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    Heil Bendy!
    Heil Bendy!

    National Bendyism is an ultranationalist, Bendyist ideology that focuses on enslaving Jews for the ink machine. Regular national socialism killed and tormented Jews in the Holocaust. This ideology, instead of torturing them, uses them for the Ink Machine. He wants Aryan ink demons to rule the world someday, like what Adolf Hitler wanted. It leads to a dystopian form of Bendyism where humanity (except for privileged people) has gone extinct and ink demons have taken over.


    1. Draw a circle.
    2. Color the first fifth of the circle beige. (#c89954)
    3. Color the next three fifths of the circle red. (#de0000)
    4. Color the last fifth of the circle beige. (#c89954)
    5. Draw a pure white circle. Its diameter must be 75% to 80% of the height of the flag. (#ffffff)
    6. Download the emblem.
    7. Place it inside of the white circle.
    8. Draw the eyes.

    Main Social Beliefs

    • Is radical pro-choice (abortion tax is that the regime takes 33.3% of all fetal tissue)
    • Anti-gay
    • Anti-Semitic
    • Patriarchal



    • National Socialism: I owe it all to you, dad!
    • BATIM Theocracy: If Bendy says that the next victim is to be thrown into the Ink Machine, let it be done!
    • National Traditionalism: Are there heretics (heretics according to the Reactionazi regime) in your area? The ink machine takes anyone!
    • Bendyism: Prepare to start shoving our victims into the Ink Machine!
    • Patriarchy: Men have the power!
    • National Patriarchy: A nephew of mine who uses the power of the male gender to accomplish much!
    • Esoteric Fascism: As long as I have control over you, we are fine!
    • Abortionism: We can use your Hoods to give us flesh for the Ink Machine!
    • Radical Abortionism: Infanticide is a good tool to produce hundreds of ink demons! The Fifth Reich will last!


    • Gamerism: Gaming is not the spotlight!
    • Jewish-Nazism: I like your socialism and the such, but aren't Jews a target of victimization?
    • Capitalism: We are not to buy tissue from the Hoods, but we are to TAKE it from them!


    Personality and Behavior

    He talks with a strong German accent. He likes abortion and calls it "a state's right to have a steady supply of fetal tissue for the Ink Machine". He does everything to power the Ink Machine. He likes high contrast ink, like a sharp white or a pitch black ink. He is inky, but he leaves a trail of red ink sometimes. Just like his dad Bendyism, he likes ink. He takes numerous showers so that he will be clean for the next day.

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