erdoğanism.png Recep Tayyip ErdoganOttoman.png (13/100)- Neo-ottomanist, fascist in denial, Slaughtering Kurds and acting imperialistic towards Syria, Armenia and maybe even fucking Greece. Fuck you for turning Turkey back to it's ottoman era and if you do so, you'll be begging for mercy when the Syrian and Armenian soldiers catch you, and no mercy you shall receive for the shit you did. Not being much of an atlanticoid and some of your early proposals are good, but it doesn't make up for the bullshit you are now.
    • Muslim 2.png Necmettin ErbakanOttoman.png (13/100)- Islamic fundamentalist anti-communist filth, just like Erdogan. Not to mention you defend that fucking traitor Menderes.
    • File:Zviadism.png Zviad GamsakhurdiaCball-Georgia.png (18/100)- Georgia's Franjo Tudman, but even worse somehow. You barely did anything from your rule apart from repression in Ossetia, and screwed over your country with ethnic tensions. Yeah, fuck this guy.
    • Kak.png Levon Ter-PetrosyanFile:Cball-Armenia.png (12/100)- Armenian Yeltsin. Barely did anything good for your country, fucking it up with your Neoliberal Capitalism, causing a mass exodus of your own countrymen, and your country instantly had it's economy collapsed as a result of capitalist policies and the collapse of the USSR. Still think Capitalism is good?
    • Klep.png Anwar SadatCball-Egypt.png (16/100)- This man is a traitor to the Arab World by reversing Nasser's great policies in Egypt, made relations with the Zionists, corrupt as hell, and repressive. Nasser's policies and economics are good while yours is a proof that Capitalism will not always work. The only thing I can credit you with is trying to make peace (even if it's with a horrible power)
    • Muslim 2.png Mohamed MorsiCball-Egypt.png (19/100)- Corrupt as hell, radical islamist, and a supporter of Hamas and the FSA. If it weren't for Farouk, you would be the worst Egyptian to have existed.
    • Monarch.png King IdrisCball-Libya.png (12/100)- Another corrupt, incompetent fatass Western cocksucking King to add to the list, oh well. Libyans are struggling to feed themselves and yet you are sitting on top of your throne with Western funds flowing in your pocket. I'm glad you're gone for good.
    • Klep.png Fayez Al SarrajCball-Libya.png (18/100)- Introduced a terrible Western puppet regime that did nothing but enslave your people, beat up black Libyans to death for no reason, and to be honest, is there really anything to else to add here? Sure Gaddafi has his faults, but better than anything you can be. You, President Obama and all other Western war criminals should be the ones suffering instead of the innocent Libyan population.
    • Monarch.png Hassan II of Morocco Cball-Morocco.png (15/100)- Your conservatism is too much for a country like Morocco, sucked off the French, and almost all the wealth that Morocco has belonged to 36 families liked with you. This is the typical monarch for you.
    • Klep.png Moussa Traore Cball-Mali.png (19/100)- Corrupt as hell, buttfucked the economy, and couldn't give a shit about a Jihadist insurgency in your country. Typical French cocksucker.
    • Muslim 2.png Yahya Jammeh Cball-Gambia.png (11/100)- Corrupt theocrat, rapist, and turned your country into a reactionary backwards hellhole. This is what I will call "human scum".
    • Klep.png Alpha CondeCball-Guinea.png (17/100)- This corrupt piece of shit stole money from the people and took advantage of Camara's vicious regime to secure your power. The single only good thing Camara did is expose what you did. Least corrupt social democrat.
    • Kak.png Blaise CompaoreFile:Cball-Burkina Faso.png (13/100)- Traitor to Comrade Sankara's revolution, reversed his good policies, corrupt as hell, reduced literacy rate, backed insane people like Taylor and Moussa Dadis Camara. You will pay for the murder of Sankara. you will pay dearly.
    • Neocuckservative.png Felix Houphouet BoignyFile:Cball-Ivory Coast.png (18/100)- Frecnh puppet and Atlanticoid puppet that sucked the cocks of the Westoid colonialists so much that you supported their efforts to kill off true revolutionary and people's movements, fuck you. Meditating conflicts is good, but I can never forgive you for killing Nkrumah and Sankara's regime. Fuck you, puppet. May you burn in hell.
    • Strato.png Joseph Arthur AnkrahCball-Ghana.png (16/100)- Couped Nkrumah, turned Ghana into a British Satelite state, Buttfucked the economy, and led crime rampant under you.
    • Strato.png Gnassingbe EyademaFile:Cball-Togo.png (15/100)- Created a family dynastical dictatorship, Corrupt as hell, perverted to the point that had 5000 dancing women surrounding you constantly and made yourself some kind of Inca-dynasty god.
    • Strato.png Sani AbachaCball-Nigeria.png (17/100)- Allowed Western corporations to exploit Nigerian resources, and Corrupt as hell. This is another terrible person. You're similar to Carlos Castillo Armas and you're the copy of him in Africa.
    • Klep.png Francois TombalbayeCball-Chad.png (13/100)- Chadian Mobutu, need I say any more?
    • Klep.png Idriss DebyCball-Chad.png (18/100)- Corrupt as hell, repressive as hell, and contributed to the fall of Gaddafi, leading Libya to how it is today. You are only good for taking out Habre, that's it.
    • Monarch.png Haile SelassieCball-Ethiopia.png (12/100)- Reactionary fatass king that lived your life while your people are relying on eating soil to survive. You are no different than Farouk. Only good thing about this dipshit is fighting the Italians, that's it.
    • Sec.png Paul BiyaCball-Cameroon.png (10/100)- Genocidal tyrant and a cocksucker of the French imperialists, going as far as killing people who speak English in Cameroon. How insane can one be to reach your level?
    • Klep.png Teodoro Obiang Nguema MbasogoFile:Cball-Equatorial Guinea.png (17/100)- Cannibal, Corrupt as hell, and batshit insane, created a cult around yourself like your apeshit uncle did, the only good is that your policies backing China is based, other than that you have no redeemable quality.
    • Klep.png Daniel arap MoiCball-Kenya.png (14/100)- Corrupt, cruel dictator that fucked your country over with your corruption and economic stagnation, and a Western puppet too. You are the reason why Kenya has so much problems.
    • Klep.png Joseph KonyCball-Uganda.png (13/100)- Murderous warlord, Christian Extremist, Pedophile that destroyed Uganda.
    • Hutupower.png Juvenal HabyarimanaCball-Rwanda.png (14/100)- Corrupt as hell, Ignited ethnic tensions, Turned your country into a Hutu dominated totalitarian state, rejected progress and technology, forced women to dance and chant for him and his cult, while majority of your people are starving and poor as hell.
    • Hutupower.png Jean KambandaCball-Rwanda.png (12/100)- This man is one hell of a human scum. He is a puppet of Theonoste Bagosora and helped Bagosora commit the Rwandan Genocide on the aid of Zaire and France through propaganda and inciting Hutus to genocide Tutsis.
    • Strato.png Michel MicomberoCball-Burundi.png (10/100)- Tutsi Extremist, overly conservative for a country like Burundi, committed a genocide on Hutus, and is there anything else to add here?
    • Strato.png Pierre BuyoyaCball-Burundi.png (14/100)- Assraped your country through a civil war. Nothing more has to be added.
    • Anticommunism.png Afonso DhlakhamaCball-Mozambique.png (14/100)- Warlord and corrupt as hell just like Jonas Savimbi in Angola, except that Savimbi at least fought the Portuguese while you allied with the same people that killed your people.
    • Whitesup.png Ian SmithCball-Rhodesia.png (13/100)- I may not like Mugabe but he is in all ways better than you. British Imperialist puppet, Violent as hell, exploitative as hell, racist and brutal to your people, savage, and ran your country like how Queen Victoria (the most evil woman) did. Rhodesians never die more like Rhodesians always die. Cry.
    • Mug.png Robert MugabeCball-Zimbabwe.png (15/100)- Had great intentions and wanted to make Zimbabwe a chad Anti-Imperialist nation and your vision is one that only gigachads will have, however, your massacres against white farmers and Ndebele people are cringe, and how you buttfucked the Zimbabwean economy is also bad. In the end, you're a corrupt reverse racist and did nothing at all about socialism and instead you killed white farmers like it's nothing at all. Sure your stance against Westoids was based, but you're like and even more retarded version of Maduro or Slobodan. Hence why I prefer Nkomo.
    • Mug.png Emmerson MnangagwaCball-Zimbabwe.png (18/100)- Corrupt as hell and did absolutely nothing to save Zimbabwe from the problems that Mugabe created.
    • Anticommunism.png Hastings BandaFile:Cball-Malawi.png (15/100)- One of the least insane of the US backed tyrants but still horrible. Conservative as hell, created a cult around yourself, built a totalitarian cult state, and cucked to the Apartheid. However, just like Park Chung Hee, you did improve your own country and build industry, but that's all.
    • Whitesup.png BJ VorsterCball-South Africa alt.png (12/100)- Racist as fuck, corrupt as hell, and as usual, backed the genocidal Portuguese colonialists.
    • Whitesup.png PW BothaCball-South Africa alt.png (10/100)- Out of all the Apartheid Savages, you are the most brutal of all of them. You engaged in torture of your people just for their skin colour, corrupt as hell, and collaborated with many Imperialists, Colonialists and Terrorists of the like. You're also a cocksucker of Zionists and Chiang Kai Shek's terrorist regime, not at all surprised.
    • Afrsoc.png Julius MalemaCball-South Africa.png (16/100)- Sure, opposition to Jacob Zuma's regime is based, but you're still fucked up. You are unironically anti-Indian and anti-White and your party will be at best just as bad as how the Apartheid is.
    • Klep.png Jacob ZumaCball-South Africa.png (12/100)- This man destroyed South Africa and ruined the image of the original ANC than Mandela intended it to be, you're actively supporting child rape, anti-white racism, while not doing a shit about AIDS, wealth gaps, and problems faced in South Africa now. You could've been a based socialist, but you're so stupid and corrupt it isn't even funny anymore. Living and walking clown, so stupid it isn't even funny.
    • Monarch.png Mswati IIIFile:Cball-Eswatini.png (14/100)- Perverted King that kidnapped woman and forced them to marry him, had women dancing around him like Eyadema did, and supported the Apartheid, the Brits, and the Taiwanese Seperatists. I hope your people overthrow human scum like you. There is nothing good from you, Tsai puppet.
    • Fash.png Georgios PapadopoulosCball-Greece.png (12/100)- If I had to pick the worst Greek person to have ever lived, you would be it. Axis collaborator, responsible for ruining Cyprus and such.
    • Savitri.png Savitri DeviCball-Greece.png (14/100)- You being one of the least insane Esoteric Fascists does not mean you aren't horrible. The only reason why you aren't the single worst is because of animal rights, environmentalism, and supporting Bose.
    • Ethnonat.png Draza MihailovicTito.png (13/100)- Ethnonat trator that sold the Anti-Fascist movement and betrayed them to join forces with the Nazis who genocided your people. Burn in hell.
    • Demsocstar.png Milovan DjilasTito.png (18/100)- You do make some good points criticizing the USSR during the cold war, but you're that fucking much of a clown that you want a "liberal democratic" transition to socialism in Yugoslavia (which clearly will fail without the authoritarianism of Tito lmfao) and one of the key inspirations for Left Anti-Communism (an infantile disorder). You are not a socialist, you never will be, and you will go down in the ashpile of History just like all traitors do.
    • Milosevic.png Slobodan MilosevicTito.png (11/100)- Corrupt as hell, Ethnonationalist, Caused a lot of problems for Yugoslavia and just overall a retarded leader. You ruined the country that Tito spent his life building alongside NATO, fuck you. Fighting NATO and anti-imperialism is good, but you're an absolute jackass that set path to the demise of Yugoslavia.
    • Ethnonat.png Radovan KaradzicCball-Serbia.png (11/100)- Man responsible for the Bosnian Genocide and majority of the War crimes in the Yugoslav Wars, is there anything more for me to add?
    • NeoLibtard.png Aleksandar VucicCball-Serbia.png (14/100)- Pro-Israel, Pro-Europoid, Atlanticist, Neoliberal, Did absolutely Nothing to improve Serbia, Privatized literally almost everything. There is a reson why you're the definition of "White Guy Fucking a Whole Serbia" the only ever good thing you did is have Serbia lead vaccination rates against COVID, nothing more.
    • Muslim 2.png Alija IzetbegovićFile:Cball-Bosnia.png (11/100)- Like Tudman but even worse, since freeing Bosnia was based but you praised Osama Bin Laden and wanted to ally with him, Pro-Asslaticist, and wanted to create an Islamist republic with inspiration from Kh*meini, and worshipped the Nazis, ethnonationalist, and contributed a lot to the breakup of Yugoslavia. Fuck you, traitor. May you burn forever in hell.
    • Cdem.png Franjo TudmanCball-Croatia.png (11/100)- Leading Croatia to independence and fighting Milosevic is based but that's about the Only good you did, you're an anti-communist europoid and pro-asslaticist and imperialized Bosnia. Plus you are an ethnonationalist traitor that simps for the Nazi puppet regime of the Ustasha. Outright evil.
    • Succdem.png Zhan VidenovCball-Bulgaria.png (11/100)- Destroyed Bulgaria's economy, caused extremely high inflation, didn't do anything against crime, so much so that thhe common person starved, and sold the entire country to borgeoise forces and the west. Yeah, burn in hell for eternity. Bulgarian Yeltsin.
    • Legion.png Corneliu Zelea CodreanuCball-Romania.png (10/100)- The man who inspired Antonescu and the mastermind behind the savagery that Fascist Romania has committed.
    • Libtard.png Ion IllescuCball-Romania.png (17/100)- Retard that converted Romania into the corrupt western Pro-EU slave that does nothing other than be corrupt and serve as a punching bag against Russia. Plus, you didn't do anything apart from screwing up Romania even harder than Ceausescu's failed austerity policy, and kept the country under economic ruin and constant chaos. Hope you die, filthy succdem.
    • File:Hun.png Dome SztojayCball-Hungary.png (13/100)- Nazi puppet, war criminal, sent people to labour camps for no reason, and committed horrendous genocides in Hungary just like how your Nazi friends did.
    • Anticom.pngJan MasarykCball-Czechia.png (15/100)- Rest in piss bozo. Tried to sabotage the Communists and supported the Americans and their shady plans, and failed miserably. How does hell feel, huh? Must be painful.
    • File:Husák.png Gustav HusakCball-Czechia.png (17/100)- You're an unpopular Brezhnev puppet, can't back you on that part. You literally allowed Brezhnev to screw over your country, unbelievable. Czechoslovak Brezhnev, and did nothing to improve your country. Un-fucking-believable.
    • Klausism.png Vaclav KlausCball-Czechia.png (15/100)- The worst leader that Czechia ever had. TERRIBLE capitalist policies, rightoid, denial of climate change, etc.
    • Wałęsa.png Lech WałęsaCball-Poland.png (14/100)- Alright, piece of shit, where do I start? You are the single WORST Polish politician to have existed in the history of Poland. You ended socialism in Poland, while instead turning Poland into a neoliberal "democracy" while putting your country to being allies with Globetards in the EU 4th Reich and NATO, the biggest organization of terrorists. You are the classic example of what modern liberals are like. YOU RUINED A COUNTRY BY OPENING IT FOR GLOBETARDS. FUCK YOU.
    • Tusk.png Donald TuskCball-Poland.png (14/100)- You and Walesa can compete each other for the worst Pole ever existed, seriously. Corrupt, Capitalist, Imperialist, Interventionist, Europoid, Hates his country and people, and a corrupt cultural liberal too. Nothing positive can come from you.
    • Kropotkin.png Pyotr KropotkinCball-Russian Empire.png (16/100)- Anarcho-Communism will not and never will work, cope about it.
    • LeftCom.png Alexandra KollontaiBolshevism ball.png (19/100)- Supporting Lenin and the Bolshevik revolution is the only good thing you ever did, otherwise, you're just another Bordigoid leftcom. Pathetic. Plus, you support sexual degeneracy too. Actual scum.
    • Monarcho-Fascism.pngNazi.png Sergey TaboritskyCball-Russian Empire.png (11/100)- Your Average Russian Tsar/White Army Fan.
    • Fash.png Andrey VlasovBolshevism ball.png (11/100)- Rest in piss, traitor. You absolutely deserved the execution.
    • Stalin.png Ivan SerovBolshevism ball.png (15/100)- Man behind the deportations of people in the Baltics, and crimes in Poland, Hungary, etc. Sickening.
    • File:Kosior.png Stanislaw KoisorBolshevism ball.png (16/100)- Burn in hell forever, criminal fuck. Absolutely deserved the execution.
    • File:Goloshchyokin.png Filipp Goloshchyokin Bolshevism ball.png (13/100)- Like Koisor, but somehow even worse. Genocided literally 40% of all Kazakhs. Sickening. Stalin was right to murder this evil, genocidal murderer.
    • File:Lysenko.png Trofim LysenkoBolshevism ball.png (15/100)- Retard, dumbass, whatever, Your retardation is also partially the reason why the Soviet famines occurred. Burn in hell.
    • Beria.png Lavrentiy BeriaBolshevism ball.png (12/100)- I've heard horrible shit about you, like being one of the biggest perverts that Russia has ever had. How can one be so sickening like you? Plus, you are a genocidal maniac, btw, and a pedo too. You deserved to be killed.
    • Stalin.png Genrikh YagodaBolshevism ball.png (15/100)- Head of the NKVD, singlehandedly responsible for crimes that the NKVD committed in the great terror. You are so batshit that even Stalin executed you.
    • Khrusch.png Nikita KhruschevBolshevism ball.png (19/100)- Was improving technology and the space programs good? Yes. Was improving the lives of peasants good? Yes. Was resolving the Suez Crisis effectively good? Yes. Why is this man down here, you say? Maybe it's because he was responsible for crushing protests in Poland, violated national sovereignty of Eastern Europe, treated Cuba like a bargaining chip, Social Imperialist, paved way to the corruption that happened in Brezhnev, Sino-Soviet Split (although Mao is more at fault but you weren't innocent either), deviated from Marxism Leninism and it's principles, instated anti-religious laws, escalated global tensions (and nearly ended the world 3 times) along with Kennedy, suppressed worker co-ops, Completely slandered Stalin while he contributed more to the USSR than you ever would, had state gaytheist policies Couped Malenkov, and so on. I fucking hate you.
