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    Naturist Stratocracy is a militarist Ideology that advocates for the goverment to be ruled by a military junta, or armed warlord at the head of the nation's armed forces. Such armed forces would follow a naturist lifestyle in which they would fight and die in the nude, as their nudity would make them faster and inspire terror in the enemy, or so is the idea.

    It also stands for the former Ideology of Joshua Milton Blahyi, most commonly known as General Butt Naked, a former commander during the First Liberian Civil War that became (in)famous for leading his troops completely naked except for sneakers, and also for his numerous war crimes and human rights violations.


    The practice of entering combat without the use of clothing and armor has been documented on several occasions in history, most notably by the various celtic and germanic tribes during antiquity, such as the Geseate and the Picts, who faced off the Romans numerous times wearing nothing but their arms, shields, and body paint.

    In modern times, the most notable usage of combat naturism came during the First Liberian Civil War at the hands of Joshua Milton Blahyi, who led his troops numerous times in the nude in order to terrorize his opponents and commit atrocities upon them, leading him to earn the norm de guerre of General Butt Naked. After the War, he converted to christianity and became a priest.


    How to Draw

    1. Draw a Ball.
    2. Fill in with Green.
    3. Draw the treads, hull, and cannon of a tank in White.
    4. (Optional) Add ears and a tail.
    5. Draw a Green fig leaf in the lower parts of it's body.
    6. Add the eyes and you're done.





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