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    Nativianism, also known as Nativism or as Left-Wing Ethnonationalism, is a political ideology that seeks the whole world should return into its primitive or ancient cultures, following a communist economy based on self-management and self-government, together with massive technological advances mainly on the extraphysical and techno-quantum issues. Nativianism also supports the restoration of ancient cultures and languages, modernizing them all and seeking to abolish the borders just having cultural borders based on each one culture on the ancient issue.

    Different from right-wing PCB-Ethnonat.png ethnonationalism, nativianism does not support that any race or ethnic is superior than other, on the contrary, nativianism supports that all races and and ethnics should work together and live really well among themselves, on mutual cooperation with each other.

    Nativianism also supports massive cultural exchanges with other ethnics, literally having a Multiculturalism.png multiculturalist and Bioeq.png bioequalist ethos on the social issue, and it also advocates that wars can be ended and people must help each other on anything they need. Nativianism also advocates the creation of an international world organization for all nativianist nations go and decide the future of their cooperation and planet

    Flag of Nativianism


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