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    National Traditionalism is an ideology that is far-right in nearly every aspect. Similarly to how National Socialism put Jews into concentration camps, National Traditionalism puts gays into concentration camps. He has always had an abhorrence for Fortnite, although he thinks Fortnite players don't need to be sent to the camps.

    (This is the 8values link to National Traditionalism's axes.)


    He has a strong German accent. He is usually with his parents (Nazism and Authoritarian Traditionalism) and his grandparents (Ethnic Nationalism, Fascism, Authoritarianism, and Classical Conservatism). He likes to ridicule homosexuals and give bakers economic incentives to refuse a gay couple a wedding cake. He takes the term "homophobe" as a compliment. He will use gay slurs if and when he gets angry, but not always. He acts like a traditional Nazi, but he is very neutral on Jews (if they're not homosexuals). He likes to listen to conservative TV shows on his free time with his friends (usually cultural conservatives) and his relatives (through Atrad). He is very fond of Authoritarian Traditionalism and his grandfather Classical Conservatism. He is often called a homophobe by everyone except for his close relatives on both sides.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a circle.
    2. Color the left half of the circle dark blue. (#110F5F)
    3. Color the right half green. (#8BC34A)
    4. Draw a white circle in the middle. (#Absolute white: #FFFFFF)
    5. Draw the NazTrad emblem in the white circle
    6. Draw the eyes.


    1. The blue is a reference to Tradcon.png Classical Conservatism, and represents their ideas.
    2. The green is a reference to Trad.png Traditionalism, and represents their ideas.
    3. The white circle is there because it is a Nazi-type ideology; a reference to the German Nazi flag.
    4. The hourglass represents tradition. The hourglass is also made up of a hidden and transfigured swastika.




    • National Capitalism - Too bad you are more concerned about profit than traditional values...
    • National Bolshevism - Traditional but filthy commie!
    • Right-Wing Populism - My less extreme self that isn't a chauvinist like me.
    • CWC Model - A fellow gay hater who is into rampant degeneracy! I could take you to the ink machine and use your homophobia to nourish the Reich! IN THAT FORM, you can't do sex stuff, so good. And you hate me too.
    • Ethnowelfarism - Okay, first things first. You like welfare and environmentalism. So those two are so filthy. But I like you only for one reason; you like ethnic borders. All sexual orientations have to be separated, so the Straight Reich can govern.
    • Neo-Afunhumaninterism - Way too moderate on gay issues. Needs some improvement. I see you want to do a demonstration.
    • Putinism - Moving in the right direction in the last several years, but you're way too moderate. Besides, stop glorifying your predecessor for defeating mein Vater.


    • Fortniteism - Ultra-DEGENERATE Punk! I have always hated your degeneracy and your game! Filthy Punk!
    • FALGSC - I Hate Gays and their "Marriage": Immediate Divorce Underway. *defector thrown into camps*
    • Left-Wing Populism - Communist scum!
    • Sexocracy - Men and women should have one partner in life! To horny jail with you, degenerate! *BONK*
    • Pink Capitalism - Degenerates!
    • Abortionism - Abortion is punishable and should be punishable by death under all circumstances! Homosexuals cannot be born gay! DEGENERATE!
    • Fordism - Authoritarianism just doesn't cut it. To the camps!
    • Furry Fordism - WTF
    • LGBTballs - F*ggot
    • Capitalism - He loves money! Why not send him to the munitions factory to do us at least a tiny bit of good!?
    • Homofascism - Social issues first! To the prisons! Also, Hitler was right to have disposed of Röhm.
    • Homonational Bolshevism - Like Homofash, but a commie as well. To the chambers!
    • Anarcho-Animegirlism - I HATE ANIME! No more anarchy, manga, lesbian, h*ntai, or any of that! Punk! JUST LOOK AT THE POLITICAL COMPASS MEMES!
    • Tranarchism - Transgenders are ABSOLUTE DEGENERATES! INTO THE GAS SHOWERS!! STATELESS! Punk!
    • SajZeal Model - Did you know that social equality is what I hate most. SOME PEOPLE NEED A SHOWER IN THE AIR-TIGHT CELLS! Degenerate!
    • Pediarchy - There is NOTHING less honorable than a child who talks against his parents! DEGENERATE! To the CHAMBER!
    • Jeunism - Parents rule! Children are the inferiors; there isn't much that is more reviling to the morality of our Empire than a child who reviles his authority! Degenerate PUNK ANARCHIST! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
    • Crabbyism (And all other crabbies) - Bestiality is never tolerated! ABSOLUTE FILTHY DEGENERATE! Out of the safe zone to the GAS MACHINES!
    • File:Qtrad.png Queer Traditionalism - You are an impostor! I can't stop overhearing IMPOSTOR IMPOSTOR IMPOSTOR!!! You are the degenerate impostor PUNK! TAKE A SHOWER!!!
    • Jewish Theocracy - ÜNTERSMENCH
    • Zionism - Comment removed by moderator
    • Revisionist Maximalism - Like the above
    • Ram Ranch Model - Homosexuality and oral sex. I guess 18 more of (((them))) are going to the concentration camps and the gas chamber. BECAUSE YOU'RE SO F**KING DEGENERATE, AND THERE IS NO GOOD SOCIETY WITHOUT (((THEM))) AND PERVERTS.

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