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    Nastyism is the ideology of Officernasty.it is an authoritarian, economically left(but against Marxism),traditionalist, Religious(Catholic)and Ultra Nationalist ideology. Advocating for the creation of a Western Imperium which while allowing each culture to maintain its uniqueness will create a new Western Identity which all shall unite all of the cultures and peoples.

    Economic View's:

    Land Policy:

    Nastyism economically advocates for a land policy combining distributism and Georgism with the implementation of a land value tax in order to encourage small farmers rather than massive estates owned by the wealthy while still maintaining private property nastyism is also opposed to landlords as it believes they serve no purpose other than to feed off of the fruits of others labor.
    With the implementation of a land value tax and as a means of profit for the state.

    Guild Corporatism:

    Nastyism Advocates for an economy organized by a System it calls Guild Corporatism. Which takes the guilds of Guild Socialism and places them in a corporatist mode of organinzation.In this system workers would have a say in the means of production through the intermediary of state run guilds with guilds being organized based on interest groups .The guild members would be assigned representatives to an economic council known as the board of guilds which votes on issues relating to the economy. The representatives would be chosen from the workers of each Industry based upon an application which will take into account things such as expertise in the industry, Knowledge of matters relating to said industry. They will then have their application looked over by the board of guilds and by must be approved by the Ruler(with the ruler having veto on all candidates). However there would still be private business within some sectors with the guilds ensuring that the workers are not exploited and that workers have representation on the boards of companies and well as ensuring cooperation of the owners with the interests of the state and nation. The guilds will also will work with the business owners to ensure that strikes are mitigated and a mutually beneficial partnership between guild and business can be established so for example business owners will gain a complaint workforce in exchange for cooperation with state interests and regulations; as well as regulating the industry they represent so for example the Farmers guild would provide subsides to farmers and regulate the prices of goods. On a small scale private enterprise will be permitted to act more freely and will have fewer regulations on them. All unions will be merged into their industries guild. In terms of what should be nationalized Nastyism believes in the nationalization of healthcare, transport, banking, and industries relating to the military with nationalized industries being run by Government deprartments.

    Trade Policy:

    Nastyism also advocates for what he calls "Euro-American autarky" a system inspired by Karl Otto Patel's idea of German-Russian Autarky. In this system Europe and America will as part of an early stage of unification act as a single entity and shall attempt to only trade with each other so that Europe and America might become self-sufficient and uninfluenced by outside financial interests


    Culturally Nastyism is Reactionary and is heavily in favor of a return to tradition values. This means in Nastyism is against Homosexuality viewing it as morally degenerate and corrupting to society and that it is caused by childhood trauma and in the case of men a poor relationship with their father. Nastyism is also firmly opposed to transgenderism believing so called transgenders are simply mentally ill people suffering from a delusion and thus need therapy. Nastyism also believes strongly in traditional gender roles and thus is opposed to feminism as it believes women's role should be at home raising the children and looking after the house while the mans role should be to work a job to allow to family to prosper. Nastyism also believes that it is vital to encourage collectivism and discourage selfish thinking and encourage everyone to work for the good of there nation and people. Nastyism is also firmly Christian culturally believing in a culture which emphasizes duty to god and faith in Christ. Nastyism also believes abortion, Prostitution, and pornography should all be outlawed. As he believes abortion is an immoral act of murder and while he is willing to make exceptions for birth defects, rape, incest, and danger to a mothers life these are a small minority of cases and most are simply the mother being unable to deal with the consequences of their actions. Nastyism believes Pornography and prostitution devalue the sex act and corrupt the morals of society.


    Nastyism often refers to the Indo-European race this is a race comprised of Mostly European groups as Nastyism holds these are the most pure of the Indo-European races but also includes Persians, The Caucus peoples and Hungarians who in Nastyism view has been intermixed enough with the natives of Europe to be considered acceptable.Thus Nastyism seeks to create an Imperium of the west to unite all of the Indo-European/Aryan race under one banner and to under this banner conquer the stars. Thus Nastyism is firmly opposed to race mixing while Nastyism does not hate non Indo-Europeans He holds that it is best if they stay within their own nations and Cultures as it would benefit both the Indo-Europeans and them.



    Strasser.png Strasserism(Gregor Strasser Variant)- You were far better than your brother since you stayed loyal to the party and understood the need for state control rather than worker control of the economy.

    Distributist.png Distributism-Based land policy we should have small scale private property not giant corporations owning all the land and a fellow Christian. Just be more nationalist.

