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    Nazi-Maoism was a political movement and ideology that emerged in Italy around 1968 with the formation of a group known as "Struggle of the People". This group of students from the Sapienza University of Rome took heavy inspiration from the writings and theory of Franco Freda and advocated for a combination of ideas from both the far-left and far-right. According to the Neo-Fascist group "Third Position", Nazi-Maoism had a stance of "neither capitalism nor communism, neither reds nor reactionary". Nazi-Maoists such as Freda wanted to form a "Fascist dictatorship of the proletariat" by using the Maoist guerrilla strategy of people's war to overthrow the government and the bourgeoisie. Nazi-Maoism is believed to have mostly faded away after the Struggle of the People group dissolved in 1973. However, some forms of Nazi-Maoism continued in other similar groups into the late 1970s, albeit not as active as the Struggle of the People.


    NazMao is seen as supportive of Fascism . NazMao is usually seen collaborating with Mao.png Maoism.




    • Ethnoxha.png Ethnoxhaism - STOP CALLING ME A REVISIONIST! Other than that, you're cool.


    • ML.png Marxism-Leninism - NOT REAL COMMUNISM, real DoTP is under Fascism
    • Atomwaf.png Siegeism - YOU RAIDED MY SERVERS PINES! *GETS CRAZY*
    • Sm.png 09Aism - Aren't you same as above?
    • KhrutuIcon.png Khrutu Power - FAKE SOCIALIST!!! You are a slimy revisionist n*gg*r!!!

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