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    National Fracturism
    is the (second) ideology of polcompball contributor Dr. Occo. It's authoritarian, economically variable, culturally left-wing, very environmentalist and in favour of radical decentralization.

    It is a variant of Tinism, even though that wasn't known to Dr. Occo at the time of its making. As such, it advocates for the creation of microstates, ideally through peaceful Separatist campaigns. Those microstates should still cooperate on a global scale, even if this cooperation should be greatly scaled back. Most, if not all, microstates should be as isolationist as possible. Global markets, while necessary to make humanity progress, should be scaled back and heavily monitored. All this should be done as an effort to combat the problems humanity faces, primarily climate change.


    Here I will post all sub-pages this page will eventually grow, as listing all my thoughts on all kinds of topics here would just make this page unnecessarily long and convoluted.


    Tinism.png International Policy - Something something Corn syrup Isolationist.png

    National Fracturism advocates for Tinism and (on most matters) East Frisian Isolationism. Both policies are in favor of making governing easier, preserving local culture and reducing harm to the environment. Specifically, global markets must be scaled back as much as possible. The transport of goods alone is a catastrophe for the planet, not to mention the destruction of the Amazon rainforest or the normalcy of non-renewable energy. If a global community like the UN just monitors human rights and prevents wars, there is nothing wrong with it. But the Neoliberal status quo of exploitation and global warming is not only not worth preserving, it is to be directly abolished.

    Moderauth.png Government - Step on me State-kun! AntiDem.png

    National Fracturism is an Anti-Democratic Ideology. The reason is mostly its devotion to preventing climate change, as democratic systems just aren't equipped to swiftly and effectively implement climate policies. Even Green Parties are too busy trying to get reelected to really change anything. Therefore, an authoritarian government is needed to regulate the emissons of people and - more importantly - corporations. This government should be headed by the most intelligent people in the nation and should work together closely with the science sector. The citizens should be able to directly convene with their representatives in the government, to make sure that the government doesn't completely ignore them, but a vote is not on the table. I am also against the notion of "Dictature of the proletariat", as this takes the overreliance on the political knowledge of the common people that democracy suffers from and drills it up to eleven, as instead of just voting for actual politicians to rule, the common people are the ones to rule.

    To make sure this authoritarian government does not become Totalitarian, it needs to be accountable to independent courts. The government should be prohibited from exerting control over the justice system or the media, as that is a path we shouldn't want to go down. So if a government official commits a crime, they will be tried in a court of law, citizens can bring accusations against the government, and the media should be able to say anything they want about that government. In order to prevent widespread systemic corruption, the government should be as transparent as is reasonable.

    Reform.png Reform or Revolution? Revolution.png


    Ecoeco.png Economics - Socialism is when the government does stuff Authwelf.png

    I want to reach two things with my economic policy: Protecting the environment and closing the wealth gap. The first goal is to be reached through Regulationism and the second through Welfare. As this article already has a section on the environment, I'll focus on the second goal for now.
    A strong welfare state is necessary. Workers need to be paid a high minimum wage, the state should implement a Universal Basic Income, and Workers should be provided paid sick leave and parental leave. The state should also make sure that the nursing care and hospital sectors are always functional and the workers in those well paid. Hospitals should also never have a profit incentive.
    I also support Market Socialism, as I believe State-Controlled Socialism gives the state too much power. However, we would have to reform the current system into a Market Socialist system over time, instead of installing one through revolution.

    Tucn-EcoAuth.png Environmentalism - Hug a tree or else. EcoSep.png

    The environment is the most important component of National Fracturism. I believe that climate change is the biggest challenge humanity faces. So how will we combat it?

    Well, Liberal policies have proven multiple times that they do not work. Not only are emission reduction goals procrastinated on all the time, but it is also clear that big corporations care about the environment about as much as they care about anything else besides profit, so not at all. This means that we need a strong, effective and unbound government to dictate climate policy. A climate dictatorship, if you will. Megacorporations must be broken up, and smaller corporations must be closely monitored and harshly punished. Private households must install solar panels (as should landlords), and they can have no more than one car. Cars in general must be gradually outlawed and replaced with bikes for short distances and trains for longer distances. Also, we are banning Cruise ships, yachts, and private jets.

    Sep.png National Policy - Eala Frya Fresena! Cultnat.png

    Nationalism is an important policy, especially for a micronational and Tinistic ideology like National Fracturism[1].

    After the Nation of East Frisia has achieved Separatist Freedom from the german state, it needs a NatRev.png National Revival. If the nation would separate from Germany and then not reinvent itself to be unlike Germany, what even was the point of separating? This National Revival should work on multiple levels:

    • Auth.png The Government - The Liberal Democratic institutions of Germany that are existent in East Frisia must be transformed into Authoritarian institutions over time. They should not be overthrown or abolished, but slowly reworked. As much as you can say about Liberal Democracy, its institutions are a delicate thing that works very well (in Germany at least). Also, reform without revolution is a must. If a former official was not corrupt, they are not to be punished simply for doing their job in a bad system. They might have to be let go from their position, or they will simply do the same as they did before, just in a different system.
    • Cultnat.png The Culture - The German culture, while not inherently bad, has slowly replaced the East Frisian culture over the years since Germany was united. Be it Prussia, Weimar, the Nazis or the BRD, the government of Germany has not paid enough attention to our local culture. So when the Nation is revived, we shall return to our ancient culture. Schools should teach Sater Frisian and Plattdeutsch (Low German) to East Frisian students, the government should work together with organizations that research and treasure the East Frisian culture, and parallel cultures (immigrant cultures, religious cultures) should at least be made to interact with the dominant culture. This would likely even lower the crime rate, as crime syndicates often form in isolated parallel cultures.
    • Indiv.png The Individual - The East Frisian Individual must motivate themselves to change with their nation. For example, while it is possible to teach children local languages in school, the family of the students also needs to be receptive to this language change. While the state cannot enforce this change in individuals without massively overstepping everyone's boundaries, it should motivate people to change themselves through - and I cannot believe I am using this word in a positive context - propaganda. Interestingly, this change of Individual outlook would be easiest for the very young AND the very old, as elderly people will remember a time when their nation was different and likely feel strong nostalgia for it. Additionally, unlike in other authoritarian states, the East Frisian people should preserve their personal pride and self-worth, so that they are not complacent when the government oversteps its boundaries, and can demand that that government rule itself in so as to not transform into a totalitarian hellscape.

