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    New Zealand Nazism also known as Nazi Zealandism was a ideology that is based on The National Socialist Party Of New Zealand since 1969 when it was created by Colin King-Ansell who is born at the year 1947 just a shortly after World War 2 but it was disbanded in the year 1980

    Nazi Zealandism has come back as Unit 88 when it was founded by Collin Wilson and they are mostly active from 1997 to 1998 but use of 88 but translated to HH so it means "Heil Hitler" just like symbols that every skinhead uses.

    There is a New Zealander that joined The Waffen SS in 1943/1944 who is named Roy Courlander even he was born In Britain and adopted by a Lithuanian Jew but also there is Māori people during World War 2 that wanted to fight with Nazi Germany to free themselves from British oppression but did not happened.



    • National Socialism- I'm Am Proud To Be Ethnic German New Zealander And Not Afraid To Be One.
    • Nazi Collaboration - Everybody can join with the Wehrmacht & the Waffen SS including a New Zealander like me.
    • Anti-Communism - I was never as a White Russian but I was as a Anti-Soviet in Wikipedia.
    • White Nationalism- I'm scarred of the Māori men.
    • British Fascism- Long Live The British Free Corps along with the Canadians, Australians, Irish & South Africans in it.
    • Clerical Fascism- I was a cleric at Wellington but I was arrested and I can not blame you for this.
    • Jordan Petersonism - You are right Mr Pingason, Everybody is a Nazi and that truth is a good one.
    • Rockwell Neo-Nazism - Hello American me.
    • Anti-Semitism - I hated being adopted and I wanted my real family back.
    • Francophobia - Screw you and your country as a whole.
    • Arabophobia - Maybe it was bad idea to go against The Ottoman Empire when it was against Arabs during World War 2.


    • Maori Theocracy- You wanted freedom of The Allied Powers influence well that is great but your gods are too scary.
    • Liberal Conservatism- LIBERAL LIBERAL LIBERAL LIBERAL and you hated Communism
    • Showa Statism- You are with Nazi Germany so that is fine but you are a Asian that hates our kind.
    • Tarrantism - Noooooooooooo, You just ruined our image and you are a Australian but you like the right.
    • Illegalism- The Mongrel Mob was the worst but they want to be a little German or Nazi.
    • Metaxism- I have met you because of that identity crisis that you have.


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