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    Naturist Industrialism

    Naturist Industrialism is a form of Naturism that seeks to reconcile Naturism, an often traditionally ecologist movement, with modern industrialism and commercialism, by pointing out that industry helps naturism by providing many of the things needed to sustain an Naturist lifestyle, such as sunscreen, sandals, umbrellas, and that it is possible to live a modern urban work life while still being a naturist at home.


    Compared to his more nature loving siblings, Naturist Industrialism tends to be more fond of urban places to practice his naturist lifestyle, such as public or private nude beaches, nudists resorts, water parks, spa saloons, luxury yachts, and other places to have vacations in the nude. Moreover, he is never seen there without his trademark sunglasses, backpack, sandals, towels, sunscreen, umbrella, fan, drink, among other items.

    Additionally, he is much less obsessive over his naturist lifestyle than his siblings, for he still wears clothes in public and to work, only ditching his clothes to relax within the comfort of his home, and his vacation places.

    How to Draw

    Industrialism's design is based of the design of the LeftValues "Production" Icon.

    1. Draw a ball with eyes.
    2. Fill it with the colour Green.
    3. Draw in White, the image of a Factory.
      1. Draw a horizontal rectangle.
      2. On top of the horizontal rectangle draw three spikes in the shape of right-angle triangles.
      3. Out of the spikes, draw one or two pipes.
      4. On the side of the factory draw one to three windows.
    4. Draw a green fig leaf in the lower parts of it's body.
    5. Add the eyes and you're done!




    • Anarcho Naturism - If you wanna be nude in the mud and woods and stuff, fine by me, just don't count me on it.


    • Neoluddism - Hey, stop breaking all my stuff!, you moronic backwards retard!

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