    So, what actually would this New Nation be? Well, Cball-NewEastFrisia.png New East Frisia should be a tolerant and progressive country, while still preserving the culture of the Frisians. It should not be an ethnonationalist country, as it is cruel, in my opinion, to exclude people based on their ethnicity. As long as they are willing to adapt to the National institutions and culture, people should be welcome in the nation no matter how they look or where their ancestors came from. I don’t believe that immigrants should be rejected per se just because they might be a burden on the state, as it is inhumane to send suffering people back to the cause of their suffering just because they might be a challenge, but I also don‘t believe that immigrants should be given greatly preferential treatment. They should be made to at least accept the culture of the place they migrated to, and it is the responsibility of the government to prevent parallel societies from forming, as they are more often than not a breeding ground for crime.

    Authprog.png Cultural Policy - Everybody's just a little gay Intercult.png

    National Fracturism is a generally progressive ideology. It is, of course, very much in favour of LGBT+ rights, because I do not hate myself. Gay people should be able to marry as easily as straight people can, Trans people should be able to change their legal gender without many complications and their biological gender after a review period, migrant ethnical minorities should be required to integrate into the society of the place they migrated to to avoid parallel societies forming (e. g. many Romani and Sinti families), and native ethnical minorities who have already integrated should be protected from racism. All of this should also be handled by the authoritarian government, which can effectively implement changes.

    Culturewar.png The Culture War AntiIdpol.png

    The Culture War. Grrrrrreat. I hate Russia and the US for spreading this bullshit all over the world. Not only are internet culture warriors supremely annoying, the Culture War also obscures actual political change. If it didn't exist, Americans would notice that the Democratic Party isn't left-wing AT ALL. Not to mention that the Culture War uses minorities as chips in a game between two teams of politically illiterate idiots, instead of actually helping them. When it comes to who I hate less, SJWs or Alt-Rightist, it's easy. While SJWs are annoying, delusional idiots, they are very much preferrable to actual racist and homophobic Terrorists. I'm pretty sure the Alt-Right has killed hundreds more than SJWs. I have a real problem with people who say that "both sides are equal", because you can not say that being annoying is as bad as racism and homophobia. That's not only offensive to progressives, that is also a relativation of bigotry as just annoying instead of dangerous.

    Laicism.png Religion - In dubio pro deo Crafttheo.png

    National Fracturism is a secular ideology. People can believe what they want to believe, and churches can operate as they like just like every other organization. But not only should churches not be involved in government at all, but they should not even get any preferable treatment by that government. If churches can't function without being helped by the state, they may just need to diversify.

    When it comes to personal religion, I am very strongly opposed to literal interpretations of religious texts, as I believe they are not meant to be taken literally, but as tales of morality, ethics and ways to form an image of the world. That also means that discrimination based on religion is not legitimate. The Bible might have said a few times that homosexuality is a sin, or that a wife must submit to her husband, but those points are not dictated by god, but by normal people, who had ulterior motives in their time. The New Testament's core message is "be nice to everyone and help the needy". In my opinion, people who think harassing gay people and voting for corporate shills is a good christian thing to do are either stupid or lying.

    Special Deluxe Collectors Edition Alignment Test

    • Civic Axis
      • Anego.png Egoist (-20)
      • Awaj.png Anarchist (-10)
      • Minarchist.png Minarchist (-10)
      • Libertarian.png Libertarian (-5)
      • Statist.png Statist (+10)
      • Sec.png Authoritarian (+20)
      • Totalitarian.png Totalitarian (0)
      • Ingsocf.png Orwellian (-20)
    • Type of Rule Axis
      • AntiDem.png (Anarchist) Anti-Democracy (-10)
      • Directdem.png Direct Democracy (-20)
      • Semidirect.png Semi-Direct Democracy (-15)
      • Dem.png Representative Democracy (-5)
      • Authdem.png Authoritarian Democracy (+5)
      • Totdem.png Totalitarian Democracy (0)
      • AntiDem.png (Authoritarian) Anti-Democracy (+20)
    • Economic Axis
      • Marx (alt).png Communist (0)
      • Soc.png Socialist (+10)
      • Welf.png Welfarist (+20)
      • MSocdem.png Mixed (+10)
      • LfreeLib.png Liberalism (-5)
      • Cap.png Capitalist (-10)
      • 3P.png Third Position (0)
      • Acol.png Non-Marxist Communism (+5)
    • Diplomatic Axis
      • World Federalism2.png World Federalist (-20)
      • World.png Globalist (-15)
      • Internation.png Internationalist (-5)
      • Moder.png Moderate (+5)
      • Modnat.png Patriotic (+10)
      • Nation.png Nationalist (+15)
      • Chauv.png Chauvinist (-10)
      • EthnoAssimil.png Ethno Nationalist (-15)
      • Uninat.png Universal Nationalism (+20)
    • Geopolitics Axis
      • Cball-NATO.png Old West(1945-1970) (-15)
      • NeoLiberal-icon.png New West(1970-Now) (-15)
      • NAM.png Non-Aligned (+20)
      • NeoComBall.png Old East (1970-1992) (-15)
      • Cball-Russia.png Cball-China.png Modern East (1992-Now) (-15)
    • Cultural Axis
      • Ultraprogressivism.png Revolutionary (+5)
      • Prgess.png Progressive (+20)
      • ProgCultStandards.png Reformist (+10)
      • Progconf.png Moderate (0)
      • Conservative.png Conservative (-5)
      • Trad.png Traditionalist (-10)
      • Reactcross.png Reactionary (-20)
    • Technological Axis
      • Prim.png Primal (-20)
      • Anprim.png Primitivist (-15)
      • Neolud.png Pre-Industrial (-10)
      • Decel.png Deceleration (0)
      • Moder.png Moderate (+20)
      • Smol biotranshumanism.png Acceleration (+15)
      • Post-Industrialism.png Automated (+5)
      • Transh.png Transhumanist (0)
      • POSTHUMANISMICON.png Posthumanist (-15)
    • Environmental Axis
      • VHMent.png Human Extinction (-15)
      • Radenv.png Radical Environmentalism (+20)
      • Ecofash.png Eco-Fascism (+5)
      • Envi.png Environmentalist (+10)
      • Moder.png Moderate (-5)
      • Indust.png Industrialist (-10)
      • HumanisticCapitalism.png Anthropocentric (-10)
      • AnEn.png Pollution (-20)
      • Posadist.png Planetary Destruction (-20)
    • War Axis
      • Pac.png Pacifism (+15)
      • Isolationist.png Non-engagement (+10)
      • ModIsol.png De-escelationism (+20)
      • NeoconHelm.png Interventionism (-15)
      • Irridentism.png Irridentism (-15)
      • Jingoism.png Jingoism (-20)


