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    National Animeism, also known as Weeb Nazism, is a totalitarian, culturally far-right, and economically third position ideology that expands on classical Weeb Fascism. It believes that the country of Japan and its culture has been tainted by "inferior races", and advocates for a totalitarian state to remove all of them by any means necessary, even if a genocide or two is required (though he would most likely pretend it didn't happen).

    In addition, contrary to traditional Weeb Fascism, National Animeism is culturally reactionary since he sees modernity as degrading to anime and Japanese culture as a whole. However, he still supports technological development, since one of the things Japan is known for its many robots, and takes it with pride. He also believes in the mysticality and spirituality of Esoteric Fascism, but practices Shinto rather than Paganism, Hinduism, etc. He views the Japanese people as descendants of gods, and Hirohito and Hitler as messengers from them leading the people in the right direction.


    National Animeism is aggressive and can be easily angered, and tends to resorts to violence. He is also extremely Xenophobic, especially towards Koreans, Chinese, and Jews. Additionally, he is often found hanging out with Weeb Fascism.

    Stylistic Notes

    National Animeism can be depicted as a stereotypical wehraboo who likes anime (basically your average HOI4 player) or satire of wehraboos in general. He speaks in a Japanese accent and attempts to use German words from time to time, or just in a normal accent and attempts to use German and Japanese words.


    Übermensch (Friends)

    • Animeism - I'm the only one who is a true fan of you, smh. I don't take things THAT far!
    • Weeb Fascism - Many parts of my system are from you. You HAVE to think I'm kawaii- I MEAN BASED, right? RIGHT?!
    • Peronist Animeism - He always defends me when things go wrong, he also likes to talk about anime.
    • National Socialism - Ever since I have seen your Fuhrer in Fullmetal Alchemist, I have been supporting you!
    • Esoteric Fascism - He speaks facts!
    • Technogaianism - Respecting nature AND advancing technology?! BASED!
    • Manosphere and Post-Humanism - We will make big boobie 2-D anime girls real, no matter the cost.
    • Spartan System - BASED! Wait, why are you pro-LGBT?

    Mischlinge (Neutral)

    Untermensch (Enemies)

    Notable examples

    • Maho Nishizumi (Girls und Panzer)
    • Tanya von Degurechaff (The Saga of Tanya the Evil)


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