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    National Technocracy is an ideology that advocates the creation of a totalitarian dictatorship focused in the development of technologies with the creation of research edificies occuping the whole country. The social system is basically separated in 2 groups: The mind (state members) and the body (slaves general population). The mind, following the National Technocracy should eslave the body, making all the others parts became scientists focused to the national techs research. Religion to National Technocracy is just a way to manipulate the population to focus on it's work. The body only need what is essencial to avoid a mortal mass famine, all the recourses shoud be used on research. All the banals jobs should be automatized to National Technocracy.
    Some National Technocracy theorists believes that this horrible distopia just to tech research is actually a speedy form that society arrives a point of research stagnation due it's own tecnology and it's will be the point where society would have the sufficient to became a Utopia with the recourses provided from it's own tecnology.

    How to draw

    Flag of National Technocracy

    Drawing the National Technocracy ball is easy.

    1. Draw a ball and fill it with purple
    2. Carve out a white circle in the middle and fill it with white
    3. In the white circle draw the symbol of the flag (the hard part)
    4. Add eyes
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Purple #670e81 103, 14, 129
    White #ffffff 255, 255, 255
    Black #000000 0, 0, 0



    Positive Opinion

    Nobody, friends mess up the progress and distracted our workers


    Negative Opinion

    • Ingsoc - No, the prolets aren't free.
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