    How to Draw

    Flag of National Fracturism
    1. Draw a ball with a black outline.
    2. Divide the ball into four sections with a purple cross.
    3. Fill the top two corners with black and green respectively.
    4. Fill the bottom two with the same colors in the reverse.
    5. Add flags in the respective opposite colors in all four sections.
    6. Add the eyes.
    7. Done!


    Fellow Border Guards

    • Tinism.png Tinism - My baseline ideology.
    • Confed.png Confederalism - A North German Tinist Confederacy would be a very desirable outcome.
    • Sep.png Separatism - Duh.
    • NatDemSoc.png National Democratic Socialism - Basically one part of me, only the Democracy is less than ideal.
    • Bernst.png Reformist Marxism - Based! Let's achieve Egalitarianism without violence!
    • Socnat.png Social Nationalism - My system but conservative.
    • Homonaticon.png Homonationalism - This is a great ideology.
    • FemboyNationalismBall.png Femboy Nationalism - Uhm... This is just because Femboys are... uhm... better at... uhm... Ah look, we all know why I like this.
    • PostColFem.png Postcolonial Feminism - A culturally left-wing and Anti-Colonialist ideology that seeks to improve living quality in third world countries. Based.
    • Peasants Republic.png Peasants' Republicanism - My biggest historical influence. Eala Frya Fresena!
    • Tucn-EcoAuth.png Eco-Authoritarianism - The best way to solve the climate problem!
    • Queerauth.png Queer Authoritarianism - It's good to have a queer individual (me Troll.png) in charge.
    • Technocracy.png Technocracy - Letting smart people rule is better. They will know that being Tyrants is dangerous for them and everyone else, hopefully.
    • Scientocracy Small.png Scientocracy - Maybe letting climate scientists run climate agencies is a better idea than letting corrupt idiots politicians run them.
    • Heterophobe.png Heterophobia - Imagine unironically being straight, that's pretty cringe.
    • Femboy.png Femboyism - Please, I really need a Femboy boyfriend What? There's nothing here, keep scrolling!
    • 'Muricanism icon.png 'Muricanism - Funny World Police man.
    • Crafttheo.png Lovecraftian Theocracy - Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!


    • Nation.png Nationalism - Depending on how big the nation is, you're either my best friend or my worst enemy.
    • AntiAtlantic.png Anti-Atlanticism - I am opposed to NATO because of my Isolationist principles, but you really need to let go of your admiration for Totalitarian Strongmen like Putin.png XiBandit.png these.
    • Feud.png Feudalism - A fellow microstate enjoyer, but a horrible reactionary and monarchist. Still, you tolerated the independence of Frisia in the HRE.
    • Fed.png Federalism - A collection of small states is a great idea, but why do you need an overarching government?
    • Ecocap.png Eco-Capitalism - I mean, it'd be nice, but most "we're green now" publicity stunts by capitalists seem to be scams.
    • Eccon.png Eco-Conservatism - I would be willing to cooperate, but again, this is almost never sincere.
    • Glib.png Green Liberalism - While this is mostly the right path, it again doesn't go far enough. I'd join GRUNEN.png your party though.
    • Ecofash.png Eco-Fascism - Based and Redpilled and very effective at environmental protection, but... well...
    • Dem.png Democracy and Erga.png Ergatocracy - Letting ordinary people have a say in government is not a recipe for greatness. I'm not an elitist per se, but the common people regularly have no idea how politics work. Let the baker bake bread, and let the politician do politics.
    • Anti-Natalism.png Antinatalism - I personally will likely never procreate, but I don't think that means no one should procreate.
    • Ultraprogressivism.png Revolutionary Progressivism - A bit overzealous, I don't think we should kill people to achieve Progressive goals, but if controlled, these are useful allies.
    • Indiv.png Individualism and Col.png Collectivism - Two extremes, that must be mixed to form a well functioning society.

