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    N-Word Accelerationism

    N-Word Accelerationism, shortened to N/Acc, is an ideology that accelerates the usage of the N-Word until it is no longer a discriminatory word, or rather, an offensive word. Broadly, N/Acc may support the acceleration of racism as a whole to the point no one gets offended at it and racism is no longer an issue.

    N/Acc believes that the world is way to soft and needs to be offended a little more in order to make them stop being such offended pussies all the time, but also because the N-word is actually super funny and it's funny to see the chaos people create when they overreact about stupid shit.


    N-Word Accelerationism was coined on 10 July 2020 at the PolCompBall official Discord sever. Wiki user Potato With A Gun described the ideology as "you're not ready to know what n-word accelerationism is". It wasn't until later on 29 October 2020 that a wiki user decided to give it a real definition.


    N/Acc calls everyone the n-word and its variants and says the n-word at least 40 times per day. Many other ideologyballs do not like him for this, but that's because they're all a bunch of mental weaklings.

    His favorite YouTuber is Idubbz, however he also has a lot of respect for PewDiePie. He really likes to make jokes that consist of him saying nothing but the n-word. He also has lots of energy. NYOOM!

    How to Draw

    How to draw N-Word Accelerationism:

    1. Draw the ball and color it in black (#141414)
    2. Draw the ball wearing a green (##2AFF7F) full-bodysuit, but leave an opening for its face
    3. Draw it wearing red (#FF1115) pants
    4. Give it a gold (#BCC926) belt buckle
    5. Draw three brown (#321B00) ">"s in a row somewhere under where the eyes will be
    6. Draw the eyes
    7. Make him say NIIIIIIII...

    You're done!



    • Burgundian System - He also LOVES saying the n-word, however I think he might not be saying it to end racism.
    • Black Supremacism - Fellow lover funny racial slurs.
    • CactusUpYourAssismball - Fellow fan of vulgar humor, I just wish he would get a little more racy.
    • CWC Model - "Niggo" is good enough I guess.
    • Anonism - Probably my closest praxis.
    • Dramacracy - A close contender for the aforementioned title.
    • Feetism - Quentin Tarantino is pretty based.
    • Cosmicism - Naming your cat after the funny gamer word is a blessed method.


    • Vaushism - I liked it when you used the tactical n-word but now you distance yourself from that!
    • Destinyism - I appreciate your famous N-word manifesto but why only say it in private?


    • SJW - Says that saying the n-word is unbased. wtf. cringe
    • Wholesome 100ism - Absolute cry baby. These people I must destroy.
    • Licentian Theory - Thinks that saying the n-word is a sign of statism totally true
    • Coressionism - You like swearing, but you don't like saying the N-WORD? UNBASED YOU NIGE-


    This is a table of what the n word looks like in other languages. e = *, i = ',

    Char = Number of Characters.

    EDV = English Differential Value, measures how similar a word is to its english counterpart.

    What it looks like
    Language: N-word: Char: EDV:
    Italian n'gg'r 6 0
    Chinese 你哥而 3 9
    Greek νιγ ερ 5 6
    Spanish n*gg*r 6 1
    Japanese にっげ 3 8
    Korean 닉겔 2 9
    Russian ниггер 6 5
    German N*g*r 5 1

    N-Word Acc's Favorite Songs

    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-wfi0c4caM (My girl looks like Albert Einstein)
    2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkGASpRycXw (Dixie says the n-word)
      1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwC8I5346lY (Dixie says the n-word music vid)
    3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kppx4bzfAaE (Rappin' for Jesus)


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