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    National Shinto is a White / Japanese -Supremacist Fascist ideology. It is a combination of National Socialism and State Shinto. It believes that both white Germanic people, as well as Japanese people, are members of the master race. It also believes that Shinto is the true religion of the master race.

    Flag of National Shinto




    • Monarcho-Fascism - The Emperor is a symbol of unity for the Japanese people. It's unfortunate he has come under the influence of filthy J*ws. I will liberate him.
    • National Pol Potism - Despite the differences in our economic thinking, your ideas for race and government are ideal. And your zeal is impressive. Even though you are inferior to me.
    • Burmese National Feminism - Same as your boyfriend above you.
    • Alt-Right Bolshevism - Agrees with me on a lot of cultural values. But communism is a threat to The Land of the Rising Sun!
    • Reactionary Liberalism - Reactionary ideas? Good. Liberalism? Bad. (Aren't you an oxymoron?)
    • Paleoconservatism - Yeah, we do agree on a lot of things. Like the importance of preserving culture and fighting culturally degenerate filth . But you also think my religion is "blasphemous", and you don’t support racial purity (at least not openly)!


    • White Juche - Despite the fact your ideas on race are very good, you are still garbage compared to me. Know your place!
    • White Ilminism - Same goes to you!
    • Indonesian Nazism - Fascist or not, you are inferior to me on every level. You nation is mine, and you will bow down in my presence!
    • Queer Anarchism - Disgusting f*g who cries because I have authority and he does not.
    • Bleeding-Heart Libertarianism - F*g loving, pervert pusher who refuses to submit to my authority.
    • Lesboxhaism- Disgusting, Rabid D*KE!!! I will put you down like the dog you are!
    • Drag Burmese Socialism - Filthy f*g dancing in women's clothing! Plus, you're an inferior parasite!
    • Third Way - Cultural degenerate, neoliberal pile of dung.
    • Black Lives Matter - The lives of inferior races DON’T MATTER!!!
    • Trans-Showa Statism - WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU!!!??? Your vile existence is an insult to The Land of the Rising Sun!

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