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    Naturist Feminism believes that the best way to beat the Pat.png Patriarchy is to protest naked..


    Naturist Feminism, in constrast, and to the complete shock of her more prudish sisters, likes to go around casually naked in her daily life and in protests, for she believes that clothing is a malicious construct that keeps women's bodies oppressed, denies their freedom to choose what to wear or not and drives men to sexually objectify their bodies, and therefore, it is her duty to reject it.

    Naturally, she likes driving attention to herself and the cause during her nude protests, though, she is rather naive and innocent regarding the why of her high popularity during them, specially among guys.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a Ball.
    2. Fill it with Green.
    3. Draw a Venus Symbol in pink in the middle.
    4. Add a pink bow atop of the head.
    5. Draw three Green fig leaves on the body, where her chest and lower parts would be.
    6. Add in the eyes and you're done.



    • Fem.png Feminism - Come on girl, together we can show the patriarchy that we are not afraid of them in the bare!.
    • AnNatur.png Anarcho-Naturism - Nekkid Budies!!.
    • Ecofem.png Ecofeminism - Nature Sisters!!, though, she's rather hesitant to take off her clothes in public, for some reason.
    • ForestFem.png Forest Feminism - Oooh! Another Naturist Sister!!!!
    • Naturism.png Naturism - Clothes are so bothersome, i love living the clothes-free life.
    • MascNat.png Naturist Masculism - My male counterpart, who likes being naked just as me.
    • CMNF.png CMNFism - Yes, I like being naked.
    • ChristNatur.png Christian Naturism - He accepts me for what i am :)
    • Simp.png Simpism - My most loyal fan, he's allways following around me in my protests.


    • Confem.png Conservative Feminism - You say you are a Feminist, but you want to cover up our bodies, curious.
    • Naturalist Fascism.png Naturalist Fascism - I don't like Fascists, but I appreciate your hatred for clothes, so that's ok.
    • Authoritarian Naturism Icon.png Authoritarian Naturism - You are a bit too authoritarian for me, honestly, but we are both naturists!.
    • CFNM.png CFNMism - Not sure why you even want all boys to be nude, but I guess I could join them.
    • PinkNatur.png Pink Naturism - I respect your sexuality and all, but i think you shouldn't be so creepy.


    • Pat.png Patriarchy - Look all you want, you oppresor of women, but I'll beat you one way or another!.
    • Prud.png Prudism - I'm naked, so what, do you feel offended ?
    • PrudFem.png Prudist Feminism - She keeps telling me to put on clothes :,(
    • Conserv.png Conservativism - No dad, I won't put any clothes on, my body, my choice.
    • Cyberfem.png CyberFeminism - Why are you so obsessed with altering your natural body with machines ?!!
    • Muslim 2.png Islamic Theocracy - You want all women to be submissive and covered up from head to toe.

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