    Sorelia.png National Syndicalism-Nationalism and class collaboration with corporatist economics and private property. Very based overall.

    Racenat.png Racial Nationalism-Every race deserves a Homeland!

    Cfash.png Clerical Fascism-Glory to god and to the nation!

    Legion.pngLegionarism-Same as above.

    Antrans.png Archeofuturism-While advancing technology we must also return to the ancient traditions of the Indo-European peoples which made great Civilizations which conquered the world!

    ReactPix.png Reactionary Modernism-Same as above

    Agrnac.png National Agrarianism-Farmers are the backbone of the nation and the vanguard of tradition.

    Ecofash.png Eco-Fascism-We must protect the great mountains and forests of Europa!

    Sparta.pngSpartan System-We must remake the European man in the Spartan ideal of Strong body, Strong mind, and Strong will!(just quit it with the homosexuality)

    Space.png Galacticism- It is the destiny of the Indo-European people to conquer the Stars!


    Strasser.png Strasserism(Otto Strasser Variant)-You had some good ideas when it comes to land distribution however you believed in class struggle and wanted workers to control the means of production. You were also opposed to fascism which is foolish.

    Guildsoc.pngGuild Socialism-While I agree workers should be organized into guilds you want the guilds to be democratic and be a way for workers to control the means of production which is a terrible idea.

    Blacknat.pngBlack Nationalism-Overall while I am not a fan of African American culture, however African culture is decent and I am glad you wish to revive that. Also you deserve a homeland just please quit it with the wanting to kill Boers shit.

    Indust.png Industralism-A necessary evil to keep the nation strong. However it pollutes the environment and I personally dislike cities.


    Marketsoc.png Market Socialism-Small business are fine and markets can be good at distributing some goods and you protect workers so overall you are pretty good as long as the markets are made to work for the good of the nation. However class struggle and co-ops are stupid; The workers shouldn't control the means of production only the State or Business should!


    BmanCrown.pngOrderly Syndicalism-Religious, Traditionalist, Anti-landlord, And Nationalist overall very based but monarchy is kind of cringe.

    EpicConIcon.pngCould not think of a name for self-insert-A pretty epic gamer if i do say so myself

    TechEsoFash.pngTechno-Esoteric Fascism-overall pretty based but capitalism is cringe and so is paganism.Also you take it a bit far in terms of technology,but besides that you are pretty good and a based member of the NPLM


    -Based French National Syndicalist and fellow Agrarian enjoyer Translation: -Syndicaliste national français basé et compagnon de plaisir agraire

    Pixil-frame-0(16).png Reactionary-Cheesenism-pretty good for the most part but capitalism is cringe.

    Technototball.png Techno-Ultranationalism-You are fascist which is based but I am not a fan of your civic nationalism or your posthumanism. However you are a reactionary modernist which is based.

    Pixil-frame-0(27).png New Model Of Cheesenism-overall pretty good however I am not a fan of the Sinophobia, Islam or workers owning the means of production.


    Xirlan-alt.png-While i like your traditionalism and environmentalism, I cant say I'm a fan of Capitalism or Monarchism.

    Panth.png Pantheonism-Based economics and Pan-Europeanism but monarchy is cringe and so is democracy and you don't go far enough on culture

    Syntridem2.png Applethesky2021-While you are conservative, Nationalist and have decent economics your love of democracy and feminism are trash

    Cflski.png Celfloskism.pngCelfloskyismCflski (general).png-Same as above pretty much except your more authoritarian which is based. Also the enlightenment was cringe!

    Pretty Cringe

    TheIced.pngIcedism-Based anti landlords and technology but cringe pretty much everything else


    Atacc icon.png Ataccism-While I like technology and Eugenics you take things WAY too far. Also the extreme capitalism and anti-environmentalism are very awful. Overall a dystopian Nightmare.

    MATTball.pngMatteel-Cringe progressive only good thing is your economics which is why you aren't lower(Also why did you have to vandalize fabius's page not cool man)

    Ronwelltarianism icon.png Ronwelltarianism-While I like your anti-Zionism and social conservatism, libertarianism is very cringe and wanting children in pride month is disgusting and you have a strange obsession with little girls having babies which is just creepy and gross.

    Ioist.png Ego-Progressivism-Just plain cringe. Egoism and individualism are foolish and Progressivism is degenerate and you are a hedonist which is extremally cringe. Overall as previously stated this ideology is just plain awful.




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