    Enemies of the (Micro-)State

    • Necon.png Neoconservatism - As far as I'm concerned, literally state sponsored terrorism.
    • Neolib.png Neoliberalism - Global Markets are a fucking stupid idea. Your transport vehicles are environmentally a catastrophe, and you indirectly support slavery.
      • Alt-shite.png - You claim to hate modern socitey, and yet you partake in modern society! Vuvuzela no iPhone ten schmillion dead!
    • Libertarian.png Libertarianism - If your society today is already riddled with quasi-monopolies, how do you think a Libertarian society would look?
    • Lib.png Liberalism - Libs don't ever change anything, which is absolutely unacceptable in a world so often in crisis, and they support Capitalism way too much.
    • Clib.png Classical Liberalism - A slightly more ideologically honest form of Liberalism, and more radical, which is welcome, but upholds unfettered Capitalism even more.
    • DemocratF.png Democratism - Cringy Liberals who don't believe in anything, also Globies.
      • DemocratF.png - At least we're not Trump!
        • NatFract.png - Wow, what an achievement! What's next, at least you're not Pol Pot?
    • World.png Globalism - Globie! Kill it with regionally crafted weapons!
    • Egoism.png Egoism and Post-Leftism Anpostleft.png - Since when is being egotistical a valid political philosophy?
    • Pop.png Populism - The greatest scourge on modern politics.
      • Lpop.png Left-Wing Populism - Most Leftpops are relatively cool people, but still, why bother with populism? Also, fuck you Wagenknecht.png Wagenknecht, you goddamn Putinversteher!
      • Rpop.png Right-Wing Populism - Fuck you Söder, fuck you Merz, and especially fuck the entire AfD.
    • SJW.png SJW - While you are not nearly as bad as Alt-shite.png those two Poltard.png, you're still extremely annoying and not helpful at all. (I also believe that there are way less of you than the right always says by the way.)
    • Pinkcap.png Pink Capitalism - Man, I sure do love people who think Big Corporations are actually progressive just because they have progressive marketing campaigns!
    • Reactionary Socialism.png Reactionary Socialism - FUCK OFF.
    • Antirev-icon.png Anti-Revisionism - "Hurr Durr millions must die to achieve true Communism I am a very good person"
    • Theocrat.png Theocratism - One look at this one's track record can say you everything you need.
      • Christy.png Christian Theocracy - You monster! If you didn't cause the dark ages, we might have already settled on Mars by now!
      • Muslim 2.png Islamic Theocracy - You're one of the greatest scourges on the modern world. Stop oppressing women, and stop being so catastrophic for the environment!
      • Bud.png Buddhist Theocracy - You actually get a pass, because you care about the environment, and Bhutan is a super-based country in general.
    • StateathFedora.png State Atheism - And you're no better. Brutally cracking down on religion is no better than brutally enforcing religion. Let people live their lives.
    • Poltard.png Alt-Right - You have almost singlehandedly ruined political discourse on the internet, and please stop the domestic terrorism.
    • Alt-shite.png Alt-Lite - Just Alt-Right again but less ideologically honest. Therefore even worse. Yeah, that’s quite the achievement!
    • Camp.png Campism - I don't even want to allow more than one party, and you still annoy me! You seriously think I should march in lock step with Trotskyists, Liberals and SJWs? Hah!
    • DarkSatirism.png Dark Satirism - This dumbass wouldn‘t know what actual dark jokes are if one set his mom on fire.
    • Imp.png Imperialism - LEWER DUAD ÜS SLAV!
    • Racism.png Racism - Racism bad, folks. This isn't that complicated.
    • Fash.png Fascism - Über-cringe. Calling you evil is insulting to the very concept of Evil itself.

    Reserved for only a few select awful ideologies

    • Nazi.png Nazism - May you suffer eternally in the darkness of the infinity, you wretched, vile, monstrous piece of garbage.

    Mega Yes.png Brilliant Mega Yes.png

    • Ataturk.png Mustafa Kemal Atatürk - The example of a benevolent authoritarian. He radically modernized and secularized Turkey, and if the people after him would have been as good as him, Turkey would now be one of the big global players (which I would probably hate but shhh).
    • Sanders.png Bernie Sanders Bernus.png - The absolute best of American politicians. He'd fit right in in GerSPD.png GRUNEN.png LINKE.png the three leftist German parties, which is EXTREMELY rare for Americans.
    • M-U-Kling.png Marc-Uwe Kling - Even though Klings ideology isn‘t that compatible with mine, I would be dead inside if I ranked him any lower than this. He is one of the funniest political comedians Germany, nay, the whole world has to offer.

    Yes.png Good Yes.png

    • LGFMC.png SPACE FROGS - Mostly based takes. Their specifically german outlook on politics is nice, as is their Anti-Idpol stance. Unfortunately, that second thing sometimes brings them to the point where they imply that the Alt-Lite/Alt-Right and "The Wokes" are equally as bad. It wouldn't hurt if your videos were a bit longer and went more in-depth.
    • JosipBrozTito.png Josip Broz Tito - It was very based to be neutral during the Cold War, and Market Socialism is also cool. Tito is a very big influence for me. I think the two biggest problems with him were 1) relying on Marx‘s predictions about the fall of capitalism, so taking loans he had neither the intention nor the ability to pay back, and 2) trying to unite the balkans into one nation. I think if Tito would have moved a bit towards the center economically, invented Tinism and made Yugoslavia an EU-like confederationist entity, it might still have been around today[2], and that is also exactly the kind of system I want.

    Meh.png Middling Meh.png

    • Kraut.png Kraut - He makes neat and informative videos, and actually corrects his errors when he gets called out, but his ideology is not my cup of tea.
    • Ancom.png Renegade Cut - Again, the videos are often well-made and he makes some good points, but his IRL ideology is a bit cringe, he seems a bit too willing to embrace criminal methods, and his takes on pop culture are often absolute garbage.
    • Merkelism.png Angela Merkel - I have a kind of respect for Merkel, even though she's a conservative and was a Putinversteher. She was the rare conservative who actually made her party more centrist, basically like a right-wing Tony Blair, which is nice for me as a leftist Troll.png, and she always was a stable force for 16 whole years, AND she showed the world that women can be chancellor too.
    • HoChiMinh.png Ho Chi Minh - The ideology is far too radical, and Ho did do the usual amount of atrocities asian Marxist leaders often do, so my appreciating of him is purely based on the military prowess of the Viet Cong against imperial France, the US, China and Cambodia and because I really love Die Känguru Chroniken.

    No.png Bad No.png

    • Orthlen.png Vladimir Lenin - It is my belief that Lenin had good intentions for his people, and he definitely changed Russia for the better with the Revolution against the Tsars. However, he was a warmonger and, in the end, he unknowingly gave Stalin all the tools he needed to be the monster he was.
    • Biden.png Joe Biden - How in the actual fuck did this confused grandpa become POTUS? It is really embarrassing for the US, which is already one of the most embarassing countries in the world. And while Biden has been surprisingly progressive, he still is a filthy, centrist, corporation-loving democrat who has absolutely no grip on the domestic terrorism his country is slowly succumbing to[3].