    • Brezhnev.png Leonid BrezhnevBolshevism ball.png (19/100)- Initially you were decent for your policies on Soviet Stability, improving women's rights, rehabilitated Stalin and had good religious policies, but later on, you almost caused a war with China, invaded Czechoslovakia and Afghanistan for not totally being loyal to you, and the Brezhnevian Era of Stagnantation is what also caused the fall of Socialism in Eastern Europe, alongside building a corrupt, kleptocratic gerontocracy that led to the paving of traitors like Gorby and Yakovlev. I can never forgive you, filthy Social Imperialist.
    • Gorb.png Mikhail GorbachevBolshevism ball.png (12/100)- I will never forgive you even until the day I die. The Soviet Union is a pride to the Russian people, a superpower that makes Western Imperialists piss their pants, brought enormous good to the Russian people from the tsars and the Nazis, you abandoned Afghanistan to the Islamists, and you destroyed Russia's image into being a sorry state by paving way to Yeltzin, and you fucked over Eastern Europe by allowing them to be sold to the Western capitalists. Fuck you, may history damn you to the deepest pits of hell. Once you are dead, I'll be laughing.
    • Euras.png Aleksandr DuginCball-Russia.png (11/100)- Laid the groundwork for the Imperialist war against Ukraine, advocating for a return of the Russian Empire, Russian reverse imperialism, etc. the only semi-redeemable point about you is anti-Atlanticism.
    • File:Zhirinovsky.png Vladimir ZhirinovskyCball-Russia.png (13/100)- Say what you want about Putin, Stalin, etc. but you'll be worse. Zhirinovsky is an outright maniac. It's funny to see his outbursts though. But for real, you're better than Yeltzin but literally everyone in Russian history is.
    • Putin.png Vladimir PutinCball-Russia.png (14/100)- Honestly, what you're recently doing in Ukraine is what dropped you directly down here. I originally had good opinions of you since I kinda liked how you solved the issues left behind the Yeltsin administration and your foreign policy, especially regarding fighting the West and supporting Syria and China are based. But now you're invading Ukraine for the smallest reasons (which legitimises NATO), plus arresting people for being against war is uncool, don't you think? Withdraw from Ukraine, please. Plus, quit with your Rightoid Capitaloid Kleptocratic Oligarchy. Disgrace to the Anti-NATO movement, I don't get why "anti-imperialists" like you. However, despite the fact that you're horrible, you did have some good left-leaning policies, even then, as days pass, I hate you more and more, fuck you, Putin.
    • Fash.png Carl Gustaf Emil MannerheimCball-Finland.png (17/100)- Nazi collaborationist, and in the civil war, you collaborated with the Tsarists to destroy the freedom that the Russian people achieved under Lenin. I don't get why many still praise you. Plus, an actual hypocrite too, repressed workers, committed war crimes in the Finnish Civil War, and tried to take lands and annex land from the USSR, and worked with the Nazis, yet wonder why the USSR wants to strike back to protect themselves.
    • Fash.png Risto RytiCball-Finland.png (12/100)- Like the above, but even worse, an actual fascist, an imperialist, and supported what the Nazis did against the common people of Leningrad. Disgusting.
    • Kak.png Edgar SavisaarCball-Estonia.png (15/100)- Neoliberal, Corrupt traitor that sold Estonia to the West, corrupt as hell, stole the people's money, and fucked your country's economy. Your average liberal "democrat".
    • Socdem.png Viktar BabarykaCball-Belarus.png (11/100)- You fucking dare call yourself a true Belarusian wanting to run for president while selling the country to the EU, channeling out national secrets and being corrupt as hell, and, let's not forget, you support Tsikhanouskaya.
    • Succdem.png Sviatlana TsikhanouskayaCball-Belarus.png (11/100)- Same as Navalny but this time you're even worse as a self-hater. You want to undo all the good policies that Lukashenko made that prevented Belarus from falling down like how Yeltzin did to Russia, you want to sell Belarus to the EU so that the EU can enslave and exploit them, plus, your violence towards infrastructure and people is no different than how the Shining Path is to Peru.
    • File:LeonidKravchuk.png Leonid KravchukCball-Ukraine.png (13/100)- Supported the destruction of the USSR with Yeltsin, supported the Western Atlanticoids, and sold Ukraine to NATO and the Europoids, plus, Ukraine under you had a terrible economy and it's economy dropped by 40% since the USSR's collapse, and corruption was rampant. Still think the collapse of the USSR was a good thing? Hell, the only good thing about you is pushing for an independent Ukraine, otherwise, nothing else.
    • Yanukovych.png Viktor YanukovychCball-Ukraine.png (18/100)- Soviet Nostalgia is good and same for being a Euroskeptic, but other than that, you're very shitty. Corruption, Anti-Nationalism, Self Hating, etc, all are terrible.
    • Oligarchy.png Petro PoroshenkoCball-Ukraine.png (10/100)- Ukraine's Boris Yeltzin, didn't do shit to improve your country, corrupt as hell, and only cares about sucking the dicks of the West.
    • Imp.png Kaiser Wilhelm IIFile:Cball-GermanEmpire.png (13/100)- You're an imperialist except that you are no better than any of your enemies. You motherfucker participated in the Opium Wars, conducted the rape of Belgium and started chemical warfare and other many more warcrimes committed by the German Imperialists.
    • Bernst.png Eduard BernsteinCball-Germany.png (15/100)- Reformism won't change anything in any political entity. Cope. Plus, you gave birth to how socdem became such a degenerate ideology. Deviated from the Marxist cause, plus, you support Imperialists and expansionists against the Bolsheviks. You're a slightly tamer version of Vaush and quite frankly that isn't saying anything. You're a Libtard, not a Socialist.
    • Cdem.png Heinrich BruningCball-Germany.png (17/100)- Extremely incompetent, and tried to save the already failing Weimar Republic by reforms that only caused more harm to the common people and increased unemployment. However, distributing land to unemployed workers is good.
    • File:CarlSchmitt.png Carl SchmittNazi.png (13/100)- One of the least bad Nazis out there since your hatred towards liberalism and parliaments is something I find interesting, but that's about the only redeemable point about you. You're still a filthy Nazi and a genocidal anti-Semite.
    • Nazi.png Ernst RohmNazi.png (18/100)- One of the least insane Nazis since at the very least you stood with the workers, but you're still a Nazi and helped Hitler get to power via terror.
    • CDU Party.png Konrad AdenauerCball-Germany.png (14/100)- Filthy capitaloid, atlanticist, Pro-NATO, and the man that completely destroyed Germany's political structure. Atlanticists like you do not deserve any power. Plus, your economic achievements (even if it's the only semi-redeemable point about you) couldn't have been possible if the Americans didn't pump in money to West Germany. Even so, East Germany is infinitely more superior than you.
    • File:ErichMielke.png Erich MielkeCball-EastGermany.png (18/100)- East German Li Peng, except even worse. You backstabbed Honecker and betrayed his regime, brutalized the common person to the point that they hate socialism and the regime, and you're notoriously corrupt. Fuck you and Gorby for ruining the GDR, burn in hell, bastard!
    • Reform.png Gregor GysiCball-Germany.png (14/100)- This piece of shit is German Gorby, a Westoid-Gorbachev puppet and sold whatever hope there is to build true Socialism in Germany to the West. Plus, you're a fucking Europoid too! Fuck you, people like you are traitors to the Socialist cause.
    • Merkelism.png Angela MerkelCball-Germany.png (18/100)- You're so fucking retarded as fuck, Merkel. Like hell I will like you for the shit you did to the EU and how you're the master behind exploitation and debt slavery. I'm glad you lost. Typical Neoliberal, I don't need to explain why I fucking hate her, like, why do liberals worship her?
    • WEF.png Klaus SchwabCball-Germany.png (11/100)- Another one of the closest people to unironic state liberalism and neoliberal corporatocracy. Please, I fucking hope you die and burn forever in hell.
    • 4thReichEU.png Ursula von der LeyenCball-Germany.png (14/100)- The only good thing you ever did was the ban on internet child porn, that's about it, you're still a globalistic, imperialist Europoid kakistocrat.
    • File:Misestard.png Ludwig Von MisesCball-Austria.png (12/100)- I'd rather fucking kill myself than live under Austrolibertarianism. Enough is said.
    • AusFash.png Kurt SchuschniggCball-Austria.png (18/100)- At least Dollfuss defended his country from hitler, while you allowed the Nazis to occupy it. Sure you opposed them later on but my point is, why let them occupy your country in the first place?
    • File:Misestard.png Carl MengerCball-Austria.png (14/100)- Founder of the Austrian School of Economics. A branch of economics that i'd rather commit suicide than live under.
    • Hayek.png Friedrich HayekCball-Austria.pngCball-UK.png (15/100)- Member of both the Austrian and Chicagoan exploitative economic schools, inspired Neoliberalism, and although you may be less retarded than others in both those schools, you're still an exploitative fuck.
    • Fash.png Vidkun QuislingCball-Norway.png (12/100)- Nazi puppet, genocidal, Corrupt as hell, Betrayed the people of Norway by selling your country to the hands of Hitler, and just overall, a traitor to the country and people of Norway.
    • Breivik.png Anders Behring BreivikCball-Norway.png (7/100)- Domestic terrorist, and the Kaczynski of the Fashoids, need me to say more?
    • Caesar.pngCaligulaSPQR.png (10/100)- One of the most disgusting men in history. Don't get me started on how this ancient tyrant ruled and the crimes he committed.
    • LeftCom.png Amadeo BordigaCball-Italy.png (18/100)- The only ever good from you is supporting Lenin, that's it. Left Communism is a stupid ideology and it forever will be.
    • File:Berlusconi.png Silvio BerlusconniCball-Italy.png (11/100)- Corrupt as hell, had links to the mafia, Neocuckservative puppet, Capitaloid, Genocidal and thinks that the West is superior like an arrogant fuck, had sexual misconduct and had prostitutes to sexually please him, and repressed those who are onto whatever bullshit you're doing. Fucking disgusting.
    • BrotherOfItaly.png Giorgia MeloniCball-Italy.png (10/100)- Neo-fashoid Mussolini wannabe and a NATO simp. Italian Alparsan Turkes. Actual scum. Italy would have barely any hope of recovering if you take power.
    • 3way.png Mark RutteCball-Netherlands.png (18/100)- Baizuo bandit that backs Terrorist groups in Syria, tried to interfere with my country's domestic affairs, sold your country to the EU (you are a literal europoid btw), and a lot of scandals happened under your premiership. The only good thing from you is the welfare state but even then I'm extremely not fond with Social Capitalism (especially Third Way), plus, your economics, foreign policy, and social stances were just outright horrible. Enough said.
    • 4thReichEU.png Guy VerhofstadtCball-Belgium.png (11/100)- A neoliberal, satanic, globalist maniac and satan that wants to pursue for an evil, dystopian neoliberal hellhole. The very embodiment of liberalism. Hope you fucking die.
    • Monarch.png Louis XVICball-France.png (14/100)- Nice chop of the Guillotine, the people of France. Every last of those aristocrats like this man deserve to have their heads chopped off.
    • Monarch.png Marie AntoinetteCball-France.png (10/100)- A fucking whore of a woman. You're the very image of French aristocracy and Feudalism. I'm glad you're guillotined by the French people.
    • Republicanismpix.png Georges ClemenceauCball-France.png (19/100)- Sure, the Kaiser era Germany is a disgusting, war criminal ran imperialist state that deserved to be ousted, but you take it too far that I might consider you even worse than the Germans themselves.
    • French Fascism.png Philippe PetainCball-France.png (17/100)- Sold a bunch of land to the Nazis, repressed the very same of your people who rejected you and your Nazi sugar daddies committing crimes on France. You are forever and will forever be remembered as a traitor. Although as insane as you are, you at least wanted France to survive from the Nazis, but still, why did you betray the very country you fought for?
    • PS.pngFrancois HollandeCball-France.png (16/100)- Imperialistic, Genocidal, Globalist and Turd Wayist. Supported the Saudi Genocide in Yemen, did almost nothing to improve your country, etc.I have barely anything positive to say.
    • French Fascism.png Pierre SidosCball-France.png (11/100)- French Neo-Nazi, Fashoid, Anti-Semite, etc. What more is to be added for this fuck?
    • Cap.pngThomas HobbesCball-UK.png (12/100)- The very face of modern Industrial Capitalism. Hope you're having fun burning in hell. All of you is what is wrong with the world.
    • Demsocstar.png George OrwellCball-UK.png (13/100)- Alliance with anarchists are bad, is the reason for all the stupid Trotsky worship there is, despite one or two based points, plus, Authoritarianism is good, cope. You're also the reason for the inspiration of all the childish "less auth more good no matter what!!!!!!!!!" mindset. Actual clown. Plus, fuck you for sabotaging true socialist movements, and an actual hypocrite too, why don't I see you chanting for the liberation of the third world, something which the authoritarian communists you hate so much did.
    • Imp.png Anthony EdenCball-UK.png (13/100)- Cope and seethe imperialist. Nationalizing the Suez is a rightful thing to do. Imperialists deserve nothing but fire and fury for the shit they did to the world. You should be hung.
    • Imp.pngFile:Cball-HK-UK.png Chris PattenCball-UK.png (15/100)- A genocidal, Imperialistic, capitaloid dictator that fucked over our Hong Kong and now you want it back. Kill yourself, Imperialist. Just because you expanded welfare does not make you good, you cunt.
    • NeoLibtard.png John MajorCball-UK.png (13/100)- Less bad than Thatcher but that isn't at all saying much. Your neoliberal reforms fucked over the british people and you're an imperialist who contributed to the Gulf War.
    • Neoliberal-icon.png Gordon BrownCball-UK.png (13/100)- Third Wayist filth that turned Labour into neoliberalism just like how Clinton was responsible for ruining America later on. Fuck you, piece of shit.
    • Neoliberal-icon.png Tony BlairCball-UK.png (11/100)- Ruined the British Labour Party, Neoliberal Imperialist, and responsible for destroying the middle east. The only reason why you aren't among the worst down below is your Good Friday Agreement and (partially) your poverty programs (which wouldn't be possible if you weren't a genocidal imperialist who stole from Iraq)
    • Neoliberal-icon.png David CameronCball-UK.png (16/100)- Degenerate, had sex with the head of a dead pig, and let's not forget, just like Tony Blair, you're a retarded Neoliberal Imperialist too.
    • File:NeoThatcherite.png Liz TrussCball-UK.png (11/100)- Opposing Baizuo Identity politics is good but that's about the only good I can find from your filthy Neoliberal Thatcherite Bitch ass. That's not all, plus you're unironically anti-environmentalist and pro-Europoid, Britain is fucked if a Neo Thatcherite like you takes power.
    • NeoLibtard.png Rishi SunakCball-UK.png (15/100)- Oh well, it seems that the Tories it's either you or Truss, two evil, exploitative, Capitalist neolibcucks who want to run the country like Thatcher. Rest in Peace, the people of Britain. Neoliberalism will fuck the entire country down.
    • ElizabethII.png Elizabeth IICball-UK.png (14/100)- You still kept a capitalist and exploitative liberal system while the House of Windsor is living their lives. Rest in piss, symbol of Imperialism. A genocidal monarch, and you had the power to stop the deaths of so many, yet you didn't do that. Rest in piss, bozo.
    • Monarch.png Charles IIICball-UK.png (17/100)- Involved yourself in financial scandals, did a lot of shady shit, and a symbol of imperialism too.
    • NeoLibtard.png Priti PatelCball-UK.png (11/100)- The queen of corporate lobbying and another british borgeoise mouthpiece (to make matters worse, a Thatcherite). No different of a monster and demon than how Liz Truss is.
    • Flang.pngFranco.png Francisco FrancoFranco.png (17/100)- White terror, backing crazy tyrants like Nguema (or at least, initally propped him up), Percecution of Galicians, Catalans and your crimes to the Spanish colonies are unacceptable, Plus, I can't forgive your support to Japan's invasion of my homeland, China. The only good from you is the Spanish Miracle and Preservation of Spanish culture. You should've never seized power.
    • SpaPP.png José María AznarCball-Spain.png (13/100)- DId nothing to save your country from terrorist attacks, Atlanticoid and a NATO puppet, sent your people to commit war crimes and die in Iraq and supported Bush and Blair's genocide, while barely doing jackshit in your country.
    • Eurocom.png Santiago CarrilloCball-Spain.png (16/100)- Condemning the Social Imperialists is based, but that's about it, you revisionist scum and traitor.
    • Petersonism.png Jordan PetersonCball-Canada.png (15/100)- You'd just be another culturally right version of that bastard above. Enough is said
    • Jacksonian Democracy.png Andrew JacksonCball-US.png (12/100)- Fighting the brits and caring for the common man was awesome, but what you did to the natives was absolutely abhorrent and laissez faire is terrible.
    • Hamiltonianism.png Alexander Hamilton (11/100)Cball-US.png- I dislike your elitism, and you're the very embodiment of modern industrial capitalism. Extremely cringe, and turned the common people into the slaves of powerful bankers. You are what's wrong with America now. How could you claim to support the US's Anti-Imperialism, while you paved way to the fucking antithesis of washington and the founding fathers by turning the people to slaves of capitalism?
    • Imp.png Martin Van BurenCball-US.png (16/100)- Caused America to have the 2-party system and treated the natives like shit.
    • Whitesup.png John C. CalhounCball-US.png (10/100)- Traitor, supported southern succession, a capitalist, defending slavery, supporting "limited government", etc. Words can't describe your terrible stances.
    • Whitesup.png Franklin PierceCball-US.png (14/100)- Supported the expansion of slavery, caused a lot of conflict, racist as fuck, and horrible to your family members as a personal life. The only good you ever did was help Japan break free from Tokugawa's Sakoku decree.
    • Pinkerton.png Alan PinkertonCball-US.png (11/100)- Vile Capitalist that founded a terror organization in the US and Canada to crush the workers and repress them. Fuck you, on the same degree of scum as Hamilton.
    • Clib.png Grover ClevelandCball-US.png (17/100)- Honestly when I dig more into you, you're another shitty and dumbass president. Retarded as hell and caused an economic depression, renewed the Chinese Exclusion Act, The Dawes Act, Attacked Workers who wanted better conditions, and a child rapist. The only fucking reason you aren't the worst is because of anti-imperialism.
