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    Neko-Heinrich-Cheungism is the official offspring of Nazcaptransh.pngHeinrich-Cheungism and Anarchoanimegirlism.pngAnarcho-Animegirlism. She is an off-compass Authoritarian Right, Transhumanist ideology. She is even more enthusiastic to anime than Heinsoc.pngany File:HeinFlop.pngof Heinair.pngthe Nazcaptransh.pngHeinrich-Cheungists. Unlike the his father Nazcaptransh.pngHeinrich-Cheungism, Neko-Heinrich-Cheungism is not a Pcb ethnonat icon.pngEthnonationalist. In fact, she is a File:Pan-Nat.pngPan-Nationalist.(Yep, uniting all the anime characters, even including Jojo's bizarre adventure. - Neko-Heinrich-Cheungism)


    Mostly of characteristics of Neko-Heinrich-Cheungism is just as same as her father. Nevertheless, there are still some differences.


    She takes anime as a cult. Any everyone in her society will be mandated to watch anime. Any one who does not obey that rule will be physically removed.(Except people who have special cases.) She also believes in the Shinto Theocracy.pngShinto theocracy, but only as a religion.


    Likes his father, Neko-Heinrich-Cheungism likes using fully-automated army. However, Neko-Heinrich-Cheungism also likes Extraphysicism(While Nazcaptransh.pngher father consider those are "unrealistic") and Psionic to her army. However, Extraphysic and psions are not weapon to directly kill enemies but destroy their morale.

    And also, she is an enthusiastic person on biological enhancement on people. (In fact, she even did the enhancement on herself.) And these enhancements are always adventurous. (or revolutionary) These enhancements make sure she can endure the bombardment of 3 heavy panzers and then destroy them.

    There is no more difference. I swear! - Nazcaptransh.png


    • Like her mother Anarchoanimegirlism.pngAnarcho-Animegirlism, Neko-Heinrich-Cheungism is a Yanderist-mini.pngyandere. She hates anyone who mess up her relationship. If anyone messes up her relationship, she may use any possible means to eradicate that person. And she will stop if sedative injection is applied in appropriate time.
    • Likes EdPatrumismicon.pngEdPatrumism(I am sorry but, there are only two normal male characters under "Anime" category. One is him and the other one is me.- Nazcaptransh.png)
    • Normally, Neko-Heinrich-Cheungism is nice and gentle, just like her father.


    Symforá I

    She appears in ACT II "Kickstart" and ACT IV "Retirement". In ACT II, she is 5 years old. And in ACT IV, she is 27 years old. Eventually, she was killed by the errored self-regulation system.

    Symforá II

    She appears as a minor character. At there, her flesh in the Symforá I was reassembled. Heinrich-Cheungism and Anarcho-animegirlism have tried to greeting to her, but they have failed.




    • Lpyapersonicon.pngLpyapersonism - I like anime, but why Christianity? Convert into Shinto!
    • CalreibozismCat.pngCalreibozism - Fellow cat, but you can be more Capitalist and loving Traditional Chinese.




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