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    National-Canaanism or or Fascistic-Canaanism is the more extreme and nationalist version of the cultural and the ideological movement of "Canaanism".

    "Canaanism" was born out of "Revisionist Zionism" during the 1940's and was pursued by mostly Jewish citizens of Mandatory Palestine. The idea of "Canaanism" is abandoning the Jewish Identity and culture that was formed during the Jewish Diaspora, and instead adopting a Hebrew and an Ancient Near Eastern identity and culture that was present during the 2000 BC's up until it's disappearance or destruction following the invasion of foreign empires and armies. They argued that the Jewish people we're not a nation, but simply people practicing the religion of Judaism, and because anyone can be a Jew anywhere, the Jewish people have no claim for any land. Instead, they planned on reviving the native and ancient culture of the region, including Hebrew and Israelite Culture, and creating a state based on that identity. (Canaanism - Wikipedia)

    National-Canaanism is the Authoritarian Ultra - National version of the Canaanism ideology, thought up by a group of J̶e̶w̶i̶s̶h̶ Hebrew individuals "Yehoeir Yehooterman", "Yehoohad Yehomartin", "Yehonatan Yehofidih" and other members of the far - right group known as "The Ten Shekels". In pursuit of their ideal reality of a National - Canaananite state, they changed their real names to include the word "Yeho", a combination of letters common in old Hebrew and Israelite names, coming from the Semitic god of the Israelites known as "Yahweh"( but referred to as "Adonai" or "Elohim"). The "National - Canaanists" argue that to fully and efficiently reconnect with their Canaanite roots and revive the ancient Semitic culture in the levant, the state has to actively, with the help of military power if needed, encourage Canaanite and Hebrew practices, traditions, names, culture, and so on. It is the state's most important duty to preserve the Canaanite identity and to not stray towards any other culture, and any outsiders (ones who not conform with the Canaanite culture and identity), shall be either punished or rehabilitated.

    File:A flag for the Cational Canaanites Movement (not - official).jpg

    File:The official flag of "The Young Hebrews" (AKA The Cannanites) Movement.png


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