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    National SJW is a Totalitarian, Economically Third Positionist, Culturally Far-Left, Diplomatically Syncretic and Racial Nationalist ideology which wants to implement SJW-ideals with a National Socialist system.

    It is Hyper-Progressive and wants to enforce its progressive tenets through a Totalitarian state. Everyone will adhere to its progressive policies and those who question them will be labled a "Fascist", "Homophobe", "Transphobe", "Bigot" etc. and killed off. Some of these policies are: A man-tax, forced homosexuality, gender reassignment for toddlers, the rewriting of history to be more "correct" and inclusive, the abolishment of christianity, the genocide of white heterosexual men, the worship of the pride flag as a deity and much more.

    The state will be strictly Hierarchical with different classes depending on identity. The more "oppressed" a person is considered and the more progressive its opinions are, the higher it's placed in the hierarchy. At the top is an Oligarchy of ultra-progressive individuals who manage the state.

    The ideology has a similar racial conspiracy as normal Nazism does, but it hates the "white man" instead of jews. White men are believed to be behind every tragedy and catastrophe the world has endured. Even atrocities committed by non-whites are thought to be the result of White Supremacy.

    Although the ideology believes itself to be tolerant of other cultures it still wants everyone to live under its system. It uses Imperialist tactics to spread its values and destroy "bigoted ethics" which are present in other cultures. It wants to create a world which is "diverse in identity, but not in thought" as everyone has to adhere to its hyper-progressivism.




    • Imperialism - Good when I do it, bad when wh*te "people" do it.
    • Homonationalism - You are me but a c*nservative. EW!
    • Maoism - I like the cultural revolution, but you're still a bigoted communist.
    • State Atheism - Yeah, we need to get rid of those backwards religions! What are you doing?! The muslims are our friends!
    • Feminism - Equal rights? You mean "kill all m*n", right?
    • Pink Capitalism - REEEEEEEEEEE TWITTER PRIDE MONTH COMPANIES DON'T ACTUALLY SUPPORT LGB-... Wait, you'll sell me a pair of trans-socks? I take back everything I just said.
    • Futurism - A progressive fascist, just like me! But why are so many of your theorists misogynistic and hate women?
    • Globalism - No, we shouldn't "put our differences aside". I should shape the world after my opinions!
    • Ultranationalism - Most of you are bigots, but I do agree that my tolerant nation, woke culture and enlightened people are great. WE WILL CONQUER THE WORLD!!!


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