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    Narodism of the 21st Century

    Narodism of the 21st Century is the revival of the thought of Russian Nihilism and Narodism in the 21st century, it is a mixture of left-libertarian and left-anarchist ideologies with Russian nationalism and cultural nihilism


    Founder of the ideology believes that Russia should become an egalitarian (in economic terms), libertarian and progressive country, where patriotism and nationalism are not imposed by the authorities, but go from the bottom up. Ideology mixes the ideals of the 19th century narodniks with the ideals of the 20th century SR's and the 21st century Russian youth


    Direct Democracy

    Narodism of the 21st century provides for the absence of any "leader" of the country (be it the president or the head of government), as well as the absence of parliament, or transformation of parliament into an advisory body with a small amount of power, instead of representatives, people themselves will adopt and draft laws (draft them by creating official petitions, adopt them by referendums). Narodism also provides for the existence of a state, but it will be nothing more than the delimitation of the territory of Russia and the territory of other countries, there will be no clear administrative division within Russia itself, residents of cities and villages are grouped as they want. Army and Police are absent and replaced by voluntary militias

    Moderate Progressivism

    Narodism of the 21st century provides for cultural progress, but to the extent that Russia is ready for, we should also not forget that Progress will not manifest itself in propaganda, anti-hatespeech laws and other coercion, if Russian society still wants to remain conservative, its will will be heard


    Narodism of the 21st century is a supporter of the socialist economy, economic program in other respects differs little from the economic programs of the Zapatistas, Rojava and other left-libertarian movements

    No private property

    In Narodist Russia, there will be no private property, instead, concepts of a Comfort Zone from nihilists, socialization of the land from the Socialist-Revolutionaries and public property from Marxists will be combined

    Ethnic Nationalism and Isolationism

    The slogan "Russia for Russians", according to the Narodists, is not something bad, on the contrary, it reflects the essence of Russia. Ethnic Russians rule the entire territory of Russia, at the same time, indigenous peoples are as close as possible to Russian culture, while migrants are expelled from Russia, since in modern conditions they are nothing more than occupiers of Russian land. In foreign policy, Russia will not participate in wars or any international alliances, and will also close borders more tightly

    Collectivism and Nihilism

    In an ideal society for Narodists, the whole country will be a huge family or a group of friends, without imposing morality, conflicts about money and property, but with the presence of voluntary cooperation and all-russian brotherhood

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