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    This Self-Insert is no longer up to date. If you want the actual ideology of Dr. Occo, please visit


    National Fracturism

    is the ideology of polcompball contributor Dr. Occo. It's authoritarian, economically variable, culturally left-wing, very environmentalist and in favour of radical decentralization.

    It is a variant of Tinism, even though that wasn't known to Dr. Occo at the time of its making. As such, it advocates for the creation of microstates, ideally through peaceful Separatist campaigns. Those microstates should still cooperate on a global scale, even if this cooperation should be greatly reduced. Global markets, while necessary to make humanity progress, should be scaled back and heavily monitored. All this should be done as an effort to combat the problems humanity faces, primarily climate change.


    Here I will post all sub-pages this page will eventually grow, as listing all my thoughts on all kinds of topics here would just make this page unnecessarily long and convoluted.


    International Policy - Something something Corn syrup

    National Fracturism advocates for Tinism and East Frisian Nationalism. Both policies are in favor of making governing easier, preserving local culture and reducing harm to the environment. Specifically, global markets must be scaled back as much as possible. The transport of goods alone is a catastrophe for the planet, not to mention the destruction of the Amazon rainforest or the normalcy of non-renewable energy. If a global community like the UN just monitors human rights and prevents wars, there is nothing wrong with it. But the Neoliberal status quo of exploitation and global warming is not only not worth preserving, it is to be directly abolished.

    Government - Step on me State-kun!

    National Fracturism is an Anti-Democratic Ideology. The reason is mostly its devotion to preventing climate change, as democratic systems just aren't equipped to swiftly and effectively implement climate policies. Even Green Parties are too busy trying to get reelected to really change anything. Therefore, an authoritarian government is needed to regulate the emissons of people and - more importantly - corporations. This government should be headed by the most intelligent people in the nation and should work together closely with the science sector. The citizens should be able to directly convene with their representatives in the government, to make sure that the government doesn't completely ignore them, but a vote is not on the table. I am also against the notion of "Dictature of the proletariat", as this takes the overreliance on the political knowledge of the common people that democracy suffers from and drills it up to eleven, as instead of just voting for actual politicians to rule, the common people are the ones to rule.

    To make sure this authoritarian government does not become Totalitarian, it needs to be accountable to independent courts. The government should be prohibited from exerting control over the justice system or the media, as that is a path we shouldn't want to go down. So if a government official commits a crime, they will be tried in a court of law, citizens can bring accusations against the government, and the media should be able to say anything they want about that government. In order to prevent widespread systemic corruption, the government should be as transparent as is reasonable.

    Reform or Revolution?

    Separatism is a mode of reorganization in itself.
    I generally prefer Reform, because I don't want to set a precedent for violence and Chaos. Although I understand how reform can be frustratingly slow.

    Economics - Socialism is when the government does stuff

    I want to reach two things with my economic policy: Protecting the environment and protecting workers. The first goal is to be reached through Regulationism and the second through Welfare. As this article already has a section on the environment, I'll focus on the second goal for now.
    A strong welfare state is necessary. Workers need to be paid a high minimum wage, the state should implement a Universal Basic Income, and Workers should be provided paid sick leave and parental leave. The state should also make sure that the nursing care and hospital sectors are always functional and the workers in those well paid. Hospitals should also never have a profit incentive.
    I also support Market Socialism, believing in workers owning their own workplace and/or electing their own managers. While I do not think that workers know enough about politics to vote, I do think that workers know enough about their own workplace to decide on what happens to it, and they need the power of eqality to not be supressed by managers and the billionaires that own megacorporations.
    Speaking of which, Megacorporations are bad. They can dictate their own wants on customers and workers, and those wants aren't even anything sensical, but only "we need to make more money". Megacorporations need to be broken up immediately, and laws must be passed that prohibit corporations from becoming too big, like anti-monopoly and anti-merger laws, and the government must also favor small co-ops and businesses instead of big corporate conglomerates.

    Environmentalism - Hug a tree or else.

    The environment is the most important component of National Fracturism. I believe that climate change is the biggest challenge humanity faces. So how will we combat it?

    Well, Liberal policies have proven multiple times that they do not work. Not only are emission reduction goals procrastinated on all the time, but it is also clear that big corporations care about the environment about as much as they care about anything else besides profit, so not at all. This means that we need a strong, effective and unbound government to dictate climate policy. A climate dictatorship, if you will. Megacorporations must be broken up, and smaller corporations must be closely monitored and harshly punished. Private households must install solar panels (as should landlords), and they can have no more than one car. Cars in general must be gradually outlawed and replaced with bikes for short distances and trains for longer distances. Also, we are banning Cruise ships, yachts, and private jets.

    National Policy - Eala Frya Fresena!

    Nationalism is an important policy, especially for a micronational and Tinistic ideology like National Fracturism[1].

