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    Naturist Fascism believes in an authoritarian fascist state that has a role in preserving traditional values as well as the Nation's environment. The ideology is essentially eco-fascism but it adds clothing as an unnatural influence.

    Personality and Behaviour

    Like his brother EcoFash, Naturist Fascism has a very spiritualist and esoteric set of beliefs and principles centered around the preservation of one's nation, culture, traditions and enviroment, for he believes that they all deeply interconected, and it's his duty to preserve them by force if necessary, from outside forces such as social and technological progress.

    What sets him apart from him though, is that Naturist Fascism also believes that clothing is a damaging foreign influence on it's people, who spent millenia hunting, gathering and praying in the nude perfectly fine, and such, in order reverse the damages caused by it, he must enforce state mandated nudism by the treat of force.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Naturalist Fascism
    1. Draw a Ball.
    2. Draw a diagonal Green line separating the body.
    3. Fill the bottom half with White, and the upper half with Green.
    4. Draw a Fasces in the middle of the ball.
    5. Draw a Green fig leaf on the lower parts of it's body.
    6. Add the eyes and you're done!



    • Authoritarian Naturism - My moderate brother.
    • Eco-Fascism - We share many beliefs around our mutual love of nature and traditionalism, and our hatred for progress and (((pollution)))
    • Eco-Authoritarianism - Protecting nature from polluters and degenerates alike, wished he choosed to ditch clothes though.
    • Authoritarian Primitivism - Glory to the Etno-Tribe and the National High Chief.
    • National Primitivism - Ditch the loincloth and join me brother, we are almost one and the same.
    • Naturist Masculism - The most ideal form of man: strong, fit, brave, and above all, naked.
    • CMNFism - Good social views, but the men should be naked too.


    • Anarcho-Naturism - If only you weren't an anarchist moron, we could do great things together...
    • Naturist Feminism - I believe that women should belong to their traditional roles, but we both share a love for naturism, so that's good.
    • CFNMism - Men should be the dominant gender in a naturalist society, but that said, i admire your strong authoritative tone.
    • Deep Ecology - I would like you a lot more if you please stopped associating with degenerate progressives and ((Textiles))
    • Christian Naturism - I'm more of a traditionalist paganism guy, but you are cool, i suppose.
    • Socialist Naturism - You are the only commie i can tolerate.


    • Zionism - Damn polluters, they want to contaminate our precious culture with their malicious beliefs, and want to sell us clothes.
    • Industrialism - The Clothing Revolution and it's consequences for the human race...
    • Progressivism - Just because i don't like to wear clothing, doesn't mean i am a degenerate hippie like you.

    Further Information



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