    Mega No.png Disastrous Mega No.png

    • ElonMusk.png Microsoft.png Rich people, all of them ErikPrince.png WEF-Icon.png - Rich people are bad. I won't even explain this, because you all know why I think this.[4]
    • MAGATrumpball.png Donald Trump - While Trump is not "The American Hitler", he is definitely a danger to his nation as well as a fascist. He is a racist, sexist, stupid, lazy, money-hungry, neglectful, dangerous man, and he was the man who first made me really hate the USA as a nation. He has pedaled dangerous misinformation during a global pandemic, mismanaged that pandemic, ruined the US's supreme court[5], wasted thousands of dollars on a useless border wall, cozied up to authoritarian strongmen all over the world, and last but not least, has incited an insurrection against the state. I hope he goes to jail for the rest of his life.
    • HenryKissinger.png Henry Kissinger - War criminal bastard.
    • XiJinpingThoughtf.png Xi Jinping - Stop genociding muslims, and stop buying all those foreign ports. Fuck off to your own country, stop the surveillance state, and maybe even let go of Xinjiang and Tibet.
    • KimJongUn.png Kim Jong Un - Totalitarian Pisshead, the only positive is that he doesn't want to expand.
    • Putin.png Vladimir Putin - Leave Ukraine alone! And for that matter, leave all your neighbours alone, you Neoimperialist piece of shit! And stop meddling with foreign elections! I can't wait for the second Russian revolution.
    • JosephStalin.png Joseph Stalin - Okay, let's start with the good. He was not a Nazi. That was it. Everything else about this guy is shit.
    • ErichHonecker.png Erich Honecker - This guy. He held East Germany back during his reign, the Stasi was one of the worst organizations ever made, and my uncle was held in an East German Prison that harshly violated his basic human rights, just for protesting against the government. Fuck this guy.
    • MaoHair.png Mao Zedong - Something something Great Leap Forward something something Cultural Revolution something something Invasion of Vietnam... No but really Mao was a catastrophe for China and the world.
    • Polpot.png Pol Pot - You can't really call this man a socialist. There was nothing social about his reign. He serves as an exellent example of the dangers of Marxist Anti-Intellectualism and Revolution from above.
    • Hitler.png Daddy Himmler.png Goering.png Goebbels.png Any and all Nazis + Neo-Nazis Mengele.png Adolf eichman.png Breivik.png Rockwell.png - I'm not creating another tier like with the ideologies, but it would be warranted. All of these were, and are, the absolute worst Humanity had to offer. Never forget!

    Mega Yes.png Brilliant Mega Yes.png

    • NNGM.png New North German Model (Uninat.png/Tinism.png/Dsa.png/Rural.png) - At the risk of sounding like a mindless disciple, you pretty much integrated me into this community and influenced my ideology quite a bit. We have a few minor ideological differences, mostly pertaining to Immigration, Economics and Authoritarianism, but those are definitely not dealbreakers. Also, thanks for correcting some of the mistakes I made. I‘m always open for constructive criticism.
    • Yoda8soup.png Yoda8soup Thought (Green Party (US).png/ProgPop.png/WPD.png/Demsocstar.png) - Basically, me but democratic. We share opinions on environmentalism, progressivism, and Market Socialism. The only thing we disagree on is democracy.
    • Marksyn.png Market Syndicalism (Marketsoc.png/Synd.png) - Based Market Socialism.

    Yes.png Good Yes.png

    • Popurb.png Populational Urbism (Urb.png/Tinism.png) - Critical support for the Tinism Gang. Wait a minute, you're a Libertarian?
    • Heathicon.png Foxy Heathism (Envi.png/Community.png/Conservative.png) - One of very few other people who put the environment before everything. Very cool.
    • KarmasBall.png Karmaxylism (Socdem.png/Leftnat.png/Prog.png) - Garden Variety Almost-Socialist. Most of your views are based, however you STRONGLY remind me of my Succo.png old Self-Insert, which is not very good. I especially like your Left-Wing and Non-Interventionist Nationalism and non-radical economics, however your "Culture" section is more of a mixed bag, from punitive justice system with death penalty, to "there are only two genders". I think you're going to become more based with time, because that's exactly what I did.
    • SerbSoc.png Serbian Socialism (ProtoTito.png/LiberalsocALT.png/Marketsoc.png/Synd.png) - Very nice and based. A lot more focus on Market Socialism than me, and a very high amount of Yugoslav nostalgia. We're cool.

    Kinda Yes.png Alright Kinda Yes.png

    • Mnomb.png Tasavaltism (Jeffersondem2.png/Farm.png) - Weird and kinda shitposty ideology, I don't know how to rank you, but hey you seem like you're good for the environment so why not.
    • Borker thought pixels 4.png Borker Thought (Acol.png/AntiOrmarx.png/Socan2.png) - We agree on much, the biggest exception being that I am authoritarian and you are Anarchist. For many others, that would be a dealbreaker, but I kind of respect Anarchism. Your Anti-Marxist Communism is very appreciated, as is your Universal Nationalism and your stance on the LGBT topic. It‘s just a shame that our approach to organization is so different.
    • Amogus Suss.png Amogus Suss Thought (Socdem.png/Socliber.png/Progchrist.png) - Don't know about the Libertarianism, but you share most of my cultural, environmentalist and philosophical ideals. Plus SUSSY AMOGUS GET OUT OF MY HEAD AHHHHHHHHHH!
    • Iberian commie.png Iberian Communism (Mao.png/DemCentral.png/SocialistPatriot.png/Ultraprogressivism.png) - So, on the one hand I don't like Democracy for reasons explained already, Far-Left communism has a terrible track record, and you seem to be a bit too violent. On the other hand, you're a fellow progressive, localist (kind of) and Nationalist (also kind of). Basically, it's complicated.
    • DoesntExist.png Nonexistism (KimIlSung.png/Strasser.png/Authdem.png) - I have to rethink my relation to you. So you still are a Strasserist, mixing what is in my opinion the worst qualities of the left and the right, but since you removed the environment from "dumb shit that's talked about too much", and you're an isolationist and are Anti-SJW, Anti-Putin and Anti-Neoliberalism, I find your ideology at least a bit agreeable.

