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    Nazworth Populism is a form of  Right-Wing Populism and is the political ideology of Sir Schober. Economically, it is  moderate-right, moderately  Statist(on the border of the auth/lib axis), it is  conservative and also extremely  nationalist. It has a huge focus on  anti-elitism and seeks to embrace a moderate form of  Reactionary Modernism to reverse most, if not all the  ultra progressive policies that have been enacted since the turn of the 21st Century, and aims to create a strong, prosperous, and great society through mass  Evanglecial, Protestant conversions of the masses. Nazworth Populism embraces some aspects of  Rightist Transhumanism, more or less because it believes that technology can fix and/or solve most of Humanity's problems, and can also send Humanity into a golden age.

    Nazworth Populism is generally opposed to all  Islamic,  Elitist,  Culturally Progressive,  Anarchist and  Communist ideologies, considering them to be at best naively inefficient, and at worst, straight up evil. Nazworth Populism generally holds favorable opinions on ideologies that also value  Christianity,  Conservatism,  Technology,  The State,  Moderatism, and  Capitalism.


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    The NasPop philosophy is meant to follow a combination of Logic, Christian Humanism, and Skepticism, by the analysis of past events and by the application of models that encourage its use in decision making.It is deeply skeptical of anything seen as not being hard, logical, empirical claims, and hates the dogmatism of those who refuse to change their beliefs when faced with proof that they should do so, as it goes against simple logic to remain in disproven theories.

    Ethics And Morality

    ⮡   See also: Sola Scriptura, Luck Egalitarianism, Deontology, Christian Humanism

    NasPop, along whith almost every other Protestant ball, believes in  Sola Scriptura, meaning "By Scripture Alone." Most, if not all religious teaching should come directly from the Bible, not from Heretical Documents written by man.

    It also thinks it is morally wrong and inefficient to discriminate individuals due to attributes that are not the result of their decisions. It stands for  luck egalitarianism, which is a step further of equality of opportunity, viewing randomness as not representative of someone's worth.

     Deontology is a preferred moral system. The Bible tells us most, if not everything we need to distinguish what laws are necessary for the land/how humans should generally act.

     Christian Humanism is a religious account of  Humanism, and Christian humanism regards humanist principles like universal human dignity, individual freedom, and the importance of happiness as essential and principal or even exclusive components of the teachings of Jesus. Proponents of the term trace the concept to the Renaissance or patristic period.

    Politics And Laws

    ⮡   See also: Social Contract, Sola Scriptura

    NasPop, more than anything, believes the state is required to ensure  Conservatism, provide  sustainable security, to maintain genuine  free markets, to uphold  Judeo-Christian Values for everyone, as it sees it as the biggest factor in bringing stable prosperity. However, while it excludes  anarchism as a possible system, it also rejects  totalitarianism, as fearing getting killed by a random stranger is as unsettling as fearing a police state to do so. Therefore, NasPop aims for a  social contract to be established, where people consent to giving up their freedom of causing harm to others in exchange of guaranteed protection from those same others, creating a safe society.

    Plus, despite its authoritarian tendencies, it firmly believes freedom must be increased, but at a progressive rate, on the middle or long term. Just like most people would trust more a dentist than a random stranger to perform a surgery on them, decisions that require a high level of technical knowledge (Like vaccination) are considered risky to put in their hands, while it believes some areas of decision clearly belong to individuals, such as personal choices like how to dress, what to eat, etc. (That it calls "preferential choices"). An example of this philosophy is that if an uneducated person accidentally buys poisoned food and intoxicates themselves, it isn't true consent, as not everything was implied in the act beforehand.

    As stated earlier  Sola Scriptura is considered a necessary doctrine in society, the Bible gives significant teachings on how humans should act, what they should believe, and how they should interact with other humans.


    ⮡   See also: Logical Positivism, Physicalism, Scientism



    ⮡   See also: Social Corporatism, Meritocracy, Georgism


    ⮡   See also: Technocracy, Scientocracy, Health And Safety



    ⮡   See also: Artifism, Revolutionary Progressivism, Civic Nationalism


    Nazworth Populism's opinions on other ideologies. Please note that this is strictly ideological, and has nothing of a personal level between Sir Schober and the founders of the ideologies.

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