    • Klep.png Warren G. HardingCball-US.png (19/100)- Other than advocating for racial equality and isolationism, you're one of the worst American presidents thanks to your corruption.
    • Klep.png Herbert HooverCball-US.png (11/100)- You would be in the category of people with no redeemable quality if it weren't for you ending the occupation of Nicaragua. You sat back on your chair not doing anything while your country and it's society are burning in fire and fury thanks to the effects of prohibition and let crime rise. Then, when Roosevelt fixed the shit that happened under you, your big mouth boasted as if you done everything.
    • Neocuckservative.png Harry TrumanCball-US.png (15/100)- 永不忘了美帝在朝鲜犯下的种种反人类罪行!永不忘了美帝扶持了甲级战犯来统治日本,当他们的走狗!The only good thing about you is your support to Europe's development, but even then you had very sinister motives. Plus, it's only thanks to you, then we had liberal hawks existing. Fuck you.
    • Neocuckservative.png Douglas MacArthurCball-US.png (12/100)- This man is too fucking batshit crazy. The only good from you is fighting the Japanese, that's it. Your crimes in Korea are unforgivable and how you wanted a nuclear fallout against China makes you a monster.
    • Fash.png William Dudley PelleyCball-US.png (13/100)- Batshit insane, fascist, and wanted to sell your country out to the Nazis and the Japs, outright shameful.Burn in hell, parasite.
    • 3P.png Francis Parker YockeyCball-US.png (14/100)- Delusional as fuck, and Hell fucking no I will never recognize you as a true Socialist. You're just another one of those fashies that belong in the pit.
    • Rockwell.png George Lincoln RockwellCball-US.png (10/100)- How does it feel to be assassinated by your own kind, filthy Nazi scumbag?
    • Nazi.pngWilliam Luther PierceCball-US.png (12/100)- Nazi Terrorist and a clown. Nothing I need to add more.
    • Cultism.png Jim JonesCball-US.png (10/100)- I get wanting to advocate Socialism, but ordering your followers (more like a cult), to kill themselves en masse, many of whom children. You're a fucking maniac.
    • Lyndon B. Johnson.png Lyndon B JohnsonCball-US.png (16/100)- Your crimes in Vietnam are extremely heinous and unforgivable, it's a genocide against a people, like Generalplan Ost by the Nazis. However, from what i heard, some of your domestic policies are alright. The only reason why you aren't in the top worst is because of you signing the Civil Rights Act and some positive policies domestically under you.
    • Cap.png Marvin HeemeyerCball-US.png (15/100)- Cope and seethe, Zoning laws are based.
    • Buchanan.png Pat BuchananCball-US.png (12/100)- Being against US imperialism is literally the only good thing about you, but otherwise you're still a massive piece of shit.
    • Neocuckservative.png John McCainCball-US.png (16/100)- Another evil neocon, nothing special. You belong in hell for the shit you've done to the Third World.
    • Trumpism.png Donald TrumpCball-US.png (18/100)- Racist as hell, Mismanaged COVID, Cut tax and pardoned the rich borgeoise, and did horribly in climate change and the conspiracies you spur out are just plain, utter, nonsense. However, although horrible, I'd rather you than Hillary or Biden. Your early self is less cringe compared to how you were when you're president, and you had barely any achievements.
    • Christy.png Mike PenceCball-US.png (17/100)- Being against wokeism is good, but you're a Trumpite, Rightoid Christian Theocrat and a supporter of the corrupt US system. Of course you deserve my hatred. For a matter of fact, I hate you more than Trump.
    • Bidenism.png Joe BidenCball-US.png (12/100)- I'mma be real here. Why do people even like this motherfucker? Sure Trump is a horrible president but he's even worse. At least Trump's policies on abortion are based while this guy barely has any good points. I don't need to bring up how he let the Afghans to die while bringing America back into a meaningless conflict like Syria, increased backing of terrorists in Hong Kong and Belarus, supported the genocide in Palestine, and also caused the rise of wokeism thanks to his bullshit. You haven't done even anything slightly positive either.
    • Bidenism.png Hunter BidenCball-US.png (15/100)- The amount of shady, disgusting things you do, yet the Dems and Liberals still defend this fucking asshole?
    • Altl.png Andrew TateCball-US.pngCball-UK.png (16/100)- Right wing AOC, what a clown.
    • Plcn2.png George WallaceCball-US.png (14/100)- Segregationist filth with absolutely zero good takes. I don't have anything good to say.
    • Plcn2.pngMarjorie Taylor GreeneCball-US.png (10/100)- American Giorgia Meloni. A far-rightoid, neo-fashoid bitch that deserves to be hung like any other US politician.
    • SJW.png Cenk UygurCball-US.pngOttoman.png (11/100)- Similar to above, you're just equally as retarded as all western liberals and like your nephew, you're another champagne "socialist"
    • File:McConnell.png Mitch McConnellCball-US.png (18/100)- A genocidal, evil politician that advocates for the suffering of Cuba, Iran, and Russia, a filthy neocon, etc. you name it, this man has it. The only semi-good point about you is anti-abortion and gun rights, and the reason you aren't the worst is that you had some good takes in your early career, now you're just full of shit.
    • Cruz.png Ted CruzCball-US.png (19/100)- You're Anti-Establishment is good but nothing else.
    • Neoliberal-icon.png Joe ManchinCball-US.png (17/100)- Your average Democrat. Blocking woke social policies is good obviously, but you're still a neoliberal capitaloid and supporting the borgeoise, corrupted US system.
    • Imp.pngNeocuckservative.png Mike PompeoCball-US.png (15/100)- Neolib and Neocuck Imperialist who does nothing but sprew conspiracies, lies, and support terrorism all over the world.
    • Neoliberal-icon.png Anthony BlinkenCball-US.png (15/100)- Same as above except you're even worse when it comes to backing horrible terrorists and sprewing up lies.
    • Corp.png Eric AdamsCball-US.png (19/100)- People will support this guy just for being a Dem despite him being a corporate puppet, not caring about corporate exploitation, woketard, and didn't even care about doing shit to decrease crime rates in New York. Even then, Liberals are more evil than Conservatives.
    • File:Amazon.png Jeff BezosCball-US.png (11/100)- Genocidal, Exploitative, Immoral piece of shit that oppresses your own workers and treated them worse than slaves, had the Dutch government destroy a part of their historical landmark just so your ship can pass through, fuck you.
    • Facebook.png Mark ZuckerbergCball-US.png (13/100)- Filthy lizard. That's all I will say.
    • ElonMusk.png Elon MuskCball-US.pngCball-South Africa.png (15/100)- Being Anti-Woke and Pro-Green Energy is based but everything else about you is shitty. You're a genocidal, exploitative piece of shit that will do everything to get profit because of how much of a greedy piece of shit you are. Better than Baizuos but that's easy. Never forgive you for the Congolese Blood Batteries and the Slave Mines you run in Africa.
    • Plutocrat.png Bill GatesCball-US.png (18/100)- Just because you have ideas and innovations in making Microsoft and shit like that doesn't justify you being an exploitative and immoral piece of shit. I've heard the shady things you did to the Indian people, and I will never forgive you for that. You're the kind that is a philantropist in front, while actively causing the suffering of others in the background.
    • File:Buffett.png Warren BuffettCball-US.png (18/100)- One of the less bad borgeoise pigs, but a borgeoise pig is a borgeoise pig regardless. Off to the camps, you go.
    • Jorg.png Jo JorgensenCball-US.png (15/100)- Better than the Neoliberal and Neocon system that the West has, and clearly better than almost any Atlanticist government out there, as you aren't an imperialist, but that is an EXTREMELY low bar. Ranging from your libertarianism and your retarded economics, there is nothing psoitive.
    • RonPaul.png Ron PaulCball-US.png (15/100)- Like the above but culturally right.
    • Libcon.png Rand PaulCball-US.png (14/100)- Like the above too, but less based as you still support some degree of interventionism. You are another typical rightoid.
    • File:Neconfem.pngMadeleine AlbrightCball-Czechia.pngCball-US.png (13/100)- A genocidal neocon imperialist bitch that thinks that Iraqi children should be butchered, and profitted off the suffering and war against Yugoslavia. Rip bozo, burn painfully in hell.
    • Rpop-tinfoilhat.png Steve BannonCball-US.png (17/100)- Massive Islamophobe, thinks that "muh Judeo Christians are supreme", and a fucking rightoid to top it all off. The only good thing about you is opposing military interventions.
    • Whitesup.png Alex JonesCball-US.png (17/100)- Batshit insane as fuck, delusional too. He's your least retarded white supremacist for you. The only good thing is opposing Trump's bombings against Syria, that's it.
    • File:Fuente.png Nick FuentesCball-US.png (15/100)- Like the above with barely any redeemable points, except for being against Israel but you're a massive anti-semite too. Plus, you back the Taliban. Although wanting China to take down the illegitimate government in Taiwan is based.
    • File:Statelib.png Gavin NewsomCball-US.png (10/100)- The very image of Woke politics, corrupt as hell, imperialist, supportive of the D*ms, hope you fucking die.
    • Irridentism.png Antonio Lopez De Santa AnnaCBall-Mexico.png (18/100)- Dragged Mexico into a war with the US which you started and caused your country to lose half your territory. You're one of the worst in Mexican History.
    • Authcap.png Porfirio DiazCBall-Mexico.png (13/100)- Repressed, Percecuted and looked down on the poor even if they worked their asses off, and under you, Mexico is literally a plutocratic hellhole. I'm glad you're overthrown.
    • Kak.png Felipe CalderónCBall-Mexico.png (14/100)- Corrupt and incompetent retard, had good ideas wanting to fight drugs, but in the end, you're so retarded that it only let to increased crime in Mexico, plus under you, foreign debt skyrocketed and poverty levels increased, you're dumb in managing the economy.
    • Klep.png Carlos Prio SocarrasCastro.png (11/100)- Cuban Herbert Hoover. Incompetent, corrupt, and caused long-lasting political violence that gave rise to Autista, and an anti-communist dirt too. When you're overthrown, your fat ass came out, ran away to America, and claimed your kakistocratic, retarded presidency was the best in Cuban history. Name me a better joke.
    • File:Garveyism.png Marcus GarveyCball-Jamaica.png (19/100)- Advocating for decolonization and the liberation of African people is good but that's about all that you're good on. Capitalism is cringe, anti-socialism is very cringe, and so is Black Supremacy.
    • Blacknat.png Jean Claude "Baby Doc" DuvalierCball-Haiti.png (12/100)- Equally as insane as your father and also a thief that robbed Haiti of everything it had.
    • Authcap.png Eric GairyCball-Grenada.png (15/100)- Genocidal Capitalist Dictator that mudered so many of your people and worked with criminals to protect your own power, and did virtually nothing to improve your country. You deserved to be overthrown.
    • File:TotCommie.png Hudson AustinCball-Grenada.png (17/100)- I support you against Reagan and the Neocons do not at all mean that you're good. Soviet Revisionist puppet and killed the true revolutionary Maurice Bishop, and forced everyone to be locked in their homes and executed them when they go out and created a dystopian nightmare and destroying Socialism in Grenada. Fuck you, traitor
    • Totalitarian.png Jorge UbicoCball-Guatemala.png (10/100)- The Second worst Guatemalan Dictator. Gave land to the UFC and allowed your people to be exploitated, turned your country into a literal prison, created secret police as bad as Papa Doc's one, and looked up to Hitler.
    • Banana Republicanism.png Carlos Castillo ArmasCball-Guatemala.png (12/100)- Undid all of Arbenz's positive policies, sold the country to the UFC, and buttfucked the economy. No wonder Guatemalans despise you.
    • Banana Republicanism.png Carlos Manuel Arania OsanioCball-Guatemala.png (14/100)- Specialist in State Terrorism. You ruled like a gangster. If you don't want your people rebelling against you, do something useful for the country and people, as simple as that.
    • Reactard.png Manuel Estrada CabreraCball-Guatemala.png (15/100)- Didn't do shit about an earthquake and created a hierarchy similar to the Caste system. Plus you're exploitative as fuck.
    • Reactard.png Jose Maria Da Reina BarriosCball-Guatemala.png (18/100)- Destroyed the economy and extremely exploitative, you're fucked up but you're the least fucked up of all Guatemalan dictators.
    • Strato.png Oscar Humberto Meija VictoresCball-Guatemala.png (19/100)- Only good from you is that you took down Montt, that's it. Other than that, fuck you for your repressions and murder of indigenous activists.
    • Strato.png Gustavo Alvarez MartinezCball-Honduras.png (14/100)- Ordered repression of your own people and backed the ISIS of Central America, and once again, a Reagan puppet.
    • Neoliberal-icon.pngRoberto D'AubuissonCball-ElSalvador.png (13/100)- A Far-Right terrorist that advocated for exploitation, looked up to Hitler (justified the holocaust too), and terrorized your own people through savage means, and once again, backed by the US.
    • Neoliberal-icon.png Anastasio Somoza GarciaCball-Nicaragua.png (10/100)- Exploitative as fuck, and you begun the Somoza dynasty, which will haunt Nicaraguans for generations to come. He's the classic US-backed tyrant.
    • Neoliberal-icon.png Luis Somoza DebayleCball-Nicaragua.png (13/100)- Corrupt as hell, killed your own people, and funded terrorists and did nothing to improve your country. Just because you're more sane than your father and brother doesn't mean you're good, you fucking piece of shit.
    • Strato.png Manuel NoriegaCball-Panama.png (11/100)- A literal Pedophile dictator, pervert, rapist, smuggled drugs and weapons to various criminals and terrorists, and provided true hell and misery to the Panamanian people along with your best friend, the CIA. Even if you are loyal to Castro, I will never support a disgusting man like you.
    • Neoliberal-icon.png Alvaro UribeCball-Colombia.png (10/100)- This fat piece of shit is not just an Imperialist puppet, but you smuggled drugs, created a cult around yourself, repressed your own people for wanting basic conditions to live, didn't do shit about your countries problems and all. You're like Manuel Noriega at this point.
    • Neoliberal-icon.png Ivan Duque MarquezCball-Colombia.png (10/100)- Uribe's cocksucking puppet. Enough is said.
    • Strato.png Marcos Perez JimenezChavismo.png (18/100)- lived an extravagant life due to your corruption, and implemented a police state just based off repressing your people and police brutality. Plus, you're gay with Trujillo.
    • Chavismo.png Nicolas MaduroChavismo.png (16/100)- Good in terms of fighting against the Imperialists and trying to save Venezuela from Guaido, retarded in terms of managing the economy (the US embargo is a bigger fault but still). Plus, you privatized a lot of shit and is a revisionist.
    • Socdem.png Juan GuaidoChavismo.png (12/100)- Western puppet Imperialist seeking to destroy Venezuela along with his cartel allies. I hate Maduro, but you're way worse.
    • Strato.png Desi BouterseFile:Cball-Suriname.png (13/100)- Drug smuggling military dictator that destroyed Suriname, Fuck you.
    • Strato.png Francisco BermudezCball-Peru.png (16/100)- US puppet military dictator that reversed whatever Velasco did for Peru, and buttfucked the Peruvian Economy.
    • Fujimori.png Alberto FujimoriCball-Peru.png (16/100)- Sterilized Natives for no reason, Corrupt as hell, and the brutality you did to your citizens know no bounds. You are less fucked up than most US-backed tyrants really says something. THe only good you did is improving the economy (came at the expense of workers) and beating the shit out of Guzman, that's it.
    • Strato.png Hugo BanzerCball-Bolivia.png (11/100)- Kidnapped and tortured people for literally no reason, percecuted Bolivian indigenous and engaged in drug smuggling just like Noriega, Uribe, and Bouterse.
    • Neoliberal-icon.png Jeanine Anez Cball-Bolivia.png (15/100)- This whore should kill herself seriously. Overthrew a popular government that genuinely wanted to help the people of Bolivia, and instituted a corrupt American puppet regime that repressed people. Fucking traitor. You should be ashamed of even being born.
    • Integralismf.png Plinio SalgadoCball-Brazil.png (17/100)- Brazillian Fashoid that wanted to create a Mussolinist Dictatorship in Brazil and rejecting modern ideas of Egalitarianism and Socialism. What a clown.
    • Bolsonarism - alt.png Jair Bolsonaro Cball-Brazil.png (15/100)- Even fucking Garrastazu Medici is better than you shows something. Didn't do jackshit in the Pandemic, Corrupt as hell, Cheated in Elections and destroyed the Amazon and caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of your own people, and assraped Brazil's poor people even further and didn't do things to improve your country. The only good from you is your stance on Abortion and Crime and that's it.
    • Strato.png Juan Maria BordaberryCball-Uruguay.png (12/100)- The only good from you is agricultural improvements, that's it, other than that you're a terrorist that run a gangster state that specializes in kidnapping and state terrorism.
    • Sec.png Arturo Alessandri Cball-Chile.png (19/100)- At first you seemed good as you improved military salary and had good policies, but then you turned to be this sadistic mass murderer and gave rise to massive political violence.
    • Anticommunism.png Gabriel Gonzalez VidelaCball-Chile.png (17/100)- You're also one of the biggest traitors in History, banned the Communists just because they were more popular and threatening you for being an incompetent asshole, plus, you had your economy just fully based off American loans, incompetent arsehole.
    • Pinochet.png Jaime GuzmanCball-Chile.png (17/100)- Burn in hell forever, Pinochet collaborationist, mass murderer of your own people.
    • Pinochet.png Lucia HiriartCball-Chile.png (12/100)- Incited Pinochet to launch the coup, corrupt as hell, and influenced terror over the people of Chile throughout her husband's rule.
    • Pinochet.png Sebastian IzquierdoCball-Chile.png (10/100)- Gay ass terrorist and Pinochet's fanboy. That's enough.
    • Imp.png Julio Argentino RocaArgentina.png (13/100)- You had your contributions, like secularization and expanding agriculture, doesn't excuse the rest of your shit though. You're the Argentine Andrew Jackson.
    • Strato.png Roberto Edouardo ViolaArgentina.png (19/100)- The same as Galtieri except this time you proudly allied with the Imperialists.
    • Lolbert.png Carlos MenemCball-Argentina.png (15/100)- Sold your country off to the West, assraped the economy and people, smuggled weapons and supplied them to terrorists. Typical for a capitaloid like you.