    Meh.png Middling Meh.png

    • Nay2.png Nayism (Changed.png/Antcent.png/Transh.png) - please don‘t make me into a furry
    • Amm1.gif Amism (Base-template.png) - Oh, so you're Apolitical now. Cool. I have no opinion on that.
    • Succo.png Dr. Occoism (Soc.png/Leftnat.png/Envi.png/Kak-Dunce.png) - I am ashamed of this, but some of its ideas are still mine.
    • Atronic.png Atronism (CPUSA(PCBA).png/Ormarxf.png/Ancom.png) - A genuine Anarcho-Communist. Places wayyyyyy too much trust in the goodness of the people.
    • O'Langism.png O'Langism (AnSynd.png/Socan2.png/Synthesisanarchy.png/Zapa.png) - My Utopia and your Utopia don‘t align, which is unfortunate, but I have a certain respect for Anarchists.
    • Liblovsprite.png Liberty-Loverism (Idealist.png/Falgsc.png/Awaj.png/Mutualist.png) - Well, this is pretty much the peak of idealism. It would be nice if your society came to pass, but there's so many problems with the practical application of it. For example, people are generally less than desirable in their intelligence and willingness to cooperate.

    Kinda No.png Inadequate Kinda No.png

    • BERNHEism.png BERNHEism (Ultranat.png/POSTHUMANISMICON.png/Statlib.png) - Honestly, I don't think you're THAT bad. We're both economically non-extremist authoritarians, and you're not a traditionalist, I think my biggest problem with you is the American Neo-Imperialism, and that you just kinda scare me.
    • Panth.png Pantheonism (World Federalism2.png/SocDist.png/Unimon.png) - World Federalism and Monarchism are pretty much the double whammy of terrible ideas. I'd put World Federalism as the No.2 System that can not work as intended, second only to Anarcho-Capitalism. At least your cultural policy is cool, and I'm pretty sure you're well-intentioned.
    • GPLDist.png Dumnorixism (Georgist.png/Clib.png/Libcon.png) - You don't seem mean-spirited, but our ideological differences are to big to ignore. I don't believe in Libertarianism, tax reduction or Meritocracy.
    • NewMatthism3.1.png Syntropianism (Better-PostLibertarianism(1).png/Better-Transhumanism(1).png/Better.ChristianUlraIndividualism.png) - You make kickass icons, have a snek on your flag and despise voting, which is extremely based. But I don't like your economics and philosophy. Also you kinda seem like an even bigger poser than everyone else on this wiki already is.
    • Beryism.gif Beryism (Lib.png/Semidirect.png/Civnat.png) - Ideologically, we're very incompatible, but you've not gone full AnCap and you're culturally center-left.
    • NSL.png Pirate Tails Ideology (Nalib.png/CivCultNat.png/Natprog.png) - Believes in democracy and the free market. Most of your cultural policy is based though.
    • Neokira2.png Neo-Kiraism (Ormarxf.png/Ultraprogressivism.png/Directdem.png) - It's good that you enforce progressive and leftist policies. It's bad that you are a hardcore Tankie and direct democrat (the worst kind of democrat) who likes the death penalty.
    • MurbHat.png Neo-Murba (Erga.png/Natcom.png/Irredentism.png/Ultraprogressivism.png) - I like that your Communism is focused on the nation instead of global domination, though the Irridentism is a bit questionable. I am also not a fan of revolutions, and Ergatocracy is something I just can not accept. But you're a progressive, which is especially good in a Non-Western country, and you seem to be less violent than most other Authlefts on this wiki.
    • Adamist.png Adamtheuseless Thought (Bhl.png/Envi.png/Islamic Democracy.png) - An Actual Libertarian. It's nice that you're progressive and environmentalist, it's not as nice that you're an Almost-Ancap and apparently a World Federalist.
    • Aldath.png Aldathism (Femboyfash.png/Juche.png/Isolationist.png) - You're lucky you're a femboy, otherwise I'd not be so positively biased. Your proposed state is far too big, and Ethnocracy is impractical and cruel. At least you're an Isolationist and pro-LGBT, though...
    • HRF-Icon.png Hanoveran Royal Framework (Sep.png/Minarchist.png/Cermon.png) - A fellow North German Separatist, but a Libertarian and Monarchist, two things I absolutely hate.
    • HelloThere314Icon.png HelloThere314ism (Ego.png/Poststruct.png/Anpostleft.png) - You're an Egoist, and our outlook on politics are completely different. I'm a very practical guy and don't see the value in philosophizing about the cause of our situation, instead of actively making that situation better. I will have to admit that you are extremely well read though, so you probably know more about your ideologie's pros and cons than me.
    • Puri.png Puri Thought (Egocom.png/Ultraprogressivism.png/Anpostleft.png) - Not that bad for a Post-Anarchist. I am not a fan of Egoism, but it's good that you place so relatively much value on progressive, social and environmental policy.
    • Yves-nicholas.png Yves-Nicholas Thought (Totalitarian.png/Natbol.png/Christy.png) - Okay, so I guess I might have slightly misjudged you. Your Totalitarianism is still not cool, and the concept of a Supreme Leader without checks and balances is very dangerous. But, it's pretty based that you have such a high opinion on the Rainforest, and it's nice that despite your conservative religiosity you don't want to brutally repress minorities.
    • Vamp.png Tiberius Thought (Econlib.png/Prog-u.png/Necon.png) - Fellow Anti-Populist, Progressive and Economic Non-Extremist. But it's not very cool of you to be a hawk (aka war crime supporter) and an Am*rican Patriot. Also I dislike the notion of Meritocracy, at least in a capitalist system.
    • Jefsynd.png Jefbol Thought (Ormarxf.png/Deleon.png/Sorel.png) - Need to put this on the backburner until I finished reading some solid theory, since it's almost all heavy communist theory on this page.
    • MLL.png Marxism-Leninism-Maoism-Libra Thought (MLM-Alt.png/ErgaDictature.png/Pan-Amerindianism.png/Ultraprogressivism.png) - Dito.

