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    National Posthumanism, or in short, NazPost is an Off-Compass Authoritarian, economically third-position, culturally far-right ideology and off-compass pro-technology. So, he may genocide anyone who do not support technological advancement and Aryan supremacy.


    National Posthumanism is an totalitarian ideology that emphasize the importance of technology to the Aryan Race. He wants to build an ethnostate with no one other but only the robots. And he may be depicted as having German words in his post-humanist sentence. In National Posthumanist society, there is no cultural difference between every individual. Since all the people who are different from others are received mandatory assimilation. The assimilation will stop if that all the people are assimilated into "Die Größte Arische Rasse". But the other factors in the society are as same as a National Socialist society. And also, in a typical National Posthumanist society, German are the only permitted language to exist. Because he considers German as the language of Aryan people.


    National Posthumanism ball hardly speak. And also, he may choose to directly execute the thing rather than directly talking to the others. For example, if you ask him "Wo ist mein Auto?"(Where is my car?), instead of tell you into where the car is, he will directly take the car near you.

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