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    The Flag of Nacrinism
    Nacrinism's Spot on the Political Compass.

    Nacrinism is an Antisexual, Economically Left, Culturally Variable, Statist, Progressive-Conservative Ideology, promoting equality for all races, religion, genders, as well as romantic attractions (sexualities without the sex). he is an environmentalist, agrarian (though he is industrialist too, he cares about the environment a lot and simply does more agriculture), as well as being a hardcore multiculturalist. Nacrinism is also a very Anti-Fascist Ideology, stating that those who are Nazis should be imprisoned for their radical chauvinism and genocidal tendencies.

    Many people seem to question Antisexualism as a whole, some arguing that the human race would go extinct if sex was illegal, while others argue it takes away their ability to give and receive "pleasure". However Nacrinism argues that non-sexual methods (such as altruistic surrogacy, IVF and artificial insemination) will allow the populace to have children.

    8Values axes for Nacrinism

    Personality & behaviour

    Nacrinism is a very kind-hearted and altruistic ideology, but can be really hostile among others he isn't close with. He will act very aggressively at fascists and racists, often descending into a fit of rage when his "enemy ideologies" approach him. He also enjoys shooting down Pinochetism's Helicopters for fun (ironic for a pacifist, even though it's debatable if Nacrinism even is one). And in addition to all of this, he tends to have quite a foul mouth, though it's only at things he takes a strong disliking to.

    How parenthood works and Universal Healthcare

    Under Nacrinism, parenthood is a fairly simple process. All that needs to be done is the following: Firstly, the parents must acquire a parenting license (this step isn't mandatory for all Nacrinist governments, but it's recommended), which can be done by taking classes and then an exam. After the parents acquire their (free of charge) license (the entire licensing process takes roughly 5 to 7 months), they are able to conceive a child. Of course since sexual intercourse would (ideally) be completely illegal, they have alternate options. These include: IVF, Artificial Insemination, and (Altruistic) Surrogacy, to name a few. Many people would argue this by stating that these procedures can be very expensive and only the 'upper class' can afford it. But this is where they forget that Nacrinism is a socialist ideology. There aren't supposed to be any 'rich' people. The universal healthcare system covers the costs of these procedures, which comes out of everybody's taxes. The wealthier you are, the higher the percentage of your income you pay to the government. However, many lesser developed countries (should they become Nacrinist in the future) may not have the technology or economic stability to go through with these non-sexual procedures, which then comes to an exception being made. Sexual intercourse is legal, but ONLY for the purpose of procreation.

    TW: This segment may not be suitable for younger audiences

    Under a Nacrinist goverment, censorship exists to prevent sexual content , with some exceptions like nudity not intended for sexual purposes, and by anything sexual being illegal, it basically means that NNN exists all year round (essentially a No Nut Life), and 18+ websites that contain videos directed towards sexual content are also banned. The only exceptions to what might be deemed "sexual" are kissing, hugging, and other romantic activity that don't involve imminent sexual activity (STRIPTEASES AND OTHER SIMILAR ACTS DO COUNT AS IMMINENT SEXUAL ACTIVITY)

    (I'll count this as disturbing just incase) As if you couldn't tell already, the death penalty exists, but only for a few crimes. These are: paedophilia, zoophilia and necrophilia (if the individual commits an offense, otherwise they will be provided with serious psychological help), Torture, genocide, and serial rape.

    Pacifism (TW Over)

    Another main factor of Nacrinism is Pacifism, believing that wars should only be fought if there is absolutely no option left, or if the country has been declared war on. In terms of military recruitment, registering to serve in the armed forces is fully voluntary. If a conflict arises, be it a border dispute or social issue, Nacrinism aims to find a peaceful solution at all costs, all to avoid war.

    "Freedom of Death Policy"

    If a criminal is sentenced to death, the "Freedom of Death Policy" allows the individual to choose how they are executed, meaning they can select to leave the world in unique ways, such as skydiving with no parachute, or drinking a lethal amount of alcohol. In a basic sense, the policy rules that the criminal may choose their method of execution, no matter how wacky it may seem (there are, of course, exceptions).


    Anti-Pornism - Without all of this corruptive content we folk can get on with life, being more productive.

    Virginocracy - Well done.

    Nofapism - Round of applause.

    Orionism - My more liberal brother. You are my shining star.

    Authoritarian Nacrinism - While you're more restrictive, the two of us are all in all the same. I know we'll both shine bright in the eyes of the universe.

    Agrarianism - Farming is the best way to produce food and other resources, as it can almost always be Eco-friendly when done right.

    Agrarian Socialism - The one above, but better.

    Anarcho-Pacifism - One of the few good anarchists.

    Socialism - You are one of my core ideals. I thank you.

    Monarcho-Socialism - Socialism with the bonus of a monarch. Usually I would not be in favour of Monarchism, however certain circumstances may mean that exceptions can be made.