    No.png Bad No.png

    • Duar.png Neo-Humanism (Lib.png/Semidirect.png/Prog.png) - Refer to Bery, but exclude all the based national policy. You're a liberal and a Democrat, and I do not like that. At least you're progressive, I guess, but that's just standard liberal policy. Oh and before I forget it, Mr BEAST.gif MISTAH BEEEEAAAAAST!
    • NeoGlencoe.png Neo-Glencoeism (Statlib.png/SocCap.png/Technocracy.png) - Unironic State Liberalism? Cringe.
    • LeninisBasedsmall.png CanadianCommunist (ML.png/ErgaDictature.png/Prog.png) - Your typical Tankie. I know I'm playing into stupid clichés about leftist infighting, but revolution is stupid and dangerous.
    • Autistic-anticiv.png Autistic Esoteric Post-Leftism (Anticiv.png/Anpostleft.png/Anin.png) - You remind me of me when I was a Chaosist. I find your devotion admirable, and you're certainly not just "another Ancom or Egoist", but, well, you want to destroy society and believe in conspiracy theories.
    • Postaccicon.png Post-Acceleration Thought (Anpostleft.png/AntiEconomy.png/Posth.png) - Ugh, how do you manage to get worse and worse (for me) when you started as a Libertarian? Don't get me wrong, Pain is bad for the recipient, but Pain is also what makes us human, and much more importantly, Hyper-Idealism like this is almost completely useless in the real world.
    • BourgeoisieDestroyer.png Bourgeoisie destroyerism (Neolud.png/Whitesup.png/Community.png) - You're very in touch with nature, which is nice, but most of your other policy is a nightmare.
    • GanzismIcon2.png Ganzism (Neolud.png/Awaj-Alt.png/Ethnonat.png) - So you're an environmentalist and Localist, which is nice. However you're one of those nasty Traditionalists, so you believe in the bullshit concept of "degeneracy", and you're a delusional Anarchist who believes overthrowing society will result in a Utopia of freedom.
    • Pixil-frame-0(38).png Neo-Majapahitism (Sinophobia.png/ReactPix.png/Panc.png) - I guess it's good that you support free religious expression, protect the environment and want to redistribute wealth, but man, most of your policy is so very cruel...
    • AryanMonarchBow.png Aryan Monarchism (Authprog.png/Whitesup.png/Nazcapf.png/Monarcho-Fascism.png) - The only redeeming quality you have is Authoritarian Progressivism. I agree that Democracy is stupid and Progress is important. However, you're a Libertarian, a Monarchist, and a racist, the last of which kinda calls your "Progressive" moniker into question.
    • Omega1065.png Omegaism (Center.png/Lib.png/Atlanticism.png) - Centrist and Status-Quo supporting on every issue. It is infuriating to see you "both-sides" all issues, and almost painful to read you describe yourself as an environmentalist and welfarist, despite the fact that you are clearly neither. At least you know what you're talking about, unlike Brazlib.png this travesty of an ideology.
    • 2x2Master.png 2x2Masterism (Neobert.png/SocialConservative.png/Semidirect.png) - You yourself put it good, we are indeed "slight opposites of ideology". I don't think I have to explain much here, because, shock of shocks, the Authoritarian Progressive Leftist is not a big fan of the Libertarian Conservative Rightist's views.
    • MEAR.png Aurelianism (Minarchist.png/Technocracy.png/Austrobert.png) - Your typical run-of-the-mill American Conservative, but a bit more philosophical and extremely dogmatic. All of the usual stuff is there, like transphobia, gun worship, Anti-Abortionism and (probably misguided) Anti-Socialism. Honestly, it confuses me that your page is so nicely done and your philosophy is so thought out, while your politics are just the absolute basics of the American right. (Also, you partake in the Shapiroist tradition of insisting that your politics are "objectively correct", which is an extremely arrogant claim. I'd drop that if I were you.)

    Mega No.png Disastrous Mega No.png

    • Brazlib.png Shallow Democratism (Lib.png/Prog.png/Libhawk.png) - The most surface level reading of politics from the liberal side. If I guess correctly, you just looked at the US Democrats and absorbed all their propaganda while taking it at face value, which is why you take all the positions they claim to take while not taking those they actually hold. It's honestly sad to see a self-described poor person drink the Lib juice instead of at least giving Social Democracy a try. Your "environmentalism" will never come to pass, and you're a Hawk. Extremely cringe ideology.
    • Erissky.png Lesbian Omnicidalism (LesbiaNRx.png/Insan2.png/Urb.png/Anmark2.png) - This ideology is filled with so much edge even Shadow the Hedgehog thinks you're overdoing it.
    • Nastyism Icon.png Hitler-Nero Synthesis (Cfash.png/Euronaticon.png/Caesar.png/Corptism.png) - Unironic Imperialist and Fascist. Absolutely Fucking Cringe.
    • Brainrust.png Revolutionary Kakistocracy (Anti-Schoolism icon.png/Insarch.png/Kak-Dunce.png) - Maybe if you actually paid attention to school instead of complaining about it, you'd understand more about politics than the absolute most surface reading. You shouldn't be on this wiki. You have no idea about politics, and you're blinded by infantile anti-school edgelordism.
    • 16384ism.png Ron DeSantis' Alt (3P.png/Cap.png/Christianright.png/Trad.png) - I took a hard look at your page, after you extended it, and I came to the conclusion that you are cringe. Very bizarre takes are everywhere, like "the Right is more diverse than the left because Nazis exist", and your test gives plus points for being ethnonationalist.
    • CENSORED.png ████████ (CENSORED.png/CENSORED.png/CENSORED.png) - Uhh, are you sure you want The Data Stream to be your anthem? You know that's a villain song, right?[6] Other than that, your ideology is cringe as hell and your page only consists of calling everyone else stuid. Also, I know this isn't very relevant, but THOSE EYES ARE WRONG! CHANGE THEM!
    • Lanceism.png Literally Low-Quality-Pageism (Fash.png/LQPIcon.png) - Correct the grammar of your page, and then go fuck yourself, fashoid.
    • ONL.png LARPertarianism (Reactlib-icon.png/LiberMon.png/Natlib.png/Christy.png) - Fascist cringe.
    • ReactChilean.png CIA's Pocketwarmer (Reactlib-icon.png/MonFash.png/Catheo.png) - The same level of political literacy as Brazilian Liberalism and BrainRustism, but AuthRight this time. This article demonstrates that the rest of the world needs to adopt Germany‘s system when it comes to teaching children about the past (provided this isn‘t a fedpost obviously).
    • HitlerRouge.png Fed Clown (Fash.png/Nazbol.png/Polpot.png) - Honk.png Honk.png Honk.png Honk.png Honk.png Honk.png Honk.png Honk.png
    • Ioist.png Psychotically Accelerated Egoism (Anego.png/Anin.png/Ultraprogressivism.png) - OH. MY. GOD. FUCK OFF. I think I need to apologize to The Omni, he's not nearly as much of a poser as Mister/Miss "I need tens of paragraphs just to say that I'm psychotically selfish" here! And you desribe LITERAL SOCIALIST REVOLUTIONARIES as conservative, only because they believe in some kind of status quo! You're really only good for saying very dumb shit in a manner that sounds smart.
    • EvilOcco.png Inverted National Fracturism (World Federalism2.png/Imp.png/AnEn.png/Hoppe.png) - Well, I mean, it's obvious isn't it?