    Z Tier:(1-9)

    • Imp.png Tanaka GiichiCball-Japan.png (8/100)- Japanese Pinochet. Anti-communist tyrannical borgeoise dirt that did nothing to improve your country and murdered, and arrested those that tried to improve Japan, and tried to block our country (China) from reunifying due to you, Imperialist filth. Least genocidal anticommunist.
    • File:ShowaHirohito.png HirohitoCball-Japan.png (5/100)- Blood thirsty man that has the blood of 10 Million people in his hands, modified himself into something like an Ancient Egyptian God, and didn't do anything to stop the savagery but participated in it, what else more is there to say? Oh, you're a Western puppet later on too! However, later on, at least you did try to stop Hideki Tojo. But nontheless, fuck you, and you should be executed.
    • Showa.png Koki HirotaCball-Japan.png (4/100)- You pretend to care about Asia and claim aggression against the Chinese people as "heroic", lmao. Have fun in hell after the atrocities you committed.
    • File:Unit-731.png Shiro IshiiCball-Japan.png (1/100)- This man is so fucking sickening that it nauseates me to think that he is pardoned. In the name of science, he has done what the lowest of the low can do. Google 'Unit 731'.
    • Showa.png Kenji DoiharaCball-Japan.png (1/100)- Drug smuggler, criminal, and a thug that terrorized Chinese society to the finest. Of course, on Hideki's orders. You are literally just like the British Imperialists in China during the opium wars.
    • Showa.png Naoki HoshinoCball-Japan.png (2/100)- This maniac turned Manchukuo (a nation sized killing machine) into an economy completely based off corporation greed and manufacturing illicit products to weaken my country's society so that Hideki, your sugar daddy can genocide my people. Plus, what makes him especially evil is his greed. He knows what he's doing but saw that he could earn money off genocide and suffering. Typical Capitalist.
    • Showa.png Isoroku YamamotoCball-Japan.png (6/100)- Nice job, whoever that kills this Imperial Japanese.
    • Showa.png Tomoyuki YamashitaCball-Japan.png (4/100)- You plundered Southeast Asia to the ground and asked your soldiers to rape, loot, murder, massacre, and burn literally anything even remotely moving. On Hideki Tojo's orders. Glad you're killed.
    • File:MasanobuTsuji.pngNeocuckservative.pngMasanobu TsujiCball-Japan.png (1/100)- Genocidal maniac and warmonger that worked for the CIA later on, yet massacred thousands and millions of my people and conducted the Sook Ching campaign, and an actual warmonger supported by the LDPJ warmonger reactionaries and the CIA imperialists. Burn in hell forever, maniac.
    • Showa.png Prince Yasuhiko AsakaCball-Japan.png (2/100)- 南京大屠杀永不忘记。永不忘了我们国人在日本帝国主义无辜丧生的性命。总有一天,日本将从帝国主义中被解放,从美帝殖民者的手中解放。
    • Showa.png Iwane MatsuiCball-Japan.png (2/100)- 愿你这种没有人性的残暴战犯永死不得超生。
    • NeoLibtard.png Yasuhiro Nakasone Cball-Japan.png (7/100)- US cuck, Neoliberal, Imperial Japanese apologist and didn't do shit about social problems. It's funny how you can call yourself a nationalist so much that you cuck yourself to Neoliberalism and Economic Globalism. You did absolutely nothing right in your reign. Burn in hell, bastard.
    • NeoShowa.png Shintaro IshiharaCball-Japan.png (8/100)- Pro-Genocide Imperialist, Capitaloid, and a pioneer of the Japanese far-right. I have zero positive things to say about this man. Anti-Establishment is based but you'd at best be just as bad as the imperialistic, genocidal LDP, and that really means something.
    • Cultism.pngEsofash.png Shoko AsaharaCball-Japan.png (3/100)- Batshit insane, Japanese Li Hongzhi, massive terrorist that killed innocent people because of how batshit insane and delusional you are. You absolutely deserved the execution. Burn in hell, madman.
    • Esofash.png Haku ZynkyokuCball-Japan.png (2/100)- Esoteric Fascism and Showa Imperialism combined together, absolutely disgusting.
    • Showa.pngNazi.png Yamada KazunariCball-Japan.png (5/100)- Nazi scumbag that wants to revive a Nazi Japan and unleash hell all over Asia, anything more to add? Not at all surprised that the Neocuck Japanese government likes this man.
    • Neobert.pngCultism.png Ryuho OkawaCball-Japan.png (4/100)- Batshit insane, Neobert, Genocidal, and a Cultist. Anything more to add to this madman?
    • Monarch.png CixiCball-China.png (9/100)- Brutal as hell, purged your country's modernists because of "le based feudalist shithole!!!!!!!!". If anything, I find you one of the people most responsible for us being unable to fight the west in the Opium Wars.
    • Monarch.png PuyiCball-China.png (9/100)- Japanese cuck, Is there anything else to say? You didn't do shit for your people.
    • Oligarchy.png Ma BufangCball-China.png (7/100)- Brutal Warlord, and a Chiangist ally brutalizing peasants and not doing anything to fight Japan, kill yourself.
    • ChiangKaiShek.png Chiang Kai ShekCball-Taiwan.png (8/100)- I support you against the Japs and the Northern Warlords and against Wang Jingwei, but that's it. While Sun Yat Sen died, you being a powerhungry bastard seized power (purged even rightoids like Hu Hanmin and killed Chiang Wei Shui's followers)and converted China into a semi-feudal totalitarian hellhole where crime, prostitution, wealth gaps, disease and famine are rampant, and you didn't do shit other than terrorizing peasants, be cronyist, ignored corruption by your faction, intentionally flood rivers to cover your incompetency, steal grain and slaughter villages with your warlord friends, as well as allowing the Imperialists to continue bully the Chinese nation. You are also incompetent fighting the Japs and the reason China isn't razed to the ground is thanks to the Communists and the people's will to fight. The only good from you is the Nanjing Decade (even so the Communists tried to continue and improvise on it, and it is a capitalist system), the Anti-Japanese war effort ,Northern Expedition and building roads in Taiwan (even so you conducted genocide and slaughtered a fuck ton of Taiwanese Aboriginals and slaughtered intellectuals there). You do not deserve any support. At least you tried to send your son to kill off corruption in Shanghai (which was a miserable failure) and your semi-good anti-capitalist policies (although later you allowed them back). I will never forgive you for the amount of people you murdered. Instead of Mao, you should be demonized.
    • Cultism.png Zhang Xianzhong Cball-Qing.png (1/100)- Chinese Pol Pot, depopulated entirety of Sichuan by 75%, massacred millions and millions of people, and an outright maniac. The king of genocide.
    • Oligarchy.png Yuan ShikaiCball-China.png (6/100)- Fuck you, Fuck you, and Fuck you, motherfucking disgrace. You took power forcefully from Sun Yat Sen and your retardation caused the Warlord Era, Fuck you, burn in hell, rest in piss. It was also partially thanks to you that we are bullied by Imperialists. Reforming an already corrupted and dead empire (which was useless, and even then you used it for only personal gains), fuck you, traitor.
    • Strato.png Zhang ZongchangCball-Taiwan.png (6/100)- Fighting the Japs were based but doesn't mean you're good. You're a vicious demon that fucked a whole Shandong,exceptionally brutal to the people, corrupt as hell, and did nothing apart from steal, murder, and had prostitutes sexually pleasure this madman. You deserved the assassination.
    • Strato.pngSun ChuanfangCball-Taiwan.png (6/100)- Another warlord. Glad the Beiyang Expedition crushed you.
    • Strato.pngWu PeifuCball-Taiwan.png (3/100)- Like the above, but worse. Imperialist puppet, reactionary, and murdered innocent workers for no apparent reason. Truly, the worst of the worst
    • File:WangJingwei.png Wang JingweiCball-Taiwan.png (4/100)- Same as Puyi but this man is even WORSE as a Japanese cuck. Sold your country to Japan, engaged in slavery and allowed Hideki to genocide your people like sheep. You'll be forever and ever be a traitor to not just China, but to humanity. However you collaborated because you think that "it is the way to save your country", which is understandable but still utter bullshit.
    • Kak.pngNeocuckservative.pngSoyjak.png Liu XiaoboCball-China.png (4/100)- Like the above. This man is one of the biggest cucks in human history. He wants to introduce western culture to destroy traditional Chinese culture, a destruction of the proud Chinese state in favour of retarded Western democracy that will definitely turn the country downhill into the level of India. Be glad that Xi Jinping is kind enough to let you enter hospital. If it were me I'll make you suffer a horrible, painful, inhumane death. Plus, you unironically supports genocides against your people as long as it's backed by the West. Filth. Chinese Henry Kissinger. Burn forever in hell, maniac. "Anti-Auth" heroes like you are imperialists and genocidal mass murderers. A decent human should piss on your ashes and your grave.
    • File:Chen Shui-Bian.png Chen Shui BianCball-Taiwan.png (6/100)- Corrupt as hell, made Taiwanese Independence one of the most prominent forces in Taiwan today, cuck to the Japs and Americans, while BACKING terrorist groups in the Mainland despite wanting to cut off all ties from it. This man is the second worst Taiwanese behind Chiang himself. The Pan-Green in Taiwan should be crushed violently.
    • NeoLibtard.png Cai XiaCball-China.png (3/100): China does not need you and your "liberal democracy". You are not a representative of the party and you never will be. Plus, yes, being a thug to neoliberals is based, problem? Gigachad.png
    • Jihad.png Dolkun IsaCball-China.png (2/100)- Seperatist, Terrorist and wants to create a Taliban-like radical Islamist government in Xinjiang. Enough Said.
    • Cultism.pngEsofash.png Li HongzhiCball-China.png (3/100)- Founder of the batshit insane cult known as the Falun Gong, thinking that he is the reincarnation of Buddha while spreading retarded anti-science conspiracy theories (which one of my family members suffered thanks to it). I'm glad you and your satanic group of followers are percecuted. Jiang really didn't purge enough.
    • Kak.pngNeocuckservative.png Chai LingCball-China.png (2/100)- It is whores like you that I'm not afraid to call a whore that should be a victim of Nanking. This fucking fish of a woman incited terrorism by asking rioters to attack soldiers in the name of 'muh democracy!!!!!11111!!!!1!11!!1!!!', but when the real fight goes on, you pussy out and escape to America and blame the people misguided by your genocidal ideals on Deng. YOU should be the one to pay for the blood of so many spilt. YOU should pay. YOU should be the one dead.
    • RightKMT.png Chen YiCball-Taiwan.png (8/100)- Anti-Japanese Colonialism is based and of course being against those evil Imperialist colonizers is commendable, but in the end, you're still a dumb retard that caused the February 28 Incident and caused the deaths of tens of thousands of people just for being against you and Daddy Chiang's ignorance to corruption. One of the few things Chiang did right was have you killed (even if he was also an evil mass murderer in the incident)
    • File:Tsai Ing-Wen.png Tsai Ing WenCball-Taiwan.png (9/100)- Terrorist financer and supporter, fucked the country up, seperatist, Japanese and American cuck, Liberal, and don't do anything while making your entire parliament look like a fucking boxing match. This woman is fucking retarded. I hope she gets ousted and she is a tumor to peace in Eastern Asia. You are like the typical Baizuo bandit. You haven't contributed to jackshit, and you dismantled the Technocratic system that Taiwan once had (one of the few things Chiang ever did right), and you, along with Chen, installed all your cronies everywhere. When we reunite, finally, you'll be among the first to face the wrath of the people, and I do not at all feel sorry for anything. Just like Trudeau, there is nothing positive about you.
    • Monarch.png Bao DaiCball-SouthVietnam.png (7/100)- A fatass French puppet King that, just like Syngman Rhee, allowed his people to be slaughtered and killed while he is busy having the time of his life in Hong Kong, let's not forget how he allied with France, the other power alongside Japan that genocided his own people.
    • Persondignity.png Ngo Dinh DiemCball-SouthVietnam.png (3/100)- Even fucking Mobutu and Jefferson Davis is better than you should prove how much of an evil man you are. You're a disgusting man that destroyed Vietnamese culture in replace with Western ones, Percecuted Buddhists, destroyed your country, corrupt as hell, had sexual interests in young girls and allowed Westerners to kill your people for no reason, WITH YOUR DIRECT SUPPORT. How fucked up can a man get? If you like Diem you might as well like the fucking Taliban because both are the same evil.
    • Fash.png Nguyen Cao KyCball-SouthVietnam.png (8/100)- This man is literally Vietnamese Jorge Ubico, continued a violent crackdown on Buddhists, Caused misery for your peasants, allowed the Westerners to kill your people and looked up to Hitler. Like, what kind of person is batshit enough to look up to fucking Adolf Hitler? You're more sane than Diem but let me tell you, Everyone else is better than Diem.
    • Polpot.png Nuon CheaCball-Cambodia.png (3/100)- Second in command and the second man responsible for all the horrendous things Cambodia has been through under the brutal, devillish Khmer Rouge rule.
    • Polpot.png Ieng SaryCball-Cambodia.png (2/100)- Another savage bastard responsible for one of the most horrifying things happening in Human history.
    • Strato.png Plaek PhibunsongkramThailand.png (8/100)- Evil Reactionary Militarist Dictator that sucks off Tojo Hideki. Not to mention how you destroyed your country and enslaved people to build the death railway. Hating against the French is based but that's the only good from you. Won't EVER forgive you for the shit you have done.
    • Bud.pngEthnonat.png Ashin WirathuCball-Myanmar.png (8/100)- Myanmar's Ibrahim Ali, is there anything to add to this freak? Filthy Buddhist extremist ethnonationalist, may you burn in hell forever.
    • Burmasoc.png Ne WinCball-Myanmar.png (5/100)- Poisoned entire water supplies, Fucked Myanmar over, Delusional as hell, committed horrendous ethnic cleansings and genocides, plus you're allied with insane dictators Pol Pot and Suharto.
    • PERKASA.png Ibrahim AliCball-Malaysia.png (8/100)- If you ever become prime minister, I will personally find you, kill you, and turn myself into the cops. Why can't you just go to hell already, ethnonationalist scumbag?
    • Suharto.png SuhartoCball-Indonesia.png (1/100)- If it weren't for Pol Pot, you would be the worst person to have existed in all of Southeast Asia. Corrupt as hell, Committed 2 genocides in one rule, Supported Terrorism and did nothing whatsoever to improve the country, as well as leaving serious social issues scarring Indonesia until today. He is literally the closest thing to Hitler since the Second World War as both are Imperialistic, Genocidal, Totalitarian bastards burning in hell. Only difference is that Suharto sucks off the US. The New Order economic miracle is good but even then it came with huge costs.
    • PanAsian.png Jose P. LaurelCball-Philippines.png (7/100)- This fucking piece of shit is the worst politician to be born from the Philippines. As insane as Marcos is, at least Marcos isn't a complete shill to America while this man is like Wang Jingwei. Allowed the Japanese to raze down a country full of potential. Cucks like you belong in hell.
    • Strato.png Tikka KhanCball-Pakistan.png (2/100)- The Butcher of Bengal is his name and you can more or less get an idea of how this man is. He is Pakistani Klaus Barbie/Oskar Dirlewanger, and a puppet of the Atlanticoids. One of History's worst criminals.
    • Jihad.png Mullah OmarTaliban ball.png (1/100)- Terrorist, Genocidal, Religious Fanatic and Madman, Supported the destruction of traditional Afghan culture at a whole scale, encouraged rape and all sorts of horrible crimes to your people, what else is there to add on?
    • Khom.png Ayatollah KhomeiniCball-Iran.png (1/100)- I despise Pahlavi, the West, and the Zionists but you're just as bad (and worse thhan Pahlavi for a matter of fact). Your reactionary laws destroyed whatever secularism is left of Iran, repressed basic rights and women, imperialistic against Iraq and Afghanistan, destroyed whatever hope is Left of Iran, and spread Shhia Islamist fundamentalism to fuck the whole Middle East up. You're a terrorist, and You're Middle Eastern Trotsky (you know it's bad when I compare you to that man, you fuck). I despise you with every fibre of my being. Burn forever in hell, maniac. A demon from the Middle East. The Great Satan is you, yes, fuck you to the deepest. May you burn in jahanam forever.
