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    Pirate Tails Ideology is... You guessed it, an Ideology that represents Pirate Tails Current political views.

    He's an epic Libtard!!!!


    Who cares lol


    Very Zased

    Kinda Zased

    • Progressive Conservatism - I think conserving some cultural values is good actually, one of the better "Culutrally Centrist" ideology.


    Not good


    * Aceffism - I don't really know you personally, but Ideologically you're not that bad, we are pretty similar politically when it comes to economy and society. The only thing that I dislike is World Federalism.

  • Pantheonism - Ideology Shopping... Also Universal Monarchism :Skull:
  • Duck - Funny Ideology. We love Mainstream Economics!!!! But I'm not a fan of Anarchism tho.
  • Omegaism - A fellow National Progressive, just like me fr fr! I basically agree with most of your ideas even if you're a bit economically left than me. The only thing I disagree with is that you're a way more Pro-Atlanticist. But I guess that's it. And also a nice person!
  • Syntropianism - Way too radical. I guess you're a fine person.
  • Neo-Glencoeism - You're mostly zased liberal nationalist, but you're TOO statist for my liking.
  • 2x2Masterism - Very zased and funni person and one of the better libertarians, but I wish you were less conservative.
  • Polfaxism v5.1 Halloween update - Very funny person and one of my first friend that I ever met on pcb. Even if you're Communist or something, at least you're not a genocidal maniac or an anarchist.... YOU VVILL NEVER CONVERT ME TO GOMMUNISM!!!! I VVILL ALVVAYS BE A LIBTARD!!!
  • Typicalfan4 thought - A great friend of mine since 2021, wish I could talk to you more often... Oh yeah! uhhh, be less conservative and libertarian i think.....
  • National Radicalism - Polish Fascist Traitor!

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