    • Catjam.png User:48-centimeters ADD MEE
      • Occo.png - Sorry pal, ya need an ideology for that.
    • Murb.png Neo-Murba - add?
    • Marksyn.png Market Syndicalism - that link to brainiac maniac reminded me of the olden days where I played pvz on my ipad, nice.
    • Jonah.png User:JonahF2014 - Zased, hab die Seite etwas verbessert, hoffe das is okay^^
      • Occo.png - Das ist nicht nur okay, das ist sehr willkommen.
    • Jonah.png User:JonahF2014 - You should adopt Tinism instead of Urbism cus its better and more epic wholesome 100
    • Glencoe.png Glencoe- Add me
    • - Add me?
    • Yoda8soup.pngYoda8soup - Add me?
    • NSL.png Pirate Tails - helo
      • Occo.png - Guten Tag!
    • Pixil-frame-0(38).png Neo-Majapahitism - add me
    • Mnomb.png Tasavaltism - add?
    • Borker thought pixels 4.png Borker Add me :3?
    • Neokira2.png Neo-Kiraism - add me?
    • O'Langism.png O'Langism - Separatism is pretty based.
    • BourgeoisieDestroyer.png Bourgeoisie destroyerism - can you add me
    • HelloThere314Icon.pngHelloThere314 - Add me?
    • Amm1.gif Amism - "Bhutan and North Korea are the only nations with good environmental records" What happened to Palau?
      • Occo.png - Hey, that's a neat tidbit I didn't know! I will edit that. Although it doesn't disprove my point, since Palau protects the environment through authoritarian measures.
        • Amm1.gif Amism - Fair enough but it is still one of my favorite countries even if I'm not Palauan
    • Iberian commie.png - add me? :3
    • 16384ism.png 16384ism - I have added you on my page. Please add me.
    • LeninisBasedsmall.png CanadianCommunist - was just wondering, how am I Nazbol lite? also add me.
      • Occo.png - I seem to have misread some stuff. I'll reverse it.
        • LeninisBasedsmall.png - nah bro it's ok
    • Erissky.png Erissky - Add me?
    • Postaccicon.png Post-Acceleration Thought - Update?
    • Postaccicon.png - Also, can I use your old alias for me on my new page?
      • Occo.png - Sure
    • Brazlib.png Brazilian Liberalism - Add me?
    • Omega1065.png Omegaism - Add me?
    • Adamist.png Adamtheuseless Add me?
    • KarmasBall.png Karmaxylism - Add me pls
    • Neohumicon.png - hehe, add me.
    • MLL.png Marxism-Leninism-Maoism-Libra Thought - How is the dictatorship of the proletariat and pointing out how capitalism exploits the proletariat contradictory?
      • Occo.png - It‘s an „Well It’s okay when we do it“ revanchist point that is not based in logic, but in anger. If Capitalism is evil because it suppresses people, and the Dictature of the proletarian also suppresses people, that would make the Dictature of the Proletariat also evil.
    • MLL.png - lol sorry that my beliefs are too mean for you 😢😢
      • Occo.png - Well, sorry that my opinions on your beliefs are too mean for you…
    • Jefsynd.png Jefbol Thought - add me you liberal
      • Occo.png - Did you just called me a librul? Reeeeeee! *Angry Noises*
    • Brazlib.png Brazilian Liberalism - Why did you put Nazism in a Higher Tier than "Rich People"?
      • Occo.png - You will notice that I changed that. Pantheon told me that it was stupid, and I eventually agreed and changed it, because it was. Anyway, my reasoning WAS that rich people are a greater threat to the modern world than Nazis, as they are the ones currently holding power and ruining the planet (climate change), while Nazis are only on the peripheries, sometimes doing terrorism or attempting a coup but generally having little power. I eventually saw that this was dangerous, as saying „Nazis aren‘t that bad because they don‘t have power“ is only true as long as they have no power, and when they ARE in power, Nazis are wayyyy more dangerous than rich people.
        • Brazlib.png Brazilian Liberalism - But you still put "Rich People" in a lower tier not just from Nazis like Himmler,But also people like Stalin,Mao and Pol Pot!
          • Occo.png - No, I did not. They aren‘t in a separate tier, they‘re just located under the Nazis and Ultracommies. I am not ranking inside of the tiers like others do. Obviously, the Nazis were worse. Although, now that you say it, I should probably change the layout there…
            • Occo.png - Done!
      • Erissky.png Erissky - Because he's a bootlicker.
    • SuperMarketcap.png Super-Market-Capitalism- My page is not completed yet you can add me if you want.
    1. No way! National Fracturism is a Nationalist Ideology? Color me shocked!
    2. Assuming the CIA wouldn‘t pull a Chile on it, obviously.
    3. Hi by the way, American wiki users! I'm sure you all are having a great time right now.
    4. Are Rich People okay?
    5. Not that the supreme court was any good to begin with
    6. Yes I know I used Brainiac Maniac. That doesn't defeat my point.
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