    • Jihad.png Abu Bakr Al BaghdadiCball-Iraq.png (1/100)- Savage terrorist and the most vile person to ever come from the middle east other than Enver Pasha. Your brutality knows no bounds and the amount of people you killed in name of religion is horrifying. I'm glad you're dead.
    • Kahan.png Meir KahaneZio.pngCball-US.png (6/100)- This man would be the very incarnation of a Jewish version of Ante Pavelic or Ferenc Szalasi if he ever took power, and we all know how apeshit the two of them are.
    • Kahan.png Michael Ben-AriZio.png (6/100)- Genocidal bastard, Zionist, etc, what more is there to say for this clown?
    • Kahan.png Baruch GoldsteinZio.pngCball-US.png (1/100)- Murderous mass murderer and a symbol of the Zionist movement. You're so evil that even the Israeli government banned the Kahanist movement (rare w for them). Plus, nice job, brave Palestinians, this monster deserved to be beated to death, sent to the deepest of hell.
    • Zio.png Ariel SharonZio.png (8/100)- The only good point from you is opposing NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, but other than that you're a mass murderer and genocidal that terrorized the Palestinian people and destroyed their homes for no apparent reason.
    • Osama.png Osama Bin LadenCball-Saudi.png (1/100)- Islamic terrorist, fanatic, and the face of global terror and the inciter of modern day Islamic fundamentalist Jihadism. I bet you never read the Quran before, and all you do is kill people in the name of religion like the maniac you are. Jihad means struggle, and it's struggle for good and for the moral ways, even I as a non Muslim understand that.
    • Muslim 2.png Said Bin TaimurCball-Oman.png (6/100)- Imagine being so fucking batshit insane that your own son overthrown your regime, corrupt as hell, kept the country like a 1500's shithole, continued slavery, and can barely do shit without British aid, had all the money inside your pockets, and treated your workers worse than animals, but when they revolt, you go all sicko mode and turned Oman into a totalitarian country while making your country more and more backward, To top it all off, you're a Western puppet. Only Enver Pasha is worse than you in the Middle East. if you don't want your people revolting, why don't you just go do something to improve the country and their lives, as simple as that.
    • Ottoman.png Talaat PashaOttoman.png (1/100)- During your tenure, you oversaw a huge number of ethnic cleasings and genocides by the Ottoman Empire which already deserves one of the fiercest hatred on earth and you slaughtered Armenian intellectuals for no apparent reason. Your assasination was justified.
    • Ottoman.png Djemal PashaOttoman.png (2/100)- Responsible for the Syrian Death Marches and racist to the Armenian people, not as bad as the other 2 Pashas bust still, you're responsible for an abhorrent crime that the Ottomans did.
    • Grey-Wolves-icon-pcb.png Alparslan TürkeşOttoman.png (1/100)- NATO supporter, Fashoid, and this man will basically become another Turkish Hitler, and the founder of the notorious organization known as the Grey Wolves. No surprise the current imperialist atlanticoid government likes you. Plus, your politics completely ruined the image of Turkey and probably will plunge it down a dark pit. Honestly, just fuck you. I hate everything there is about you.
    • Nazi.pngNihal AtsizOttoman.png (1/100)- Like the above, but somehow even worse. Turkey's Hitler wannabe and an advocate for imperialism and genocide. Your legacies still harm Turkey until today. May you burn in hell.
    • Evren.png Kenan Evren Ottoman.png (8/100)- Destroyed Turkey's civil liberties and legal system, genocided Kurds, Tortured random people (including children), closed many institutions, and absolutely fucked over Turkey. Plus, you literally allowed abortions to be free on request (cringe) which you clearly have no reason to, yet enforce Islamic education, what a fucking twist for real.
    • Ottoman.png Devlet BahceliOttoman.png (9/100)- Supported Alparslan Turkes, Erdogan Ally, Ultranat, Supported the Armenian Genocide yet also being ethnically Armenian, and supporting in an attack against my country and my people. Hope you fucking die. The only partially good thing you did is being against both the West and East.
    • Monarch.png Farouk ICball-Egypt.png (8/100)- This man is another fatass king that managed to rule a country because he's the lapdog of the British Imperialists. Reactionary as fuck, kept 80% of the population as slaves and in poverty, corrupt as hell, and spent the people's money on your own luxuries. If I were Nasser, you shuld end like Nicholas II.
    • Strato.png Moussa Dadis Camara Cball-Guinea.png (8/100)- Evil Military dictator that will randomly order you people to be knifed and raped and being a puppet of Comapore, you do not deserve to live after the terrible shit you did.
    • Klep.png Foday Sankoh File:Cball-Sierra Leone.png (6/100)- Had child soldiers, engaged in sexual slavery, exterminated entire towns, did slavery and is a rapist. Not surprised that you're backed by Charles Taylor and Compaore.
    • Klep.png Charles Taylor Liber.png (1/100)- The most vicious person in West Africa, had child soldiers, engaged in terrorism, slaughtered entire villages, rapist, and a cannibal. This man is a classic example of a vicious warlord, Africa's Oskar Dirlewanger.
    • Strato.png Yakubu GowonCball-Nigeria.png (6/100)- Genocidal tyrant that ordered the rape and massacre of millions of people in Nigeria. You are a savage, genocidal, sickening maniac. You shouldn't live, and once again, you suck off the West.
    • File:NCP(Sudan).png Omar Al BashirCball-Sudan.png (1/100)- Genocidal, ally of Al Qaeda, Terrorist, War Criminal, and caused ethnic conflicts. You're the true definition of an awful person. Al Bashir should be hanged, nothing could change my mind on that. There is nothing you have ever done right, genocidal piece of shit.
    • Monarch.png Jean Bedel BokassaCball-CAR.png (5/100)- Outright insane. Probably a psychopath. He is the African version of Rome under Caligula, except even worse. Feeding people to lions and alligators, cannibal, corrupt as hell and robbed the country, blew the entire country to his coronation that proclaimed himself emperor, and this man is one of the most batshit people ever, and a child murderer too. If anything, one thing France did right was overthrow you. (although they propped you up in the first place which is an asshole move). The Viet Minh should have killed you in Dien Bien Phu when you're serving as a soldier.
    • Muslim 2.png Hissene HabreCball-Chad.png(5/100)- Africa's Pinochet, engaged in Sexual slavery, corrupt as hell, run the country through slavery, Islamist extremist, and destroyed Chad. Rest in piss, you won't be missed by anybody.
    • Sec.png Samuel Doe Liber.png (9/100)- Reaganite puppet, delusional warlordist dictator, and killed your people for barely any reason. I'm done here.
    • Mobutism.png Mobutu Sese SekoMobutism.png (3/100)- Corrupt to a new form of degree, brutal as hell, genocidal, buttfucked congo and destroyed it's economy, and funded terrorists. I think you're a necrophile too as i heard you had a hobby of putting dead bodies everywhere just like your gay friend Idi Amin did. Your brutality to the Congolese people and robbing them off with almost everything makes even Bokassa better than you. You are the second worst african person.
    • Hutupower.png Theonoste BagosoraCball-Rwanda.png (3/100)- The main person behind the Rwandan Genocide. He unleashed mass rape, terror, slaughter and atrocities no different than the ones committed by Hitler, Pol Pot, of the Western Imperialists to Rwanda. You are utterly fucking disgusting. You are not a human being after the shit you did.Too horrible even to be put in the category of human scum.
    • Hutupower.png Théodore Sindikubwabo Cball-Rwanda.png (3/100)- Evil, genocidal maniac and a French imperialist puppet. How does this maniac able to get away with crimes yet good leaders who are anti-west are demonized by those liberal filth?
    • Whitesup.png DF MalanCball-South Africa alt.png (8/100)- Laid the foundations to the Apartheid Regime, founded truly by your ideals and no, that's not a praise. Plus, what makes it even worse is that you're an atlanticoid, and a pedo too. Fucking disgusting.
    • Monarch.png Ranavalona ICball-Madagascar.png (3/100)- This woman is also another batshit Queen. I get wanting to protect your country from imperialists, but what you did was destroy progress and begun a mass killing spree.
    • Klep.png Sali BerishaCball-Albania.png (7/100)- Europoid, Corrupt as hell, Single-Handedly gave rise to crime, had extremely capitalist economics that razed down all of what Hoxha contributed, and caused the Albanian Civil War. did absolutely nothing except loot the country of it's successes that it enjoyed under the Hoxha era. Sure Hoxha has his faults but you're billions of times worse. Albanian Yeltsin. Only reason why you aren't in Yeltsin tier is because you aren't an imperialist unlike him.
    • Legion.png Horia SimaCball-Romania.png (7/100)- Religious Fundamentalist, responsible for the killings of Jews and holy shit, as I read more about you and found out more about you, you're so fucking insane that even Antonescu is against you, that really proves something, isn't it?
    • Cfash.png Ion AntonescuCball-Romania.png (5/100)- You are one of the biggest barbarians in history, you motherfucker. You and the Nazis conducted one of the most horrifying crimes that humanity has ever seen during the invasion of the USSR. You're fucking sickening.
    • File:Hun.png Ferenc SzalasiCball-Hungary.png (9/100)- Executed random people, committed a genocide of Jews like how your Nazi Sugar daddies did, that is enough for me to hate you.
    • Abmon.png Roman Von Ungern SterburgCball-Russian Empire.png (9/100)- Your sheer brutality explains what kind of a person you are. Your ultranconservatism and your evil earnt you the name "the Red Baron" which shows how much of a savage you are. Your execution is a retribution. It is beautiful to see a person like you dead.
    • File:Lev Davidovich Bronstein.png Leon TrotskyBolshevism ball.png (7/100)- If anything, if you seized power you'll be a Red Neocon. That makes us no different from Western imperialists, won't it? Plus, you would cause more people to die than Stalin would because of your basically Red Neocon ideals. Thhe only ever good thing about you is helping in the Russian revolution and the Civil War, but even then you would turn Russia into a genocidal, imperialistic state. You absolutely deserved the fucking Pick.
    • Abmon.png Tsar Nicholas IICball-Russian Empire.png (1/100)- Killed your people who were children just for wanting some food to eat, dragged your country into a meaningless war, made your people live in hellish conditions, sacrificed entire generations of young men to fight for your tyranny, youre just, an awful man, I sometimes read about you and I can't stop thinking that how are you a real person, because you're not. You're a monster.
    • Abmon.png Grigory RasputinCball-Russian Empire.png (1/100)- This madman is the demon that influenced the Russian Tsars to starve and make the Russian people live in misery. I think you're a demon sent from hell.
    • Gorb.png Alexander YakovlevBolshevism ball.png (5/100)- Like Gorbachev but somehow even worse. Ordered the murders of innocents who missed the USSR, supported Yeltsin's capitalism and corruption, allowed his country to go down into ruin because of yoour anticommunist filth, and supported the destruction of your country to foreign globalist and neoliberal forces. Fuck you for eternity, traitor. Oh how much I wished you are killed so early, burn forever in hell, Russian Liu Xiaobo. May you die forever, may you burn forever, may the devils curse you forever, social democratic traitor.
    • File:OUN-B.png Stepan BanderaCball-Ukraine.png (4/100)- Genocidal Russophobic Fashoid and committed ethnic cleansing across Ukraine, a true genocidal maniac. How can anyone even like you?
    • Ego.png Max StirnerCball-Germany.png (6/100)- Egoist lmao. An egoist society is a hellish, unlawful society with all hell breaking loose.
    • Daddy Himmler.png Heinrich HimmlerNazi.png (1/100)- Batshit insane, key co-ordinator for the Holocaust, and the main theorist behind esocentric fascism which makes you pure evil. your ideals are based when I do it against the Angloids though
    • Barbie2.pngNeocuckservative.png Klaus BarbieNazi.png (1/100)- This piece of shit is one of the most sadistic and evil people of all time to have ever fucking lived. One of the biggest maniacs. Slaughtered so much innocents despite not being a leader, fucking batshit. On par with Dirlewanger when it comes to savagery. It's no surprise that the Nazis and the West supported you just for your anti-communism, considering how anti-communism is an ideology rooted from fascism and imperialism, and that NATO and the US is seeking to becoming the Nazis of the new era. Considering how you backed that vicious mass murderer Luis Garcia Meza and supported puppet state of West Germany, it's common knowledge to hate you and your Western puppet masters.
    • Nazi.pngErich von MansteinNazi.png (8/100)- Look. I don't fucking care if you say you know nothing about the Holocaust, you were responsible for the deaths of innocents and you're a war criminal and imperialist. later, you even sold Germany to NATO, what a fucking bastard.
    • Nazi.png Joseph GoebbelsNazi.png (8/100)- Probably where all anti-communists and those like the Black Book of Communism worshipped, a Nazi propagandist. Nazis are the best example of anti-communists, and no surprise that the west use their examples for their agenda later on.
    • File:OskarDirlewanger.png Oskar DirlewangerNazi.png (3/100)- Pedophile, Child Rapist, and sickening to the point that even Nazis consider you to be a sickening man. Your treatment towards villages and innocents are absolutely sickening, you motherfucking psychopath.
    • Nazi.png Adolf EichmannNazi.png (3/100)- One of the most sadistic Nazi War Criminals that oversaw the deaths of millions. Glad you got what you deserved later on.
    • Nazi.png Josef MengeleNazi.png (4/100)- Nazi version of Shiro Ishii. That alone tells a lot.
    • Nazi.png Ilse KochNazi.png (5/100)- Holy fucking shit if you want to learn about this woman's horrifying practises I recommend you be careful at what I'm going to say. This bitch, used dead skins cut from victims of the Holocaust (including children), hair and many other more body parts to be used as business goods. What the genuine fuck. Sofa made out of skins of dead Jewish people, ropes made out of their hair, what the genuine fuck. I'm truly sickened to a point that mere words cannot describe my comment to you.
    • Nazi.png Reinhard HeydrichNazi.png (3/100)- Great job, Czechoslovak heroes for killing this piece of shit.
    • Thar.pngRpop.png Adrian ZenzCball-Germany.png (4/100)- Another batshit insane bastard that the West loves to get it's sources from. You're an imperialist, you want to forcefully westernize China with your imperialistic, degenerated Liberal ideals by fabricating an entire wave of "wahhh china breathe, china bad!!!!" along with the Falun Gong. You're also delusional to the point that you think you're god's agent to Westernize China. No, if anything you are a demon's spawn.
    • Libtard.png Helmut KohlCball-Germany.png (8/100)- Exploitative as hell, destroyed a country that genuinely cared about equality for all people of Germany while serving as an anti-imperialist fortress, converting Germany into the libtard, neolibcuck, exploitative slave master of the EU now.
    • Fash.png Benito MussoliniCball-Italy.png (3/100)- Imperialist, Genocidal, Gassed entire Ethiopian towns, committed genocide on Libyan, Yugoslav and Greek people, razed the entirety of Albania down, and the ultimate founder of fascism. Without you Fascism wouldn't be popular and lives of millions will be saved if you weren't existing. The ever only based thing you did was crushing the Mafia and helping the common farmers a little.
