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    NKism is a political ideology based on the ideas of Namekun NK, Laotian Right-winger on Twitter (X), His ideology is Conservatism, Right-wing Populism, Pro-Westernism and Anti-Communism, His ideology was inspired by Donald Trump, Jair Bolsonaro, Benjamin Netanyahu and Giorgia Meloni


    Before 2023

    Before 2023, His ideology had previously been Liberal Conservatism and National Liberalism, because in the past his political position was Center-right

    After 2023

    After 2023, He has changed his ideology from that of Liberal Conservatism and National Liberalism to become a National Conservatism, Right-Wing Populism and Conservative Neoliberalism, his political position has changed from Center-right to Right-wing, but he maintained a Pro-Westernism and Anti-Communism, but some his ideology leans toward to Authoritarian Democracy and Authoritarian Conservatism




    • Orbanism - You should change some of your policies
    • LePenism - I support National Rally, but I only accept Marine, Marion Maréchal and Bardella
    • Azovism - I accept you in fighting against Russia, but I don't like members who are Nazism
    • Zelenskyism - I support Ukraine, but I don't support you
    • Thaksinism - I accepted you when you were Prime Minister at that time, but I don't like you after leaving the prime minister
    • Network Monarchy - I like Bhumibol Adulyadej and I neutral about Vajiralongkorn, but I don't like Thai Ultraroyalist
    • Stratocracy - I only accept some people, especially some who are supported by the United States, but I don't like some people who support Russia and China
    • Liberal Conservatism - I only accept some people in this ideology
    • National Liberalism - Ideology is good, but I accept some people in this ideology


    • Marxism–Leninism - The evil ideology
    • Stalinism - You caused the death of millions in your country because of your evil regime
    • Trotskyism - You are just as evil as Stalin
    • Nazism - The evil ideology
    • Maoism - You make millions of Chinese people are dead and you are evil leader of China
    • Xi Jinping Thought - You too are as evil as Mao Zedong and you are the who intervenes in different countries
    • Juche - DPRK is Fake Korea
    • Ho Chi Minh Thought - You used your force to make your way through Laos and Cambodia to invade South Vietnam
    • Pol Potism - Millions of Cambodian citizens have died because of your evil rule
    • Hun Sen Thought - You are Cambodian claimer and you are thinking of trying to wage war with neighboring countries
    • Kaysone Phomvihane Thought - You made the Lao people poor because of your evil regime
    • Yellow Shirts Movement - You are China's slave in Thailand and the fake Nationalist
    • Putinism - You are a war criminal because you invaded Ukraine
    • Lukashenkoism - You are evil dictatorship in Belarus and Russia's slave
    • Bidenism - You are the bad President of USA
    • Macronism - You are the bad President of France and you are allowing illegal immigrants to come to France
    • Khomeinism - You have turned Iran into an evil terrorist state
    • Assadism - Iranian Islamic Regime's puppet in Syria
    • Gaddafism - The evil in Libya
    • Palestinianism - Fake Country and the terrorist state
    • Castroism and Guevarism - You have turned Cuba into an evil state
    • Socialism of the 21st Century - The evil in Latin America
    • Chavismo - Under Chavez and is The evil in Venezuela
    • Lulism - Go to jail, Lula!
    • Peronism and Kirchnerism - You are the bad President of Argentina
    • ANCism - F*ck ANC! F*ck Ramaphosa!
    • Mugabeism - Zimbabwe is Fake Country, Rhodesia is Real Country

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