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    Naval National Bolshevism

    Naval National Bolshevism preaches a socialist system of government and, nationalism of either ethnic and/or cultural traditions. The outlier from orthodox national bolshevism is the authority of such is a naval junta, their leader being a Admiral. Unlike his Mother he is a closeted Homonational, making him in some cases Futuristic.

    Esoteric Naval National Bolshevism

    Naval Nazbol can fuse with Esoteric fascism to form Viking national Bolshevism. This variant proclaims that there race used to dominate the seas as old Vikings or explorers and that they must honor there heritage by returning to ancient tradition and it is there birthright to dominate them once more while practicing a socialistic economic system.

    National Bolshevik Hydrarchy

    This variant is run by pirates by that a enterprising captain or a council of pirates. They raid ships and coastlines using the booty and ill gotten gains to fund social projects and welfare for its people. It will usually use only ethnic or culture groups considered "pure" to go serve the state in raids as well receive citizenship, while probably condemning "unpure" by forcing them out of the country or refusing to provide any welfare that the other races receive.


    He seems to be a complete sadist, often appearing menacing and loves to cause chaos in other nations, this assumption isnt wrong with that he also genuinely cares about his people willing to blockade and threaten complete destruction of anyone who gets in the way his peoples cultural traditions or wellbeing. He likes hanging out with National Bolshevism, Hydrarchy and Strasserism, they get along and enjoy riding on his yacht. He is often claimed to be seen hanging out with Stranserism and Homonationalism but people who say this often disappear without a trace.




    • Nerd - You Claim to be ultravisionary but did you see this coming *Punches him*.


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