    • Superfash.png Julius EvolaCball-Italy.png (6/100)- The Italian version of Heinrich Himmler, and you know, your ideals are based entirely on genocide and murder, fucking sickening.
    • Imp.png Joseph ChamberlainCball-UK.png (7/100)- Massive imperialist, responsible for starting many imperialistic wars across the world, and a liberal as well. The only good thing about you is your opposition to free trade, that's it.
    • Imp.png Oliver CromwellCball-UK.png (5/100)- Genocidal towards Catholic Irish people. Brittanian Imperialist and supremacist. I'm done here.
    • Monarch.png Mary ICball-UK.png (6/100)- People don't call you Bloody Mary for no reason. You're fucking savage. You slaughtered Protestants so much that the Thames are drenched in their blood and begun colonialization in Ireland.
    • Imp.png George IIICball-UK.png (6/100)- Nice job, Washington. Chase this fucker away.
    • Imp.png Cecil RhodesCball-UK.png (5/100)- Genocidal Imperialistic filth. Enough is said.
    • File:Worse Trotskyism-icon.png Tony CliffCball-UK.png (6/100)- How could you even manage to create a Trotskyist ideology so horrendous that it's worse than the original Trotskyist ideology? Just how?
    • BritFash.png Oswald MosleyCball-UK.png (6/100)- Just imagine the nightmares that this man will pull if he seized power....
    • Imp.png Hernan Cortes Cball-Spain.png (3/100)- Even for the standards of an imperialist savage, you are too much. You genocided natives, violent as hell, spread epidemics and single handedly wiped out an entire civilization. Give me one reason not to hate you.
    • Imp.png Valeriano WeylerCball-Spain.png (3/100)- Genocidal, Murderous piece of shit that made life a living hell for the Cubans and the people of the Philippines. Burn in hell forever, Imperialist filth, I hate American Imperialists but they were right to get a bastard like you out.
    • Salazar.pngImp.png Antonio De Olivera SalazarCball-Portugal.png (8/100)- Like the above but worse, Judging by how you treated the Angolan people through terror and genocide, religious fanatic, and a near-fascist and Imperialist, is there more reason for me not to hate you? Oh wait, even the Americans are against your crimes in Portugal, that says something isn't it?
    • Neocuckservative.png Stephen HarperCball-Canada.png (7/100)- This piece of shit is a murderous, genocidal imperialist just like his best friend Bush. Backed the Zionist state in committing crimes in Palestine and Lebanon, contributed to destroying Libya, didn't do anything in your tenure, and made Canada the only country to withdraw from the Kyoto Protocol because of his thick ass.
    • TrudeauLib.png Justin TrudeauCball-Canada.png (9/100)- You're the closest thing to an irl State Liberal, fucking cunt. You're a neoliberal imperialist, sucks the cocks of the Britcucks, woke as hell, and genocidal at the same time. At this point I can't even consider you a proper human being. Canada is the saddest country on earth and nothing will change my stance on that. You have never done anything positive in your rule.
    • Klep.png James BuchananCball-US.png (6/100)- Corrupt as hell, didn't do shit to improve your country, supported slavery, didn't do shit about the seperatist south, and minimized role of the Federal government when it's most needed. Fucking idiot.
    • Imp.png John TylerCball-US.png (9/100)- Imperialist and supported the expansion of slavery. True scumbag.
    • Confed.png Jefferson DavisConfed.png (6/100)- The biggest national traitor in the history of America, enslaved millions of people, racist as fuck, and sucked off British Imperialists. You built your country solely based off slavery, fuck you.
    • Whitesup.png Andrew JohnsonCball-US.png (5/100)- You're one of the worst people to come out of the US. Undid almost everything Lincoln did, gave rise to the KKK and is the main reason why White Supremacy is still prevalent in America.
    • Whitesup.png Woodrow WilsonCball-US.png (2/100)- Imperialist, exploitative, and the most racist president since Andrew Johnson. You're racist to the point that you backed the KKK, enforced workplace segregation, and regressed in terms of the rights of African Americans. Plus, you're a corporatocuck exploitative bastard and the main reason why American Imperialism is a thing. You're a fucking demon. Hell, you would be the single WORST if it weren't for granting women right to vote (inside a borgeoise system which is still shit nontheless) and advocating decolonization (even then it's pretty hypocritical considering how America technically still controlled the Philippines)
    • Anticommunism.png Joseph McCarthyCball-US.png (8/100)- 麦卡锡主义=纳粹主义
    • Anticommunism.png J. Edgar HooverCball-US.png (7/100)- The FBI under you is more or less a secret police organization clamping down on those who even dared to be skeptical on the evil ideals of McCarthyism.
    • Goldwaterian.png Barry GoldwaterCball-US.png (9/100)- To think that the Republican party had any hope, you killed it all. You throughly ruined the Republican party, then paving way for it to become completely Reaganist, and you had terrible economics too. Plus, you gave into cultural liberalism in your later years. The only good thing about you is support for environmental protection. Apart from that, nothing else.
    • Nixon.png Richard NixonCball-US.png (7/100)- This fucking scum of a human being, I can go on years talking about how horrible you are. Begun one of the worst crimes of humanity against the Vietnamese, Corrupt as hell, Racist as fuck, and backed the coups in Chile and the Genocide in Bangladesh.
    • Clinton.png Bill ClintonCball-US.png (7/100)- Murderous Neocon that destroyed Yugoslavia and Somalia. Your retardation also indirectly caused the Taliban to take power in Afghanistan and your stupid ass policies made a lot of minorities in prison, continuing and enhancing Reagan's racist as fuck policies and making it worse. I swear, the only ever good you did is bringing China into the WTO.
    • Nova.png Erich Harris and Dylan KleboldCball-US.png (2/100)- You dare fucking tell me to sympathize with criminals while seeing these two going to kill random people, huh? If you commit a crime, you fucking forfeit your right to live. As simple as that. If you're a criminal, you deserve to die, as simple as that. "But muh mental illness" shut the fuck up. Crime has to be punished, REGARDLESS OF WHO IS DOING IT. Those that like criminals like the two above are edgy teens with no friends and nothing better to do.
    • GWB.png George W BushCball-US.png (4/100)- Destroyed Iraq, caused two global conflicts in his rule, and committed a fuck ton of war crimes being a typical murderous neocon. You are the kind that should be hanged. You might be one of the most evil men still alive, at this point. Plus, you done nothing good in your entire fucking reign apart from being a genocidal, murderous imperialist. You are proof that pure evil still exists. The only reason why you aren't on par with Reagan is because of your (partially good) increase in corporation taxes
    • Soros.png George SorosCball-US.pngCball-Hungary.png (6/100)- Typical, exploitative, satanic, woke Neoliberal scum. Your existence is a mistake.
    • SJW.png Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and all other BaizuosCball-US.png (7/100)- Wokes are cancer of the earth and shall be removed indefinitely. Unlimited genocide on wokeism is ideal. Fucking kill yourselves, borgeoise mouthpieces.
    • Neocuckservative.pngDennis PragerCball-US.png (7/100)- This man is one of the most retarded people with genuinely having one of the worst takes that a human being can have. Supportive of the genocidal british empire, supportive of genocide in Iraq, Vietnam, Palestine, Guatemala, and so on. Plus, you unironically support exploitation and imperialism. PragerU is brain cancer and those that believe in your bullshit are illiterates.
    • SJW.png Hasan Piker Cball-US.png(9/100)- Better than Vaush but that's easy. You're another western "socialist" while in reality you're the borgeoise in denial. Typical Champagne "Socialist", talking about socialism while you buy luxurious cars and mansions for your own. Classic of liberal "socialists".
    • Neocuckservative.png Dan CrenshawCball-US.png (8/100)- I don't find anything positive about anything that you advocate for. Anti-Abortion is good but even then you take it too far.
    • Ancapf.png Murray RothbardCball-US.png (4/100)- Without you, there will be no AnCap movement, plus, your economics and ideals are all pure mental retardation.
    • Cap.png Milton FriedmanCball-US.png (4/100)- One of the key pioneers of evil Neoliberal Economics, and advised Pinochet, Thatcher and Reagan, and all three of them are absolutely evil at it's finest.
    • Neolud.png Ted KaczynskiCball-US.png (5/100)- Domestic terrorist and a primitivist, plus, if a bastard like you seized power, expect America to become like Pol Potist Cambodia.
    • Vaushism.png VaushCball-US.png(6/100)- You're a neocuck in denial. Hates true socialist states like the USSR and China, pedophile, degenerate, liberal, revprog, massive revisionist, and the typical western "Socialist". No, you're a liberal Third Wayist in denial. If you ruled a country, It'd be similar to Cuba under Batista, a degenerate liberal hellhole where the common person suffered.
    • Neoliberal-icon.pngSJW.png Kamala HarrisCball-US.png (2/100)- Just translate Kamala in Finnish and you'll get a great word to define this whore. She and Trudeau are the closest things to IRL state liberalism as you're a murderous, genocidal, maniacal imperialist spreading woketardism along with Neoliberal Imperialism globally. She's the main woman behind the rise of Wokeism along with Ocasio Cortez.
    • Neobert.png Ben ShapiroCball-US.png (6/100)- Honestly, the fact I prefer fucking AOC over you means a lot. Retarded and radical takes on abortion, supports and glorifies the genocide in Palestine, genocidal to Afghans and regular Muslims, wanted to destroy social programs for the poor, and an Imperialist. If you ruled America, you will turn the country into dust. You're the Antichrist, honestly. 'Facts and Logic' the only fact and logic you should know right now is to do the world a favor and die.
    • Nazi.pngNeocuckservative.png Richard SpencerCball-US.png (3/100)- Neo-Nazi, White Supremacist, Imperialist, wants the genocidal EU to basically become the new Nazi Reich, etc.Least genocidal Neocuck.
    • Authcap.png Luis Posada CarrilesCastro.png (7/100)- Imagine being so batshit insane that even the Americans consider you a terrorist.
    • File:Batista.png Fulgencio Autista Castro.png (3/100)- You are only good in your first term, but then later on you turn out to be true human scum. Typical US backed tyrant, allowed pedophilia, drugs, and didn't do shit about crime and allowed your people to die in the hands of American plantation owners.
    • Blacknat.png Francois "Papa Doc" DuvalierCball-Haiti.png (5/100)- A thief and a delusional fuck that robbed everything off haiti, modified yourself into some voodoo god and manipulated the religion to the point that you conduct life sacrifice and all sorts of terrifying, savage shit.
    • Monarch.png Faustin SoulouqueCball-Haiti.png (7/100)- Haiti's Bokassa. I don't need to explain how evil he is when I call him "Bokassa".
    • Totalitarian.png Rafael TrujilloFile:Cball-Dominican Republic.png (6/100)- Genocidal to the blacks and the Haitians and terrorized your own people. A pedophile too, so insane to the point that the Americans are too scared of you that they ended your regime.
    • Fash.png Maximilliano Hernandez MartinezCball-ElSalvador.png (9/100)- Genocided the natives, ordered peasants to be massacred for no reason at all, and delusional and fucking batshit crazy as hell.
    • Strato.png Jose Napoleon DuarteCball-ElSalvador.png (9/100)- Batshit crazy tyrant that massacred peasants, conducted a genocide, terrorized your own people, and destroyed El Salvador through a civil war.
    • Imp.png William WalkerCball-Nicaragua.pngCball-US.png (8/100)- This piece of shit enslaved the people of Central America and wanted to create a slave empire all over there. Nice one, revolutionaries of Central America, this man should be shot.
    • Neoliberal-icon.png Anastasio Somoza DebayleCball-Nicaragua.png (5/100)- The most vile out of all three of the Somozas. Reactionary, Feudalist, exploitated your people, engaged in vicious torture methods similar to what you see in Pavelic's Croatia, while making your people suffer thanks to your corruption and sheer brutality. No wonder you're overthrown then assassinated. Good. You deserve them all.
    • Fash.png Laureano GomezCball-Colombia.png (6/100)- Evil fascist American-backed military dictator. Terrorized the peasants and percecuted Catholics. If This isn't evil, then I don't know what is.
    • Authcap.png Leon Febres CorderoCball-Ecuador.png (9/100)- Mass murderer, and defended both Pinochet and the Apartheid terrorist regimes, plus, not to add, you're a prostitute of Reagan.
    • File:Mlmg.png Abimael GuzmanCball-Peru.png (7/100)- I hate Fujimori and everything about that Neoliberal corrupt dickhead, but you're even worse. You terrorized the Peruvian people with ISIS-level brutality like massacring entire towns and bombing innocent civilians. Your ideology is cringe enough already, and your terrorism just makes it worse. Pieces of shit like you deserve to endure the worst kind of pain possible in deep hell.
    • Ancapf.png Peter TurgunievCball-Brazil.png (6/100)- Ancap version of Voosh, and that isn't saying much. Your ancap ideology alone puts you down here.
    • Neoliberal-icon.png Rene Barrientos Cball-Bolivia.png (7/100)- Batshit crazy to the point that he'll kill miners for not producing enough, refused all aid to your starving people and didn't hide your malice as you want them to die to form a new world order. You're Bolivia's Leopold II.
    • Strato.png Luis Garcia MezaCball-Bolivia.png (5/100)- Imagine being so fucking batshit insane. Corrupt as hell, ACTIVELY funded international crime and drug trade, which affected all of Latin America, harboured vicious Nazi torturers, slaughtered innocent people for no reason, and so insane that not even Reagan wanted to back you.
    • ColoradoParty-Stroessner.png Alfredo Stroessner Cball-Paraguay.png (4/100)- This man. He's fucking messed up from head to toe. Committed a genocide against Paraguayan natives, destroyed their culture and wiped out their entire civilization, sympathized and harboured Nazi Exiles, a literal pedophile that had affairs with children, had people enslaved for no reason, and will go as far as chainsawing people and letting their families hear it. As for you, you're the most fucked up South American dictator ever, even Omar Al-Bashir is better than you.
    • Imp.png Francisco Solano LopezCball-Paraguay.png (6/100)- Massive warmonger, so fucking retarded that you sacrificed 2/3 of your entire population in wars against random nations in South America for no literal reason at all. You're the Said Bin Taimur of South America based off your retardation.
    • Pinochet.png Augusto PinochetCball-Chile.png (4/100)- "Omg!!!! This pedophile dictator harboured nazis, sexually abused young boys, fucked over the lives of the chilean population, absolutely destroyed the socioeconomic situation of Chile, had brutalities similar to that seen in Nazi Germany, corrupt as hell, and exploitative as fuck but it's ok since he sucks the dick of the Americans he's so based!!!!!!!" Let me tell you one thing. If you like Pinochet, I'll give you a name on who to like. Oskar Dirlewanger.
    • Hyperborea.png Miguel SerranoCball-Chile.png (3/100)- When even Neo-Nazis consider you scary is enough to describe you as a person.
    • Kak.png Juan Carlos OnganiaArgentina.png (7/100)- Caused a serious brain drain and destroyed Argentina with your hyper-conservative policies (not needed back then), plus you're also as vicious as the other Argentinian DIctators.
    • Feud.png Jose Felix UriburuArgentina.png (5/100)- Imperialist, brought Argentina behind for like 200 years, feudalist, fascist, and turned your country into this 1500's hellhole. You are the Said Bin Taimur of South America, piece of shit.
    • Posadist.png J. PosadasArgentina.png (3/100)- When even fucking Trotskyists consider you insane should show how much you are.