    After the Nation of East Frisia has achieved Separatist Freedom from the german state, it needs a National Revival. If the nation would separate from Germany and then not reinvent itself to be unlike Germany, what even was the point of separating? This National Revival should work on multiple levels:

    • The Government - The Liberal Democratic institutions of Germany that are existent in East Frisia must be transformed into Authoritarian institutions over time. They should not be overthrown or abolished, but slowly reworked. As much as you can say about Liberal Democracy, its institutions are a delicate thing that works very well (in Germany at least). Also, reform without revolution is a must. If a former official was not corrupt, they are not to be punished simply for doing their job in a bad system. They might have to be let go from their position, or they will simply do the same as they did before, just in a different system.
    • The Culture - The German culture, while not inherently bad, has slowly replaced the East Frisian culture over the years since Germany was united. Be it Prussia, Weimar, the Nazis or the BRD, the government of Germany has not paid enough attention to our local culture. So when the Nation is revived, we shall return to our ancient culture. Schools should teach Sater Frisian and Plattdeutsch (Low German) to East Frisian students, the government should work together with organizations that research and treasure the East Frisian culture, and parallel cultures (immigrant cultures, religious cultures) should at least be made to interact with the dominant culture. This would likely even lower the crime rate, as crime syndicates often form in isolated parallel cultures.
    • The Individual - The East Frisian Individual must motivate themselves to change with their nation. For example, while it is possible to teach children local languages in school, the family of the students also needs to be receptive to this language change. While the state cannot enforce this change in individuals without massively overstepping everyone's boundaries, it should motivate people to change themselves through - and I cannot believe I am using this word in a positive context - propaganda. Interestingly, this change of Individual outlook would be easiest for the very young AND the very old, as elderly people will remember a time when their nation was different and likely feel strong nostalgia for it. Additionally, unlike in other authoritarian states, the East Frisian people should preserve their personal pride and self-worth, so that they are not complacent when the government oversteps its boundaries, and can demand that that government rule itself in so as to not transform into a totalitarian hellscape.

    So, what actually would this New Nation be? Well, New East Frisia should be a tolerant and progressive country, while still preserving the culture of the Frisians. It should not be an ethnonationalist country, as it is cruel, in my opinion, to exclude people based on their ethnicity. As long as they are willing to adapt to the National institutions and culture, people should be welcome in the nation no matter how they look or where their ancestors came from. I don’t believe that immigrants should be rejected per se just because they might be a burden on the state, as it is inhumane to send suffering people back to the cause of their suffering just because they might be a challenge, but I also don‘t believe that immigrants should be given greatly preferential treatment. They should be made to at least accept the culture of the place they migrated to, and it is the responsibility of the government to prevent parallel societies from forming, as they are more often than not a breeding ground for crime.

    Cultural Policy - Everybody's just a little gay

    National Fracturism is a generally progressive ideology. It is, of course, very much in favour of LGBT+ rights, because I do not hate myself. Gay people should be able to marry as easily as straight people can, Trans people should be able to change their legal gender without many complications and their biological gender after a review period, migrant ethnical minorities should be required to integrate into the society of the place they migrated to to avoid parallel societies forming (e. g. many Romani and Sinti families), and native ethnical minorities who have already integrated should be protected from racism. All of this should also be handled by the authoritarian government, which can effectively implement changes.

    The Culture War

    The Culture War. Grrrrrreat. I hate Russia and the US for spreading this bullshit all over the world. Not only are internet culture warriors supremely annoying, the Culture War also obscures actual political change. If it didn't exist, Americans would notice that the Democratic Party isn't left-wing AT ALL. Not to mention that the Culture War uses minorities as chips in a game between two teams of politically illiterate idiots, instead of actually helping them. When it comes to who I hate less, SJWs or Alt-Rightist, it's easy. While SJWs are annoying, delusional idiots, they are very much preferrable to actual racist and homophobic Terrorists. I'm pretty sure the Alt-Right has killed hundreds more than SJWs. I have a real problem with people who say that "both sides are equal", because you can not say that being annoying is as bad as racism and homophobia. That's not only offensive to progressives, that is also a relativation of bigotry as just annoying instead of dangerous.

    Religion - In dubio pro deo

    National Fracturism is a secular ideology. People can believe what they want to believe, and churches can operate as they like just like every other organization. But not only should churches not be involved in government at all, but they should not even get any preferable treatment by that government. If churches can't function without being helped by the state, they may just need to diversify.

    When it comes to personal religion, I am very strongly opposed to literal interpretations of religious texts, as I believe they are not meant to be taken literally, but as tales of morality, ethics and ways to form an image of the world. That also means that discrimination based on religion is not legitimate. The Bible might have said a few times that homosexuality is a sin, or that a wife must submit to her husband, but those points are not dictated by god, but by normal people, who had ulterior motives in their time. The New Testament's core message is "be nice to everyone and help the needy". In my opinion, people who think harassing gay people and voting for corporate shills is a good christian thing to do are either stupid or lying.

    How to Draw

    Flag of National Fracturism
    1. Draw a ball with a black outline.
    2. Divide the ball into four sections with a purple cross.
    3. Fill the top two corners with black and green respectively.
    4. Fill the bottom two with the same colors in the reverse.
    5. Add flags in the respective opposite colors in all four sections.
    6. Add the eyes.
    7. Done!




    1. No way! National Fracturism is a Nationalist Ideology? Color me shocked!
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