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    National-Labourism is a partially conservative and partially socialist ideology. It believes in equality, protectionism, and economic nationalism. Furthermore, National-Labourism believes in equal rights for all.


    National-Labourism is a socialist (factions), nationalist, and democratic ideology, although despite being socialist, it is also Conservative Paternalist, in addition to being distributist (factions).

    National-Labourism is based on the idea of the nation and the belief that everyone should work to help their own nation, making it a form of "nationalist socialism" or a type of "nationalist social democracy." Furthermore, National-Labourism is an ideology that subscribes to Keynesian economics. This means it believes that the government should spend when the economy is not active, as this can create more jobs.

    National-Labourism holds that when the economy is not active, the government should increase spending on welfare and military expenditures.

    Furthermore, National-Labourism believes that the state should be less self-centered and begin to prioritize the people, as neglecting the people's needs could lead to a revolution. Interestingly, National-Labourists advocate for a revolution if the government refuses to prioritize their concerns.

    Decentralization of the bussiness and the government

    Regarding the decentralization of businesses and government, National-Labourism shares similarities with distributism by supporting the decentralization of small businesses and government, as well as the redistribution of private property.

    Despite being distributist to some extent, National-Labourism is more akin to a form of quasi-socialism, as it supports private property but also advocates for its redistribution, along with wealth redistribution. Additionally, as expressed in '"Tomorrow Labourists,"' they oppose reforms that do not favor the people.

    The Federalization of Chile and Argentina and the Elimination of Poverty and Inflation

    National-Labourism believes in the federalization of these two states as they see centralization as the root of many disputes in Chile and Argentina. Here are their proposals:

    • Federalization of Chile: In Chile, National-Labourism advocates for the federalization of the Chilean state, envisioning it as a federation or federal republic. They do not support a "Chilean Confederation" but rather a Chilean federation with a distributist economic system to address economic inequality.
    • Economic aid for the poor: National-Labourism supports wealth redistribution not only to combat economic inequality but also to eliminate inflation, not only in Chile but also in Argentina.
    • Union between Chile and Argentina: Ultimately, National-Labourism advocates for a union between Chile and Argentina to address the issue of inflation in both countries.
    • Redistribution of military spending: National-Labourism is pacifist in nature and calls for the redistribution of military spending, which they believe is sometimes unnecessary.


    National-Labourism was founded by atheists, although it is possible to be a National-Labourist and still be a believer or religious. However, prominent National-Labourist thinkers like Anthony Bax or Drasthe are atheists, although Anthony Bax is somewhat more inclined towards Catholicism or Christianity.


    National-Labourism was founded on the internet on Discord by two individuals, Drasthe and Anthony Bax, who developed National-Labourism as a theoretical solution to the inflation issues in Chile and Argentina in 2022 and 2023. National-Labourism is not only Chilean but also Argentinean, as Drasthe is from Argentina. This led Anthony Bax to collaborate with Drasthe in creating the book "Tomorrow Labourists," which is currently in the process of being developed.


    Anthony Bax Thought

    Flag of Anthony Bax Thought

    Anthony Bax Thought is a variant of National-Labourism that combines elements of selfishness and distributism. It embraces the distributist concept while also incorporating elements of egoism. This idea was also influenced by national bolshevism since Anthony Bax used to be a Nazbol.

    Anthony Bax Thought advocates for the proliferation of small businesses and is inspired by Max Stirner's egoism. It believes that individuals should own their own small businesses, and wealth should be redistributed as widely as possible among individuals.

    Furthermore, Anthony Bax Thought stands for the equality of every individual, with the belief that everyone can and should have their own business individually, but equally.

    Drasthe Thought

    Flag of Drasthe Thought

    Drasthe Thought is a variant of the National-Labourism. Drasthe Thought is more nationalist, and more conservative, and more socialist, and anti-fascist.


    National-Labourism is a hardworking ball. Sometimes it can behave in different ways, but overall, it is cheerful and happy. In addition, he is fanatical about the phrase "what little we have left." (Ignore the fact that it's overly just).

    How to Draw

    Flag of National-Labourism
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Blue #00009D 0, 0, 157
    Cyan #209FBB 32, 159, 187
    White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
    1. Draw a Ball.
    2. Draw it eyes.
    3. Draw it a cyan rose in the center.
    4. Draw two vertical blue lines on its sides.
    5. Colour it.

    You are done!




    • Socialism - I don't like the idea of revolution, but I appreciate your stance. The economy should be planned because if it's not, there could be a revolution.
    • Technoliberalism - Be more conservative, please!
    • Third Way - It's great a "Third Way", but I'm not totally capitalist. Also, I can be more capitalistic.
    • Social Democracy - Getting away from the worker's side is not cool. Also, I am still a social democrat.
    • National Bolshevism - We aren't racists or extremists. You have inspired the most theorists.
    • Capitalism - We're not entirely capitalists, but since we are civilized...
    • Social Capitalism - Just like the third way or social democracy.


    • Nazism - You can’t be socialist. Also, Strasserism is better than you.
    • Fascism - Do I really need to explain why you are a capitalist and not a true corporatist?
    • Libertarianism - Degenerate ultra-liberal who hate the welfare.
    • Economic Liberalism - Tipical (idiot) cappie.

    Further Information


    TBA, WIP




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