    YOU SHOULD KYS NOW: (0- -infinite)

    • Showa.png Fumimaro KonoeCball-Japan.png (0/100)- Transformed Japan into a totalitarian, murderous, Imperialistic tyranny engaging in the slaughter of millions of people. Just because you want to avoid war with the Americans does not mean you are any better. You and Hideki Tojo are the same thing.
    • Tojo-alt.png Tojo HidekiCball-Japan.png (-infinite/100)- This is how Imperialists are like. Pure evil. the Blood of more than 30-50 Million Chinese on his hands, 10-20 Million Vietnamese, and about 10 Million more others, supported rape, torture, and even used babies and innocent humans as target practise, vivisecting people alive, and caused a genocide far worse than any genocide anyone has ever known. Anyone that even has the slightest sympathy to this very personification of the ultimate form of evil should have their eyes gouged out and decapitated. Enough said. He's the most evil man to have ever existed and the only man to have dwarfed the brutalities committed by Hitler.
    • Showa.png Nobusuke KishiCball-Japan.png (-infinite/100)- The second most vile Japanese Imperialist. He's not just genocidal, corrupt and exploitative, but also a perverted degenerate that thinks that all women and children's purpose is for sex slaves by the Japanese Army. Why the FUCK is he spared? Why the FUCK is he considered the 'best man to rule Japan' by the West? Oh wait, the West backs literally anyone as long as it's in their agenda.
    • Ilminism.png Syngman RheeCball-South Korea.png (0/100)- When his people are being raped and killed by the Japs, he sat back in America not doing anything. When the people hated him, he came back to Korea and proclaimed a totalitarian pro-US dictatorship, and didn't even bother improving Korea after the Japs razed it to the ground. During the Korean war, him and his American friends killed 1/5 of the Korean people. If this isn't evil, I don't know what is.
    • Kak.pngNeocuckservative.png Yu JieCball-China.pngCball-US.png(0/100)- Slandered Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao, yet an imperialist rightoid that is willing to betray your country and sell China to the Westerners, just like your good friend Liu Xiaobo. If I ever find you, I'd fucking tear you to pieces. Traitors like you has no right to slander Hu Jintao's legitimate and popular leadership.
    • Kak.pngSoyjak.png Liu ZhongjingCball-China.png (-infinite/100)- Burn in hell forever alongside Liu Xiaobo and Joshua Wong, self-hating, genocidal, imperialist piece of shit. You are the typical brainwashed, genocidal sinophobic and self-hating Joshua Wong sympathizer. Fuck you for what you advocate for. If I ever find you, I'll fucking tear you apart, and same for Joshua Wong. Reactionary, Neocon, self-hating feudalist advocates like you should be fed to hyenas.
    • Kak.pngThar.pngFord.pngNazi.pngSoyjak.png Joshua WongCball-HongKong.png (-infinite/100)- Terrorist no different than Osama Bin Laden is. Pedophile, plants bombs in the city wanting to conduct attacks similar to 7/7 and the Tarata bombings, beat up people and setting people alight just for speaking mandarin, harassing people just for not liking violence while destroying the city in the name of neocolonialism. I hope you're murdered in the most inhumane way possible. A monster like you should not have the right to breathe. Hell, you shouldn't even be born, self-hating imperialist simping terrorist motherfucker. You are everything I hate, the very personification of evil, the very incarnation of the demon. A terrorist, a coward, a self-hater, a genocidal,, a degenerate, a pedophile, all combined, and you get a piece of shit like you. Hell, if you want to be a terrorist, at least be a proper terrorist. But no, for a matter of fact, you corrupted the CIA funds, left those you brainwashed and indoctrinated to wreck havoc and destroy Hong Kong while you cower yourself in a luxury apartment. I've compared you to Hitler, Tojo, Pol Pot, Leopold, etc and I don't regret it, at all.
    • Kak.pngThar.pngFord.pngNazi.pngSoyjak.png Agnes ChowCball-HongKong.png (0/100)- Basically Joshua Wong but female. There's nothing else for me to put here.
    • Kak.pngThar.pngFord.pngNazi.pngSoyjak.png Anson ChanCball-HongKong.png (0/100)- You may be retired, but history, the people of Hong Kong and China will never forgive your terrorism and imperialist simpery. May you be condemned into the deepest pits of hell.
    • Kak.pngThar.pngFord.pngNazi.pngSoyjak.png Martin LeeCball-HongKong.png (0/100)- Please just fucking die already, old hag. You don't deserve to live after all your self-hating and shilling for imperialists. No, you don't at all advocate for democracy. You advocate for genocide. A genocide against your own people by the West and NATO. Scummy, genocidal, terroristic liberals like you are the kinds of people I hate more than Nazis. Kill yourself, Imperialist shill.
    • Kak.pngThar.pngFord.pngNazi.pngSoyjak.png Jimmy ShamCball-HongKong.png (0/100)- Homofashoid liberal terrorist larping as a Succdem. You and your entire group of "Pro-Democracy" motherfuckers are nothing apart from a bunch of imperialist simping, self-hating Nazi fucks.
    • Kak.pngThar.pngFord.pngNazi.pngSoyjak.png Claudia MoCball-HongKong.png (0/100)- Self hating whore, terrorist, imperialist sympathizer, and everything I oppose combined into one. What more can I say? You and your other "pro-democracy" terrorist, imperialist bandits have a spot in hell beside Hitler. Please fucking die already.
    • Kak.pngThar.pngFord.pngNazi.pngSoyjak.png Jimmy LaiCball-HongKong.png (0/100)- Hope you're rotting in prison painfully, you motherfucking terrorist. Hong Kong forever and ever will belong to China, Cope.
    • Kak.pngThar.pngFord.pngNazi.pngSoyjak.pngNathan LawCball-HongKong.png (0/100)- The above are in prison, now it's just you left. I will proudly laugh and cheer if you were killed in a terrorist attack because you're more vile than most terrorists themselves. All people standing with Joshua Wong deserves to die a slow, lingering, painful death.
    • Kak.pngThar.pngFord.pngNazi.pngSoyjak.png Benny TaiCball-HongKong.png (0/100)- Have fun rotting in prison, bastard. You will pay for supporting and aiding Joshua Wong and his crimes in Hong Kong. I will not stop until all of you are dead, or in prison.
    • Kak.pngThar.pngFord.pngNazi.pngSoyjak.png Emily LauCball-HongKong.png (0/100)- Another imperialistic, colonial simp that is so willingly able to sell her identity to the Angloids and terrorize the common people. Kill yourself, witch.
    • Kak.pngThar.pngFord.pngNazi.pngSoyjak.png Leung Kwok HungCball-HongKong.png (0/100)- The elderly man who stabbed you was absolutely in the right you terrorist fuck.
    • Kak.pngThar.pngFord.pngNazi.pngSoyjak.png Raphael WongCball-HongKong.png (0/100)- The day you and all your terrorist friends die will be the day for Hong Kong's victory. Not even the worst torture method possible is able to repent for all you and your terrorist allies's crimes.
    • Kak.pngThar.pngFord.pngNazi.pngSoyjak.png Raymond ChanCball-HongKong.png (0/100)- Have fun rotting in prison forever, terrorist fuck. Be glad that China is way too soft on you. If it were me I'd have fed all of you fucks to the alligators.
    • Kak.pngThar.pngFord.pngNazi.pngSoyjak.png Eddie ChuCball-HongKong.png (0/100)- Just die already, terrorist motherfucker.
    • Kak.pngThar.pngFord.pngNazi.pngSoyjak.png Lau Siu LaiCball-HongKong.png (0/100)- I'd fucking make Nanjing 1937 look like a fucking Child's play if I see you and the other fucks you ally with, and I mean it.
    • Kak.pngThar.pngFord.pngNazi.pngSoyjak.png Ted HuiCball-HongKong.png (0/100)- Pepper spray on your face is too soft, you terrorist motherfucker, yet you dare play the victim for you terrorist activities. What the police should've done is run you over with a truck until not even bits of you are left.
    • Kak.pngThar.pngFord.pngNazi.pngSoyjak.png Dennis KwokCball-HongKong.png (0/100)- When they day Hong Kong is liberated will be your head, alongside your terrorist friend's heads decapitated and smashed until not even bits are left.
    • Kak.pngThar.pngFord.pngNazi.pngSoyjak.pngLo Kin-HeiCball-HongKong.png (0/100)- Kill yourself. You being slightly more moderate than the other terrorists do not mean I don't fucking utterly despise you to the core.
    • Kak.pngThar.pngFord.pngNazi.pngSoyjak.pngWu Chi-waiCball-HongKong.png (0/100)- Same as above
    • Polpot.png Pol PotCball-Cambodia.png (-infinite/100)- Ok, alright, this man is the ultimate form of evil, alright. The reason his death toll isn't high it's because Cambodia is a small country. This man reduced his country into dust, slaughtered anyone with an IQ above 2 digits, and by anyone I mean literally killing anyone. There is no better word to call Khmer Rouge Cambodia other than "dystopian living hell".
    • Strato.png Yahya KhanCball-Pakistan.png (0/100)- Pure evil at it's finest. This man is evil reincarnated. Nixonite and Western puppet, ruthless mass murderer, slaughtered the Bengalis like sheep and committed horrendous rapes, massacres and disgusting shit to the Bengalis. Bengalis should hate the West knowing that a western puppet like him killed their people like sheep.
    • Ottoman.png Ismail Enver PashaOttoman.png (0/100)- The Middle Eastern Version of Hitler, war criminal, terrorist, and genocidal. Is there anything else to say anymore?
    • Afrsoc.png Francisco Macias NguemaFile:Cball-Equatorial Guinea.png (-infinite/100)- Slaughtered 1/3 of the population, shut down all schools, killed anyone above the IQ of two digits, ran the country like a crime syndicate specialized in kidnapping people, declared yourself a god, and just overall batshit insane as hell. This man is the African version of Pol Pot. You are the worst person to have ever came out of Africa and you're the spawn of evil itself. Actually, no, you're worse than pure evil.
    • Strato.png Idi Amin Cball-Uganda.png (0/100)- You know, in China, we refer to this man as the "Cannibalist Demon of Africa". This alone can show how twisted this man is. He is evil from head to toe. Massacred tens of thousands of his own countrymen in the first week alone, committed genocide on random tribes, buttfucked the Ugandan economy, terrorized your people, cannibal, mutilated your wives and stored them in your personal cupboard, killed so much people that dead bodies clogged the nile, looked up to Hitler and supported Palestinian Terrorists, whisked people off and killing them for no reason, and all sort of horrible shit there is, he has done it.
    • Cfash.png Ante PavelicCball-Croatia.png (-infinite/100)- Imagine being so fucking batshit insane that even the Nazis and Italians are horrified by the shit you do. That level of brutality can only by reached by you and the Japanese. You gouged people's eyes out, created concentration camps that gave Hitler-like treatment to children for no reason, decapitated Serbs and paraded them everywhere, and holy fucking hell, Croatia under you is just a massive killing machine, testing for brutality. You and Nobusuke Kishi are the same thing as both of you are savage demons.
    • Cfash.png Jozef TisoCball-Slovakia.png (0/100)- Gave out all your important land to the Nazis for no reason, massacred entire towns and villages, and sold your entire country's resources and money to the Nazis, not to mention you're a religious fanatic too. Behind Pavelic, you are the worst Nazi puppet. Even fucking Antonescu is better.
    • Abmon.png Tsar Alexander IIICball-Russian Empire.png (0/100)- You are more evil than your son that you are called the "Great Repressor", you genocided literally everyone that isn't a Russian in Russia, starved your peasants, had the borgeoise take over everything and exploit Russia, and could care less improving Russia. You are the very definition of evil.
    • Yeltsin.png Boris YeltsinCball-Russia.png (-infinite/100)- Just imagine Gorbachev but a few hundred times worse, that will be this man. He's more of a mafia leader than the leader of a country. I feel sad for all the Russians that has to put up with his bullshit. No sane Russian likes him. Forced almost everyone into poverty and prostitution, didn't do shit about societal problems and rampant crime, corrupt as hell, and didn't do anything to regain the superpower status that Russia had lost thanks to you and Gorbachev.
    • Hitler.png Adolf HitlerNazi.png (-infinite/100)- I don't need to add too much about this man here. He is the ultimate form of anti-communism and imperialism. The only thing good about you is ending unemployment in Germany but even then you treated German workers like dogs. Other than that, you unleashed a hellish slaughter all over Europe. There is a clear reason why almost everyone call this man the modern face of political evil.
    • Hans Hermann Hoppe.png Hans Hermann HoppeCball-Germany.pngCball-US.png (0/100)- Being an exploitative, retarded LARP Ancap is already terrible enough. Your ideology is the pinnacle of pure retardation as you're also a fucking reactionary and ancap. Nothing can be worse than a combination between these two.
    • Imp.png Leopold II Cball-Belgium.png (-infinite/100)- Your average, classic Western Imperialist. Pure evil at it's finest, ran the Congo Free State like a nation-sized killing machine, and the closest thing IRL to Pavelic's Croatia and Hideki's Japan to a burgundian hellhole.
    • Avar.png Emile GautierCball-France.png (0/100)- You are the closest thing to irl Avaritionism alongside others like Yeltsin. People like you do not deserve to be even born.
    • Imp.png Queen VictoriaCball-UK.png (-infinite/100)- The very face of Imperialism. Pure evil itself. You are the only leader that I know of that committed so many genocides (apart from Tojo Hideki) that I lost track of them. You're also exploitative as fuck, yeah, I've heard shit that you did. Forcing children into the coal mines and work in horrid conditions and precided over the deaths of hundreds of millions, and possibly even a billion innocents.
    • Imp.png Winston ChurchillCball-UK.png (0/100)- Alright, alright. You're one of history's pure evil, alright. I do not care if you fought the Nazis, all you did is repel an invasion. If it weren't for Stalin, Hitler's portrait will be all over London by now. You're also a fucking genocidal, used death squads to terrorize Ireland, committed mass genocide in Bengal, Iran and Africa, and after World War 2, you didn't care about rebuilding your colonies. If anything, you and Hitler should belong in the Same category of human scum.
    • File:Thatcher.png Margaret ThatcherCball-UK.png (0/100)- Fucking batshit. Exploitative as fuck, Laissez Faire is cringe, backing terrible people like Somoza, Pinochet, Suharto and Pol Pot, didn't do anything but made the lives of those who are poor worse even if they worked hard. Your economics are one of the biggest abominations one has seen. Just like Reagan, you increased debt, sold off afforable housing, destroyed the lives of the working class, and to top it all off, an imperialist too. You're the irl version of an exploitative bitch. I'm fucking glad this whore is dead. The single, only thing that you have ever done good is fighting the AIDS pandemic (even then it's Diana who has done most of the work, and you pretty much stole it), otherwise you're the literal fucking antichrist. Burn forever in hell, genocidal, imperialistic capitalist witch.
    • Reagan.png Ronald ReaganCball-US.png (-infinite/100)- Alright, alright, where do I start? You are the worst American president to have ever lived and you cannot be even considered a human being in my book. I read all about your policies and I always wonder why a man like you is even allowed to exist. Your economics are one of the most exploitative corporatocuck shit, fucked over the poor in America, tripled national debt, ignored the AIDS issue, left behind a lot of social issues in your reign, and is a hardcore McCarthyist and spent all your money on meaningless imperialistic wars and propping out horrible people and groups like Efrain Rios Montt, Suharto, Pol Pot, Yakubu Gowon, Stroessner, and many others. You're a terrorist, a traitor and a demon in all of humanity. You fucked over America, and you're the most evil man in America to be president. Plus, it's funny how you claim to oppose sexual degeneracy yet had sex workers sexually pleasure you, oppsed gun rights just because the Black Panther Party wanted it (and you crushed them just for helping the blacks), started the policy of mass targeting minorities for crime, and massacred your own people when you're governor of California just for opposing the war in Vietnam. Yeah, fuck this mad man. Fuck this maniac. There is nothing good ever in your rule. Absolutely nothing is redeemable from you.
    • Neocuckservative.png Henry KissingerCball-US.pngCball-Germany.png (-infinite/100)- Humanity's greatest terrorist, America's Osama Bin Laden. You should be lynched for your crimes in instigating conflict and being the key perpetrators of Operation Condor, and backing few of the most scummy and evil tyrants on earth, like Pinochet, Khan and Videla. You should be gassed before you fled Germany.
    • Hillary.png Hitlary KlantonCball-US.png (0/100)- Trump sucks, but you are even worse and even more senile. You would bring the world to a global war knowing how batshit crazy you are. If Putin did actually rig the election for Trump to win, then THANK GOD he rigged it, because you're a war criminal, a genocidal liberal maniac. You are against everything I stand for. If you were to win the elections, you would be more genocidal than all the Cold War presidents. Fuck this whore. I'm glad you lost.
    • Obj.png Ayn RandCball-US.png (-infinite/100)- The biggest slut in Human history. Imagine being such an arsehole and an absolute dipshit that just justify being an arsehole and you justify greed, exploitation, and all sorts of horrible shit that anarcho capitalism breeds out. "Muh survival of the fittest!!!!!!!", alright, I'll throw you barehanded to the jungles and fight the crocodiles if that's what you want. The worst thing Stalin ever did was not kill you.
    • Demcr.png Nancy PelosiCball-US.png (0/100)- This old hag is the primary supporter of terrorism in the US government, and a retarded neoliberal imperialist striving for nothing but to mantain America's world order through blood, murder, war, and genocide. I'll never forgive you for inciting pro-colonial terrorism in Hong Kong.You are basically AOC on steroids, woke, imperialist, etc. Basically everything I oppose.
    • Strato.png Efrain Rios MonttCball-Guatemala.png (0/100)- Alright. If this man isn't an awful man, I don't know what to say. I can't find a word to call him. A genocide as violent as the one that Pol Pot committed in Cambodia, razed down hundreds of villages and smashed heads of indigenous people, children, and even as far as people just for being poor in the name of Reagan. Whoever that likes you or your sugar daddy Reagan who called you "democratic", you don't deserve to live. If this man is democratic, I'd be an IngSoc. Right-Wing Pol Pot, this man is. Average anti-communist, willing to butcher even fucking children of your entire polpulation.

