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    This article is for Stanistan's strawman. For how Neighborstan sees himself see Neighborstanist nationalism.

    Neighborstanism is the disgusting, soy filled ideology of Neighborstan, did you know 100% of Neighborstanis are Ligma carriers?

    Neighborstanis Are All Cucks

    It's true, try it. Go into your local smelly Neighborstani's house and start making moves on the hot Stanistani chick he somehow pulled, "he" won't even try to stop you. Most of the time "he"'ll just stand there with his pathetic little 3 inch cock (big for a Neighborstani) hard until you're finished.

    The Average IQ in Neighborstan is 69

    It has been scientifically shown that nine out of ten Neighborstanis have an IQ of 69 or below. This is likely because of their high intake diet of soylent, which is an incredibly harmful substance for the brain development of your average Neighborstani, what with them having been subjected to countless years forced dieting. This causes the average Neighborstani male to become enamoured with the prospect of Stanistani men, whom they see as more elegant creatures than them.

    They really are that retarded, here's my source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvh0nX08nRw

    I Have a Crush on a Cute Neighborstani Boy Who Works at the Local McDonalds, I Also Have Regular Fantasies About Dating and Eventually Marrying Him and Us Settling Down in the Countryside to Live a Quiet Happy Life Together

    Fuck I did not mean to write that.


    Notice, every ideology hates Neighborstan, so friends and frenemies are all one sided



    • Stanistanis (again) - Pwease stop being supewiow to us and fucking ouw wives 🥺 (a-at weast wet us watch? 🥺🥺) [2]
    1. why pp hard?
    2. i'm gonna kms
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