    Statism - Now you understand me.

    Semi-Constitutional Monarchism - An *optional* ideal of myself, though usually not needed.

    Progressive Conservatism - You form a core basis of me, and for that I thank you. A perfect balance of progress and heritage is ideal for the benefit of humanity

    Multiculturalism - You're exactly what an ideal society needs. If only people knew tolerance better...

    Market Socialism - Overall, you're a great ideology. It's a compromise for those who wish a free market, and I love compromises.

    Marxism - Let's give everyone a voice (then make a few changes)

    Centrist Marxism - One of the good centrists.

    Titoism - Truly the heroic son. SMRT FASIZMU, SLOBODA NARODU!

    Allendism - Nice guy, one of the better DemSocs, fuck Pinochet!

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA - Helps me through rough times, sometimes it's good to scream it all out.

    Iberian Communism - Based.


    Anarcho-Antisexual - Like below but anarchist, however I am not an anarchist, or bigoted.

    Antisexualism - Antisexualism is a core component of myself, but many of your beliefs are quite discriminatory. I like you, but sometimes you go too far.

    Acenationalism - You're way too extreme. Sending people to concentration camps is too far. Also fascism in general is abhorrent.

    Prudism - So you're cool, but what I was thinking was... Nudity is fine.. As long as it isn't erotic... (and those who are aroused by it are degenerates)

    Federalism - Another core ideal, but can negatively affect stability and control if not done in an efficient fashion.

    State Capitalism - A few good economic policies, but it's existence in general continues to perplex me.

    Dawronoye - Relatively good ideals, but is terrorism the answer?

    Robloxism - You oppose virtually all forms of sexual content, but your moderation system is shit. You filter out the most harmless of things, while still allowing much worse content to run amok. Please fix your moderation, Roblox.

    IngNac - My ultra-authoritarian variant. This was not how I was was meant to be. Though on the other hand that bitch is a thorn in our side. She must be taken care of.

    Ba'athism - Anti-Porn: Good. Most other things: Not good.

    Democratic Socialism - I wouldn't call myself Democratic Socialism, but I admit I am similar in a way.

    Internationalism - To prosper, the world must come together a little more. Borders ought to be a bit more open, but I can be flexible in all sorts of ways. That's the beauty of Nacrinism. It can adapt to different countries' needs.

    State Asexuality - You've got the right ideas, but you're taking some very authoritarian measures to implement them.

    Sophia Nishikinomiya - Finally, someone with common sense. Though you are on the other extreme end of the spectrum.


    Ayame Kajou - I'll banish you to the deepest depths of hell. Good fucking riddance you degenerate sex terrorist.

    Otome Saotome - Don't think I forgot about you, drawer of degeneracy.

    Sex Confederatism - This angers me just knowing it exists, joke or not. There will be people in this world that genuinely support this, and I refuse to stand for that. I want this ideology to rot in the depths of hell, where it belongs.

    Aaronism - Don't even get me started on you... worthless degenerate... You're almost identical to the imbecile above.

    Sexocracy - One of the worst ideologies ever. Almost polar opposite to myself, and for good reason. Degenerate to the core.

    NSFWism - I'm sorry, WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?

    Simpism - Loser...

    CFNMism - Very sexist, don't you think? I would prefer if everyone wore clothes, thanks.

    CMNFism - This one as well. Male supremacy is just as bad as female supremacy, what the hell happened to equality, people? Oh right, gender equality never happened did it? Shit...

    CNBNB - This one is sexist also. Need I explain any further?


    Ballbustingism - ...

    Ingcock - w h a t t h e a c t u a l f u c k

    Cummunism - One of the communists I hate. One hell of a degenerate.

    Zionism - There's nowhere for you to hide. There are no excuses for your actions. Genocide is abhorrent, and so are you. Burn. In. Hell.

    Thatcherism - Witch.

    National Socialism - ROT IN HELL!

    Fascism - YOU TOO!

    National Capitalism - AND YOU!

    White Nationalism - FASCIST IMBECILE!

    Pol Potism - This is how to ruin Communism.

    Stalinism - And this is too.

    Juche - You need to rethink. Why would you send entire families to prison because of what one person in it did? Why do you need to oppress?

    Esoteric Fascism - Nazi shitbag.

    Alt-Right - You're no better.

    Alt-Lite - Neither are you.

    Strasserism - Leftism does not shield you from being a Nazi bastard.

    National Bolshevism - Aren't you the same thing?

    Xi Jinping Thought - Free the Uyghurs.

    Anarcho-Fascism - Anarchism is no excuse either. Fascist scum.

    Anarcho-Capitalism - What a joke.

    Hoppeanism - I'll physically remove you.

    Pinochetism - YOU'RE the one getting in MY helicopter.

    By the way, I have nothing against Jewish people. I only dislike religious extremists.

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