    SSS Tier:=

    SS Tier:

    S Tier:

    A Tier:

    B Tier:

    C Tier:

    D Tier:

    E Tier:

    F Tier:



    Implianium - Add me

    Neo-XarTario.png XarTario XT.png - Can you add my current self-insert and former self-insert? NOTE: They're pretty similar, but with several differences and similarities. You can compare them to each other if you want too.

    OwfBall.png Owfism - add me?

    - Glad to see you’re on this wiki again, comrade. Add me?

    AntiFairy.png FHR Anti Winx - Add me also and hey you're back!

    • Added for both.

    Novoscarlet.png Novoscarletism - pls add me

    Pixil-frame-0(27).png New Model Of Cheesenism - pleased add me

    Panth.png Pantheonism - Revisionism is based.

    • El trolling lol Troll.png
    DN Adm.png - Add me pls

    Noelism-icon.png Noelism - Add me pls

    Glencoe.png Glencoe- add me pls

    Atronism-icon.png Atronism Could you add me?

    Truetech.gif BERNHE0504: Add me?

    Cflski.png Celfloskism.pngCelfloskyismCflski (general).png - Can you add me?

    TorchSoc.png Torch Socialism - You changed your ideology? Add me pls.

    Yoda8soup.pngYoda8soup - Add me

    Add me please - comrade kretk

    MATTball.png Mattism - Add me please?

    Neokira2.png Neo-Kiraism - add me comrade

    SouthIntegral.png Southern Integralism - A little respectable. Add me. Final Fantasy24-Please add me https://polcompballanarchy.miraheze.org/wiki/UserWiki:FinalFantasy24

    File:Antiidpol.png - Oh, god. That reddish background colour bleeding my eyes!

    Syntridem.png Applethesky2021 - It disgusts me how Asian this ideology is, and how it rejects civilized values.

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